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5th & 6th Grade Blogs

Language Arts
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Hughes
Sixth Grade - Mrs. Schiller
Religion/Foundations of Writing - Mrs. Quinn
Social Studies - Mrs. Deering
Science - Mrs. O’Shea
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Week of March 4th

Posted on Mar 01, 2019


  • Tuesday we will have a Mardi Gras Dance-a-thon in the afternoon
  • Wednesday is special lunch and Ash Wednesday. Report Cards will be distributed on Wednesday.

5th grade Math

Monday is Accelerated Math and the first 3-week homework packet will be passed out.  It will be due back on Friday, March 22nd.

This week, we will wrap up the chapter on Number Theory.  The final 2 topics are factor trees and squares and square roots.

The test on Number Theory will be sometime next week.

6th grade Math

Monday is Accelerated Math.  The current math packet is due back on Friday.

This week, we will continue our study of percents covering percent of a number and sales tax.


This week students will be analyzing three different examples of Personal Narratives. Specifically, they will be looking for: 

  • figurative language
  • sensory details
  • verbs in active voice
  • lesson learned
  • writing in first person (but not using I to begin every sentence)

Seeing well-written, student examples of narratives is important as they can be used as guides for writing. 

Also, SJF is participating in a Word Mania competition. Students are given 15 letters and three minutes to create as many words as they can. We are playing a few minutes each class--students are VERY competitive! Some students are even downloading the app on their phones (at home), as they've said it's much easier to play on the phone. Please encourage their participation! Thank you!

Social Studies

5th grade

  • This week we will finish learning about the Louisiana Purchase and move on to the War of 1812.
  • Students will have a quiz Wednesday on the Constitution. Students should be reviewing how many states were needed to ratify it, the branches of government and what they are responsible for, what the Bill of Rights are and how many amendments are in the Bill of Rights. 
  • Please check my blog for information about our field trip. Students are bringing home permission slips Monday, all money and permission forms must be returned no later than 3-18

6th grade

  • This week will start with a video about the Emperor’s Clay Army, we will discuss the importance about this find and what it teaches us about this time period and people.
  • Students will start learning about Confucius and his contributions to the Chinese culture and education.


Monday starts the 3rd Trimester and report cards will be distributed on Wed. 3/6.  There will be a mass on Ash Wednesday at 1:00.  All are invited to come and receive ashes.  Both 5th & 6th graders will begin a Lenten calendar on Ash Wednesday with an emphasis on "Do, Don't, and Pray For" activities.  We will complete these daily.  Please encourage your child to attend mass during Lent.

The fifth graders will be watching the movie "Jesus of Nazareth".  They will complete a timeline consisting of 16 events that took place during Jesus' lifetime.  These timelines will be completed in class and graded.

The sixth graders will be working on The Stations of the Cross and Ash Wednesday/Lent activities.

Stay warm!


Monday starts a new trimester. Remember everyone starts with a clean slate and an A. It is your job to work your hardest.

5th grade- We will finish discussing the Geosphere and get ready to talk about the Hydrosphere. 

6th grade- We will be finishing up our Earth's layer unit. We will work on station labs Wednesday and Thursday. Monday we will have an assessment on Earth's Layers. We will then move on to plate tectonics. 

Have a good week!