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5th & 6th Grade Blogs

Language Arts
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Hughes
Sixth Grade - Mrs. Schiller
Religion/Foundations of Writing - Mrs. Quinn
Social Studies - Mrs. Deering
Science - Mrs. O’Shea
Math - Mrs. Folliard








Sept. 30-Oct. 4

Posted on Sep 27, 2019

October 1st is picture day.

October 2nd is Special Lunch

Homework Club starts Tuesday, Oct. 1 in room 204


5th grade- This week we will tackle what makes up the matter we have been talking about. Our vocabulary this week is element, compound, atom, and molecule. 

6th grade- We will discuss our Season projects and we will work on them in class. They will be due around October 7th. Friday, we will be working with our 1st grade STEM partners. If you have any empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls please bring them in. 

Vocabulary and Grammar

5th Grade:  This week we will begin Unit 3 in our Vocab. books.  Quiz will be Thursday.

6th Grade:  We will begin Unit 2 in our Vocab. books.  Quiz will be Thursday.  

*I will be sending a note home this week to explain how the students' Vocabulary and Grammar grades will appear on the Progress Reports and Report Cards.  Sorry for the delay in getting this information to you.  This added class is new at SJF and the Archdiocese has to approve new curriculum.  

5th and 6th Grade Religion

This Friday we will likely be working with our Prayer Partners in the 1st and 3rd Grades!


Last week’s “Throwback Thursday” was a terrific opportunity for the students’ first writing prompt. It was a perfect pairing for our mini-lesson (which will be carried throughout the year) of “SHOW, don’t tell” in narrative writing. Typed essays are due on Wednesday in MLA format. 


Due to the writing assignment, we didn’t get a chance to tackle the analyzing visuals lessons. Those will be completed this week. 

In addition, we will listen to, read, and think about the climax, falling action and resolution of our class novel, Number the Stars. Plot analysis and synthesis (a new concept for many students) will be conducted with each class novel. 

Reading term of the week: Foreshadowing vs. Foreboding

Social Studies

5th Grade:

  • We will finish our unit on Native American tribes this week.  
  • Students have been creating a Winter Count, they will finish this Monday.  
  • Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands, goverments in these early tribes will be covered.
  • Quiz Tuesday, Oct. 8 on these two regions; Plains and Eastern Woodlands
  • There will be a quizizz posted Thursday for review, students should be studying vocab from these two lessons, as well as their homes, foods, differences and similarities.

6th Grade:

  • Students have a quizizz assignment that will close on 10-1 to review for the Ch 2 quiz.
  • Ch 2 quiz Tuesday, Oct. 1
  • Wednesday we will begin Chapter 3, Early cultures.  
  • Border Cave and Old Stone Age will be our focus this week.



5th grade

This coming week, the students will be finishing Chapter 1 and demonstrating their knowledge and skills on place value, multiplication, and expressions on Friday when they take their first test.  We will be reviewing for this exam on Wednesday and Thursday in class and the children will be assigned problems for homework that are similar to those on the test.   Students are welcome to come in for extra help this week on Wednesday and Thursday morning or after school on Tuesday.


6th grade

The test on Unit 1 is scheduled for this Friday, October 4th.  The students will be will be displaying their knowledge and skills on the set of integers, rational numbers, and how to find the factors and multiples of numbers.  In preparation for this assessment, we will be reviewing content material in class on Wednesday and Thursday and in the material assigned for homework.  Students are welcome to get extra help on Wednesday and Thursday morning or after school on Tuesday this week.

5th ELA

This week, the fifth graders have begun the process of annotating informational text.  We have practiced close reading and understand the importance of reading material multiple times to dig deeper into the meaning.

We used materials to help us make inferences about the material we read.


My students and I have begun our mini conferences to discuss their current personal narrative story.  The papers have been graded based on the learning progressions of their grade. We discussed what went well for their story and what to do in order to improve their thoughts for the next time we write. Their reading life was also discussed. We looked for what is working for them and what needs to improve to make a stronger, better reader.

