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Ms. Katie Fadden, Preschool

Welcome to St. John Fisher Preschool! My name is Katie Fadden and I couldn't be more excited to be your child's teacher this year. This is my eleventh year teaching Preschool at St. John Fisher and I truly love teaching this age group - Preschool is the best! Prior to teaching, I attended St. Germaine School, Mother McAuley High School and Saint Mary's of Notre Dame where I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and minors in Reading and Early Childhood Education. I have one older brother, Dan, who is a Northwestern University alumni - we love to tailgate at home football games in the fall! Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do. I am so very blessed to work with the absolutely incredible Mrs. Beth Furlong each day. She is a mom to 5 amazing children (1 in high school, 2 in college and 2 recent college grads), a former Speech Pathologist and a Fisher Falcon alum, too! Together we really look forward to a wonderful year of learning, laughter, friendships and fun with your child in Preschool! 

Preschool News 12/12/21

Posted on Dec 13, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

It is the most wonderful time of the year in Preschool! We cannot wait for Thursday and are so excited to perform our favorite Holiday songs and poems for you! The Preschoolers have been working very, very hard learning all the words and actions in such a short amount of time. We are so proud of their efforts! We can’t wait!!!

In addition to practicing for our Christmas program, the Preschoolers were very busy this week cutting out and decorating their large painted Christmas trees. They also worked hard to create an adorable Rudolph craft (one of our favorite songs from our program!) The Preschoolers loved engaging in many fun Christmas themed centers including building gingerbread men and Christmas trees with felt pieces and creating and decorating a magnatile Christmas tree with jingle bells!

In Fundations, we introduced letters Vv and Ww. We learned the letter/keyword/sound for both which are Vv/van/v and Ww/wind/w. The Preschoolers worked hard tracing and printing the upper and lower case letters as well as creating their headbands.

In religion, we learned more about Baby Jesus and how we celebrate his birth on Christmas. We read more stories that tell the events of Jesus’ birth and the important people and places (Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men, Bethlehem, the manger, the stable, the shining star, etc.) The Preschoolers worked on a dot-to-dot picture of Baby Jesus in a manger to add to their bibles.

We were so excited to celebrate our wonderful star of the week – Callen! Callen did a great job sharing his poster with his classmates and telling them how he loves to go to Target and if he had one wish, he would wish to go to the beach! Callen brought in his adorable Baby Yoda to show and tell. Hooray for Callen!!! :-) 

Some important reminders…

- We are SO excited to perform our Christmas program for all who can make it on Thursday at 12:30 p.m. in the Church. Just a reminder that Preschoolers do not have regular class hours on this day. Rather they should arrive to our regular classroom doors dressed in their Christmas best at 12:15 p.m. Please make sure to have your child use the restroom right before dropping them off! After the performance, our Preschoolers will process out of the church together and back to our classroom. Once all Preschoolers have exited the Church, you can proceed to our regular pick up doors to pick up your child. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!

- On Wednesday, our Preschool and Kindergarten students will be participating in a fun Polar Express Day. Students are invited to wear their favorite pajamas to school on Wednesday!

- Looking ahead to next week, Monday is a school wide ugly Christmas sweater day and Tuesday is a school wide pajama day. Students are also invited to order milk and a cookie on Tuesday if they wish! Tuesday is a half-day of school for all full day students with dismissal at 11:30 a.m. School returns on Thursday, January 6th.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions at Have a wonderful week and hope to see you on Thursday!

Preschool News 12/05/21

Posted on Dec 06, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

Fa La La La La! It sure sounds like Christmas in Room 109! The Preschoolers are doing an incredible job learning all the words and actions to all of our Christmas program songs and poems. We are SO proud of them and having a lot of fun caroling away!

Did you hear that Santa sent an elf to our classroom this week?! Our Preschoolers brainstormed and voted on what our elf’s name should be and ultimately decided on Elfie Chippy! It is beyond precious to watch them search for the elf each day and talk to him! This week in Preschool, we learned about how we celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas and learned all the important people and events surrounding Jesus birth. The Preschoolers worked very hard on an adorable Baby Jesus craft where they painted a plate yellow and cut the edges to resemble hay. They also painted large Christmas trees and practiced patterning as they painted candy canes with red and white stripes. We worked on a 0-6 Christmas ornament counting book and read many wonderful Christmas read alouds, too! Additionally, the Preschoolers worked very hard on assembling their Christmas countdown chains and know that each night before bedtime, they get to take off one ring on the bottom and count how many days are left until Christmas! They were so impressive as they patterned their red and green strips and used their fine motor skills to roll, fold and glue each ring – way to go, Preschoolers!

In Fundations, we introduced letters Tt and Uu. We learned the special sounds both letters make, made headbands and practiced how to print the upper and lowercase letters. We learned our letter/keyword/sound which is Tt/top/t and Uu/up/u.

In Religion, we learned how last week began a special time for our Church called Advent. We made Advent wreaths with the three purple and one pink candle and each week will be adding a paper flame to the next candle as we prepare for Christmas.

