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5th & 6th Grade Blogs

Language Arts
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Hughes
Sixth Grade - Mrs. Schiller
Religion/Foundations of Writing - Mrs. Quinn
Social Studies - Mrs. Deering
Science - Mrs. O’Shea
Math - Mrs. Folliard








Week of February 25th

Posted on Feb 22, 2019


5th grade Math

The current math packet is due back on Friday and is the last 2 week math packet for the year.

This week, we will continue the chapter on “Number Theory” by reviewing prime and composite numbers and the divisibility rules for 2 and 3.  The rules for 4, 5 and 10 will be taught as well.  Later in the week, we will get into factor trees and writing the prime factorization for composite numbers.


6th grade Math

Periods 1 and 3 – Monday and Tuesday will be spent reviewing and preparing for Wednesday's first quiz on percents.  A study guide will be passed out to every student on Monday.

Thursday, we will begin the section on “Percent of a Number” and in Geometry we will cover angle measurements for all triangles.

Period 2 – Monday, the kids will work on more percent word problems in preparation for Tuesday’s quiz.  A study guide will be given to every student on Monday to help better prepare them for the quiz.

On Wednesday, we will begin the section  “Percent of a Number.”


The fifth graders will be having their Chapter 10 test on Tuesday 2/26 and we will begin Chapter 11 "The Communion of Saints".  They will also be having a test on Friday on the Parts of the Mass.  They will be given a study guide on Monday.

The sixth graders will have their Chapter 4 test on "Piety and Prayer" Thursday, 2/28.  


I hope everyone enjoyed "Skype a Scientist" last week. What a great experience to speak with a real life Oceanographer! 

This week

5th grade- We will have a short quiz on Earth's Systems on Tuesday. Wednesday and the rest of the week we will discuss the effects of the Hydrosphere.

6th grade- We will review for our test on clouds on Monday. Tuesday we will have a test on clouds. Wednesday we will start to talk Changes to Earth's surface from erosion, plate tectonics etc. 

Social Studies

5th grade:

  • Students made a Constitution booklet to keep with them during this unit of study, it includes the Preamble of the Constitution and the three branches of the government.
  • Preamble recitations will continue till Wednesday.  This will count as a grade.
  • We will learn about how the Constitution was ratified and the expansion of the United States with the explorations of Lewis and Clark.
  • Students will be bringing home permission slips next week for our upcoming field trip.  Signed permission slips and payment will be due by March 22.  Please email me if you have any questions.  

6th grade:

  • Students started working on comparing and contrasting the four river valley civilizations that we have studied.  They will be writing a short essay about what they have learned.  This will be due Wednesday.
  • We will continue our explorations through ancient China this week, students will learn about the emperor's clay army, we will talk about why this discovery is so important to historians and what we can learn about this dynasty from the remains uncovered.  Students will watch a video clip about this discovery, they will see some of the excavation and the use of modern technologies to study the remains.

Week of February 19th

Posted on Feb 15, 2019

5th grade Math

Monday is Accelerated Math and the last 2 week math packet will be passed out.

This week, we will continue the Number Theory chapter covering the “divisibility rules” for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10. 

6th grade Math

Monday is Accelerated Math and a new math packet will be passed out.

This week we continue to work on percents covering changing fractions to decimals and then to percents.  Many, many word problems will also be solved this week :).

In Geometry, we will begin our study of triangles.


This week students will listen to/read a classic, Old Yeller, by Fred Gipson. It's an excerpt of the Newbery Award Winning novel by the same name. Students will examine literary elements, such as character, theme, and plot. They will also examine verb usage, prepositional phrases and other examples of grammar in the novel. 

Besides analyzing the novel, students will also get the opportunity to watch the full-length movie in class. To conclude, students will compare and contrast the novel and movie. It should make for an enjoyable week!

Social Studies

5th grade: 

The fifth grade will be going on a field trip this year to Naper Settlement, the program we will be seeing is Voices of the Underground Railroad in Northern Illinois.  This is scheduled for Friday, March 29.  Students will need a brown bag lunch that day, we will eat before we return to school.  Permission slips and more information will be sent home in a few weeks.

