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Ms. Cathy Browne, Junior High Math

Welcome to Jr. High Math! My name is Cathy Browne and this is my 7th year at St. John Fisher. I am excited to be working with your child in 7th and 8th grade math. We are going to have a terrific year!

January 28 - February 01

Posted on Jan 29, 2019

Happy Catholic Schools Week!!

8th Grade:

Monday is Accelerated Math. On Tuesday, we begin working with nonproportional relationships. We will create tables, write equations, and graph nonproportional relationships as we learn their characteristics. We will also learn about linear equations and how they can be written in the form y=mx b.

7th Grade:

Monday is Accelerated Math. On Tuesday, we begin writing algebraic expressions. Next, we will learn how to solve a one-step equation using addition and subtraction. On Friday, we will have quiz covering the following topics: evaluating expressions, combining like terms, distributive property, and translating algebraic expressions.

January 21 - January 25

Posted on Jan 21, 2019

No School Monday – Martin Luther King Jr. Day  

8th Grade

This week we conclude our unit on proportional relationships. This Thursday, January 24th, we will have a quiz on calculating slope.  Our next unit will focus on nonproporitonal relationships.  We will use tables, graphs, and equations to represent linear nonproportional situations. We will also learn about the x and y-intercepts.

7th Grade:

This week we continue working with algebraic expressions and equations. We will learn how to combine like terms. We will simplify expressions using the distributive property.  Finally, we will begin writing and solving one-step equations.  Friday, January 25th, we will have a quiz on writing expressions and equations and combing like terms. 

January 14 - January 18

Posted on Jan 14, 2019

8th Grade:

Monday is Accelerated Math. On Wednesday, we will have a quiz on representing proportional relationships. The remainder of the week, we will focus on various ways to calculate the slope of a line.  We will use graphs and determine the “rise” over the “run”. We will also use coordinates and determine the change in y-values and change in x-values.


7th Grade:

Monday is Accelerated Math.  On Tuesday, we begin our unit on expressions and equations.  First, we will learn the difference between expressions and equations. Next, we learn how to write an algebraic expression for a word expression.  We will finish the week learning how to use the distributive property to solve equations. 

January 07 - January 11

Posted on Jan 07, 2019

Happy New Year!!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

8th Grade:

We begin our unit on proportional relationships this week.  We will first review solving proportions. Next, we will create tables, graphs, and equations to represent proportional situations. We will work specifically with the equation y=kx and learn how to determine the constant of proportionality.

7th Grade:

This week will we review all of our topics with percents.  Our unit test will be Thursday, January 10th.  We will complete a study in class and additional practice problems will be available on our Google classroom.