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5th & 6th Grade Blogs

Language Arts
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Hughes
Sixth Grade - Mrs. Schiller
Religion/Foundations of Writing - Mrs. Quinn
Social Studies - Mrs. Deering
Science - Mrs. O’Shea
Math - Mrs. Folliard








Week of 12/3 Math

Posted on Nov 30, 2018

5th grade Math

The current homework packet is due back on Thursday of this week.

On Tuesday, 12/4 there will be a test on adding and subtracting mixed numbers.  A study guide which details exactly what will be on the test was given to each child on Friday.

On Tuesday, we begin dividing with 2 digit divisors.  I have learned from past experience that this is one of the most frustrating topics for many children.  To alleviate some of the frustration, we will work concurrently on the coordinate plane.  Each class period will be split in half with the first half being dedicated to 2 digit divisors and the second half being spent on the coordinate plane (because it’s fun and everyone will leave math happyJ)

6th grade Math

The current math packet is due back on 12/14.

This week, we will continue our study of decimal numbers.  We are currently working on converting a fraction to a decimal number when the division terminates and equivalent fractions may be used. 

There will be a quiz sometime this week on comparing and ordering decimals as well as converting fractions to decimals when the division terminates.

Social Studies:

5th Grade:

  • 5th Graders will finish making Christmas cards for troops, I have posted on my blog page the details.  I hope to have the package mailed by Wednesday this week.
  • We will be starting Unit 3 this week, Colonial America.  

6th Grade:

  • We will continue current events this week.  
  • Our journey through ancient Egypt is coming to an end, we will finish this week learning about how the society of Egypt was structured and the roles of children in Egypt.  
  • We will have our Chapter 4 test on Wednesday, Dec. 12.  There will be a chapter review/study guide assignment and we will play a review game in class on the Tuesday before the test.

5th Grade ELA:

Dear Parents, 
My first blog is in regards to a newsletter sent out by Jim Fornaciari.
All veteran teachers at SJF have formally been evaluated throughout our tenure as teachers. All documentation is found in our files that are located in the school office. 
Next, our school and teachers have also been evaluated and accredited by both the Archdiocese of Chicago and the State of Illinois Board of Education.  These evaluations were completed by selection committees and direct teacher evaluations were part of this process.
2. For the importance of improving ourselves as educators, we understand that the new evaluation, introduced to us during this current school year, is part of our own growing professionally in our classroom. We, as a staff, are dedicated to improving our craft. We look forward to understanding the Danielson evaluations.
 I was asked to be on the first team to be evaluated so that I would then assist other teachers in uploading all needed documentation. 
I am half way through my evaluations and have embraced the opportunity to learn more about myself as an educator. 
I hope that this helps to clarify any information that may have been previously presented to you.

Week of December 3rd - 7th

Posted on Nov 29, 2018

6th Grade Language Arts

I have to begin with another gratitude blog! THANK YOU 5th and 6th graders and their families who generously donated travel sized items for the service men and women overseas. In addition, students crafted wonderful cards and letters to brighten soldiers' spirits during the Christmas season. 

Mrs. Deering and I just "threw the message out there" in hopes that a few chapsticks or lotions could be sent overseas at Christmastime. We are overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness. We have BOXES of travel sized items to mail!

For so many reasons, I'm proud to call SJF home. It's families like yours that go above and beyond for those in need. What a beautiful demonstration of all the good we can put into the world! 


This week the fifth graders will be discussing and completing activities on Advent and Christmas.  They will have a quiz on Thursday, Dec. 6th.

The sixth graders will be reviewing the timeline of all the Old Testament stories.  They have been making note cards to help study for the test.  The test will be on Monday, Dec. 10th.

Just a reminder that there is no school on Friday, Dec. 7th. The teachers have a Religious Institute day.

Have a great week!

Week of November 26th

Posted on Nov 20, 2018

5th grade Math

Monday will be Accelearted Math and a new homework packet will be passed out; this will be due back on Friday December 7th.

This week, we will look at adding/subtracting mixed numbers. This is the final section of the chapter and unit on fractions J.  The test is scheduled Tuesday, December 4th


6th grade Math

Monday will be Accelearted Math and a new homework packet will be passed out; this will be due back on Friday December 14th.

This week, we will look at comparing and ordering decimals and if time allows begin rounding decimal numbers to the given place value.

Social Studies:

5th and 6th graders will be making Christmas cards to send to the troops stationed in the Middle East this week, I have add more details to my blog.  Please feel free to email me with any questions.