  • We will begin Unit 5, The New Nation this week.  We will learn about the early struggles of our new nation.

6th grade:

  • We will begin our travels through Ancient China this week, we will start with the geography of the land.
  • Students will make connections this week between the geography of this area and the geography of the other civilizations we have studied.
  • Current events will resume Friday.

5th grade ELA

This week, the fifth graders will begin their novel study of Bud, Not Buddy written by author Christopher Paul Curtis.  This book won the Newbery Award for Excellence in American Children’s Literature. All the students will be reading this book as a whole class novel.  Since we have only enough for a class set, all reading will be completed in school. The students will use their notebook as a resource as we look for a variety of story elements as we read our novel.  The students will have a variety of activities to complete both at home and at school. Please pay close attention to their assignment notebooks for daily activities in regard to their novel.

In addition, the students should still be reading each night for their enjoyment.  Their reading logs are an important tool to access their reading rate and fluency.

We will also begin our next unit in the Lucy Calkins Writing program.

The students will be focusing on The Research-Based Argument Essay.  Our goal of this unit is to teach students to argue logically by teaching them to analyze text, to weigh evidence, and to consider logical reasoning.  

Our first unit’s bend will guide students develop a solid argument by researching both sides of an issue, postponing a quick, premature conclusion until the actual evidence is cumulated and reviewed.

Again, review the student planner each night for our daily writing/research homework.

There will not be any Word Wisdom this week since we will be using vocabulary from our novel.



Many thanks for the flowers and candy on Valentines Day!! I appreciate your thoughtfulness.   

The fifth graders will be having a test on Chapter 9 Tuesday, 2/19 and we will begin reading and discussing Chapter 10 "The Eucharist".

The sixth graders will be having a test on Chapter 3 Thursday, 2/21.

Enjoy the 3 day weekend!!!


I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! 

This week 5th grade will continue discussing Earth's Systems. We will also review alternate forms of energy.

6th grade- We will finish up our lesson on clouds. Students will have a short content-based test on clouds either Friday or Monday. 

At the end of the week, we will participate in a program called "Skype a Scientist." I have been in touch with a scientist who will provide two presentations (for 5th and 6th) and we will be able to ask her questions about her field of study. She will discuss Alternate forms of energy with 5th, specifically water energy. With the 6th grade, she will discuss the weather, clouds, the water cycle etc.  



Week of February 11 - Math

Posted on Feb 08, 2019

*Feb 14, Special Olympics Valentine's Day Dress Down  $2 Donation.

*If your student would like to bring in a Valentine to pass during recess on Thursday.*

5th grade Math

The current math packet is due back on Friday.

Tuesday is the test on “Order of Operations.”  A study guide was given to each child on Thursday of last week.  If you feel your child can use some additional practice for the test, please send him/her in early Monday morning.

Wednesday, we begin the next chapter in math entitled “Number Theory.”  This chapter covers: prime/composite numbers, factor trees/prime factorization, the divisibility rules, and perfect squares/square roots. 


6th grade Math

The current math packet is due back on Friday.

The test on the 4 operations with decimal will be on Tuesday.  Monday we will review for this test.  Please encourage your child to look over their notes for the short answer section of the test.  If you feel your child can use extra computational practice, please send him/her in early on Tuesday.

Wednesday we begin the chapter on “Percents.”

Social Studies:

5th Grade:

  • We finished Unit 4 on Friday and students started working on their review packets.  Review packets will be worked on in class on Monday, if not finished in class on Monday, they will be homework and due Tuesday.
  • Wednesday we will have a review game
  • Thursday is our Unit 4 test.  Please make sure your student has all supplies need for test taking; 2 test folders, highlighter and pen.  Many are missing these supplies.

6th Grade:

  • We will continue our exploration of Buddhism, students will learn about the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.  
  • Students will learn about how Buddhism is practice in the world today, and we will have a meditation exercise.
  • Chapter 6 test will be Friday, Feb. 15.  Chapter Review will be due Wednesday, it will be assigned on Google Classroom.  
  • Review game Thursday.


