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Message from Mr. Jim Fornaciari 11/4/18

Posted on Nov 04, 2018

Dear SJF Parents,

Quality communication and cooperation between parents and teachers is a priority at SJF. My experience has taught me that more parent involvement helps to create a better school experience. Just as good table service is a “must” for having an enjoyable dining experience, parent involvement is even more important to a quality school. 

With that in mind, the faculty of St. John Fisher School has arranged for an opportunity to help you partner with teachers to improve student growth. Parent Teachers Conferences will be held on Monday November 19th.  We encourage you to take advantage of this very important opportunity. To schedule now, please click here. If you have questions about scheduling please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Reed at

Our parents are also encouraged to attend this Friday’s Veteran Day Prayer Service. Several staff members have worked to create a great Veterans Day experience for our students. Prior to the prayer service a panel of Veterans will join our 5th-8th grade students to discuss their experiences while in the military. The prayer service will include patriotic music and several very local touches. Please join our students and staff for the Veterans Day Prayer Service in the SJF church at 1:15 on Friday.

Finally, as a young teacher and coach I was hesitant to engage parents because I mistakenly looked at them as adversaries. Fortunately, I was mentored by several passionate teachers that helped me realize I had it all wrong. As my career developed working with parents became an essential part of my initiatives. In an effort to help other teachers and school leaders to appreciate the significance of the home & school partnership I worked with the National Association of Secondary School Principals to publish “How to Develop Parent Coaches”. This article is attached for your reading. 

Parent Coaches NASSP 

Thank You,