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Ms. Cathy Browne, Junior High Math

Welcome to Jr. High Math! My name is Cathy Browne and this is my 7th year at St. John Fisher. I am excited to be working with your child in 7th and 8th grade math. We are going to have a terrific year!

December 16 - December 20

Posted on Dec 17, 2019

Our Christmas School Mass is Friday, December 20th at 10:15 am.  Early dismissal follows at 11:30 am.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy the break!


8th Grade

Monday is Accelerated Math. On Tuesday, we review how to use tables, graphs, and equations to represent proportional situations. We will also work to find the constant of proportionality in a given equation. We will finish the week finding a rate of change or slope. 


7th Grade

During the first part of Monday’s class, we will take a quiz converting fractions to decimals to percents.  The 2nd part of class we will have Accelerated Math. The rest of the week we will work with specific percent increase and decrease items such as mark-ups, discounts, and sales tax. We will finish the week calculating the actual cost of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”. 


December 09 - December 13

Posted on Dec 09, 2019


8th Grade-Please remember to bring in your “Release Forms” from the High Schools.  We need this document to forward your transcripts to the high schools. 


8th Grade

We wrap up our unit on triangles and angles this week.  We will learn about the Angle-Angle Similarity Postulate and identify similar triangles. We will have a quiz on Friday, December 13th.  The quiz will cover angles created by a transversal, exterior angles and remote interior angles of a triangle, and similar triangles.


7th Grade

On Monday, we will use the data we collected in gym class to calculate your maximum heart rate and target heart rate.  We will also create a graph with the data collected. On Tuesday, we begin our unit on percents. We will spend some time reviewing the process to convert fractions and decimals and percents. Then, we will learn how to use percents to describe change. 



December 02 - December 06

Posted on Dec 01, 2019

The week ahead...

Wednesday, December 4th is Special Lunch

Friday, December 6th - No School - Teacher In-service

Saturday, December 7th - High School Entrance Exam*

 *Pre-registration for the entrance exam is suggested, but not required.  Please check the high school website for additional information. 


8th Grade

Monday is Accelerated Math.  On Tuesday, we continue working with angles and triangles. 

We will focus on the exterior angles and remote interior angles of a triangle. We will conclude the unit learning how to determine when two triangles are similar.  Our unit test is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, December 10. Additional problems to help prepare for the test will be available on our Google classroom.


7th Grade

Monday is Accelerated Math.  On Tuesday, we conclude our unit on proportional relationships.  We will review and complete a study guide in class. Our unit test is scheduled for December 5th. Additional problems to help prepare for the test will be available on our Google classroom.