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5th & 6th Grade Blogs

Language Arts
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Hughes
Sixth Grade - Mrs. Schiller
Religion/Foundations of Writing - Mrs. Quinn
Social Studies - Mrs. Deering
Science - Mrs. O’Shea
Math - Mrs. Folliard








Week of March 11th

Posted on Mar 09, 2019

5th grade Math

Monday will be spent reviewing for Tuesday’s “Number Theory” test.  A study guide will be passed out on Monday as well; this study guide details exactly what will be on the test.

Wednesday we will begin an introductory unit to decimal numbers.  This unit will cover place value through the thousandths, making the connection between fractions and decimals, comparing and ordering decimal numbers and adding/subtracting with decimal numbers.  A much more extensive unit on decimals will occur in sixth grade.

The current homework packet is due back on Friday, March 22nd.


6th grade Math

The 6th grade will not receive a homework packet until next week.

Monday and Tuesday will be spent reviewing the 4 major areas of percents that will be on Wednesday test.  A study guide detailing what will be on the test will be passed out on Monday.

Thursday we will begin the next unit on Ratios and Proportions.

Social Studies:

5th Grade

  • Please make sure to have field trip forms and money turned in by 3-18.  Chaperone notes will be going home this week, we have all "spots" filled, thank you so much for volunteering your time to help us!
  • We will start this week learning about the first Industrial Revolution and how this "boom" leads to a "King Cotton" growth in the South.
  • Cotton gin, and steam engines will be studied.
  • The Age of Andrew Jackson and westward expansion, we will talk about how this movement impacted the Native Tribes of America, Trail of Tears.

6th Grade

  • Confucius and his teachings will be looked at this week, we will also talk about he different inventions during this period in China



Students are busy learning the different components of a Personal Narrative. Although students have written narratives before, we have to "step up our game" and write 6th grade quality essays. Writing in active voice with sensory details and figurative language is no easy task! But I'm grateful for the students' attention and effort. Second drafts of Prompt #1 will be due on Friday. 

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to our 6TH GRADERS! Our school is participating in the Word Mania competition and our SJF 6th graders are in 2nd place nationally. Finals begin on Wednesday and end on Friday (at midnight). Please encourage your child to participate in the finals. I'm very proud of their efforts!