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Mrs. Laura Kovatch, Fourth Grade

Hi! My name is Laura Kovatch and I teach fourth grade Language Arts and Spelling. This is my fourteenth year here at St. John Fisher, and I feel so lucky to be part of such a wonderful school community. Outside of school, I love to travel and spend time with my family, especially my beautiful daughter Katelyn. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year together! 

Week of September 28th

Posted on Sep 28, 2020

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Here is some information for this week in ELA and Science.

ELA- This week we will finish up learning about subjects and predicates.  We have a subject and predicate quiz on Tuesday.  We will then move on to discussing the four types of sentences.  Also, in class this week the students will be working on the final copies of their “Favorite Place to Visit” pieces.  Final copies are due on Friday. 

Science-We will continue our study of plant adaptations this week.  We will learn about how plants react to different things in their environments and how this helps them survive.  We will be reading about some specific plants and investigating how they survive in their specific environments.  Next week, we will use this information in a fun activity called “Who Would Win?”, where we put different plants head-to-head in different environments and decide which would survive best.

Have a great week!

Week of September 21st

Posted on Sep 21, 2020

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  We had a great first full week of school last week!  We got to stretch our legs (and arms) as we practiced identifying simple and complete subjects in Language Arts class.  We also enjoyed some classes outdoors!






A look at this week:

Language Arts- This week we will continue learning about simple and complete predicates.  We will also discuss compound subjects and predicates.  In Writing, we have been discussing the parts of a strong paragraph and some pre-writing/planning strategies. We will put all that we learned to use this week as we plan and write about our favorite places to go.  *Next Tuesday, the 29th, we will have a quiz on all simple and complete subjects and simple and complete predicates. 


Science- This week we will be studying some adaptations that plants have that help them survive in different environments!  *We will have an open-notebook quiz on Wednesday.  Included on the quiz will be our Plant Vocabulary words and the six parts of a plant we have learned about and their jobs.  I have added the vocabulary and the jobs below and will also post them in our Science Google Classroom.

Have a wonderful week!

Vocabulary Words

  • Adaptation-a trait that helps a living thing survive in its environment.
  • Photosynthesis-the food-making process in green plants that uses sunlight to make food.
  • Stomata-pores in the bottom of leaves that open and close to let in air or give off water vapor.
  • Transpiration-the loss of water through plants’ leaves.
  • Stimulus-something in the environment that causes living things to respond.
  • Response-a reaction to a stimulus.
  • Tropism-a plant’s response to something in its environment.


Parts of Plants and Their Jobs


  1. Roots-take in water and nutrients from the soil

          -holds the plant in place


  1. Stems-structural support of the plant

          -transportation system of the plant: allows materials to move inside plants


  1. Leaves-the sight of photosynthesis (food production)

            -site of transpiration (release of water into the air)


  1.  Flowers-used for reproduction in most seed plants

              -attract animals to help with pollination

*In some plants pollen is moved by the wind-pollen can be moved by animals, insects, or the wind


  1.  Fruit-protects the seeds of a plant 

        -some appeal to animals which eat them and spread the seeds in their droppings 


  1.  Cones-some seed plants use cones to reproduce instead of flowers (called conifers)

                      -pollen on some cones, others are sticky: wind blows pollen, sticky catches it and then seeds develop


#1-3 help plants meet their needs & carry out life functions

#4-6 help in reproduction

Week of September 14th

Posted on Sep 14, 2020

We had a terrific first week back in the classroom!  The kids really are doing a great job of wearing their masks throughout the day!  I’m really impressed with them!  In our homeroom we read the book “Our Class Is a Family” by Shannon Olsen.  We talked about how our classroom is a place to learn, but also a place where we are all safe to be ourselves and to make mistakes.  We did some activities centered around this book, and we will be using “We Are A Class Family” as our theme for this year.   


Also, in Language Arts last week students presented their "Brown Bag Biographies".  The students did such a good job, and I loved learning some new things about everyone!

We had a wonderful first week!

A Look At This Week:

Language Arts-We will begin learning about subjects and predicates.  In Writing we will be discussing the parts of a paragraph and working to identify those parts in some different writing samples. We will also finish our “First Day in Emojis” writing assignment we started last week.  Final copies are due on Wednesday.

Science-We will begin learning about the structures and functions of plants, and we will discuss the different things they need to survive. 

