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Mrs.Carole Scannell Junior High Reading/Language - 7th

My name is Mrs. Carole Scannell and I am the 7th grade ELA teacher.  I have been a parishioner for more than twenty years, and been involved in a few church activities.  I have taught at a few different schools in the area, but look forward to my new adventure here at St. John Fisher.  My five children are all graduates of St. John Fisher which brings me great pride.

Week of September 30th

Posted on Sep 26, 2021

A Reminder....Our Book Report is due this Thursday, September 30th.  The children have been working on these for the past week and I expect them to be done well.

Week of September 27th

Posted on Sep 26, 2021

Welcome back after a  nice, long weekend!  This is going to be a full week of school for the kids. In reading we will start our new story called Thank You, M'am by Langston Hughes.  We are going to go over character traits, internal and external conflicts, along with the elements of a short story.

In language, we are going to work on the rules for capitalization. We are also going to work with the able/ible suffix.

In writing, we are working on our explanatory piece.  We are researching two sources to back up our thesis statements about either the pros of technology or the cons of technology.

Finally, we are going to start our small groups this week, working on the elements of a story; the characters, the setting, and the plot.

Week of September 20th

Posted on Sep 20, 2021

Welcome back after Homecoming Weekend!!  I am sure everyone is very tired, but it is time to get the brain waves flowing again...Remember there is no school this Friday, September 24th because teachers have an inservice.

In reading this week our story is on women in aviation.  The women in this story had to fight extra hard to get what they wanted in life; to fly!  We will do our plot pyramid and our questions, along with the vocabulary for this week.I am shooting for our test to be on Thursday.  We will have our first vocabulary test on Thursday as well.  This will consist of our thirteen vocabulary words from Unit One (so far).

In language, our focus will be on verb tenses(past, present, and future).  
In writing, we are working on our first explanatory piece.  We will break it up just like we did for our narrative.  I feel the students understand it better in little chunks which is what we will do.

Week of September 13-17th

Posted on Sep 13, 2021

Just an FYI....

Our first of two book reports have been explained to the 7th graders.   This first book report is on a book of their choosing.  They are to complete the One Pager with all of the instructions by September 30th.

Week of September 13th

Posted on Sep 12, 2021

Welcome back to a very busy week.  On Monday, 9/13 we have our annual Open House.  Start out in the church with Mrs. Nash and then come and visit the classrooms.  On Wednesday, 9/15 we will have our first IReady Test in reading.  Next week we will test in math.  

In reading, we will test on Monday, 9/13 for our myth Icarus.  We will continue to discuss Icarus in our next poem.  This is a perfect time to reintroduce poetry to the kids.

In language, we will work with all of the elements of poetry;  form, line, rhythm, stanza, tone and punctuation.

In writing we have finished our first narrative!  Now we are going to give explanatory writing a try.

Week of September 8th-10th

Posted on Sep 08, 2021

Just an FYI...

Students can wear a touch of red, white, or blue this Friday, September 10th as a reminder of the 9/11 tragedy that occurred 20 years ago.  Students also have the option to wear Falcon wear as well.

Week of September 7th-10th

Posted on Sep 07, 2021

Welcome back after a long, restful weekend.  In reading this week, we are working on the myth Icarus.  We will talk about the elements of a myth and the author's purpose.  We will work on the plot pyramid and the questions.

In language we are still working on coordinate adjectives.  We know that adjectives describe a noun and coordinate adjectives are two in a row, with a comma.  The big, burley man sneezed.

In writing we are working on our narratives.  We will break them into beginning, middle, and the end to make each part easier to write.