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5th & 6th Grade Blogs

Language Arts
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Hughes
Sixth Grade - Mrs. Schiller
Religion/Foundations of Writing - Mrs. Quinn
Social Studies - Mrs. Deering
Science - Mrs. O’Shea
Math - Mrs. Folliard








Week of Sept 3-6

Posted on Aug 30, 2019

No School Monday, Labor Day.     

Hot lunch begins this week.

Special Lunch Wednesday, Sept. 4

Back to School Night 6:30-8

5th Social Studies

  • Students will finish their regions paragraph and picture Tuesday
  • Settling the Americas: we will learn about the early hunter-gatherers to the region, how archaeologists study the past and some of the first civilizations in North America.

6th Social Studies

  • Our first set of Current Events went great!  The kids did a great job.  Thoughtful reflections are due on Tuesday on Google Classroom.  
  • We will finish working with latitude and longitude this week, there will be a quiz on Friday.
  • Current Events will be presented Friday and we will finish Ch 1.


5th and 6th grade- This week we will continue to review the Scientific Method and do some quick labs to see these steps in action.

Students should bring in two pennies


This week students will learn to annotate different sources, such as non-fiction  text and videos. Our focus will include: 

     *activating students' "Thinking Voice" while reading and not just reading the words

     *how to decipher what we already know and only taking notes on what's new  to us

We will also continue our WWII pre-reading activities. I'm very impressed with the students' thoughtful responses to our themes thus far. My hope is to begin our first novel by Friday of this week! 

Reading vocabulary term of the week: Infer

5th Grade Math

This week the 5th graders will be finishing their study of exponents and taking a quiz on Friday covering the concepts of place value, utilizing mathematical properties to solve problems, and exponents.  Students should study Chapter 1, Lessons 1 through 4 to further prepare and will be given homework to aid them in reviewing for their assessment in addition to their in-class overview of the material on Thursday.


6th Grade Math

Students will begin on Tuesday with a quiz on integers:  their opposite values, how to compare and order them, and their absolute value from 0.  The week will continue with determining the factors and multiples of numbers and how to utilize prime factorization to find the greatest common factor or GCF.

5th ELA

Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.-Maya Angelou


Welcome to fifth grade ELA!!! This year, we will be combining reading and writing to create an ELA curriculum.  The mechanical part of the grammar and vocabulary will be taught by Mrs. Quinn.

I’m very excited to be able to share our  reading and writing curriculum with fifth grade students this year.  This curriculum adheres to Common Core State Standards, and is based on 35 years of research and development made by the Teachers College at Columbia University, and spearheaded by Lucy Calkins.  I know that the fifth grade students at St John Fisher School are really going to enjoy becoming better writers and readers, and I look forward to facilitating their progress!


Please see my personal blog for how our ELA class will run. 


Week of August 26-Aug 30

Posted on Aug 26, 2019

Notes for the week:

  • Special lunch forms are due Wednesday, August 28th
  • Hot lunch starts on September 3rd
  • Special Lunch from Barraco's on September 4th


This week I will spend some time getting to know your child. Many of them are new to the floor and some are old pros.

5th grade will make a mad scientist lab coat, review the steps of the scientific method and we will "Save Fred". 

6th grade will tell me about themselves on a Science Flask. They will also be reviewing the steps of the scientific method and will be Helping Harry. 


This week students will be getting acclimated with their chromebooks and logging into Google Classroom. We have already bookmarked useful websites and started our first writing assignment in the MLA format. Assignments will be shared after our first Tuesday conference. 

We will also begin our pre-reading study of World War II, as this will be necessary for understanding our first historical fiction novel which tackles the wartime issues that both Jews and Christians faced. 

Just a reminder that students may come in early to take AR tests or look for a novel in my classroom any day after 7:20 a.m. 