Have a nice week!




Week of September 8th

Posted on Sep 08, 2020

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I am so excited to begin our new school year!  I really enjoyed meeting everyone at orientation last week and am looking forward to getting to know everyone better.  We are off to a great start!  This week we will begin a regular schedule of “switching” classes, and we will be getting right to work in all of our subjects! In Language Arts, students have been assigned a “Brown Bag Biography” project.  Directions were sent home on Tuesday, and students will share with their class on Thursday.  I am really looking forward to seeing the presentations and learning more about everyone! 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  You can email me at, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year together!

Below is a copy of the 4th Grade Welcome Letter we emailed previously, in case you missed it.  Have a terrific week!  


August 2020


Dear Fourth Grade Parents, 


We are honored to have the privilege of teaching your fourth grade student this school year. The next nine months promise to be ones of excitement, discovery, and challenge as we guide these curious and motivated students to academic achievement in all subject areas.  This year may be different than years past and will present some new challenges to us all, but together we will work through them and have a terrific year!


The fourth graders will have Mrs. Kovatch for Language Arts and Science, Mrs. Sullivan for Math, Mrs. Hughes for Reading, and Mrs. Namoff for Religion, Social Studies, and Spelling.  

We will continue with the Go Math series this year. The curriculum includes interactive lessons and technological supports for the students. The students will have a username and password to log-on and access the series’ webpage.  Also, regular flashcard practice of all four math operations, especially multiplication and division, should be done on an on-going basis. We recommend you practice with your child several times a week. 

In Reading class this year, we will be using our new school-wide series, Into Reading.  Our curriculum will focus on short stories within the reader, which will help students develop strategies to reinforce and teach skills necessary for reading and comprehension success.  


English class will focus on an increased study of the parts of speech and punctuation. The students’ writing skills will also be enhanced through a variety of writing projects designed to increase their ability to write narrative, descriptive, opinion/persuasive, and expository reports. 


The Religion series provides a combination of engaging bible stories, profiles of saints, morality lessons, and prayer to foster the spiritual development of every child.


In Science class this year, students will be learning about many exciting topics including: Plant and Animal Adaptations, The Human Body, Types of Energy, and the Solar System. 


Social Studies class will begin with a study of the geography of the world and map skills. Students will also learn about the geography of the United States, including a study of our country’s regions and the fifty states, as well as their capitals. This year, students will also study the history of our country and our state. 


Spelling tests will be given every Friday, and Handwriting will be an important skill practiced throughout the year in individual cohorts. 


Students will receive a copy of their specials schedule at our upcoming orientation days. 


This year we will not be utilizing weekly folders, so please check your child’s eight-pocket folder daily for any graded papers and check Powerschool regularly to stay updated on your child’s progress.  


               A new and exciting change is that Chromebook computers will be assigned to each fourth grade student for the upcoming school year!  The Chromebooks won’t be available at the start of the year, but should be available by the beginning of October.  Since our students will be working with these devices this year, all of the 4th grade students will be receiving a Google email account, and all of the teachers have created Google Classrooms for each of the subjects they teach.  Even though their devices won’t be available right away, we would like all of the students to log-in to their accounts and join all of their classes as soon as possible.  Having all of the students logged-in to their classes will be vital, should we need to transition to remote learning. We will provide you with your child’s account information and detailed instructions for getting logged-in and joining classes during the first week of school.   


For email communication this year, teachers will be using their Google accounts. This way, students and parents can both email teachers directly.  Our email addresses are:  Mrs. Kovatch-, Mrs. Sullivan-, Mrs. Hughes-, Mrs. Namoff-  Please feel free to email us at any time with any questions or concerns.  

               We look forward to an exciting and fulfilling year with your student!



Mrs. Kovatch, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Hughes, and Mrs. Namoff


Welcome Back 2020-2021

Posted on Sep 02, 2020

Welcome back to another wonderful year at SJF!  My name is Laura Kovatch, and I will be your child's teacher for English and Science.  I can’t wait to get the year started and to get to know all of our new 4th graders!  This year may be a bit different than years past, but it will still be a terrific one!  The 4th graders will be learning many new and exciting things, and I know we will make many awesome memories together!  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at  I look forward to working together to make this year great!   I am so excited to meet everyone at orientation and to start our year together!  Have a wonderful weekend!