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5th & 6th Grade Blogs

Language Arts
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Hughes
Sixth Grade - Mrs. Schiller
Religion/Foundations of Writing - Mrs. Quinn
Social Studies - Mrs. Deering
Science - Mrs. O’Shea
Math - Mrs. Folliard








Week of October 1st

Posted on Sep 28, 2018

5th grade Math

A new homework packet will be passed out on Monday and it will be due back on Friday.

This week, we will continue in Chapter 2 on fractions covering both comparing and ordering fractions.  The math test on this chapter will be sometime next week.

6th grade Math

All 3 periods will have the open notebook Geometry test on Tuesday.

Periods 1 and 3 – This week, we will cover using the shortcut or cross-cancelling method to multiply fractions and begin multiplying mixed numbers by mixed numbers.  The test on multiplying fractions should be sometime late next week.

Period 2 – We will wrap up the chapter on multiplying fractions this week, covering multiplying mixed numbers.  The test will be sometime early next week.

6th grade Social Studies:

  • Students will start chapter 3 this week, in chapter 3 we will start discovering how ancient civilizations progress over time.  We will learn about the importance of farming and how farming helped these civilizations grow.
  • We will not have Current Events this week, we will start our second set of current events next week.

5th grade Social Studies:

  • Students finished learning about Pacific Northwest Tribes, we read an article together in class on the Tlingit tribe and the returning of artifacts that were taken during the 1899 Harriman Expedition.  We annotated the article and discussed the importance of the artifacts to the tribe.  Students will complete an assignment Monday reviewing the important facts from these finds.
  • We will continue learning about the Native Tribes of America.  This week we will learn about the Southwest Tribes and Plains Tribes.

* Students should be checking in with each teacher after an absence to make sure that they find out what assignments and readings they missed while out.  Assignments after an absence are due within a day or two of return, for longer absences there will be more time given. *


The fifth graders will be praying a decade of the Rosary each morning and learning the Mysteries of the Blessed Mother Mary.  By praying the rosary we show our love for Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  Each student will need a rosary starting Monday morning.  They will have a quiz on the "Beatitudes" on Tuesday, 10/2 and a Chapter 3 test on Thursday, 10/4

The sixth graders continue to read about Moses and his journey through the desert to the land of Canaan.  They will need a rosary starting Monday because we will be praying a decade of the rosary in honor of Our Mother Mary.


We had a great week last week. We brought a lot of technology into our classroom. 5th grade got to use our new Smartboard to review for their test, the 6th grade used our new school set of Google cardboard viewers to go on a Virtual Field Trip to the Solar System. Check out some pictures on our classroom Instagram @sciencewithoshea. 

School pictures have been rescheduled. We will have a new date soon. 

Wednesday is special lunch from Barracos

This week

5th grade will be discussing the particles in matter. We will look at new vocabulary words such as element, atom, compound, and molecule. We will take a look at the Periodic Table. 

6th grade will discuss out Virtual Field Trip and start to look at each planet separately. We will discuss how mass and distance of the planets affect the force of gravity.

6th Language Arts

We did it! We have finished our first class novel. Students have given some truly valuable feedback on Number the Stars

"I loved the cliffhangers between chapters and how we made predictions. I always wanted to read another chapter!"

"I learned so much about the Resistance fighters, rationing, and other challenges people faced during WWII"

"It showed the strong bond that both Christian and Jewish families showed during the German occupation" 

"I think in some ways the author played it safe; I wanted the risk!" 

Your children were genuinely engaged in the novel. I'm thrilled! Onto our next novel in just a few weeks. 

This week we will watch a movie Miracle at Midnight based on WWII in Copenhagen. Students will be comparing and contrasting the novel and movie. Once that's done, they will write a reaction paper based on the movie. 

On Friday, I will have my second conference with students to review their personal goals for reading during the first trimester. Keep encouraging your children to read! 

Reading vocabulary term of the week: Point of View

5th Grade ELA

The week ahead:


We have begun the Interpretation Book Club Unit 1 of Lucy Calkins which will develop themes. During Bend 1, the fiction that your child will read during this unit will be more complex.  The texts they are reading also tend to be more complex structurally. The fact that your child’s texts are becoming more difficult has implications for the intellectual work they will be completing across this unit.

“As this unit opens, the students will be challenged to rise to the occasion of fifth grade by choosing to read novels that are worthy of series, thoughtful reading.”-Calkins  Up to this point, we have used post it notes to show our writing about reading. Now, we will spotlight the importance of writing about reading right from the start of this unit.  We will also be reading, Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate as the demonstration text for this unit of study. Each child should be reading at home every night. This will increase their reading speed along with reading fluency.  Check out their reading log to offer encouragement of this task.


