Week of December 4th - 8th

Posted on Dec 04, 2017


*I hope everyone had a great weekend!*

*In Reading this week, we will be continuing to focus on our novel. We will be reading, discussing and working with Chapters 8-10 this week. We will also be practicing finding and locating text evidence to support our answers to our questions, as well as working with some worksheets, activities and extended responses that focus on our novel chapters for this week. We will have a test that will focus on Chapters 7-10 of our novel on Friday of next week.

*A variety of different book reports will be assigned throughout the school year in Reading. Students will be assigned their fourth book report this week. Also, students will be receiving the form with the format for their book report this week as well. For this fourth “December Book Report,” students may choose a Christmas book of their choice. *The December Book Report will be due on Tuesday, December 19th.* Students are encouraged to turn in their book reports early, before the scheduled due date, if they are ready to be turned in.

*Also, students will be required to read and take quizzes on 8 books per trimester for Accelerated Reading. At least 1 of the 8 total books for the trimester needs to be a nonfiction book. There will also be due dates within the trimester for how many books should be read and AR quizzes taken.

4th Grade – Accelerated Reader – Due Dates for the 2nd Trimester:

*2 books and AR quizzes will be due by this upcoming Friday, December 8th.*

2 more books are due (total of 4 books all together) and AR quizzes by Thursday, January 11th.

2 more books are due (total of 6 books all together) and AR quizzes by Friday, February 2nd.

2 more books are due (for a total of 8 books all together) – All 8 books (including at least 1 NF book) and AR quizzes for the trimester are due by Friday, February 16th.

*This week, students may continue taking ARs that will count for the 2nd trimester.*

Happy Reading! :)

*In Social Studies last week, we finished up our focus on Lesson 2 as well as working with our ReadWorks informational article. Last week, we also began our study of the third lesson of Unit 1 in our textbook. We began reading and discussing the beginning of Lesson 3 as well as began working with the vocabulary in this lesson. *In Social Studies this week, we will be continuing our focus of Lesson 3 of our textbook as well as continuing to work with our vocabulary. We will be reading and discussing the sections as well as answering our questions for this lesson. We will be answering some comprehension, written and extended response questions that go along with this lesson. We will also be working on locating pieces of textual evidence to support our answers to our questions for our lesson. We will have a test that will focus on Lesson 3 of our textbook on Thursday of next week.

*In Spelling this week, we will begin with our Unit 15 spelling words. We will have our fifteenth spelling test this Friday, December 8th on Unit 15.


  • Thank you to all of our volunteers who chaperoned on the field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry last week! The students had a blast learning all about the different exhibits at the museum!
  • Our field trip to view the Wonder movie is this upcoming Wednesday, December 6th. Students should wear their gym uniforms for the field trip (no shorts). Also, we will have Special Lunch on Wednesday, December 6th.
  • The fourth grade students will be hosting the Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on Friday, December 8th at 1:00 pm. All are welcome to attend the Mass.
  • Friday Folders will go home this week. Please look over the contents of the folder and discuss your child's progress with him/her. You may keep the quizzes/tests that are in the folder. Also, the Friday Folder should be signed and returned on Monday of next week.

*Hope you have a wonderful week!*