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Mrs. Delphine Maxwell, Technology





Fall Blog 2018

Posted on Oct 01, 2018

Happy fall!  We’ve had a great start to the school year in computer class.  We have completed our Internet Safety classes for Grades K through 6th in the past six weeks.  Some of the many topics that we discussed were “How to be Safe online” and “Why not to share Personal Information.”   In addition to Cyber bullying and Scamming and Scheming”. We had some great discussions.

Our Preschoolers have adjusted so well to using desktop Computers. Some of the non-mouse users have grasped the concept of moving the mouse around and clicking to make the computer advance to the next screen instead of actually trying to touch the monitor to make things happen.

We have introduced Reflex Math to our 2nd – 4th Grade students.  Reflex is a program to assist students in mastering their basic Math facts.  Teacher can access Reflex in the classrooms by using the iPads and we will also occasionally log onto Reflex for computer time.

We will begin Interim Aspire Testing for Grades 3rd- 6th during Computer Class time for the next couple of weeks.

First Grade will begin to work on their keyboarding skills using a couple different programs. Our Second graders will learn how to research various topics using Google and will transfer they’re information into Microsoft Word. They’re first paragraph will be on an animal that they would like to have for a pet and we will then carve a virtual pumpkin and write a short paragraph describing their pumpkin. Third Grade will be taking the Interim ACT Aspire test in the computer lab.  We will also begin brushing up on some of their Microsoft Word skills and learn many more.

Our 4th graders are getting acquainted with using Google Apps. They have received user names and passwords a few weeks ago and will start a project using Google Slides and Google Docs by creating a Slide presentation, “All About Me”. I think they have actually enjoyed the fact that they don’t have to carry around a flash drive any longer. Google Apps just saves as you type.

5th Grade will also be taking the Interim ACT Aspire tests.  We will then begin Coding Lessons.  6th Grade will be taking the Interim ACT Aspire.  Once completed, they will begin to research two presidents to write a Compare and Contrast Essay.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding curriculum and technology!

Back to School - 2018

Posted on Aug 21, 2018

Welcome to the start of the 2018-2019 school year.  I am looking forward to having another great year with your child. 

We will begin our year by reviewing the rules of the computer labs and the Acceptable Use Policy.  From there, we will jump right into our Internet Safety Lessons. Each grade level will cover different areas of Internet Safety, from Going Places Safely online, Private & Personal Information,Talking Safely Online to What is Cyberbullying.  Our curriculum is based on Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship.

Our preschool and Kindergarten students will begin by learning a little about the computers (desktops) that they will be accessing week after week, maneuvering the mouse always seems to be the toughest task.  The use of our iPads are also part of their curriculum. We have a number of different education apps specific to our PK and Kindergarten students that they will love to use.

Please be sure to send headphones for primary grades and earbuds for grades 2nd or 3rd grade and above. We will no longer provide headphones.

Looking forward to a great school year.