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5th & 6th Grade Blogs

Language Arts
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Hughes
Sixth Grade - Mrs. Schiller
Religion/Foundations of Writing - Mrs. Quinn
Social Studies - Mrs. Deering
Science - Mrs. O’Shea
Math - Mrs. Folliard








Week of September 10th

Posted on Sep 07, 2018

5th grade Math

5 – periods 1 and 2:  Monday will be our second Accelerated Math class and a new homework packet will be passed out; this will be due back on Thursday of this week.

Tuesday, we will continue working with the ruler and making exact measurements only this week, we will be focusing on measuring in centimeters instead of inches.  Wednesday and Thursday we will begin the next part of the chapter on fractions which cover “fraction of a whole” and “fraction of a set or group.”  Both topics should be a review from 4th grade, so I don’t anticipate spending much time on either.  The focus of these 2 sections will be on including the correct unit with every fractional answer.  Example – 2/3 of the pieces not just 2/3.

5 – period 3: Monday will be our second Accelerated Math class and a new homework packet will be passed out; this will be due back on Thursday of this week.

This week, we will work on “fraction of a number” which can be a very difficult concept for many kids.  If you feel your child would benefit from some extra practice please send them in early.  Most times, the reason for the frustration is lack of mastery of the division and multiplication facts.  In order for this concept to be easy, a child must be fluent with these facts.


6th grade Math

6 – periods 1 and 3: Monday is Accelerated Math.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent on subtracting fractions and mixed numbers from whole numbers.  There is a short quiz planned for Thursday that will cover add/subtract mixed numbers, subtract mixed numbers with regrouping, and subtract mixed numbers and fractions from whole numbers.  A review sheet will be passed out to each student on Tuesday which states in detail what will be on this quiz.

6 – period 2:  Monday is Accelerated Math.

Tuesday through Thursday, we will begin the chapter on multiplying fractions.  The kids will also work with protractors to draw various angles.

5th Grade Social Studies:

  • We started learning about early tribes of Mexico, the Olmec and Mayans.  Students had questions to answer Friday about our readings on pages 22-23.
  • This week we will continue working with Native Tribes of North America.
  • There is a quiz on Wednesday, the quiz will cover the vocabulary we have covered from last week till Tuesday.  Students should review their notes and the slides we use in class are also posted to Google Classroom if your student was absent they can catch up on missed notes.

6th Grade Social Studies:

  • 6th grade is off to a great start.  They are getting more familiar with how to write their current events and are doing great!  
  • We will continue this week working with how historians uncover the past and we will be moving on to the Ice Man of the Alps this week.
  • Students will learn how this discovery was so important and what clues told archaeologists that this was indeed, an ancient man.  Students will learn about some of the different tools and scientific tests used to unlock his past.
  • We will watch a clip about this discovery as well as look at the museum that is dedicated to Otzi.
  • Our Veteran's Wall is starting to gain members!  I will post pictures to my individual blog, please check my page to see pictures and updates.  Please feel free to send in a picture of a veteran from your family, or neighborhood.  Please also include their name, rank and you may also include their jobs, or deployments.  


The fifth graders will be having a quiz on the "Seven Sacraments" on Tues. 9-11.  They need to know how to spell these Sacraments.  Since we do not have school on Friday, they will have Music Friday on Thursday.  The children seem to be enjoying these inspirational/good feeling songs.  Please review these videos to make sure they are appropriate for viewing.  Their Chapter 2 test will be on Wednesday, 9-12.

The sixth graders will continue to read and discuss the stories in Genesis.  They will have a test on Part 1 of Genesis on Wednesday, 9-12.  

Enjoy the weekend!!!

6th Language Arts

This week our novel Number the Stars really starts to heat up! Students are making predictions and recognizing literary elements in the novel, such as Dramatic Irony. 

In addition to our novel study, students will watch videos and learn about some of the "helpers" during World War II. We will also learn the difference between a summary and reaction paper. 

Just a reminder to encourage your child to find a novel that really captures their interest. Students should read (at least) 20 minutes a night. 

Reading vocabulary terms of the week: Protagonist, Antagonist


ELA 5th Grade:

FIsher Fest Week!! Woo Hoo!

Have you taken a look at your son/daughter’s reading log? The fifth graders are reading at alarming rates!!!!! I wish you could see their excitement when a new book order from Amazon appears in our classroom! I wish I could share the minutes when I send them off from our mini lesson and they go off to read. I wish I could have you experience the one on one conversations that I experience with your child as they explain, tell, retell their moments in their novel. I wish you could hear how they take our mini lessons and see that work in their reading life.

In class this week, MaryKate had no idea she was analyzing text to understand the complexities of the protagonist in her novel!

We are still in the beginning book of “Building a Reading Life” in the many series of Lucy Calkins. By the end of next week, we will move into “Interpretation Book Clubs-Analyzing Themes”.  

I found the following information in some of Lucy Calkins writings and wanted to share her thoughts.

“The studies showed that the single most important way to support comprehension is to provide children with more access to interesting texts.  The next most important intervention involves giving kids more choice in books.” The reading continues, “And we need to keep in mind that a book is just right, not only because a child can read it with accuracy, fluency, and comprehension but also because a child can read it with empathy and engagement, laughter, and, yes, tears, too”. Ask your child about the curmudgeon that wanted to show up in our reading life!

Next week, (not Monday after Fisher Fest) we will officially launch our writers workshop. More details to come!! Have  a great week! See you at Fisher Fest!



I hope everyone had a good weekend! What a nice relief from the heat! This week:

5th- Last week we enjoyed our graphing Skittles activity. We will start to talk about Matter, Structure of Matter, and comparing the mass of objects.

6th- This week we will start talking about space. We will discuss the various types of galaxies and what a light year is. 

Have a good week! Don't forget Tuesday is a dress down day, wear your patriotic colors! We will never forget!