We were so excited to celebrate our wonderful Star of the Week – Delia! Delia did a great job answering questions about herself from her friends and shared with us how her favorite animal is a Cheetah and that she loves to go to the “play place!” Delia showed her classmates her adorable Baby Cheetah and Baby Yoda stuffed animals, too! Hooray for Delia!!! :-)

Just some reminders…

- Tuesday is special lunch (Pop’s) for those who ordered this month.

- We are so excited for our upcoming Christmas program which will be held in the Church on Thursday December 16th at 12:30 p.m. Preschoolers will not have regular class hours for this day but rather should arrive to our regular doors at 12:15 p.m. dressed in their Christmas best. All are welcome to the performance! It is a highlight of the Christmas season for sure!

- Our last day of class before Christmas is Tuesday, December 21st and it is an 11:30 a.m. dismissal day. School resumes Thursday, January 6th.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful week!

Preschool News 11/24/21

Posted on Nov 22, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

Happy Thanksgiving! We have certainly been having a lot of turkey fun in Room 109! This past week we read the funny story “Turkey Trouble” about a turkey who disguises himself as many different things. After reading (and laughing!) the Preschoolers thought of and drew a picture of what they would disguise themselves as if they were a turkey. Their ideas turned out adorable and are added to their keepsake memory books! Additionally, we read the story “How To Catch a Turkey” and the Preschoolers worked with a friend using building materials of their choosing to build a turkey hideout for their turkey. They were SO creative and built some amazing turkey hideouts! Additionally, the Preschoolers enjoyed stuffing and creating their stuffed paper bag turkeys and working on a Thanksgiving themed write the room. They did awesome! We also asked them some questions about how to cook a turkey and are saving their precious answers for their memory books – too cute! We discussed Thanksgiving manners and remembering to use words like “please,” “thank you” and “you’re welcome!” We had fun singing and playing a little game with a song called “Please Pass The Peas” that helps us practice these nice manners! We also continue having fun singing and dancing to “The Turkey Hop!” Additionally, we spent a lot of time this week talking about and discussing the many things we have in our lives to be thankful and grateful for. We read many books about it, made a grateful thumbprint tree and the Preschoolers worked on a Scholastic grateful booklet. They also added wonderful new entries each day to their special thankful journals that are so impressive. We sure have a lot to be thankful for in Preschool! As you saw in your child’s folder, we also assessed each child this week on their letters and numbers for an end of Trimester 1 progress check-in. We are so very proud of the growth we are seeing – way to go, Preschoolers!!!

In Fundations this week, we introduced letters Rr and Ss. We learned the letter/keyword/sound for both, which are Rr/rat/r and Ss/snake/s. The Preschoolers worked hard on their headbands and on practicing tracing/printing each letter.

In Religion, we read the Bible story of Daniel and the Lions. We learned how Daniel often prayed to God and how God kept Daniel safe. After reading and discussing the story, the Preschoolers worked on a dot-to-dot picture of the story to add to their Bibles.

For our Social Emotional Lessons this week, we focused on being grateful and showing our gratitude. We brainstormed many different ways we can show people we are grateful, such as by saying “Thank you for making dinner for me, it was so delicious!” when someone makes us a meal or by taking care of and cleaning up our toys to show that we appreciate them and are thankful to have such nice toys. The Preschoolers had some excellent ideas for displaying gratitude!

Just some reminders…

- Monday and Tuesday of this week are both regular days of school. There is no school Wednesday – Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

- Next Wednesday, December 1st, is a 1:00 p.m. dismissal day.

- Save the date of Thursday, December 16th at 12:30 p.m. for our Preschool Christmas Concert! The Preschoolers do not have regular school hours on this day but rather come dressed in their Christmas best for the show! It is one of our favorite memories of the year and truly so special – we can’t wait!

As we enter Thanksgiving week, please know how extremely grateful Mrs. Furlong and I are for each of your families and each of your amazing, incredible children! We are so thankful to be their teachers!!! How lucky we are to spend each day with some of the sweetest, most funny and kind 4 and 5 year olds ever! We hope each of your families have a really wonderful Thanksgiving!

Preschool News 11/14/21

Posted on Nov 16, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

Gobble, Gobble! We are having all sorts of Thanksgiving fun in Room 109! We made an adorable turkey craft and had fun learning a new song called “The Turkey Hop!” We learned a silly new poem about turkeys and worked on a booklet that corresponds to the poem. We spent a lot of time talking about how Thanksgiving is a time for us to be thankful for the many blessings in our lives. We read many stories and brainstormed even more ideas of the many things in which we are grateful for. Each day, the Preschoolers have been thinking of something or someone they are thankful for and are drawing a picture of it in their journals. We also practiced with our first names as we made a cute turkey name craft! We played a leaf shape game in which each child had to stand up when their leaf shape was called and played a fun guessing game where an acorn was hidden behind numbers 1-12 and the Preschoolers had to guess where it was hiding! A highlight of our week was learning about and celebrating Veteran’s Day on Thursday. Our 4 year old Preschoolers attended the beautiful prayer service in the Church and were such wonderful participants. We are so thankful for our Veterans and would like to say a special Thank You to Rosie’s Grandpa who was able to join us on Thursday.

In Fundations, we introduced our next two letters – Pp and Qq. We learned the letter/keyword/sound for both which is Pp/pan/p and Qq/queen/q. The Preschoolers practiced tracing/writing both letters and worked hard cutting out their headbands. They are doing so great with remembering all the letter/keyword/sounds we have introduced so far – way to go, Preschool!

