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5th & 6th Grade Blogs

Language Arts
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Hughes
Sixth Grade - Mrs. Schiller
Religion/Foundations of Writing - Mrs. Quinn
Social Studies - Mrs. Deering
Science - Mrs. O’Shea
Math - Mrs. Folliard








Religion Week of January 28th - February 1st

Posted on Jan 25, 2019

The fifth graders worked very hard on their "Gifts of the Holy Spirit".  I am sure you will be pleased when you see them at Open House this Sunday, 1/27.  Mass is at 10:00.  We have started Chapter 8 "We Profess Our Faith" and are learning the importance of the "Apostle Creed"prayer.  They will need to memorize this prayer for the quiz the first week in February.  The Chapter 8 test will be Wednesday, 1/30.  We will also begin reviewing for their Unit 2 test which will be given the following week.

The sixth graders did an awesome job on their "Old Testament Games".  I am sure you are anxious to see them at Open House. We will be reading and discussing Chapter 1 in their Religion books on "Revelation and Response".  They should be ready for the test on Thursday but if they need more review time they will have it on Friday. 

See you at Open House!!! Stay warm!!!!

6 Language Arts (ELA)

Happy Catholic Schools Week! It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces at Open House yesterday. Despite difficult road conditions, all students reported to 6th grade homeroom today! Terrific!

This week's temperatures are predicted to be record-setting--please make sure your child is wearing a hat and gloves to school. Yes, even if it doesn't look cool! (Can you tell I've had this "conversation" with my own children?)

We are looking forward to fun activities this week, many of which we will do with our 3rd Grade Prayer Partners. 

Stay tuned to the forecast! Have a good week and be safe. 

Week of January 28th

Posted on Jan 25, 2019

Ronald McDonald house food collection will be extended to Monday, Feb. 4 5/6th grade is collecting cereal/oatmeal cups and/or boxes of individual oatmeal.

5th grade Math

We will begin our study of Order of Operations this week.  This is a very challenging topic and one that we will work on for a few weeks.

The current math packet is due back on Friday of this week.

Please continue to practice flashcards with your child as often as possible. 

*Please see Ms. Deering's Google Classroom for the Wednesday Math assignments.*

6th grade Math

The sixth graders will receive a new math packet on Monday; it will be due back on Friday, February 15th.

We will wrap up the chapter on the 4 operations with decimals this week by continuing to practice with all of the operations.

The test will be sometime next week; it does have a short answer section that comes directly from the notes; as well as computational problems and word problems.

In Geometry, we will continue to work with area and perimeter of squares and rectangles and if time allows, begin the section on triangles.

*Please see Ms. Deering's Google Classroom for the Wednesday Math assignments.*

5th Grade ELA:

Thanks to all the families that were able to make the open house on Sunday.  Also, thank you for the biography bottles. The kids are so proud of their work!

Last Friday, we introduced the topic of Outlining in regards to their speech.  

The kids took the information from their speech and created an outline for the information.  The students are able to use the notecard with their outline (as an aide) as they present their speech to the class. The written speech is not allowed to be used as an aide.

Vocabulary test will be on Friday. This week has words that may not be common to the usual vocabulary of a fifth grader.

Each night, a page will be assigned for homework. The kids also made flashcards to help in their studying.

Most of our class period will be spent listening to the speeches of our classmates.  We will continue our focus on high interest nonfiction books. The students will need this book  each night for their nightly reading.

On Wednesday, their work will be posted on Google Classroom to complete and have ready for class on Thursday.

Stay warm.


Social Studies:

5th Grade

  • We will continue along the road to the American Revolution, Unit 4 Lessons 4 & 5.  This week we will learn about the events that lead the Colonists to revolt against the British.
  • Stamp Act, Townshend Act, & The Tea Act will all be covered this week showing students why the Colonists wanted to break from the British.
  • Lexington and Concord will be explored this week.
  • Students should be checking Google Classroom for Wednesday, there will be a reading assignment and homework assignment as well.  The notes for the readings will also be posted to Classroom.

