October 7, 2021

Posted on Oct 07, 2021

Dear SJF Families,

We made it to the middle of the first trimester! Our Falcons are working so hard every day and we have all found our groove! Thank you for joining us for parent-teacher conferences. Our positive parent partnership directly impacts the success of our students academically, socially and emotionally. PT Conferences served as a formal opportunity to meet and discuss the progress of your child, but please know that you can reach out to your child’s teacher at any point throughout the school year. We are all here for the same end goal: the happiness, acceptance and success of your child. 

To that end, as amazing as our school and community is, we have experienced a number of hurdles along our journey together this year, many of which involve some of our students being unkind to and unaccepting of one another. At SJF, we cannot emphasize enough the necessity for our Falcons to treat one another with kindness and respect. Being kind to one another and accepting one another for who they truly are is at the core of everything we are trying to do. Nothing matters academically if our kids don’t “get that” and I know our parents agree. I am sure most have noticed the mural on 103rd street reading, “Come as you are. You are loved”. We envisioned this mural as being an outward symbol of the type of culture we are striving to embody at St. John Fisher. This value is certainly fostered and reinforced at school, but it starts at home. Our world and society are upside down. We can make our pocket of the world better by loving our children and teaching them that loving one another and being kind and accepting of others is the only thing that matters. This value is prioritized above all else. As we head into the long weekend, I hope you have every opportunity to address this topic, enjoy the comfort of being together and give your children the extra attention and love that they need. 

Thank you for your continued support of Catholic education, but specifically St. John Fisher School. 

In unity and hope, 

Mrs. Maura Nash