During our first unit of the Narrative Craft, the students will crystallize their images of strong narratives, self assess using student-facing rubrics, and set goals that accelerate their achievements.

Bend 1 in this unit will be concentrated on Generating Personal Narratives. We will generate strategies for personal narrative writing ideas. Your child’s writing notebook will be a wonderful insight to themselves.  Ask them to share some of their writing with you. They have embraced this writing unit. Watch as your child’s writing develops through the next few weeks. Offer them support for their progress!



Week of September 24th -

Posted on Sep 20, 2018


5th grade Math

Monday is Accelerated Math and a new homework packet will be passed out.

The rest of the week, we will continue in the 2nd chapter on fractions by reviewing how to write the next 3 equivalent fractions for a given fraction and moving on to using “cross products” to check for equivalency and solving for “n” in a pair of equivalent fractions.

For a child to be successful in working with equivalent fractions they must have a good mastery of their multiplication and division facts.  Please continue to practice with your child as often as you can.  Thank you!


6th grade Math

Monday is Accelerated Math.

Period 1 and 3 – We will cover multiplying whole numbers by fractions and vice versa this week.  We will be looking at how to solve these problems mathematically but also focusing on understanding conceptually what these problems represent.  We will also spend more time this week on fraction word problemsJ

Period 2 – We will review multiplying whole numbers by fractions and vice versa and move on to multiplying mixed numbers this week.  Many word problems will be mixed in throughout the week.


Geometry – All 3 periods will be working on naming angles using the correct symbol and letters and also on complementary and supplementary angles.  The first Geometry test will be next week; this will be an open notebook test.


In fifth grade, we will continue to learn the Beatitudes in Chapter 3.  We are discussing how this beautiful gift from God will help us to be good, kind, and sensitive people.  Serving God and others first should be our goal in life and taking care of ourselves last.  This is a difficult concept for 10 and 11 year olds to understand.  If we demonstrate these acts of service at home and school we are showing our children how to live each day.  I have been encouraging the children to go to mass each weekend and experience the joy and comfort of spending time with God and partaking in the Holy Eucharist.  

In sixth grade, we will have a test on Genesis part 2 on Tuesday, 9/25.  We will continue to read about Moses and his journey through the desert to the land of Canaan.

5th and 6th graders need a rosary for Monday, Oct. 1st.  We will be praying a decade each day during the month of October.  The fifth graders have been assigned prayer partners with the first graders and the sixth graders with third graders.  There will be several activities during the year in which we will be together.

Special lunch forms for Oct. 3rd are due no later than Wednesday, 9/26.

Have a great weekend!


I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was absolutely beautiful! Picture day is October 2nd. Homecoming is this weekend and we will have our Pep Rally on Friday at 1:30. Dress in your Fisher Blue to show your school spirit! Also, don't forget to checkout our 5th and 6th grade Instagram @sciencewithoshea

This week in Science:

5th grade will be continue to discuss Structure of Matter- We will use this week to review and understand the various structures of matter, how particles are arranged, and different physical properties of Matter. Our first test will be on Friday, September 28th.

6th grade- We will discuss Earth's Place in the Universe (MS-ESS1) and Gravity in our solar system. On Thursday and Friday, I am hoping to use the Google Cardboard viewers to complete a Google Expedition of our Solar System. I will send out more information as the week goes on. 

Social Studies:

5th Grade:

  • We will continue working with Native Tribes in North America.  Students will be working on their interactive notebooks this week to fill in their notes.
  • We will start learning about native peoples of the Southwest and Plains this week.
  • Please be sure to check PowerSchool to check for missing assignments.  Per our homework policy, students are to check in with each teacher after an absence to collect any work that they missed and turn in completed absent work with in a day or two of returning to school.  Missing assignments are graded as a 0 two days after due date.

6th Grade:

  • We finished chapter  2 with the Iceman.  Students were engaged and inquisitive during our studies.  We learned about some great scientific advancements that have given us so many answers about this ancient man.
  • There will be a quiz on Wednesday for Ch. 2, students should be reviewing their notes and power point to help them study.  We will review on Tuesday.
  • Thursday we will begin learning about some ancient civilizations that grew from their agricultural skills.  We will look at early formations of religions, and societies.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

6th Language Arts 

This week students will be learning about two important topics that will be used throughout the year: Plot Structure and Reaction vs. Summary Essays.

We will "break down" the plot structure of the novel, Number the Stars, highlighting character development based on the events in the story. On Tuesday, we will finish reading the story. 

