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Mrs.Carole Scannell Junior High Reading/Language - 7th

My name is Mrs. Carole Scannell and I am the 7th grade ELA teacher.  I have been a parishioner for more than twenty years, and been involved in a few church activities.  I have taught at a few different schools in the area, but look forward to my new adventure here at St. John Fisher.  My five children are all graduates of St. John Fisher which brings me great pride.

Week of January 31st

Posted on Jan 29, 2022

Welcome to Catholic Schools Week 2022!!!  This week will be filled with fun and togetherness!  Please check Mrs. Nash's notes for all of the specifics.  I am sending home a note that needs to be signed by parents regarding our Formal Book Analysis.  I am also sending home the directions so that you can read them over.  We will work on this during class so that I can guide them into it, but the students will have to finish up on their own.  This is a great way to teach time management!!

In reading, we will hopefully finish our novel.  This week we will work on conflict and the difference between the protagonist and the antagonist.  All of the skills that the students will need to write this paper have been taught.  This is a good way to practice.

Thanks for all of your support!

Week of January 24th

Posted on Jan 24, 2022

This week will be a full week with lots of activities!  Our second book report for second trimester is due on Friday, 1/28.  

In reading, we will continue to read our novel, Peak,  and we will work on comprehension and vocabulary.  We wiill also work on a poem called I Am Everest.

In language we are going to work on similes, and personification.  We will go back through the novel and find different examples.

Week of January 18

Posted on Jan 15, 2022

Welcome back from a long, restful long weekend!  This week will be short, but filled with lots of activities.

In reading, we will continue reading our novel Peak.  We are on Camp 4 which is pages 67-92.  We will work on the new vocabulary and the comprehension questions.  We will also have our first vocabulary test on the words we have gone through so far.

In language, we will work with the metaphors that Roland Smith throws into the story, also cause/effect too.

In writing, we will do a little something with Martin Luther King Jr. to celebrate his birthday.  

Week of January 10th

Posted on Jan 09, 2022

Welcome back for our first full week of school in 2022!  We have lots going on this week, especially on Friday with our mid-trimester progress reports.  Any child who has some D's and or F's will be contacted by both teachers and admin. In IReady we are starting week 12 and on bellringers, we are on week 16.

In reading, we have begun our second trimester novel, Peak.  This story tells of the adventures of Peak Marcello who is a 14 year old boy who attempts to climb Mt. Everest with his dad.  We will have vocabulary and comprehension questions along with our language skills all aimed at this story!

In writing, the students should be working on their book report which is due January 28th.  When we finish this novel, we will be working on our Formal Book Analysis.  I will send home the step by step instructions of how to do this when we get close to the end of the novel.


Week of January 5th

Posted on Jan 05, 2022

Welcome back to 2022!  The year came in like a lion and we will continue with that...First, we will work on our newest book report for second trimester.  I will give the students the directions tomorrow, but they can start working on it immediately.  They can choose a book of their choice, and follow my directions.  I told them this before break, so hopefully they have been reading during these past two weeks.

In reading, we wiill start our second novel, Peak,   which is about a 7th grader who will attempt to climb Mt. Everest.  We will still work on vocabulary, and comprehension as we read this together.  We will do our big writing project on this story!  Even though our week is short, we are headed towards success as we read this new adventure.

Our writing project called our Formal Book Analysis will be done once we finish our novel.  We will take all of the elements of a plot pyramid and break it down into doable pieces.  I will send all of the directions home once we finish the story.

Thank you again for all of your support and kindness!  Before you blink, these wonderful kids will be the leaders of our school.