6th Grade

  • We will continue our travels through Ancient India, we will learn about the early Harappan Civilizations and Mohenjo-Daro.
  • There will be current events presented Friday and thoughtful reflections will be do on Monday.
  • Students will need to be checking Classroom for Wednesdays readings.

Week of January 22nd

Posted on Jan 18, 2019

During Catholics Schools Week, we will be collecting items to help stock the cabinets at the Ronald McDonald house, one less worry for those families who are staying.

5th grade is collecting oatmeal or cereal cups 

6th grade is collecting unopened boxes of individual oatmeal packets.


5th grade Math

Tuesday is Accelerated Math and a new 2 week math packet will be passed out.

Wednesday we will review for Thursday’s test on Exponents.  A study guide should have come home on Tuesday detailing what will be on this test. 

Friday, we will begin the chapter on “Order of Operations.”


6th grade Math

Tuesday is Accelerated Math. 

The current math packet is due back on Friday.

This week, we will wrap up the chapter on the 4 operations with decimal numbers by covering dividing with decimals.  The test will be sometime next week.

Social Studies:

5th grade:

  • Unit 4 The Struggle for North America
  • We will learn about the French in Louisiana and the French and Indian War this week.

6th grade: 

  • Study guides were to be submitted via Google Classroom so that they can be corrected and returned for studying.
  • Review game Tuesday, Ch 5 test Wednesday
  • Thursday we will begin our travels into Ancient India.
  • No current events this week, last groups will present next Friday.


The fifth graders will be having a quiz on the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit on Tuesday, 1/22 and a test on Chapter 7, Thursday, 1/24.

The sixth graders will be presenting their Old Testament games this week.  They have done an awesome job!!!  Please check them out at Open House, Sunday,1/27.  You will be quite impressed with your child's creativity!  I was also proud of how well they all worked together.

Stay warm!


How cool was it to see the Blood Moon last night? It is a pity that the clouds had to come and cause us to miss the second half. At least we got to see some of the Blood Moon. 


We will continue to discuss Energy Efficiency. This week we will discuss Natural Gas, using Natural Gas at home and how to conserve at home. Students will receive their kits for you to install the Energy Efficiency products. 


This week we will be working on a group project in class. Students will create and present a live weather report as a meteorologist. 

5th grade ELA:

*Please see my personal blog for pictures of these wonderful biography bottles!*

Presentation Week!

After a snowy three day weekend that gave time for revisions and rewrites, the students will write their FINAL copy of their biography, in class, on Tuesday.  Papers will be due on Wednesday.

After the paper is completed, the students will think about the information contained in their biography narrative essay and draft a speech that they will deliver to their classmates.  (We even have a bluetooth microphone to help amplify our story!)

The kids will not be allowed to read from a notecard but will be able to have an outline on the front of the notecard to use as reference. We will discuss this on Wednesday.   A general reference outline will guide them during their presentations.

Biography Bottles are due Tuesday.

Presentations will begin on Thursday.

Students should be reading, for enjoyment, every night, for at least twenty minutes.   


Looking forward to sharing our classroom with you at Open House on Sunday.


Week of January 14 - 18

Posted on Jan 11, 2019


5th grade Math

The current math packet is due back on Friday.

This week, we will continue our study of exponents and if time allows move into order of operations.

There is quite a bit of terminology that goes with both of these topics, so the kids will be taking notes.  I will remind the kids as often as possible to look over their notes; any additional study time you can give your child will certainly help.

As you know, exponents are based solely on multiplication and with the large number of 5th graders who have yet to master these facts; this could be a very challenging concept.  Please continue to practice with your child as often as possible; thank you :).


6th grade Math

The current math packet is due back next Friday.

This week, we will review adding/subtracting decimals numbers and move into multiplying them.

For the test on “The 4 Operations with Decimal Numbers,” the kids will be expected to explain the rule for each operation and also explain why this rule is followed.  They are taking notes and being encouraged to look these over as often as possible.  Any additional study time you can provide your child will surely benefit them come test time.

