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Ms. Cathy Browne, Junior High Math

Welcome to Jr. High Math! My name is Cathy Browne and this is my 7th year at St. John Fisher. I am excited to be working with your child in 7th and 8th grade math. We are going to have a terrific year!

February 17 - February 21

Posted on Feb 17, 2020


The students continue to hear me reiterate the importance of “showing work”  whether doing homework, classwork, or tests. Showing work helps the students process and understand the concept. If often helps avoid careless mistakes. Finally, it helps me see how they arrived at their answers. 


8th Grade

We wrap up our unit on nonproportional relationships this week.  We will conclude the unit by comparing proportional and nonproportional relationships.  Our unit test on proportional and nonproportional relationships will be Friday, February 21st. We will complete a study guide in class to help prepare for the test.  There will be additional problems in our Google classroom to help prepare for the test.


7th Grade

We continue working on writing and solving one-step equations this week.  Next, we will learn how to write and solve two-step equations. Our unit test on expressions and equations is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, February 26th.  We will review and complete a study guide in class to help prepare for the test.  


February 10 - February 14

Posted on Feb 09, 2020

8th Grade

Monday is Accelerated Math.  On Tuesday, we will begin graphing linear nonproportional relationships using slope and y-intercept. On Wednesday, we will use graphs of linear relationships to visualize situations and solve problems.  Thursday is the 8th grade class ski trip! On Friday, we begin reviewing for our unit test. Our unit test on proportional and nonproportional relationships is scheduled for Wednesday, February 19th. 


7th Grade

Monday is Accelerated Math. On Tuesday, we learn how to use the distributive property to simplify expressions. On Wednesday and Thursday, we will be working on solving one step equations. On Friday, we begin working with two step equations. 





February 03 - February 07

Posted on Feb 03, 2020

**Graduation Pictures will be taken Wednesday, February 5th.  This is an “out of uniform” day for the 8th grade students.** 


**We celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation on Sunday, February 9th, at 12:00 Mass.  Students will receive further instructions regarding the ceremony later this week.** 


8th Grade

We continue this week working with non proportional relationships represented by tables, graphs and equations.  We will learn how to determine slope using the x and y-intercepts. Students will also be assigned a constructed response question. A constructed response in math requires students to apply their knowledge of certain mathematical skills and explain the process they used to solve a problem.  The constructed response will be due on Friday, February 7th. 

7th Grade

This week we will work with variables, constants, and coefficients as we begin to solve equations. We will also learn how to translate word phrases to algebraic expressions. Last week we reviewed order of operations and greatest common factor, both important skills needed as we begin our unit on expressions and equations.  Students will have a quiz on these two topics on Wednesday, February 5th.