5th ELA

Week of August 26th

This week, the fifth grade students are using their summer reading packets to create a “Book Buzz”.  This exercise will create a buzz within the class to get other classmates excited about which books to read next.  We will begin our reading workshop model this week. During this workshop week, we will focus on when reading has been the best of times and when reading has been the pits.  We will set some goals for our reading life and be introduced into the value of our reading log.  

5th Social Studies

  • This week students will be joining their Google Classrooms. Students were given the codes last week if they wanted to log in over the weekend. Google Classroom will have our chapter notes, video clips, weblinks, and games that will be used during our studies this year.
  • We will continue working with the the regions of the United States, students are creating interactive notebook pages, we will be adding them to our notebooks the end of this week.
  • Parent signatures on the social studies outline is due Tuesday, Aug 27

6th Social Studies

  • Our first round of current events will be presented on Friday, Aug. 30  In class we have gone over how to create a Google doc, with proper heading and how to then "add" the doc to the assignment.  Students need to make sure that they submit and turn in their event on Classroom.  Thoughtful reflections will be due on Tuesday, Sept 3 via Classroom.
  • We will learn about latitude and longitude this week.  Students will focus on map skills, identifying the seven continents of the world and the major oceans.  There will be a quiz on the continents/oceans Friday.
  • Next week there will be a quiz on using latitude and longitude.  Students will receive a packet today in class and we will be using that to help us understand how these are used and we will also be practicing on worksheets.
  • Parent signatures on the social studies outline is due Tuesday, Aug 27


It has been a pleasure working with your students to settle into our first full week of school this year!  Below are a few important upcoming dates.  I will be posting more information on class expectations and work requirements for each math class after the holiday weekend and look forward to meeting everyone on Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 4th!

5th grade-  Our first quiz is scheduled for Friday, September 6th on Chapter 1, Lessons 1-4.  We will do a complete review of these chapter sections in preparation for the assessment the day before the quiz.


6th grade-  Our first quiz of the year will be on Tuesday, September 3rd on Unit 1, Module 1.  A complete review of the material will be covered during class this Friday to help prepare the students for this quiz.


Welcome 2019-2020

Posted on Aug 21, 2019

Welcome back!

5th Grade ELA:

Welcome to Fifth Grade ELA!

This will be an exciting year in fifth grade and I’m so happy to be a part of an amazing team of teachers. This year will be an adventure as we embark teaching reading and writing! It will be a great experience to work with you to develop your  passion for reading and writing.

In our classroom, I value your ideas, thoughts and actions.  You have unique talents and strengths, and I cannot wait for you to share them with me and your classmates.  You will bring so much to our class. I’m looking forward to learning more about you!

I have been part of the St John Fisher community for over 20 years! All four of my children (and my husband) have graduated from SJF.   It truly is a privilege to work in a faithful, inclusive and catholic community.  Go Falcons!

5th Grade Social Studies:

  • Students will receive their text books, please make sure your students book is covered by Friday, August 23.
  • Students will be taking notes daily.  In class we read together, have discussions on the content that we have read, work on making connections to what we may know about the topic and go over vocabulary terms and key people/ideas.
  • My power points are always posted on Google Classroom.  Students who are absent, or missed something during class are able to complete their notes from Classroom.  
  • Due Friday, Aug. 23 signed Social Studies classroom rules and topics.

6th Grade Social Studies:

  • Students will receive their text books, please make sure your students book is covered by Friday, August 23.
  • We will be taking notes in class daily.  Students can always access my notes via Google Classroom.  If your student is absent, or may have missed something they can always find it on Classroom.
  • This year, 6th grade will be presenting Current Events.  Students will bring home a paper explaining how this assignment is to be presented, how it is graded, and due dates explained.  Please return the signed portion by Friday, August 23.
  • We will be studying ancient civilizations this year, students will be learning about the different polytheistic religions, and how technologies continue to develop in different parts of the world.  We will often talk about the process of archaeology, and how archaeologists and historians have to work to piece together the puzzles of the past.
  • Due Friday, Aug. 23: signed Social Studies classroom rules and topics and signed Current Events form.