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Ms. Cathy Browne, Junior High Math

Welcome to Jr. High Math! My name is Cathy Browne and this is my 7th year at St. John Fisher. I am excited to be working with your child in 7th and 8th grade math. We are going to have a terrific year!

The Week of May 1st - May 5th

Posted on Apr 30, 2017


**Graduation cap, gown, and tassel forms are due this week.**

On Tuesday, students are welcome to wear a red shirt and join with schools in our area to support for the Special Olympics Program.  Please send $1.00 to show your gratitude and support.  

8th Grade:

Monday is Accelerated Math. On Tuesday, we begin working with the algebraic representations of transformations. We will learn the rules to show a translation, reflection and rotation using an algebraic expression. We will finish the week working with congruent figures and understanding what connection they have to transformations.

7th Grade:

Monday is Accelerated Math. On Tuesday, we will learn about unique triangles. Next, we will practice drawing shapes that satisfy given conditions.  We will finish the week identifying the cross sections of three-dimensional figures and using angle relationships to solve problems.

The Week of April 24th - April 28th

Posted on Apr 24, 2017

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed the break!

This week students will take the Aspire tests. Please make sure your Chromebooks are charged and ready to go!

8th Grade

We will work this week creating translations, reflections and rotations. We will also learn about and create tessellations.

7th Grade

This week we begin our unit on modeling geometric figures. We will work with similar shapes and scale drawings.


The Week of April 3rd - April 7th

Posted on Apr 03, 2017

8th Grade:

We continue this week working with transformations.  We will learn how to describe the properties of reflection and their effect on the congruence and orientation of figures. Next, we will learn how to describe the properties of rotations and their effect on the orientation of figures.  On Friday, we will have a quiz on translations and reflections.

7th Grade: 

This week, we will conclude our unit on circumference, area, and volume. Group One will take their unit test on Friday, April 7th.  Groups two and three will take their test on Monday, April 10th.  Students will receive a study guide to help prepare for the test.  Additional problems to help prepare for the test will be posted on our Google classroom.