5th Grade:

  • Monday we will start going over the Unit 2 review in class, Unit 2 review was posted on Google Classroom.  Students should complete the review on a piece of paper.
  • Tuesday we will have a review game, Unit 2 test is Wednesday.  The test will cover the vocabulary terms from Unit 2 and the concepts from lessons 4-7, exploration in the New World.  Due to the snow day, the test will be on Thursday.  Students should have their reviews started, if not completed by Tuesday.  

6th Grade:

  • We will be finishing our video on Egypt's Lost Queen, Hatshepsut.  Students learned about her role as a pharaoh in Egypt and the expeditions that she led to Punt.  This video gives us more background into who she was and why people tried to erase her from history.  Students will complete a short answer response from the video.
  • This week we will explore how Egyptian society was set up, what daily life was like and how this civilization continued to grow.
  • I have been working on the Egyptian projects, packet grades will be entered first, 95 points possible.  The essays will be entered next a possibility of 25 points for the essay.

ELA Grade Five

Week of November 26th

Thank you for a wonderful parent/teacher conference. It was so nice to spend time talking about our favorite subject!

This week in Reading and Writing:

Our interpretation of theme novel is complete!

From our book discussions, the students enjoyed their choice novel.

This week, we will work on our group project for their evaluation.  Each group will work together and individually to create a project for their novel.  

There are certain requirements that are expected with some free choice involved also.  

When the students complete the project, they will present their work to the class.

They may bring prompts/costumes to help tell their story through their book talk.  

They will also be able to bring in a treat that represents their novel.  (Because of Winn Dixie readers may think about bringing in “dump punch” or lozenges.)

We will also be doing the next chapter in our vocabulary unit.

Remember that the students do not have school next Friday, Dec 7!



6th Grade Language Arts

Welcome back!

Thank you to all the parents who attended parent-teacher conferences. It’s wonderful to connect with parents to set goals for students and talk about their progress. Knowing the parent-school connection is strong helps students succeed!

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas always seems to move quickly at school. We have much to accomplish in ELA.

This week we get one step closer to finishing our novel, Hatchet. This is a pivotal time for the main character, Brian. Many issues that face students today carry over from our novel. Good discussions and thought-provoking arguments are happening daily as a result of our reading.

I am also impressed with the students’ work ethic to improve their writing skills. Editing can be a tedious process, but students are becoming conscious of their errors and working hard to correct them.

Reading vocabulary term of the week: TONE


5th- This week we will finish up Chemical and Physical changes in Matter. We will start talking about Mixtures and Solutions. On Friday, we will meet up with our STEM partners in 1st grade. We will have a test on Elements, physical and chemical changes, mixtures and solutions on Thursday, December 6th. We will then start on a Free Conserving Energy Program through ComEd and Peoples Gas. 

6th- Our test on the Lunar Cycle is on Wednesday, Nov 28th.  We will start on Season and Tides after the test. We should have a final test on that before the Christmas Break. 




Week of November 19th - Math

Posted on Nov 18, 2018

6th grade

I will only see the sixth grade on Monday and we will look at comparing decimals.

The kids will not receive a new math packet until after break.


5th grade

The current math packet is due back on Tuesday.

Period 1 and 2 - (Tuesday) - We will begin adding/subtracting mixed numbers.

Period 3 - add/subtract word problems

Week of November 26th - 30th

Posted on Nov 16, 2018

The fifth graders will have a test on Chapter 5, Wednesday, 11/28th.  They will be given a "Family Tree" project on Tuesday, 11/26, and this will be due Friday, 11/30.

Week of Thanksgiving

Posted on Nov 15, 2018



I thought you might enjoy this Thanksgiving prayer.  Enjoy your family and friends during this holiday.  Mrs. Burns

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Lord, so often times, as any other day
When we sit down to our meal and pray

We hurry along and make fast the blessing
Thanks, amen. Now please pass the dressing

We're slaves to the olfactory overload
We must rush our prayer before the food gets cold

But Lord, I'd like to take a few minute more
To really give thanks to what I'm thankful for

For my family, my health, a nice soft bed
My friends, my freedom, a roof over my head

I'm thankful right now to be surrounded by those
Whose lives touch me more than they'll ever possibly know

Thankful Lord, that You've blessed me beyond measure
Thankful that in my heart lives life's greatest treasure

That You, dear Jesus, reside in that place
And I'm ever so grateful for Your unending grace

So please, heavenly Father, bless this food You've provided
And bless each and every person invited


Social Studies:

5th Grade: 

  • Quizlet will be posted to Google Classroom Monday.  There will be test on Unit 2, early explorers on Tuesday, November 27. There will be a study guide posted to Classroom.
  • We will have a review game on Monday, November 26.

