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Mrs. Maura Grochocinski, Junior High Religion

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  I am looking forward to a unique and successful school year with your child.

A little about myself: due to the difficulty in pronouncing my last name, I am known to the SJF students and to many parents as “Mrs. G.”  I live in Most Holy Redeemer parish and my husband and I have been blessed with three wonderful daughters, a son-in-law, and a new grandson, Martin McGrath Guinane.

This year will be my 21st year teaching at Saint John Fisher. I have taught different grades and various subjects throughout the years. I have enjoyed teaching religion in the Jr. High for the past eleven years, watching my students grow both academically and spiritually.


7th & 8th Grade Religion-Week of Sept. 28th

Posted on Sep 27, 2020

As we are all privileged to be back at school together, it's important that we remain vigilant about wearing our masks the appropriate way, washing & sanitizing our hands, and keeping the required social distance from one another.  Our Jr. High students have been doing great with these safety measures and we will continue to enforce these safety protocols so that we can continue to remain safely here in the learning environment of SJF.

***Reminder: School pictures will be taken Tuesday, September 29th



***7th Grade Religion***

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This week we will be starting chapter 2 in our Blest Are We book.  This chapter discusses the baptism of Jesus.  We will be discussing the symbols and sacramentals used in the celebration of Baptism as well as the other six sacraments and their significance to our Catholic faith.  The chapter one tests will be returned to the students at the end of this week.

*Students should continue to work on their FIVE hours of required service for this first trimester.


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***8th Grade Religion***


This week, we will be finishing up our review of chapter 2 in our Church History book and will be working on the Chapter 2 study Guide on Monday.  We will be correcting comprehension questions and the study guide Tuesday.  The chapter 2 test is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, September 30th.

*Students should continue to work on their EIGHT hours of required service for this first trimester.


7th & 8th Grade Religion-Week of Sept. 21st

Posted on Sep 20, 2020

I'm happy to say that we are all settling in and getting comfortable with our new routines in the Jr. High. Our Jr. High students have done an exceptional job with wearing their masks and sanitizing their hands throughout the school day. The students do need to continue to work on maintaining a social distance with their classmates and teachers. When the opportunity arises, please reinforce this very important and necessary safety precaution with your child. In order for  ALL of us to remain in school, every necessary safety precaution must be followed by everyone on SJF's school campus.

***7th Grade Religion***

This week we will be completing the chapter review and chapter one study guide for chapter one in our Blest Are We book.  We will be reviewing this week for our test which will be Friday, Sept. 26th.  In order to prepare for this test, students should review their corrected chapter review and study guide, go over class notes written in their religion notebooks, and study their vocabulary flashcards which will be assigned for homework this week.

***Students should continue to work on their FIVE hours of service hours required for this first trimester.


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***8th Grade Religion***

This week will begin working in our Church History book and will be discussing the growth of Christianity throughout the ages. We will be looking at specific time periods and will be noting the progress and challenges that were involved with the growth of Christianity in each of these periods. The first chapter focuses on early missionary activity, the persecutions of Christians, and the Church's response to gnosticism.

*Students should continue to be working on their EIGHT hours of required service for this first trimester.




7th & 8th Grade Religion-Week of Sept. 14th

Posted on Sep 13, 2020

I'm happy to say that I believe week one was a success!  As we moved along our first week, we all became acclimated to the new norms of this school year: wearing our masks, practicing social distancing, and washing & sanitizing our hands.  I am really proud of our SJF students with their diligence in adhering to our new safety guidelines. I'm hoping our students feel well informed and comfortable with both the academic and behavioral expectations of the Jr. High Students which were discussed with them last week in their classes.  Letters to the parents regarding the 7th and 8th grade Religion curriculum and required service are available on my blog under Parent Information

***7th Grade Religion***


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This week we will be starting in out textbook Blest Are We.  We will be discussing the role of the gospel writers, their individual accounts of Jesus' life, and the difference in each of their writing styles.  We will also be discussing the term "oral tradition" and the role it played back in the time of Jesus as well as the role it continues to play in our lives today.

***Students should be working on their FIVE hours of required service for this first trimester.  Service logs were given to the students last week in class. Due to social distancing and the constraints it has placed upon social interaction, students may complete 2 of their 5 required service hours at home, helping with projects and extraordinary tasks.



***8th Grade Religion***

Called to Love – Denise Marks Blog


This week we will be discussing this year's school theme "We Are Called."  We will be making posters in class that will reflect our theme.  These posters will  illustrate the many ways we are called to be children of God and will show the actions we must take to love and care for one another.  These posters will then be displayed in the halls of our school to remind all of our SJF students of this year's theme.

We will also be discussing the Nicene Creed.  We will be reviewing and analyzing the statements of beliefs professed in the Nicene Creed.  The students will then be asked to compose their own personal Creed.

***Students should be working on their EIGHT hours of required service for this first trimester. Due to social distancing and the constraints it has placed upon social interaction, students may complete 4 of their 8 required service hours at home, helping with projects and extraordinary tasks.


7th & 8th Grade Religion-2020-2021 Welcome Back!

Posted on Sep 04, 2020

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Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year!  I am excited to have the privilage of teaching religion to our seventh and eighth grade students at SJF and am committed to creating and fostering a positive learning environment in which I see each of my students grow both spiritually and academically. This year will definitely prove to be a unique year, and it will also be a year of celebrating the many accomplishments and milestones achieved by our SJF students. It was great to reunite with our eighth grade students at their orientation this past Thursday.  I'm looking forward to meeting our seventh grade students this Tuesday, Sept. 8th.  
The Jr. High faculty is very excited to have Mrs. Nash, our Principal, leading Saint John Fisher School in spiritual development and academic excellence.  Mrs. Nash has been a role model to us all as she continues to make the necessary safety precautions to our school environment in response to the many challenges presented by COVID-19. We welcome our new faculty members, Mrs. Condon and Mr. Katsulis. They are a wonderful addition to the Jr. High staff!  In this first week of school, I will be discussing our religion curriculum along with the behavioral and academic expectations of our Junior High students.  We will also spend time getting orientated with the new norms of our learning environment.
Effective communication is a very important component of your child's academic and personal success here at St. John Fisher. Please feel free to contact me or any of the other Jr. High teachers with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the school year. 
Please remember that we are all experiencing this challenging year together and we will all do our very best to support and encourage one another to make this a great year for all!



  • This week, we will be dismissing early at 12:45 on both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Students may bring a snack on these days.  As Mrs. Nash mentioned in prior correspondence to our parents, there will be early dismissal each Wednesday at 12:45 and students may bring a snack on these days.
  • Gym uniforms may be worn to school each day until further notice.