On Wednesday, we will begin our realistic fiction writing.


In Reading, we continue to read the novels that improve our accuracy, fluency and comprehension. We are leaning to stop, think and jot about topics or ideas as we read. These jots will become our writing about reading later on this week.

Sept. 23-27

Posted on Sep 20, 2019

** School Picture Day is October 1**

Social Studies

5th grade:

  • We will have a quiz Tuesday covering vocab and main ideas that we learned about the Inuit, Tlingit, and Navajo/Pueblo tribes.  There is a review game posted on Google Classroom
  • Kahoot review in class Monday, quizziz will be posted for practice at home for quiz Tuesday.
  • We will continue learning about early native tribes this week, the Plains and tribes of the East coast. 

6th grade:

  • We will continue working on the discovery of the Iceman of the Alps.
  • Students will watch parts of Iceman Reborn, a Nova documentary on the discovery of this ancient man and the clues his body and belongings have taught us about life in prehistoric Europe.
  • Students have been learning about decisions that historians must make when excavating a site, and how those questions can help us better understand the past.
  • Current Events will be Friday



5th grade:

This coming week the 5th graders will be continuing to use the math strategy of "solving a simpler problem" to evaluate numerical equations, learn to formulate numerical expressions, and utilize the Order of Operations to evaluate problems.  Currently, we are scheduled to complete chapter 1 at the end of next week with a test over all the material we have covered in this unit.

6th grade:

The students will be learning to understand how to identify opposites and the absolute value of rational numbers as well as comparing and ordering rational numbers in their sequential order and on a number line. Next week, the students will be finishing the third module of the unit with a quiz and a test on the entire unit will follow after a complete review of all three sections of the unit. 


I'm so proud of the students' efforts last week completing the group research project, "The Helpers". Using the exit slip assessments, it's clear the students understand the contributions of these brave individuals. Working as a team proved worthwhile! In addition, students are learning the importance of citing their sources when researching and writing. 

This week students will be working on analyzing pictures (photographs and posters) and visualization. Both are key in understanding the issues and scenes in our novel during WWII. 

We hope to complete Chapters 8-13 this week. The students are noting different conflicts in the "Rising Action" of the plot structure. 

Reading term of the week: foreshadowing

5th grade ELA

According to research, one of the ways we can show children how to love reading is to teach them that reading matters in their lives.  We can show them how to open their hearts and minds to the characters and the stories they are reading. We can teach them that reading is not just figuring out the words but it is also finding a way to make the stories matter. (Lucy Calkins)


This week we will continue to read our choice novels.  We are working on skills to increase our reading fluency, stamina, and rate.  We continue our small group and individual conferences to work on skills presented in the mini-lesson or develop skills along our learning progressions.  We continue to stop and jot for specific information we are finding as we read. The students are using these “jots” to help in their formation of responses to reading questions and reflections.


In writing, the students are wrapping up their “true stories”. We continue to work on our revisions with the skills taught in the mini-lessons. Anchor charts are found in their ELA notebook to use as a guide for their revisions. This week, we will revise our true stories on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, we will create an “About the Author Page” to use for their publications.  

Starting Thursday, we will begin writing a series of short fiction stories. All their work can be found in their writing folders at this time. 


Last Friday, we had a conversation about the importance of their reading logs.  Please make sure your child is filling in their reading log each night so they can keep track of the number of pages and the time it took to read these pages.  All this data helps us to make sure that their reading is the best it can be for them.


On Tuesday, any fifth or sixth-grade student that read Raymie Nightingale is invited to the official launch party for the third book in the series by Kate Decamillo.  We have been waiting for the arrival of the newest book, Beverly, Right Here. Students are welcome to come at 7:30 am for juice and doughnuts as we wait for the AMAZON truck to arrive with the highly anticipated novel!!!! 



Our book clubs will be starting in a few weeks. The students will choose the novel that their book club will read.  More details to follow. The kids will have ample time to locate and secure the novel that they will need either through our school library, public library or at a bookstore.  Each student will be responsible for their own copy of the novel.



