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Mrs.Carole Scannell Junior High Reading/Language - 7th

My name is Mrs. Carole Scannell and I am the 7th grade ELA teacher.  I have been a parishioner for more than twenty years, and been involved in a few church activities.  I have taught at a few different schools in the area, but look forward to my new adventure here at St. John Fisher.  My five children are all graduates of St. John Fisher which brings me great pride.

Week of November 25th

Posted on Nov 25, 2019

Welcome back to a short, but busy week!  We have early dismissal on both Monday, 11/25 and Tuesday, 11/26 at 11:30 for Parent Teacher Conferences.  Please be sure to be on time for your assigned time.  Tuesday will also be our Thanksgiving prayer service.  Then you will have family time to enjoy the holiday with rest, food, laughter, and children home to visit!  We should all be so grateful for all the gifts we have been given.

This week in reading, we are going to begin our literary analysis of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, in preparation for our formal book analysis after reading The Giver.  We have finished up and tested on The Christmas Carol, and are working on being able to watch the all time Christmas classic!  In language, we are working with verbs still and we are still practicing predicate nominative, and predicate adjective, before moving on to verb tenses.  On writing, we are finishing up our newspaper articles from the viewpoint of one of the four ghosts.

I am wishing all of you a very peaceful Thanksgiving break...

Week of November 18th

Posted on Nov 18, 2019

Where is the time going?  First trimester is complete and now we head into the second trimester knowing what it is that we need to work harder on...the junior high is going to begin sustained, silent reading during homeroom period to quiet the lunchtime wiggles, so please make sure your child has a book to read!'

This week in reading, we have finished up the short story A Christmas Carol, so now we will begin all of our reading skills.  This week we will be working on connotation and denotation of the vocabulary words and the five different types of conflicts.  In language, we will work with our verbs; linking, helping, and action. Each of these types of verbs have a very important function in the sentence.  In writing, we are finishing up our mythological creatures that went along with our vocabulary unit.

As we begin a new trimester, let us work hard on a daily basis to do our best in all of our subjects.  Again, thank you for all your support!

Week of November 11th

Posted on Nov 11, 2019

Welcome back to a snowy Monday morning!  We have so much going on this week, so I am starting with reminders...This Friday, November 15th at 1:00 is our Veterans Day Celebration, all are welcome.  Also this Friday, November 15th is the end of our first trimester!!!  School picture retakes are also on Friday, November 15th.  We are having a dress down day for our Honor Flight on that Friday as well:)

Now to school work.  This week in reading we are still working on Act 1 in A Christmas Carol.  We know Scrooge is our main character and that this drama takes place in the 1800's in England.  We are going to cover the parts of a drama this week, along with the tone Charles Dickens chose to write in!  In language, we are finishing up with our nouns and beginning with verbs. In writing, we are finishing up our essay on tradition, and beginning our essay on Veterans Day.  I have been reminding the students that all missing assignments need to be turned in, please remind them as well. 

Week of November 4th

Posted on Nov 04, 2019

Happy November!  Time is flying by so quickly...just want to remind everone that our first trimester ends November 15th.  This week in reading I am going to introduce our new short story "The Christmas Carol".  We will discuss the "Poor House" and how people were treated long ago.  We will watch "The Charles Dickens Show" and clips from "Oliver" to compare and contrast how children without parents were treated back then as compared to now.  In language, we are still working on Nouns.. this week we will work with plural nouns, and possessive nouns.  What are the rules that we have to follow in order to use them properly.  In writing, we are going to be writing about traditions in our four paragraph discussion.  Last but not least, we will begin Unit Four in our Vocabulary books.  We have lots to do this week, thanks again for all your support from home.

Hot lunch is Wednesday, 11/6.