In religion, we read and discussed the story of Jonah and the Whale. After reading and discussing the story, the Preschoolers worked on a dot-to-dot picture to add to their bibles.

For our social emotional lessons this week, we reviewed the characteristics of a good friend. We read a story about different scenarios in which we show others that we are friendly. We also brainstormed and discussed how we can be a good friend, such as by sharing/taking turns, using kind words, inviting others to join us, caring about others, listening to others when they are speaking, etc.

We were so thrilled to celebrate our next Star of the Week – Gigi!!! Gigi shared with us that she would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up and that if she had one wish, she would wish for an Alicorn! Hooray for Gigi!!!

Just some reminders…

- Progress check in’s will be going home in your child’s folder this Thursday. We are so proud of the continued growth and progress of each of our students!

- Fa La La La La! Save the date – Thursday December 16th at 12:30 p.m. for our 4 year old Preschool Christmas Concert! More information will be sent home tomorrow.

- Thanksgiving Break begins next Wednesday (11/24). We have a regular day of school on Tuesday 11/23. School resumes Monday November 28th.

- Looking ahead, Wednesday December 1st is a 1:00 dismissal day due to Faculty Professional Development.

As always, please reach out to me at with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful week!

Preschool News 11/07/21

Posted on Nov 08, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

It sounds like Halloween weekend was a ton of fun for all of our Preschoolers – hooray! While Halloween is now officially over, we are still having all sorts of Fall fun in PreK! This past week we learned more about the season of Fall and specifically about leaves. We learned how and why leaves change colors and examined some different types of leaves. We read many nonfiction stories that taught us some neat facts about leaves, too! We headed outdoors to look for numerous signs of Fall on our Fall Scavenger Hunt and were able to find almost everything on our checklist thanks to the Preschoolers’ excellent searching eyes! We also worked on a Fall themed booklet and practiced different types of patterns with different colored leaves, including AB, AABB and ABC patterns. The Preschoolers worked hard on developing their fine motor skills as they ripped pieces of red, orange, green and yellow paper into “leaves” that they glued on their fall trees. Their effort was so impressive! Additionally, they used watercolor paints to paint their own large fall leaf. Each child selected their favorite leaf outside and we used it to engage in some important (and fun!) math practice where we worked on skills including measurement (with cubes), size and counting.

In Fundations, we introduced letters “Nn” and “Oo” this week. We practiced with mastering our letter/keyword/sounds for each letter which as Nn/nut/n and Oo/octopus/o. The Preschoolers worked on tracing/printing each letter and made headbands to tell others about our letter/keyword/sound!

In religion, we reviewed some ways we can be kind to others and worked on a booklet about being kind. We also read the story of Jericho and how God’s people marched around the tall wall for 7 days. After reading and discussing the story, the Preschoolers worked on a dot-to-dot picture of the story to add to their bibles.

For our Social Emotional Learning Lessons this week, we focused on the concept of more friends = more fun! We discussed how while it can be fun to play with one best buddy, it can be so much fun to play with lots of buddies, too! We read a story called “All Are Welcome” which is about including others. We read aloud some different pretend scenarios and identified if the children in the scenario were being kind and helpful and if not, the Preschoolers brainstormed what those children could do differently to be kind and helpful.

Just some reminders…

- Picture Day retakes are November 18th!

- Students are invited to wear red, white and/or blue on Thursday in honor of Veterans Day.

- Preschool students are encouraged to contribute a box of cake mix this year as part of our school wide contributions to Pro Labore Dei by Wednesday, November 10th.

- Fa La La La La! We are looking ahead to our most wonderful concert of the year – our Preschool Christmas concert! More information to follow shortly but save the date of Thursday, December 16th at 12:30 p.m. We are so looking forward to this very special and memorable event!

As always, please reach out to me at with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful week!

Preschool News 10/31/21

Posted on Nov 01, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

Happy Halloween! We hope each of your families had a wonderful weekend with lots of Halloween fun and candy! We sure had an awesome week in Preschool, including getting to dress up and celebrate twice! The Preschoolers looked incredible in their adorable costumes and loved “trick or treating” in the classroom as they passed out their treats to their friends. We also had so much fun playing Halloween games including musical chairs, freeze dance and pass the spider and rotating through various Halloween stations including pin the spider on the web, ghost bowling, witch hat ring toss, ghost building and spider roll and add. The Preschoolers were very excited to perform their favorite songs and poems for you as well – it was so great to see so many of you, thank you for coming! We hope you enjoyed the sweet show! :-) 

Last week in Preschool, we were shocked when the candy corn bag that we brought for the students to eat was taken from our classroom while we were out on a bathroom break. When we came back to enjoy the special treat, there was a note from the candy corn bandit instead!!! He led us all over the school as we listened to and followed different clues but thankfully, we were able to retrieve our yummy snack – thank goodness!!! We sure had fun though! Last week we also enjoyed reading the wonderful story “Room on the Broom” and retelling the story of which items the witch drops and which animals joined her broom. The Preschoolers worked hard on a craft of this story and made adorable silly spiders, too! We also had a ton of fun making skeletons out of pretend bones (q-tips!) The Preschoolers were SO creative in their designs, it was so neat to watch!

