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Ms. Courtney Garrity, Fourth Grade

Hello and welcome back! My name is Ms. Garrity and I am looking forward to beginning another school year here at St. John Fisher. This is my fifth year here at SJF, and I'm excited to be working with your child in fourth grade this year. Here are a few facts about me. I have worked at a school that specializes in Special Education. I received my teaching degree in Elementary Education from St. Xavier University. I love playing volleyball and watching Chicago sports teams, especially the Blackhawks. I have always had a passion for working with children from working at summer camps to teaching here at SJF. Even though I have just begun my career in the field of education, I continue to love teaching children and helping students to achieve their full potential. I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer! I'm looking forward to meeting you all on August 21, 2018! We are going to have a fantastic school year!

Week of October 14th - 18th

Posted on Oct 15, 2019


*I hope everyone had a wonderful 3-Day Weekend and enjoyed their day off!*

READING: In Reading this week, we will be working on a Book of Knowledge activity as well as focusing on some grammar and word work that relates to our story from last week called: Addie in Charge. We will also be practicing with using our writing skills by working on answering an in-class SLAM question that relates to our story from last week, reviewing our previous skills, and presenting our Mystery Book Reports toward the end of the week. *Students will have their Reading Tests on Fridays, unless otherwise stated. *Students will not have a Reading test this upcoming Friday, October 18th.*

*A variety of different BOOK REPORTS will be assigned throughout the school year in Reading. Students were assigned their second book report. Students should have received their October Book Report form last week. For this second “October Book Report,” students should have chosen a *mystery* book of their choice. *The October Book Report will be due by this upcoming Thursday, October 17th.* Students are encouraged to turn in their book reports early, before the scheduled due date, if they are ready to be turned in.

*Also, students will be required to read and take quizzes on 8 books per trimester for ACCELERATED READING. At least 1 of the 8 total books for the trimester needs to be a nonfiction book. There will also be due dates within the trimester for how many books should be read and AR quizzes taken.

4th Grade – Accelerated Reader – Due Dates for the 1st Half of the Trimester:

*2 books and AR quizzes were due by Wednesday, September 18th.*

*2 more books and AR quizzes (for a total of 4 all together) were due by Wednesday, October 2nd.* 

**2 more books and AR quizzes (for a total of 6 all together) will be due by next Monday, October 21st.**

Happy Reading! :)

SOCIAL STUDIES: In Social Studies this week, we will continue and finish up our study of the Earth and Map Skills. We will be reviewing cardinal directions, hemispheres, and latitude and longitude, as well as how to use these map skills to locate and identify certain places and locations on a map of the United States, as well as on a map of the world. We will also be reviewing how to use latitude and longitude to locate and identify certain places (such as continents) and bodies of water (such as oceans) on a map as well. We will have a unit test this week on cardinal directions, hemispheres as well as latitude and longitude. *We will have our Map Skills Unit Test on cardinal directions, hemispheres, as well as latitude and longitude this week on Wednesday, October 16th.* Our Map Skills Unit Test will focus on all of the map skills that we have been practicing with and learning about over the past few weeks. Students should know the Vocabulary words and definitions, as well as be able to use all of these map skills to locate and identify certain places correctly on a map using these skills for their test. Students should study their cardinal direction, hemisphere and latitude and longitude vocabulary notes in the Social Studies section of their notebook, as well as their homework worksheets, world map grid, 2 review sheets and practice problems, in preparation for the Map Skills Test on Wednesday of this week.

SPELLING: In Spelling this week, we will begin with our Unit 8 spelling words. We will have our eighth spelling test this Friday, October 18th on Unit 8.

*Reminders & Important Due Dates*

  • On Wednesday, October 16th, we will have our Map Skills Unit Test.
  • On Thursday, October 17th, our Mystery Book Report is due.
  • On Friday, October 18th, we will have an All-School Mass at 1 PM. All are welcome to join us!
  • Friday Folders will go home this week. Please look over the contents of the folder and discuss your child's progress with him/her. You may keep the tests/quizzes that are in the folder. Also, the Friday Folder should be signed and returned on Monday of next week. Thank you!

*Hope you have a great week and enjoy the upcoming weekend!*