The fifth graders will be having their Chapter 9 test on "God's Word Feeds Us" on Wednesday, February 13th. We continue to read the Gospels and interpret their meanings.  They will have their Apostles Creed quiz on Friday, February 15th.

On Monday, the fifth and sixth graders will make Valentines for the Ronald McDonald House.  They will be paired with their prayer partners.

The sixth graders will be studying Chapter 3 "Covenant and Commitment".  We will be discussing the promise that God made to Abraham and how he fulfilled it with Isaac.  We need to remind ourselves that we are people who need to honor promises and commitments.  God's covenant with all living beings remains in force as long as the world lasts.



5th grade- This week we will discuss Earth's Major Systems. We will be studying how these systems interact and affect each other. Thursday, we will do a Valentine STEM project. 

6th grade- This week we will be talking about the different types of clouds. We will study them with a variety of activities such as reading an article, making a foldable activity, and creating a cloud poster with cotton balls. On Thursday, we will be using our Virtual Reality glasses again, so students will need to bring in their phones or iPods to SCIENCE class. Please make sure the Google Expeditions app is loaded to their phone. 

5th grade ELA: 

Fifth Grade ELA 

Week of Feb. 11

What an exciting time last week as the students delivered their biography speeches! Well done fifth grade!

This week we will be exploring the history of Valentine's Day through a nonfiction article.  We will annotate this reading to dig deeper into the true meaning and history of Valentine's Day. You will be surprised to find out it's not just a Hallmark Holiday!

We will start our next novel.  This novel will be a "whole class" experience. Surprisingly, the fifth grade students have not read, Bud, Not Buddy.  We will be reading this novel in class starting on Friday.  Activities to support our reading will be used. 

Vocabulary will be done this week along with a test on Friday.

Valentine's Day celebration will be Thursday. Out of uniform supports Special Olympics. Treats and Valentines are welcome for all.


Week of February 4th-8th

Posted on Feb 01, 2019

Food collections for Ronald McDonald House are being sent on Monday.  Thank you all for your donations.

5th grade Math

Monday is Accelerated Math and a new homework packet will be passed out; it is due back on Friday, February 15th.

This week, we will continue to work on order of operations.  The test on this topic should be sometime next week.


6th grade Math

Monday is Accelerated Math.

We will wrap up the chapter on the 4 operations with decimals Thursday; the test on this chapter is Friday.  Please remind your child to look over their notes for this test.

Social Studies:

5th Grade:

  • This week we will continue our studies on the American Revolution.  We will focus in on the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the start of the war.
  • We will move into the beginning battles, and the conclusion of the war.
  • There will be a Unit 4 test on Wednesday, Feb. 13.  Students will be given a study guide, the test will cover all vocabulary terms and main ideas from the unit.  Students will be given their reviews back before the test to study and we will have a review game on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

6th Grade:

  • Students will continue their travels through ancient India.
  • Our focus this week will be on the religion in this region, Hinduism.  We will learn about their belief system and Vedas.  In class we will look at the Hindu Temple of Lemont, students will learn about some of their gods/goddesses and how they worship.
  • There will not be current events this week, we will start our next session of events next week.


5th Grade:

The fifth graders will have their Unit 2 test on Wednesday, 2/6.  Their Apostles Creed quiz will be the following week.  We will begin Chapter 9 "God's Word Feeds Us" and will be reading and discussing several Scripture readings.  These Scripture readings help us to understand and grow closer to God.

6th Grade:

The sixth graders will begin Chapter 2 "Sacrifice and Promise".  They will have their test on Thursday, 2/7.


5th grade- We will have our test on 2/4 on Natural Resources. We will finish up our SuperSaver Program this week. I hope the students enjoyed this program as much as I liked teaching it. On Friday, we will take a virtual field trip and learn more about these renewable and non-renewable resources. 

6th grade- Monday, we will rehearse our "Live" weather reports with our groups and put our finishing touches on these projects. The rest of the week we will get to see what our groups came up with as they present our Live weather reports.