We learned all about letter Mm this week and learned the letter/keyword/sound which is Mm/man/m. The Preschoolers worked hard on their headbands and on practicing printing/tracing the letter.

In religion, we read the story of Moses parting the red sea. After reading and discussing the story, the Preschoolers worked on a dot-to-dot picture of the story to add to their bibles.

We were very excited to celebrate our next awesome star of the week - Michael! Michael did a great job telling us all about himself and answering questions from his friends, such as his favorite color (dark blue!) and his favorite animal (puppy!) Michael brought in his awesome Woody and Jessie characters from Toy Story to show his friends. Hooray for Michael!!!

Just some reminders…

- Tuesday is special lunch (Barracos) for those who ordered this month.

- Wednesday is an early dismissal day for our full-day students, with dismissal at 1:00 p.m. (students still need their snack and lunch as usual.) As always, please let me know if your child will be picked up by someone different on this day or will be attending aftercare. Thank you so much!

As always, please reach out at with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful week!

Preschool News 10/24/21

Posted on Oct 25, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

We are so excited for our Spooktacular week ahead in Preschool as we celebrate Halloween! Last week in Preschool, we engaged in tons of Halloween themed fun and learning. We worked with our names in a spider web name activity and went on a Halloween themed alphabet hunt searching for all the letters Aa – Zz! We played a fun monster math game with a partner where we took turns rolling a dice, counting or identifying how many and moving our spooky piece that many spots on the board until we got to 20. We also had a ball making Mr. Bones this week – our life-size skeletons that are a yearly Preschool tradition! Of course, we read tons of wonderful Halloween themed stories and learned some really neat facts about bats, too.

We introduced letters Kk and Ll last week and worked heavily with our letter/keyword/sounds which are Kk/kite/k and Ll/lamp/l. We practiced tracing and printing the letters and colored and cut out headbands with our keywords so we can tell others all about it!

In religion, we read the story of Baby Moses and how his mom creatively kept him safe. After reading and discussing the story, the Preschoolers worked on a dot-to-dot picture of the story to add to their bibles.

For our Social Emotional Learning lessons this week, we focused on sharing and taking turns. We brainstormed the many ways we can do both and role played specific scenarios. We talked about some different strategies we can try, such as how we can wait for a turn, play together, share or trade toys. We read the silly story “One Big Pair of Underwear” in which the animals all got along and had so much more fun when everyone was sharing!

We also had our second fire drill of the year and our first lockdown drill of the year. The Preschoolers did a truly incredible job during both drills – way to go, Preschool!!!

We had the best time celebrating our amazing star of the week - Vivian H! Vivian brought in an adorable toy giraffe to show her friends and shared many neat facts with us such as that her favorite color is rainbow, she likes to eat pizza and spaghetti and her favorite thing to do is go to the carnival! Hooray for Vivian! :-) 

We are very much looking forward to an exciting week ahead! Here is some helpful information to help us navigate the busy week ahead!

- Preschool Parents are invited to attend our Halloween performance in our classroom on Thursday morning at 8 a.m. (masks are required.) On Thursday, you are welcome to walk your child into our classroom and put their belongings in their locker (we can take out their folders and Halloween treats later on after the show.) The show should last around 15-20 minutes or so for those of you who need to continue on to work.

- Preschoolers can bring a wrapped, store-bought treat to pass out to their friends on Thursday. We have 16 children in our class. We will decorate trick or treat bags and have a blast trick or treating around the classroom!

- Preschoolers are invited to dress up in costume on both Thursday and Friday. Please no weapons or high heels!

As always, please reach out with any questions to me at Happy Halloween!

Preschool News 10/17/21

Posted on Oct 18, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

Halloween sure is in the air in Preschool! We have been enjoying singing our Halloween songs and poems each morning in anticipation of our upcoming Halloween performance for parents – they sure are sounding adorable!!! You may have even been getting a sneak peak of some at home, I’m sure! :-) Last week, we painted our hands black to make adorable spider handprints and cut out our large pumpkins that we painted the week prior. We worked with numbers 1-5 by retelling the poem “5 Little Pumpkins” and made cute ghosts that have a special surprise when you lift them up – BOO! We read a funny story called “Crankenstein” and practiced cutting skills as we made adorable Frankensteins. We have been learning about pumpkins and some neat facts about them and of course, reading many pumpkin and Halloween themed stories!

We learned all about letters Ii and Jj last week. We practiced frequently with our letter/keyword/sound which is Ii/itch/i and Jj/jug/j as well as continuously review the ones we have learned so far this year. We made headbands for each keyword and practiced how to write the letters.

In religion, we read the story of Joseph and his colorful coat. We learned how his coat was a special gift from his father. After reading and discussing the story, the Preschoolers worked on a dot-to-dot bible page of Joseph. Additionally, the Preschoolers made a craft of Joseph by gluing on small strips of colorful paper to his coat.