In addition, there will be a brief test on the novel on Friday. 

Just a reminder, we want students reading everyday. I had a conference with each student on Friday about what they were currently reading and helping them develop goals for reading. Let's all work together to ensure students have opportunities to read!

Reading vocabulary terms of the week: Dynamic and Static Characters

Week of September 17th

Posted on Sep 14, 2018


5th grade Math

A new math packet will be passed out on Monday and it is due back on Friday; the entire packet is based on Aspire type test questions.

Periods 1, 2, and 3 will continue to work on solving for fraction of a whole number by solving many, many word problems this week J.  The first fractions test will be on Thursday, a review sheet will be given to each child on Wednesday.  This review sheet will be completed in school and should be brought home for further study.  It is due back on Thursday and does count as a grade.

I am available all week if you would like to send your child in before school for additional practice.

Friday we will begin chapter 2 on fractions which covers: equivalent fractions, comparing fractions and ordering fractions.  These 3 topics were covered in 4th grade so I am hoping to be able to do a quick review and move forward.


6th grade Math

A new homework packet will be passed out on Monday and it will be due back on Friday, October 5th.

Periods 1 and 3 – We will begin the chapter on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers this week.  In Geometry, we will cover naming lines and angles.  The Geometry test will be early next week; this will be an open notebook test.

Period 2 – We will continue working on multiplying fractions covering multiplying fractions by a whole number and vice versa and we will also cover using cross canceling to make multiplication of fractions problems easier to solve.

The kids will also be solving many word problems throughout this chapter. 

Social Studies:

I have posted pictures of our Veteran's Wall to my blog page.  Students have been bringing in pictures of family members and I am so proud of what we are creating!  I would love for this to stay up all year, please let me know if you need your pictures back sooner.  Also, please look at my blog page to see some samples of the kids paragraphs about 9-11, I am so proud of the work that they did.

5th Grade:

  • We will continue working through native tribes of America.  Students learned about South Western Native Tribes and also Midwestern Tribes.
  • We will have a quiz on Thursday this week.  This quiz will cover all vocab that we have covered so far in class.  The quiz will also cover any main ideas we talked about.  The quiz will not have anything from Ch 1, this is only on what we have studied from Ch 2 so far.
  • There will be a quizlet posted on Tuesday, students will have the opportunity to study their vocab in class and also at home for the quiz.

6th Grade:

  • We will start learning about the Ice Man of the Alps this week.  Students learned about primary and secondary sources last week and we will continue to work with these throughout the year.  
  • During our studies of the Ice Man we will continue to discuss the process of archaeology and what tools are used to unlock the past.  
  • We will watch a video about Utzi together in class.  This video has updated information about this find and what scientists continue to learn from this man.  We will also look at the museum dedicated to this man.


The fifth graders will be starting Chapter 3 "Beatitudes" on Monday.  These prayers teach us all how to live and treat others with love.  We will be using the Bible to complete our "Beatitude" activities.

The sixth graders will continue to read and discuss the stories in Genesis.  We will also be watching the video "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat".  It's a great video and I am hoping the kids will enjoy the music!!!

Enjoy the weekend and FISHER FEST!!!!!!


What a great weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed the weather and had fun at Fisherfest! 

This week:

5th grade- We will continue to talk about Matter and its structure. We will also begin to talk about Properties of Matter. 

6th grade- We will continue to discuss different galaxies. We will use different activities to review these galaxies for our test on Friday, September 21, covering  Galaxies and Light Years

6th Language Arts

The sixth graders have been multi-tasking very well these last few weeks. We have been reading and listening to a story while working on expanding our reading vocabulary and making inferences in the novel. Great discussions are occurring! I'm hoping to make it to Chapter 15 this week in the novel. 

Students will be reviewing parts of a presentation (i.e. posture, voice, etc.) and delivering a group presentation based on their research of a "Helper" during World War II. 

Last week time ran out, and we were unable to learn the difference between a reaction and summary paper. That will be moved to next week. 

Reading vocabulary term of the week: Allegory


Fifth Grade ELA Blog for the Week of September 17th.


The goal of our daily mini lesson is designed to add to the reader’s repertoire of skills and strategies so the reader then has more to draw upon from that day forward.  In a mini lesson, a strategy is demonstrated and then the kids use that strategy. The students will use that strategy during independent reading. The new strategy will become part of the readers’ toolkits to be drawn upon as needed.



Week of September 10th

Posted on Sep 07, 2018

5th grade Math

5 – periods 1 and 2:  Monday will be our second Accelerated Math class and a new homework packet will be passed out; this will be due back on Thursday of this week.

