7th & 8th Grade Religion-Week of Sept. 30th

Posted on Sep 28, 2019

It' s hard to believe, but we are quickly approaching the half-way mark of the first trimester.  On Friday, Oct. 4th, both parents and students are encouraged to log on to Power School and check students' updated academic progress thus far for this first trimester.  Parents, please use this opportunity to compliment your child's academic accomplishments as well as offer encouragement in areas where stronger efforts may be necessary.  


Picture Day is Tuesday, Oct. 1st

Special lunch is Wednesday, Oct. 2nd

***7th Grade Religion***

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This week, we will be starting chapter 3 in our Blest Are We textbook and will be discussing mortal sin and venial sin. We will also be discussing our conscience and how it guides us into making good decisions based upon the values and virtues of our Catholic faith.  We will also be discussing the ways in which our conscience is formed and how the formation of our conscience is an "ongoing process" that continues throughout our lifetime.

***All students should be working on completing their FIVE hours of required service for this first trimester.

***8th Grade Religion***

This week we will be starting Chapter 3 in our Church History textbook. This chapter discusses the four ecumenical councils and their contributions to Christianity.  We will learn about  the Emperor, Constantine, and the ways he supported and contributed to the growth of Christianity.  The corrected chapter 2 tests were returned and reviewed with the students last Thursday in class.

***All students should continue to work on their EIGHT hours of required service for this first trimester.