Our Social Emotional Learning lessons for the week focused on including others. We talked about the many ways we can either invite others to join us, both when someone asks if they can join in and when we notice someone doesn’t have a buddy to play with. We read a sweet story by Mo Willems called “My New Friend Is So Fun!” and learned that we can have many friends. They are doing a wonderful job of being inviting and welcoming to one another always!

We had our first fire drill of the year last week in the afternoon and were SO proud of how well our Preschoolers did! Way to go, Preschool!

Just a reminder that all parents are invited to our Halloween mini performance on Thursday, October 28th in our classroom at 8:00 a.m. We can’t wait to share some spook-tacular songs and poems with you! Preschoolers are also invited to bring a wrapped treat to pass out to their friends on this day. We have 16 children in our class. Preschoolers can dress up both on this day and on Friday October 29th as we celebrate Halloween again with the whole school (they can wear the same or different costumes - whatever you would prefer!)

As always, please reach out to me at with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful week!

Preschool News 10/11/21

Posted on Oct 11, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

We hope each of your families had a wonderful long weekend! Last week in Preschool, we assessed each child for our progress reports. We are so proud of the amazing strides our students are making already at this early point in the year and we are very excited for all of the wonderful progress that is to come throughout the remainder of our year! Keep up the great work!!

Last week in Preschool we also learned about Fire Safety as October is Fire Safety Month. We learned about the job of a firefighter and the special gear they need to wear to protect themselves and do their job. We learned fire safety tips and things we can do to keep ourselves and our families safe, such as not touching hot things like stoves or irons and making sure we have a smoke detector in our homes. We read some wonderful nonfiction stories that took us on virtual field trips to fire houses and through a day of a firefighter and we read some enjoyable fiction stories, too! The Preschoolers had a great time finger painting a Firehouse Dalmatian and turned into a firefighter themselves by cutting out a fire helmet headband. We played some fun games including a “Where is the hose hiding?” game in which students had to guess which number 1-10 fire hydrant the hose was hiding behind, and a fire truck letter game in which students picked a fire truck card that had either a letter on it (which they would then identify) or a siren in which they got to instead make the sound of a fire siren! Additionally, we were so excited to begin preparing for Halloween this week in Preschool! We painted large pumpkins and began learning many Halloween songs and poems. We would love to perform our songs and poems for you on Thursday October 28th at arrival time. Our little show for Parents should only last about 15-20 minutes for those of you who need to continue on to work. Since some of our Preschoolers attend three days a week (T/W/TH) we will be dressing up for Halloween twice in Preschool – once on Thursday the 28th for our show and again with the rest of the school on Friday October 29th.

In religion this week, we learned about what a Saint is and specifically about Saint Francis of Assisi. We were so thankful to Fr. Ken who did a wonderful job teaching all of our Preschoolers more about Saint Francis and blessing the stuffed animals of our students. We worked on a booklet about Saints/Saint Francis and a second one in which we reviewed how just like how animals are unique and special in their appearance and sounds, we are each special to God too!

Our Social Emotional Lesson this week focused on emotions. We identified many different emotions using picture examples and acting them out and read a cute story called “The Way I Feel” that reviews lots of different feelings.

It was so wonderful to meet with so many of you for Parent Teacher Conferences. Please know how extremely proud we are of each of your children and how extremely grateful we are for you sharing such amazing children with us each day – thank you!!!

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful week!

Preschool News 10/03/21

Posted on Oct 04, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

We sure had a fun-filled week with all of our farm learning! We read tons of interesting farm themed stories, played many fun farm games and learned neat facts about lots of different farm animals, such as that horses can sleep standing up and that baby goats are called kids! The Preschoolers enjoyed learning about all the different farm animals and what the special names are for the baby version of each animal. We sorted pictures of animals that do and do not live on a farm and identified the special sounds each animal makes. We worked on a Farm Sounds mini reader book both as a whole group and with a partner. We read the cute story “Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Farm” and sequenced the story events. The Preschoolers also retold the story of Old McDonald’s Farm with their own barn and bag of animals – ask them to sing it for you at home! The Preschoolers also searched our classroom for picture cards of each animal that they then traced on their paper for our “Write the Room.” We practiced counting, identifying and tracing numbers in a farm themed number book and made an adorable “Big Red Barn” book. Additionally, we had a blast at our “Barnyard Bash” day – thank you so much for your help with their adorable, farm themed outfits!

We learned about letters Ee and Ff this week. Our letter/keyword/sound for Ee is Ee/Ed/e and Ff/fun/f for Ff. We made headbands to remember the keyword and practiced tracing both letters.

In religion, we reviewed what we learned last week about Noah’s Ark through one of our religion booklets. We also read and discussed the story of God’s Promise to Abraham and Sarah. After reading and discussing the story, the Preschoolers worked on a dot-to-dot picture of the story to add to their bibles.

Our Social Emotional Learning this week focused on how to make new friends. We role played how to ask someone to join in with what they are playing or invite someone to join you. We also practiced introducing ourselves to a new friend! We read the funny story “Can I Play Too?” by Mo Willems in which the three characters worked together so that they all could play and have fun without leaving anyone out. We have such a friendly and caring class – they are wonderful at making new friends!