Tuesday, we will continue working with the ruler and making exact measurements only this week, we will be focusing on measuring in centimeters instead of inches.  Wednesday and Thursday we will begin the next part of the chapter on fractions which cover “fraction of a whole” and “fraction of a set or group.”  Both topics should be a review from 4th grade, so I don’t anticipate spending much time on either.  The focus of these 2 sections will be on including the correct unit with every fractional answer.  Example – 2/3 of the pieces not just 2/3.

5 – period 3: Monday will be our second Accelerated Math class and a new homework packet will be passed out; this will be due back on Thursday of this week.

This week, we will work on “fraction of a number” which can be a very difficult concept for many kids.  If you feel your child would benefit from some extra practice please send them in early.  Most times, the reason for the frustration is lack of mastery of the division and multiplication facts.  In order for this concept to be easy, a child must be fluent with these facts.


6th grade Math

6 – periods 1 and 3: Monday is Accelerated Math.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent on subtracting fractions and mixed numbers from whole numbers.  There is a short quiz planned for Thursday that will cover add/subtract mixed numbers, subtract mixed numbers with regrouping, and subtract mixed numbers and fractions from whole numbers.  A review sheet will be passed out to each student on Tuesday which states in detail what will be on this quiz.

6 – period 2:  Monday is Accelerated Math.

Tuesday through Thursday, we will begin the chapter on multiplying fractions.  The kids will also work with protractors to draw various angles.

5th Grade Social Studies:

  • We started learning about early tribes of Mexico, the Olmec and Mayans.  Students had questions to answer Friday about our readings on pages 22-23.
  • This week we will continue working with Native Tribes of North America.
  • There is a quiz on Wednesday, the quiz will cover the vocabulary we have covered from last week till Tuesday.  Students should review their notes and the slides we use in class are also posted to Google Classroom if your student was absent they can catch up on missed notes.

6th Grade Social Studies:

  • 6th grade is off to a great start.  They are getting more familiar with how to write their current events and are doing great!  
  • We will continue this week working with how historians uncover the past and we will be moving on to the Ice Man of the Alps this week.
  • Students will learn how this discovery was so important and what clues told archaeologists that this was indeed, an ancient man.  Students will learn about some of the different tools and scientific tests used to unlock his past.
  • We will watch a clip about this discovery as well as look at the museum that is dedicated to Otzi.
  • Our Veteran's Wall is starting to gain members!  I will post pictures to my individual blog, please check my page to see pictures and updates.  Please feel free to send in a picture of a veteran from your family, or neighborhood.  Please also include their name, rank and you may also include their jobs, or deployments.  


The fifth graders will be having a quiz on the "Seven Sacraments" on Tues. 9-11.  They need to know how to spell these Sacraments.  Since we do not have school on Friday, they will have Music Friday on Thursday.  The children seem to be enjoying these inspirational/good feeling songs.  Please review these videos to make sure they are appropriate for viewing.  Their Chapter 2 test will be on Wednesday, 9-12.

The sixth graders will continue to read and discuss the stories in Genesis.  They will have a test on Part 1 of Genesis on Wednesday, 9-12.  

Enjoy the weekend!!!

6th Language Arts

This week our novel Number the Stars really starts to heat up! Students are making predictions and recognizing literary elements in the novel, such as Dramatic Irony. 

In addition to our novel study, students will watch videos and learn about some of the "helpers" during World War II. We will also learn the difference between a summary and reaction paper. 

Just a reminder to encourage your child to find a novel that really captures their interest. Students should read (at least) 20 minutes a night. 

Reading vocabulary terms of the week: Protagonist, Antagonist


ELA 5th Grade:

FIsher Fest Week!! Woo Hoo!

Have you taken a look at your son/daughter’s reading log? The fifth graders are reading at alarming rates!!!!! I wish you could see their excitement when a new book order from Amazon appears in our classroom! I wish I could share the minutes when I send them off from our mini lesson and they go off to read. I wish I could have you experience the one on one conversations that I experience with your child as they explain, tell, retell their moments in their novel. I wish you could hear how they take our mini lessons and see that work in their reading life.

In class this week, MaryKate had no idea she was analyzing text to understand the complexities of the protagonist in her novel!

We are still in the beginning book of “Building a Reading Life” in the many series of Lucy Calkins. By the end of next week, we will move into “Interpretation Book Clubs-Analyzing Themes”.  

I found the following information in some of Lucy Calkins writings and wanted to share her thoughts.

