Week of September 4th

Posted on Sep 05, 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend! 

Language Arts-This week we will continue reviewing the four types of sentences.  We will have a quiz next Tuesday, the 12th.  We will also start discussing complete subjects and predicates. Finally, we will begin our first vocabulary unit this week. 

Science-We will continue our review of matter and the study of mass, volume, and density this week. There will be a quiz on Friday. 

Spelling-We are on Unit 3 this week, and we will have a test on Friday. 

Have a wonderful week!

Last week in science class, the students had the opportunity to go to the science lab.  Here are some pictures of our 4th grade scientists working in the lab.  We learned all about the different equipment and vocabulary that scientists use in their investigations.  The students were so excited to be working in the lab!