We have had two incredible Star of the Week’s over the last two weeks – Colin and Frankie! Colin told us about how much he loves t-ball and golf, how he wants to be a police office someday and said if he could wish for anything, he would wish for super hero powers! Frankie told us how he loves to go to McDonalds, brought in an awesome dinosaur book for us to read and said if he could wish for anything, he would wish for a bunny! Hooray for Colin and Frankie!!! :-) 

Just some reminders…

- There is a half day of school this Thursday with dismissal at 12:00 p.m. for all full day students (Half day Preschoolers will dismiss at their regular 11:15 a.m. time.) There is no school on Friday or Monday. Enjoy the long weekend!

- Please check your email for information regarding signing up for a parent teacher conference on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon/evening if you are interested. Please do not worry if you would like a conference but cannot make these times, I am always available to set up a phone, in person or Zoom conference another day at your convenience! Just send me a message and we can set up an alternative day/time that works for you.

- Just to let you know in case you were not aware, our Full Day Preschoolers are able to order the once a month FSA sponsored hot lunch (just not the daily hot lunch program.) You would have received an email from Mrs. Nash with instructions on using the “My Hot Lunchbox” website to place an order. This month’s hot lunch is from Buona Beef and is on Tuesday. Orders must be submitted by Monday at noon.

- On Wednesday, the Preschoolers are invited to bring a stuffed animal to school. We will be celebrating the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi (which is October 4th) and Fr. Ken will be blessing the stuffed animals of our Preschoolers in Church.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful weekend!

Preschool News 09/26/21

Posted on Sep 27, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

We had an apple-solutely awesome week in Preschool engaging in tons of apple themed learning and fun! The Preschoolers learned all about the life cycle of an apple and key terms, including core, blossom, stem, seeds, flesh, skin and orchard, and they can identify all the unique parts of an apple and their function. The Preschoolers were able to taste test a red, yellow and green apple slice and recorded with different smiley faces if they loved it, liked it or didn’t like it for each color. The Preschoolers also predicted what they thought might happen if we put an apple in a large cup of water – would it sink or float? They were excited to learn that apples float and enjoyed testing out many other items in the water too – such as clothespins, coins, hair ties, etc. The Preschoolers worked on cutting/gluing and patterning skills on an apple themed patterning page and went on a number hunt throughout our classroom to find each number 1-9! We also played an apple pie shape game where I would hide an apple under one of the “pies” and the Preschoolers would guess which shape pie the apple was hiding under. We learned if you cut an apple down the center it reveals a special shape – a star! The Preschoolers enjoyed stamping the apple stars onto their paper with paint. Additionally, we sang many fun apple songs, read wonderful apple stories and went on an apple art scavenger hunt in our classroom. The Preschoolers also partnered up with a friend to do some apple building with apple slices and toothpicks – their creations were so impressive! We ended the week with a tasty treat – making apple pies in a cup! The Preschoolers smashed up their graham cracker in their cup to make the base, then scooped in some apple pie filling and of course, topped it all with some delicious whipped cream! Most of the Preschoolers loved this special treat! :-) 

We learned all about letter Dd this week. We learned our letter/keyword/sound which is Dd/dog/d. After learning the formation of the upper and lowercase Dd, the Preschoolers practiced tracing d’s and colored/cut out their dog headbands.

In religion, we read and discussed the story of Noah’s Ark. The Preschoolers worked hard on a dot-to-dot picture of this story to add to their bibles. They also enjoyed playing with our Noah’s Ark set, which is a rocking wooden boat that they try to balance as many animals on as they can. They had great teamwork trying to balance it together!

Our Social Emotional Learning lesson this week focused on developing a growth mindset/the power of “yet.” This is the understanding that although we might not yet be able to do or know something right now, we absolutely can do or know it someday! We read an adorable story called “Giraffe’s Can’t Dance” and connected with the main character who thought he wasn’t a good dancer. After reading and discussing this topic, the Preschoolers shared wonderful ideas of things they can’t do yet but hope to someday, such as climb a tree, do a handstand or ride a bike!

Just a reminder (we sent home notes Thursday at the end of the day so some might not have received it yet) that this Thursday is our “Barnyard Bash!” Preschoolers are invited to come to school dressed in their favorite farm themed clothing (overalls, plaid/flannel, jeans, cowboy boots, etc.) We look forward to lots of fun farm themed learning this week in Preschool!

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful week!

Preschool News 09/19/21

Posted on Sep 27, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

Happy Homecoming! We sure had a lot of fun last week engaging in each of the daily Homecoming themes and participating in the pep rally on Friday afternoon - Let’s Go Falcons! Last week in Preschool we began our unit on apples. We learned about the apple life cycle and each of the different stages from seed to apple! We read many fantastic fiction and nonfiction apple books and worked on identifying each part of an apple (skin, flesh, core, seeds, stem, leaf.) We learned that apples can be red, yellow or green and learned how apple juice is made. The Preschoolers practiced their cutting skills by cutting out a red, yellow or green apple. We also continue working on developing fine motor skills and used Q-tips to paint an apple. The Preschoolers did awesome and really focused on trying to dab each small dot! Additionally, we also worked on a Scholastic apple booklet that helped us learn more about apples. We will continue our apple unit this coming week.