We will also continue our study on polygons.  This week, we will cover the 4 angle measurements of all quadrilaterals and begin area and perimeter of squares and rectangles with measurements that are both mixed numbers and decimal numbers.


The fifth graders will be reading and discussing Chapter 7 "Grace - A Gift of Strength".  They will be learning the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit as well as the Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit. We will also be completing a project on the "Seven Gifts" which will be done during class.

The sixth graders will continue to work on their Old Testament Games.  

6th Language Arts

Just a reminder: On February 15th, students will need to have accumulated 18 Accelerated Reader points for the second trimester. Most students are well on their way to achieving this goal. However, during our book conferences today, some students had to be "encouraged" to get moving! Please check in with your 6th grader to determine their progress. We want students reading independently every chance they get. 

This week students will continue to gain confidence deciphering the differences (and similarities) between metaphors, similes and allusions. Many students are now finding examples of figurative language in novels on their own. 

Reading vocabulary terms of the week: Figurative vs. Literal


5th Grade-

We will continue to discuss Energy Efficiency. This week we will discuss different forms of energy, renewable, and non-renewable natural resources. At the end of the week, we will be completing an activity, we will need 18 small 8 oz glass jars (6 per class). If anyone has baby food jars at home can you please bring them in before Friday? Thank you

6th grade- We will continue our unit on Weather and Climate. We will take a look at some weather forecasts, different models a Meteorologist uses to report the weather and the different climates on Earth. 

Social Studies:

5th grade:

  • This week we will explore the economies in the colonies and colonial governments.
  • There will be a quiz Friday on colonial economies and governments pages 131-141

6th grade:

  • We will read about the wheel and how archaeologists believe its origin is in Mesopotamia and we will also talk about cause and effect and how this comes into play in historical discoveries.
  • We will explore the beginnings of Judaism, Israel and exile to Babylonia.
  • Current Events due Friday
  • Chapter 5 test will be Wednesday, Jan. 23.  Study guide will be posted to Classroom.  We will have review game on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

5th Grade ELA:

Our Writing Week

Each night, I will ask for  your help.

Please help your child in revising and editing their work for their biography.  Each class day, the students will write a portion of their biography paper with the use of ideas from their writing folders.  The goal is to use a variety of sentence starters, transitions words and vivid verbs as they create their paper about their famous person.

You will need to sign each night’s work to show that someone helped to revise and edit their paper with them.  

We will write a final copy on Friday, in class.


The biography bottles are beginning to arrive.  Please find the link to the assignment here: Biography Bottle and Directions

There are also a variety of ideas as you search the web for biography bottles.


The bottle and paper are due on Tuesday.  

I understand that this is a major project.  Hopefully, with planning, nothing will need to be completed over the three day weekend.  We will write their speech, IN CLASS, on Tuesday, January 23rd.  They will practice the speech on Wednesday, January 24th  and start delivering their presentations on Thursday, January 25th, of next week.


We have begun our nonfiction unit. I asked the kids to find a high interest nonfiction book to accompany their reading this week.


The vocabulary review unit test is Friday. This test covers the last three chapters we have completed. The kids created flashcards for each unit and should be reviewing them each night.


Twelve accelerated reading points are required for the second trimester. Most students are at the halfway amount of points toward their goal.


Week of January 7th - 11th

Posted on Jan 07, 2019

Happy New Year!!!  Hope everyone had a great break. Many thanks for the generous Christmas gifts.  

This week in fifth grade we will be reading and discussing Chapter 6 "Baptism and Confirmation".   We will be having a test on Thursday.

The sixth graders will be reading and discussing "Revelation and Response" in Chapter 1.  On Tuesday we will begin working on their Old Testament games.  This will take several days and will be completed during class. 

6th Language Arts

Happy New Year! 

This week we jump into our figurative language unit which leads into our Narrative Writing unit (later this month). Students will identify and analyze figurative language in novels, short stories and poetry. After they are able to identify and analyze independently, students will begin using figurative language in their own writing. This is a necessary skill when we begin writing narratives later this month.

Reading vocabulary term of the week: Allusion