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Mrs. Laura Kovatch, Fourth Grade

Hi! My name is Laura Kovatch and I teach fourth grade Language Arts and Spelling. This is my fourteenth year here at St. John Fisher, and I feel so lucky to be part of such a wonderful school community. Outside of school, I love to travel and spend time with my family, especially my beautiful daughter Katelyn. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year together! 

Week of September 24th

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I know the students and I are excited to finally have some cooler weather this week. 

Language Arts-This week we will be discussing compound and complex sentences.  We have completed the first unit in our vocabulary book.  We will have a vocabulary quiz on Wednesday.  Students will also be finishing up their writing pieces about their favorite place to visit.  Final copies are due on Wednesday.  

Science-This week we will begin learning about plant structures and their functions.  We will then discuss how these structures help plants survive in their different environments. 

Spelling-We are on Unit 5 this week, and our test will be on Friday.  


Week of September 17th

Posted on Sep 17, 2018

I hope everyone enjoyed Fisher Fest this weekend!  We have a full week of school this week, and as usual we will be working hard in 4th grade!

Language Arts-This week we will be learning about simple and compound subjects and predicates.  We will also be working on our writing skills, and we will be writing about our favorite places to visit.  

Science-We have finished our unit on graphing, but we will continue analyzing graphs throughout the course of the year.  We will now be moving on to learn about plant and animal adaptations.  

Spelling-We are on Unit 4 this week, and our test will be on Friday.  

Last week, we wrote about our favorite subjects.  We worked throughout the week to brainstorm, plan, draft, and then present our pieces.  It was interesting to hear all about everyone's favorite subjects and why they enjoy them!  We also worked on identifying main ideas and details in pieces of writing.  Here are some pictures from our work last week.IMG_9245








Finally, thank you for all of your donations to our September 11th collection.  Everyone was so incredibly generous!  On Tuesday September 11th, our class read the book "The Little Chapel That Stood" by A.B. Curtis.  We then reflected on a quote from the book: "It's nice to be big and it's nice to be tall, but sometimes being little doesn't mean being small."  The students wrote about what this quote meant to them and their pledge to do something kind for others in honor of September 11th.  




Week of September 10th

Posted on Sep 10, 2018

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  We have another short, but busy week here in 4th grade.  

Language Arts-We will continue learning about subjects and predicates.  We will also continue discussing the parts of a paragraph and the structure of expository writing.  We are also working on color coding paragraphs and writing our own piece about our favorite subject.  

Science-As we finish up our study of graphs, we will continue using data to create our own bar and line graphs this week.  We have our graphing quiz on Tuesday. 

Spelling-We are on Unit 3 this week, and our test will be on Thursday.

*Students who brought in a donation may participate in a red, white, and blue out of uniform day on Tuesday, September 11th.

**There is no school for students on Friday, September 14th.  Enjoy the extended weekend, and have fun at Fisher Fest!

4th Grade: Week of September 4th

Posted on Sep 04, 2018

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend!  Thank you to everyone who came out to our Back to School Night last week.  It was so nice to meet you and talk about what a wonderful year we are going to have!  

We have a short, but busy, week ahead in 4th Grade! 

Language Arts-This week we will continue to study the four types of sentences.  We will also begin learning about complete subjects and predicates.  There will be a quiz on the types of sentences on Friday.  In Writing we will be discussing the parts of a paragraph and the structure of expository writing.

Science-We will continue learning about how to analyze and create graphs.  We will be using data to make our own bar and line graphs this week!  There will be a graphing quiz next Tuesday, September 11th

Spelling-We are on Unit 2 this week, and our test will be on Friday. 

*Our first all school mass will be this Friday, the 7th, at 1:00.  All are welcome to join us!

**Starting this week and continuing until Monday, September 10th, SJF  be doing a collection contest in honor of September 11th.  Contributions are greatly appreciated and can win us a “Patriotic Class Dress Down Day”!


In Science last week, students gathered data from their classmates and used it to create different types of graphs.  We collected data on birthdays, favorite subjects, and how many classmates could roll their tongues (just to name a few).  In Language Arts, we discussed the characteristics of the different types of writing, and we looked for clue words and evidence as we analyzed prompts. Here are some pictures from our work last week!