5th- This week we will finish up structures of matter and properties of Matter. We will be reviewing all week for our first Science test on Friday 9/27.

6th- This week we will be using technology to study our Seasons. We will go on a Webquest, use Legends of Learning and use digital Station Labs to review for our test which will be near the end of next week (TBD). 


5th Grade

Last week we began discussing the Beatitudes.  The students told me they studied the Beatitudes in 4th grade.  And, I know they will be covering them more in depth in 7th & 8th grade.  So, we decided to move on to the next Chapter, which covers Sacraments (specifically Baptism). 

6th Grade

The students presented their "Charity" projects today.  They did awesome!  It was incredible last week watching them at work with their groups!  After all their hard work, they will get to spend the next couple days watching, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."  I hope they enjoy it!

*On a personal note-- My mother-in-law passed away this past weekend.  I will be off for the next few days.  Mrs. Schergen will be my substitute teacher.  The children know this and were very kind to me and offering condolences.  They are all such good kids!    

September 16-20

Posted on Sep 16, 2019


This week we begin our book conference preparation. Every other week, I will meet with each student to assess their reading progress and stamina, discuss their current novel, and determine student interest so I'm better equipped to recommend novels. The students' job this week is to find or continue reading a novel, so they are able to converse with me for our first book conference which will be Monday, September 23rd. 

In addition, we will continue reading (and listening, annotating and inferring) Number the Stars, Chapters 5-10. 

Finally, students will begin a research project called "The Helpers" this week. There were many individuals who defied the Nazis and in some cases sacrificed themselves to hide, feed, and save the persecuted during the Holocaust. Students should know about these brave, selfless individuals. 

Social Studies

5th Grade:

  • Quiz from Unit 1 Lesson 1 is Tuesday, 9-17.   Students have a study guide with vocab and key terms.  They should be reviewing that and pages 20-26
  • We will begin looking at the different Native American tribes this week.  Students will learn some of their customs, how the lived, hunted, communicated and survived.

6th Grade:

  • Current Events will be presented Friday, thoughtful reflections due Monday.
  • We will start chapter 2 this week, we will learn about archaeologists and the steps they use to help decode the past.  We will look at examples of primary and secondary sources.
  • Ice Man of the Alps will studied, students will learn about the importance of this find and how this man that died two thousands years ago can teach us about the past.


5th Grade- This week we will discuss Matter and Its Properties. We will learn how the particles in different states of Matter are arranged and various properties of matter.

6th Grade- We will begin our study of the Sun-Earth-Moon system. The first area we will talk about will be the Seasons. Students will be able to answer the questions;

How does Earth move?

Why is Earth warmer at the equator and colder at the poles?

Why do the seasons change as Earth moves around the Sun? 

Religion/ Mechanics of Writing

5th Grade

Graded Vocabulary and Religion tests are coming home today.  If any student would like extra credit, they can see me.  This week we will be working on Unit 2 in Vocabulary.  Test on Thursday!  Later this week we will begin a new chapter in Religion.  

6th Grade

Last Friday the students were put into groups for a Religion project about Charities.  Each group picked a charity to research.  This week in class the students will have time to work with their groups.  Friday will be presentation day!  

* In 5th and 6th grade we have started a loose change collection.  Once we have a full jar of change, we will be donating to one of the 6th grade charities. 

5th Grade Math:

     Using multiplication to solve division problems, solving a simpler problem to help find the solution to a more challenging word problem, and learning to write numerical expressions are the math concepts fifth graders will be focused on during this upcoming week.  They will also be making an organizer listing all the key math words commonly found in word problems in order to understand which types of computations they need to complete to solve the question(s) posed to them in word problems.

6th Grade Math:

     Students will begin this week reviewing on Monday for their quiz Tuesday on the Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple.  They will also be making an organizer listing all the key math words commonly found in word problems in order to understand which types of computations they need to complete to solve the question(s) posed to them in word problems.  They will end the week learning to comprehend how to classify rational numbers.