In Fundations, we were introduced to letters Bb and Cc. We learned the letter/keyword/sound for both, which was Bb/bat/b and Cc/cat/c and practiced frequently with both. The Preschoolers practiced tracing the letters b and c and made bat and cat headbands so they can tell someone at home about what they learned!

In religion, we read and discussed the story of Adam and Eve and how God made the first people. The Preschoolers also drew a picture to add to their bibles. Additionally, we worked on two religion booklets, the first being about how God made the world with all the colors, plants, creatures and people. The second booklet we worked on discussed different ways we can take care of the beautiful world that God created. The Preschoolers had many of their own incredible ideas for how we can take care of our wonderful world!

For our social emotional learning this week, we discussed how we all have different talents and things that we are really good at. Each child shared with the class some things that they are really good at, such as swimming, riding a bike or cooking! We learned a song called “Special, Special, Special Me” (to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”) and celebrated the many wonderful strengths God gave to each of us!

We were so excited to celebrate our very first star of the week this week – Rosie!! Rosie did an awesome job decorating her poster and telling us more about her wonderful self. Rosie shared that she would like to be a doctor when she grows up, that her favorite thing to do is to dress up and that if she had one wish, she would wish for a car without a top! :-) Rosie brought in a funny book for us to read called “How to Catch A Unicorn” that her classmates thoroughly enjoyed! Hooray for Rosie!!!

Just a reminder that there is no school for students this coming Friday (09/24) due to a teacher professional development day. Also, Wednesday is a school wide dress down day for childhood cancer awareness month. Students are encouraged to bring in a dollar donation and wear gold! If you are interested in joining an ETC class, registration forms are due on Thursday. As always, please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful week!

Back to School Night Slideshow

Posted on Sep 15, 2021

Preschool News 09/12/21

Posted on Sep 13, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

We hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend with your family! We have been so lucky to have beautiful days lately - our class sure has been loving visiting our wonderful school playground each day!

Last week in Preschool we were so thrilled to begin our brand new alphabet program, Fundations. For the next 13 weeks, we will be introducing two letters per week and focusing on the letter name, keyword and sound of each letter. This week since it was a short week and our first week with the program, we introduced one letter – letter Aa. We thoroughly practiced with our letter name, keyword and sound (Aa, apple, a) and were introduced to how to correctly write the upper and lowercase letter Aa using Fundation’s writing template (for example, A starts at the sky line and slants down to the grass line, etc.) The Preschoolers made headbands with our keyword, apple, and practiced tracing a’s. They did awesome!

Additionally, our social emotional learning theme for the week was “I Am Special.” We talked about all the many ways we are special and unique and learned that God made each of us special. After brainstorming and discussing the many ways we are unique, we learned that even our fingerprints are special to us. The Preschoolers really enjoyed stamping their fingers in ink pads and then using magnifying glasses to look at, and even compare and contrast, their fingerprints as well as their friends. Additionally, we read many wonderful books about being special and unique throughout the week and the Preschoolers also learned a new song to remind them just how amazing they are – “I Am Special.”

Some other fun learning that we did this week included using watercolors to paint our names and gluing small squares of colored paper on our first name initial. The Preschoolers are doing wonderful quickly learning the names of all of their new classmates as well as being able to spell their own name! Additionally, we read and loved the classic Eric Carle story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” this week. This story is great not only for color recognition but also for recall as the students worked to remember what color each animal was and in what order the animals appeared in the story. The Preschoolers really enjoyed making their own Brown Bear retelling puppet – ask them to tell you about the story with it at home!

In religion, we read the story of the First Creatures. After discussing the story and sharing their favorite animals, the Preschoolers drew a picture of the story for their bibles.

Just a reminder that Back to School Night for Parents is tomorrow (Monday) evening for those of you who can make it. Please see Mrs. Nash’s notes for more information. If you cannot make it, no problem at all – we will be sharing our brief PowerPoint with all of our families after.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or concerns. You can check out our classroom Instagram page for pictures and videos of all of our fun and learning, too! Have a wonderful week!

Preschool News 09/06/21

Posted on Sep 07, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

We hope each of your families had a very fun and relaxing Labor Day holiday weekend! We can’t wait to get back into our new routine with the 16 sweetest Preschoolers around tomorrow!!

Last week in Preschool, our students truly had an incredible first full week of school! They are doing amazing adjusting to our routine, learning our procedures and making tons of wonderful new friends! The boys and girls were very excited to attend our first specials classes of the year last week. This year, our specials are daily from 12:50 – 1:35 p.m. We attend Library on Mondays, Gym on Tuesdays, Art on Wednesdays, an added extra special that will alternate from time to time on Thursdays and Computers on Fridays. The Preschoolers did awesome at their Specials classes this week and seemed to very much enjoy them! Additionally, we started our daily centers last week. Centers are fun ways to work on important Preschool skills including letter identification and sounds, number recognition and counting, fine motor, patterning, printing, rhyming, STEAM, etc. Center activities change daily and vary between individual work and partner/table collaboration. They are doing awesome! :-) 