“The studies showed that the single most important way to support comprehension is to provide children with more access to interesting texts.  The next most important intervention involves giving kids more choice in books.” The reading continues, “And we need to keep in mind that a book is just right, not only because a child can read it with accuracy, fluency, and comprehension but also because a child can read it with empathy and engagement, laughter, and, yes, tears, too”. Ask your child about the curmudgeon that wanted to show up in our reading life!

Next week, (not Monday after Fisher Fest) we will officially launch our writers workshop. More details to come!! Have  a great week! See you at Fisher Fest!



I hope everyone had a good weekend! What a nice relief from the heat! This week:

5th- Last week we enjoyed our graphing Skittles activity. We will start to talk about Matter, Structure of Matter, and comparing the mass of objects.

6th- This week we will start talking about space. We will discuss the various types of galaxies and what a light year is. 

Have a good week! Don't forget Tuesday is a dress down day, wear your patriotic colors! We will never forget! 

Week of September 4th

Posted on Sep 01, 2018


5th Grade Math

A new homework packet will be passed out on Tuesday and it will be due back on Friday.

Period 1 and 2 – We will continue working with fractions on the number lines on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The children will be reading number lines and learning to draw their own correctly.  On Thursday we will begin “fraction of a number.”

Period 3 – This week will be spent reviewing fraction of a whole and working on fraction of a group.


6th grade Math

The current homework packet is due back next Thursday.

All 3 6th grade classes will be working with protractors this week.  The children will be learning to accurately measure angles and use the protractor to draw angles.

Period 1 – We will continue to work on subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping this week.

Period 2 – This week, we will finish up the review of adding and subtracting mixed numbers with and without regrouping.  We will also cover subtracting fractions and mixed numbers from whole numbers.  There will be a short quiz on Friday that covers all of these topics.

Period 3 – We will continue to work on subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping this week.


Despite the very warm weather, the students are happily getting into their routine. The fifth graders are learning how to be more prayerful and listen to God every day.  We have learned how to find Bible verses and I was impressed by how fast they caught on!!  They will have their first test on Chapter 1 on Tuesday, Sept.4th.  We have reviewed for the test and they are prepared.  They will start Chapter 2 on the "Seven Sacraments" and learn about Miguel Pro who was a martyr for our faith.

The sixth graders have learned the parts of the Bible and we will begin to read and discuss the Old Testament stories in the book of Genesis.

Thanks again for joining us on "Back to School Night"!!!  Enjoy the holiday weekend!!


5th and 6th - This week we will take a look at graphing data. We will also read data tables and create graphs. We will discuss dependent and independent variables. Can each student please bring in a bag of skittles by Tuesday? We will use them to graph a bag of skittles. 

By the end of the week, 5th will be ready to move on to Matter and 6th grade will be ready to move on to Earth and the Solar System. 

6th Language Arts

This week students will be listening and reading along with the novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. Students are already engaged in this wonderful historical fiction story. In addition, a list of books based on WWII was distributed to students last week. Encourage your child to read one (or several) of the books on that list. 

Along with the novel, students will be reviewing the major components of a compare and contrast essay. 

Reading vocabulary term of the week: Dramatic Irony

5th Social Studies:

  • We will begin our studies on the Native Tribes and the regions they live in.  Students will discuss how the regions they live in impacts the way they live.
  • There will be a quiz  on Sept. 13 covering the vocabulary that we have covered from Sept. 5-Sept. 11.

6th Social Studies:

  • Ch 1 quiz will be on Sept. 5, we played a Kahoot to review the vocabulary words.  There will be some plotting of cities using coordinates. 
  • We will begin Ch 2 this week, we will start working with primary and secondary sources.  Students will also start exploring how archaeologist and historians work to uncover the past.
  • Current Events 1 will continue this week, 5 students will present their event on Friday.  Students that do not present will be responsible for writing a thoughtful reflection about one of the presentations they heard.  Each should be one paragraph.  All directions are on Google Classroom, must be turned in via Classroom.
  • We will be creating a Veteran's Wall in my classroom.  Students are invited to bring in a picture of a Vet that they know, this can be a family member or a neighbor.  If they do not have a picture, I will have little cards that they can fill out with the Veteran's name, their military title and what branch they served in.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this project.

?5th Grade ELA:

  • Extended Response from class today. Please finish for homework if you did not complete in class.

  •  Explain your “HUH” moment in your novel.  Write only 2 to 3 sentences.

  • Explain what strategy  you used in order to understand your “Huh?” moment.

  • Write your “talk to text” moment and why you felt this was necessary.