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5th & 6th Grade Blogs

Language Arts
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Hughes
Sixth Grade - Mrs. Schiller
Religion/Foundations of Writing - Mrs. Quinn
Social Studies - Mrs. Deering
Science - Mrs. O’Shea
Math - Mrs. Folliard








Dec. 16-20

Posted on Dec 14, 2019


Christmas is almost here!  This week is busy at SJF!

Monday: Mother McAuley Choir will visit us at 12:30


  • Cookie orders will be delivered in the morning
  • Students may participate in a $5 grab bag exchange in homeroom. This is optional, students who want to participate may bring in a wrapped gift.
  • Christmas Prayer Service 10:15
  • Early dismissal at 11:30

Social Studies

5th grade

  • We will have a quiz Wednesday, Dec. 18
  • Students should be reviewing their index cards to study.  The vocab is posted on Google Classroom.
  • A review will be done in class Monday and Tuesday

6th grade

  • Ch 4 test is Wednesday, Dec 18
  • Chapter reviews due Monday 
  • Review Game Tuesday
  • Prince of Egypt Thursday


We begin this week with a book conference, setting independent reading goals for over Christmas break. I'm very proud of the 6th graders! While conferencing, many students discussed books they added to their Christmas wish lists. 

This week we will listen to, read, and annotate Ch. 15-19 and the epilogue (if time allows) of Hatchet

From my family to yours, have a wonderful Christmas!


6th grade:

The students will continue their study of rates and ratios using tables and graphs and will be introduced to the concept of proportions.  The sixth graders will also be reviewing rate and ratio word problems and writing and simplifying ratios in classroom activities related to Christmas.

5th grade

The fifth graders will be subtracting decimals and reviewing estimating and calculating sums and differences with decimals in preparation for the Chapter 3 test on Wednesday of this week.  They will also be using their knowledge of adding and subtracting decimals in a classroom activity on Thursday.


This is a busy activity-filled week @sciencewithoshea headquarters. We will be making our science ugly sweaters, borax ornaments, and using our songwriting skills and science knowledge to produce some of our own Science carols! Check out @sciencewithoshea on Instagram to see some of our activities. Phew, I am tired just writing about it! 

5th ELA

Fifth Grade ELA 

Week of December 16th

We will finish our second book club novel by Thursday. The accelerated reading test for this book is due Friday. 


Interpretation of Theme is our focus this week. We are understanding the main ideas and author's purpose of our novel. We are growing ideas together to develop larger interpretations of our story. 


At the end of the week, we will have some activities with a Christmas theme.

Please log onto Instagram for current activities that we are doing.

Our instagram name is: mrshughesreadingcrew206


This is a private account. If you would like to become a “friend” please send a request. If your Instagram name isn’t recognizable, please send me an email. 

Enjoy the next few weeks with your children. All the best in the upcoming year!

Merry Christmas.



5th and 6th Grade

After studying Advent and Christmas for the past week and a half- this week we will watch a movie about the Nativity.  The kids will either be watching, "The Star" or "The Nativity Story" depending on how much time we will have.  We will be attending a couple Christmas events, and Friday we won't be having any classes.  Have a wonderful Christmas Break!

December 9-13

Posted on Dec 09, 2019

Christmas season is upon us, we have many festive events planned the next two weeks. 

  • Friday, Dec. 13 is out of uniform for $1 to fund hand warmers for PADS.  This out of uniform is Christmas themed or Ugly Christmas sweater.
  • Friday, Dec. 13 is also our Christmas classroom door decorating contest day and our Christmas carol day in the gym.
  • Friday, Dec. 20 each homeroom will host a $5 Christmas gift exchange. Notes will go home.  If your child would like to participate, they should bring in a wrapped $5 gift address to girl or boy grab bag.



6th grade:  

In preparation for the Module 6 test on Wednesday, December 11th, students will be reviewing the concepts of ratios, rates and unit rates on Monday and Tuesday.  Students will begin a further study of ratios and rates found in tables and graphs as they begin work on Module 7 later in the week and up until Christmas break.

5th grade:

The fifth-grade students will continue their review of place value, comparing, ordering, and rounding decimals on Monday in anticipation of their Chapter 3 Quiz on Tuesday, December 10th.  They will be finishing the chapter with building their estimating skills and computing sums and differences of decimal numbers in preparation for their Chapter 3 test which is currently scheduled for Tuesday, December 17th. 


Without giving too much away in our novel, Brian Robeson is about to experience a tornado while surviving in the Canadian Northwoods. This week, students will be working on a group project researching "famous" tornadoes and the destruction they caused. Presentations will be in a broadcasting format, where students will act as the broadcaster/anchor, meteorologist, storm chaser and witness. It will be educational and fun!


The Christmas Season is upon us and we are getting busy.

5th- This week we will look at specific types of mixtures and learn how to classify them. We will have a test on Mixtures and Solutions on Monday, December 16. Friday we will be meeting with our STEM partners.  

6th- We are finishing up Galaxies. We will have a test on the different types of galaxies on Tuesday. Students will be able to have one side of an index card with information written on it for the test. 

Social Studies

5th grade

  • This week we learn about the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies.
  • We will explore the economy of these regions and daily life.
  • Quiz on Unit 3 Lessons 1-3 will be Wednesday, Dec. 18. Quiz will include all vocab from these lessons and main topics we discussed.

6th grade

  • The social pyramid and daily life in Egypt will be explored.
  • We will learn about the roles of children in Egypt
  • Students will begin Ch 4 review this week, will be due on Monday.  Review game on Tuesday.  Study guide posted to classroom.  Make sure to study vocab and main ideas we studied.
  • Chapter 4 test will be Wednesday, Dec. 18


5th Grade & 6th Grade

For both grades- we will be spending the next week and a half covering Advent, Christmas, and the Nativity.  The students will be having a test on what we cover.  That test will be at the end of this week or early next week.    I will let them know which day so they will have enough time to study and prepare.  The school schedule is filled with concerts and masses!  Lots of holiday fun!

5th ELA

ELA Fifth Grade

Quick Outline for Book Club


Use homework sheets 9 and 10 to help you write your outline.

Paragraph 1 


Title, Author, Main Character, State the problems, and the possible theme.


Paragraph 2

Problem #1

Evidence pages

Quick sentence to unpack your thinking-Why does  your author have your character experience this problem?


Paragraph 3

Problem #2

Evidence pages

Quick sentence to unpack your thinking-Why does  your author have your character experience this problem?


Paragraph 4

Problem #3

Evidence pages

Quick sentence to unpack your thinking-Why does  your author have your character experience this problem?


Paragraph 5


Evidence pages

Quick sentence to unpack your thinking-Lesson taught or learned from the way the character responds to these difficulties through the theme?


Paragraph 6


Your accelerated reader test for Book Club Novel #2 is due Friday, December 20th.