We also began our religion curriculum last week by reading our first Bible Story of the year – “The Story of God’s Colorful World.” After reading and discussing each bible story, the Preschoolers always either draw a picture of the story or work on a dot-to-dot picture of the story that we save and bind together at the end of the year for their own special keepsake Bible. On Friday, the Preschoolers learned how to properly use watercolor paints and got to explore with them by making their own colorful creations! We read one of our favorite stories so far, “Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes,” again and had the Preschoolers think creatively about something else that Pete could step in if they were writing the story. After coming up with their own awesome ideas, they made an adorable Pete the Cat craft where they colored his shoes to represent what he was stepping in and worked on a picture depicting this too. Additionally, we read another favorite and silly Pete the Cat story called “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.” This story is a great introduction to basic subtraction as Pete continuously loses one of his four buttons until he has none left (…until he realizes he still has his belly button! :-)) The Preschoolers were hard at work cutting and gluing their own Pete the Cat with Four Groovy Buttons that are now on display in our classroom! In addition to these favorites, we read tons of wonderful school themed stories this week and worked on a Scholastic Going to School booklet. Additionally, we have been singing name songs daily and the Preschoolers worked hard on counting and printing the letters of their names in an adorable crayon box name craft. The Preschoolers are truly doing amazing – we are so proud of them!!

Just some reminders…

- We would love to have you join us on Monday (Sept. 13th) for our school wide Back to School Night. This event is for parents and will begin with an introduction in Church by Mrs. Nash at 6:30 p.m. followed by a visit to our classroom. Please reach out with any questions – we hope to see you there!

- Scholastic Book Orders are due on Wednesday if you are interested in ordering this month. You can send in an order in your child’s folder or order online at using our class code JT8JQ. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

- If you did not yet send in an extra change of clothes for your child to keep at school in case of an accident/spill or their headphones for computer class, we would be so grateful if you could please do so as soon as possible.

Please reach out to me at at any point with any questions or concerns. Thank you again so much for all of your help and support in helping our first full week of Preschool be so successful! We can’t wait to see all our buddies again in the morning! 

Preschool News 08/29/21

Posted on Aug 30, 2021

Dear Preschool Parents,

We sure had the best first week of Preschool in Room 109! It was so wonderful to reunite with our Preschool pals and get to know many new ones, too! We are so incredibly impressed at how well this group transitioned to our first week of school - all smiles and quickly picking up our routines and procedures! They were absolutely incredible!!! We could not be more proud of them and are feeling SO lucky that we get to spend the year with this sweet, amazing group!

This week in Preschool we explored our classroom and the playground, took adorable first day of school pictures and made many, many sweet new friends! We read many favorite stories including "Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes" and "We Don't Eat Our Classmates," which is a funny story about a dinosaur who goes to school. We painted their hands to keep as a first day of school keepsake, explored with play doh and did a few getting to know you activities and songs. The Preschoolers painted and cut out large apples that are on display on our windows and decorated a t-shirt for our hallway bulletin board - "Preschool fits us to a T!" Preschool sure does suit this group well - they are completely blowing us away!

Thank you so much for all of your help and support during our first week of school! We are so grateful for each of your wonderful children and are already enjoying having them in our class so much. We know it is going to be the best year with lots of learning, laughing and fun! If you need anything or have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at I am always here! Have a wonderful week!

Welcome to Preschool!

Posted on Aug 20, 2021

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Preschool! I am so excited to be your child’s teacher this year and together with our amazing classroom aide, Mrs. Beth Furlong, we are looking forward to an absolutely incredible year in Room 109! This will be my 11th year teaching Preschool at St. John Fisher and I truly feel so grateful to be teaching at such an amazing school with the best families and coworkers! I am a proud graduate of Catholic education myself having attended St. Germaine School, Mother McAuley High School and Saint Mary's of Notre Dame where I received my bachelors in Elementary Education with minors in Early Childhood Education and Reading. I am the luckiest teacher in the world because I get to work with my amazing friend and colleague each day, Mrs. Beth Furlong. Mrs. Furlong is a former speech pathologist, wife to Kevin Furlong and mom to 5 absolutely amazing children - Jenna, Kevin, Michael, Lily and Pat. She is also a proud Fisher Falcon graduate herself! We love what we do and are so excited to welcome your children into our class this year - we know it is going to be an incredible one filled with lots of laughter, play, learning and fun!

Attached you will find our Preschool Handbook which contains valuable information about all things Preschool! Please feel free to reach out at any point with any additional questions. In the meantime, it would be so helpful if you could let me know if your child goes by a nickname other than what is on their birth certificate (i.e. Kate for Kathleen or Jimmy for James.) Please also let me know if your child has any allergies or other medical conditions I should be aware of.

Additionally, we would love to have you follow along on our exciting Preschool days via our classroom Instagram page, @ourfuntimein109. Our account is private and you will need to request to follow us if you are interested in following along in our fun! (If your Instagram profile/username is not easily identifiable once you request to follow us, please send me an email so I know it is you, a Preschool parent!) We hope by sharing pictures and videos often it will help give you a glimpse of all of our fun and exciting days at Preschool! Please let me know if you would not like your child to be included in our classroom Instagram this year.

We truly cannot wait to see your children and get started on a wonderful year together! Please feel free to send me an email or check in at any time with any questions or concerns. I am always here! :-) Mrs. Furlong and I are so excited to get started and are looking forward to an incredible and amazing year with your child! 


Important Documents:

Preschool Handbook