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Mrs.Carole Scannell Junior High Reading/Language - 7th

My name is Mrs. Carole Scannell and I am the 7th grade ELA teacher.  I have been a parishioner for more than twenty years, and been involved in a few church activities.  I have taught at a few different schools in the area, but look forward to my new adventure here at St. John Fisher.  My five children are all graduates of St. John Fisher which brings me great pride.

Week of November1st

Posted on Oct 31, 2021

Happy November!!  We start out our week with all school mass on Monday, November 1st. Wednesday, November 3rd is early dismissal at 1:00. Regular lunch that day.  On Thursday, November 4th we have High School Optionds Day 2.  So lots of extra activities to contend with.

In reading we will finish up our Crossover activities.We will work with different connections from the characters to our lives.  We will also do the plot pyramid and questions for comprehension.

In language we are going back to basics with commas, apostrophes and nouns.

In writing, we are peer editing on Monday and printing on Tuesday.  I have a really good feeling about these arguments.  Our next piece that we are going to work on is an INFORMATIONAL piece.  The kids will do some research on our creatures from the sea.  

Just a reminder that our first trimester is coming to an end, so let's work hard and do our best!  Thank you to the 7th grade parents for the wonderful breakfast last Thursday.  It was incredible!

Week of October 25th

Posted on Oct 24, 2021

Fall is here and so is the changing of the seasons! The 7th graders have been very busy in school this past week,  let's continue to work hard.  In reading we are about to enter the Third Quarter of our novel.  We will work on vocabulary and comprehension once again.

In language, we are reviewing adjectives and adverbs. We will put some rules into our interactive notebook and practice at the board.

In writing we are slowly conquering our argumentative piece.  We are arguing why it is a good idea to learn a different language in school. All have chosen different languages and will offer three reasons why their language should be taught.

Week of October 21

Posted on Oct 21, 2021

Dear Parents,

Just want to make all of you aware that today, October 21,2021 we will be practicing Lock Down Drills with the students.  This is to make everyone comfortable with the procedure that needs to take place in case of emergency.  Mrs. Nash will go through the procedure calmly over the PA system this morning.  We wanted to inform the parents  so that they can have a discussion on the importance of listening during the drills.

Thank You

Week of October 18th

Posted on Oct 17, 2021

We are half way through October and time is flying by.  The students have been given their second book report.  They need to find a mystery book and then tape a two minute video all about the book.  We will also have a fire drill this week and do the readings at mass on Friday.  Shout out to Zach Smith and Vinny Stubitsch for doing an excellent job last Friday at mass.

In reading, we will continue reading our novel, work on the vocabulary and questions.  We will begin the second quarter of our story on Tuesday.  

In language, we will follow through on our parts of speech(adjectives, adverbs,prepositions, interjections).

In writing, we will begin to piece together our argumentative piece.  We will go over what we are researching, which is why learning a second language is so important.


Week of October 13th

Posted on Oct 12, 2021

Just an FYI...Our second book report for the trimester has been give (orally) to the students.  They have to pick a mystery book for this one!  They will do a FlipGrid for this one.  A FlipGrid is a two minute movie of themselves with a summary of their book.  These will be sent to me electronically.  Due October 29th.


Week of October 12th

Posted on Oct 11, 2021

Welcome back after a long, restful weekend!  Thank you to all the parents that made it to parent/teacher conferences, it was a nice chance to fill you in on what is happening in the classroom.

This week in reading we will close out Unit One from our literature book with an independent read and paragraph summary and then begin our first novel, Crossover.  This book is divided into quarters like a basketball game,so we will go through the quarters one at a time.  We will cover vocabulary, and the plot along with the questions from each quarter.

In language we will go over the four types of sentences and continue on with our parts of speech.  We will put rules into our interactive notebooks and then practice.  

In writing we are moving on to argumentative writing.  The kids did a great job on their explanatory piece!  We will slowly go through the different elements needed for an argument.  This is where all the would be attorneys shine!!!

Week of October 4th

Posted on Oct 03, 2021

Welcome back to October!  7th grade goes by so quickly, enjoy the moments.  This week has a lot going on...Tuesday, 10/5 is school pictures, dress nicely and smile. Wednesday is Parent-Teacher Conferences from 4-7.  Thursday is Parent-Teacher Conferences as well  from 1-7, kids are dismissed at 12:00 so send them with a snack.

This week in reading, we are finishing up Unit One with our article "The Police Stop That Changed a Tennager's Life".  We will do our plot pyramid and vocabulary along with the questions.  On Thursday, we will test on the two stories together.  When we return from  our long weekend, I will start our first novel The Crossover

In language, we are going to play around with CONJUNCTIVE ADVERBS.  We know that adverbs modify the action verb, so these will answer the questions, why, where and how.

In writing, we will finish up our first EXPLANATORY paper.  The students have chosen either the Pro/Con side of technology use in our world today.  We will finish up the concluding paragraph on Monday, and then peer edit to find all the mistakes, and then print them out.