6th Grade: 

  • We will finish our video Egypt's Lost Queen, Hatshepsut.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



Dress Code

Posted on Nov 13, 2018

With the cold weather starting to set in, please review our SJF dress code. 


  • Grades 4 – 8,   Plaid skirt and white blouse/polo
  • Grades K – 8,    Sweater (solid white, navy or hunter green) or St. John Fisher fleece, vest.,SJF gym sweatshirt (school issued only) 
  • Socks or tights (white, navy or hunter green) 
  • Pants (navy slacks may be worn Oct. 1 to May 1)


General Guidelines for Girls:

  •        Only single, small earrings may be worn.
  •        Sweatpants, pants, and flannel pants may not be worn under a uniform skirt or jumper during class hours.
  •        Excessive jewelry, chokers and necklaces are not appropriate and will be considered out of uniform.
  •        Blouses and shirts should always be neatly tucked into skirts.



  •        Grade K – 8,   Navy dress pants. White or light blue polo shirt

             SJF gym sweatshirt or school fleece vest (school issued only)


General Guidelines for Boys:

  •        Boys are to wear belts to help provide a neat appearance.
  •        Shirts must always be neatly tucked into pants.


  •  Loafers, buckle or tie oxfords, or clean gym shoes are allowed as part of the school uniform.
  •   Sandals, moccasins, clogs, “Crocs”, “flip-flops,” and boots are not permitted during the school day.


Week of November 12th -

Posted on Nov 09, 2018

5th grade Math

A new homework packet will be passed out on Monday and it will be due back on Tuesday, November 20th.

Periods 1 and 2 – We will continue to work on adding and subtracting fractions this week.

Period 3 – We will begin adding/subtracting fractions on Monday. Many of the children in period 3 are not fluent with their math facts and as a result, everything we are working on with fractions is very frustrating for them.  Please practice as often as you can with your child in order to ease the frustration and allow for success in math.


6th grade Math

The current math packet is due back on Friday of this week.

Monday we will begin the long unit on decimals.  The first chapter will cover understanding the connection between fractions and decimals, place value, rounding, comparing, ordering decimal numbers, and terminating and repeating decimal numbers.

Social Studies:

5th Grade:

  • This week we will be learning about the Northwest Passage.
  • The French Colonies and the First English Colonies will be explored by the 5th graders this week.
  • We will have a test on Unit 2 on Tuesday, November 27th.  There will be a quizlet posted on Google Classroom on November. 20 so that students can start studying.  We will have a review game on Monday, November 26.

6th Grade:

  • Egypt projects are due on Monday, Nov. 12.  Packets will be collected along with students printed five paragraph essays and their completed sarcophagus.  
  • We will move along our journey of ancient Egypt this week and learn about the social pyramid and economy of Egypt.
  • Current events will resume this Friday.  Thoughtful reflections will be due on Monday, Nov. 19.

Sixth grade did a fantastic job with the Veterans Day prayer service.  Please see my blog, Erin Deering for pictures.  I was also able to get some videos of our speakers that I will try to share as well.  Thank you to our panel of Veterans who took time from their days to come and talk with us and celebrate with us.  It truly was a wonderful day.


5th grade- This week we will finish up Physical Properties. We will begin to discuss mixtures and solutions then move on to chemical changes. 

6th grade- We will continue the Lunar Cycle. The students are really starting to grasp the different stages of the Lunar Cycle but we need to spend more time on it. I don't want to rush them through the unit and try and test before Thanksgiving, so we will continue our unit and have a test the Tuesday we return from Thanksgiving break. Our Lunar Cycle test will be on Tuesday, November 27th. Please make sure all 6th graders have 9 Oreo cookies for Tuesday 11/13 (8 for the activity and 1 to snack on). 

Have a good week

6th Language Arts

I want to begin another blog with a huge THANK YOU, but this time it's for our Veterans! Happy Veterans Day! We had a wonderful panel of Veterans visit the 5th and 6th graders this past Friday. After which we held a moving prayer service. The sixth graders showed just how truly amazing they are! They spoke with reverence and clarity. I, along with the entire school, am proud of their efforts!

This week things aren't looking so good for our main character, Brian, in the novel Hatchet. Students will be busy predicting, visualizing, analyzing text, and making inferences. 

Reading vocabulary term of the week: Personification