5th Grade ELA

Fifth Grade ELA

This week in ELA, the students will continue working on our stamina, fluency and active engagement as we read. We are working on strategies that will become part of their readers’ growing repertoire of strategies. 

This week in Reading, we will monitor for sense and activate problem-solving strategies when text becomes difficult. We will look at strategies when books become too hard to understand or too difficult to read. We will work on synonyms to help us understand words we may be unfamiliar with in text.  We will begin writing each day about our reading and to develop our thoughts as we read the novel of our choice.

In writing, we are learning how to revise our stories. This week we will plan stories with structure in mind.  We will revise our stories to add elaboration. At the end of the week, the students will inquire about how authors use punctuation to get their audience to read in a specific way, and then revisit and edit their own writing, attending to what they learn.

Students should be matching the time read in school with the time read at home. All reading logs should be filled in completely each day.  Thank you for making sure that your child has at least two novels in their ELA bag at all time.


Week of Sept. 9- Sept 13

Posted on Sep 08, 2019

No school Friday, September 13th


5th grade- We will start our unit on The Structure of Matter. Students will use their skills to measure, compare, and find the relative density of various objects. 

6th grade- We will have a vocabulary test (Scientific Method) on Thursday. We will also focus more on Scientific Inquiry this week. 


A shortened, but busy week in ELA. We begin our historical fiction novel Number the Stars this week. Students will strengthen their annotation and note taking skills while listening and reading the novel. As a class, our discussions (while students refer to their notes) will help students focus on the characters, setting, and conflicts that arise at the start of the novel. 

Reading vocabulary word of the week: Dramatic Irony

5th Math:

This week students will be reviewing the skills of multiplying 1-digit and multi-digit numbers and learning how to use multiplication to solve problems.

6th Math:

Learning how to find the Least Common Multiple or LCM of two or more numbers using three different methods will be the primary focus for students this week.  The second quiz for Unit One is currently scheduled for Tuesday, September 17th.

Social Studies

5th grade:

  • We will continue learning about early hunter-gatherers to North America and how these early people survived and learned to live from the land.
  • Students have learned about primary and secondary sources, we will continue to look at examples of these items and how they help archaeologists understand the past.
  • There will be a quiz Thursday.  Students should be reviewing their vocab from page 20 on, as well as what primary and secondary sources are.

6th grade:

  • We will finish chapter one this week working with culture and regions.
  • Chapter two will start us with looking at how historians and archaeologists decode the past, what tools do they use to help.
  • No current events this week.  

5th grade ELA

Fifth Grade ELA

Week of September 9th. 2019


Thank you for coming to “Back to School” night.


This year in Reading Workshop, our curriculum will include Interpretation of Theme using Book Clubs.  We will explore Nonfiction novels, research debatable issues, dive into Fantasy and end the year in our poetry unit. All the while working on integrating knowledge and ideas into our responses. We will explore key ideas and details.  The students will analyze the structure of their texts.


This week we are working on our reading stamina. The students all have a reading log in their ELA notebook. Whatever time we read in school should be matched at home every night. The kids need to read each night. 

In our writing workshop, we will explore narrative, informational and opinion writing. This week, we are writing narrative short stories and learning how to revise our original story.



Fisher Fest Fever is beginning!

This week in 5th Grade Religion and The Foundations of Writing:

Mrs. Carey(school counselor) spoke to the 5th graders today.  It was awesome!  Ask your child about it!  The rest of the week we will be starting new chapters in Religion and Vocabulary.  Last week's Religion and Vocabulary tests will be coming home Tuesday.  

This week in 6th Grade Religion and The Foundations of Writing:

Mrs. Carey will be meeting the 6th graders next week.  There will be a Vocabulary test this Wednesday.  Last week's Religion test will be coming home Tuesday.  In Religion, we will begin a project about charities.  More info to come.

Have fun at Fisher Fest!!!!