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Mrs. Laura Kovatch, Fourth Grade

Hi! My name is Laura Kovatch and I teach fourth grade Language Arts and Spelling. This is my fourteenth year here at St. John Fisher, and I feel so lucky to be part of such a wonderful school community. Outside of school, I love to travel and spend time with my family, especially my beautiful daughter Katelyn. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year together! 

Rocket Day

Posted on May 30, 2017

We will have our rocket launch this Thursday, June 1st!  The students are very excited about it!  Hopefully the weather cooperates with us!  I hope to begin the launch at about 9:15 at Beverly Park.  Parents who were informed that they would be helping to launch, please meet me at the park at 8:45.  After the launch, the students will eat lunch and play.  All students need to bring a lunch to school that day.  Also,students may want to bring a water bottle and wear sunscreen.  Please email me if you have any questions! 

Week of May 29th

Posted on May 30, 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  We are in the single digits for days of school left!  I can't believe it!

Language Arts-This week and next week, we will be reviewing grammar concepts we have learned throughout the year.  We will also be finishing our "Mission to Mars" journals this week.  The students read an article in their Super Science magazine called " Destination: Mars" and are using what they learned to create their journals.  They are writing as if they are one of the first astronauts to be sent to work on Mars.  They are combining their creative writing skills and facts they learned from the article in order to create their entries. 

Science-We have finished our journey through the solar system, and we will be having our test on Wednesday. 

Spelling-We are on unit 35 this week, and our test will be on Friday. 

Last Thursday we built our rockets!  Thanks to all of the parent volunteers who came to help us!  We can't wait to launch them!


Week of May 22nd

Posted on May 22, 2017

The end of the school is coming quickly, but we are keeping very busy! 

Language Arts-We have completed our unit on pronouns.  Next, we will review skills like correct comma and quotation use.  The students finished their odes, and they turned out awesome!  We shared them with the class, and I was so impressed with them.  The students had a great time hearing each others' poems and picking out the figurative language techniques that were used. 

Science-We are continuing our study of the solar system, and we will finish up our journey through the outer planets this week.  We will have a test on the solar system Wednesday, May 31st. 

Spelling-We are on Unit 34 this week, and we will have a test on Friday. 

We will be building our rockets on Thursday! Our launch will be Thursday, June 1st.  I hope to begin at about 9:15 at Beverly Park.  All are welcome to come and watch the launch. 

Have a wonderful week!

Week of May 15th

Posted on May 16, 2017

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day and a relaxing weekend.  We are getting down to the last few weeks of school!

Language Arts- We have finished our study of figurative language and will have our test on Wednesday.  We have also used what we know about figurative language to write our own odes.  We will be typing them in the lab on Tuesday.  Final copies are due on Thursday.   The students are really looking forward to sharing their poems with the class as well!   We have also completed our last unit on pronouns, and we will have a test this Friday.  Review sheets will be sent home on Wednesday.  Finally, our unit 13 vocabulary quiz will be this Tuesday. 

Science-We are making our way through the solar system!  The students are having a great time learning all about the different characteristics of each planet. You may have even heard your child singing the solar system song we have been playing in class.  We will finish learning about the inner planets this week, and then we will move on to study the outer planets.   The students are also working on a planet IMovie in computer class. 

Spelling-We are on Unit 33 this week, and we will have a test on Friday.

*Friday is May Crowning, and the students will be dismissed at 11:30.

Have a wonderful week!

Week of May 8th

Posted on May 08, 2017

We only have four school days this week, but they will be busy!  There is no school for the students on Friday, May 12th. 

Language Arts-We will finish our grammar unit this week.  We will review types of pronouns and learn about homophones and homographs.  We will have a unit test next Friday, the 19th.  We will also be finishing up our study of figurative language.  This week we will discuss personification and hyperbole. We will then use what we have learned about figurative language to write our own original poems.  We will have a test on figurative language next Wednesday, May 17th.

Science-We have begun our study of the solar system!  We will be discussing Mercury, Venus, and Earth this week.  On Tuesday we have a quiz on our solar system vocabulary and the planets in order. 

Spelling-We are on Unit 32 this week, and we will have a test on Thursday.  The unit is on possessives.  It is important that students study how the words are used in sentences, so they know whether the possessives are singular or plural. 

Rocket Day volunteer forms went home last week.  If you would like to help build or launch, please return the volunteer form by this Wednesday.  We will then send a note home next week to those who will be helping us.  Thanks so much! 

Have a terrific week and Mother's Day weekend!  Happy Mother's Day to all of our wonderful moms!

Week of May 1st

Posted on May 01, 2017

It's May!  I can't believe how fast the year is going!  We may not have too much time left in the school year, but we will continue to work hard and learn new things!

Language Arts-This week we will learn about possessive pronouns and using I and me correctly.  We will also continue our study of figurative language.  Last week we learned about similes and metaphors, and this week we will discuss idioms and alliteration. 

Science-We have finished our study of sound.  We will have an open-packet test on Tuesday.  We will also connect our study of sound with an article in our "Super Science" magazine about how students in Paraguay make music with instruments made out of garbage.  Our next unit will be on the solar system.

Spelling-We are on Unit 31 this week, and we will have a test on Friday.

*Rocket Day permission slips went home last week.  Please return the permission slip and $12.00 by this Thursday.  A note to sign-up to help us build and launch will be coming home this week.

*On Tuesday, the students may be out of uniform for a dollar.  The students should wear red to show their support for the Special Olympics and the Choose Kind Campaign. 

Have a wonderful week!