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Mrs Judy Vittori First Grade

Week Of January 14th

Posted on Jan 14, 2019

Math- We continue to use extra math to practice our math facts.  We will be starting Mad Minute 3x a week.  It is another way for them to challenge themselves to increase their math facts as the weeks go on.  We talked about, it is a challenge for yourself, not a race against the class. 

Silent Reading- “A Good Fit Book”  We have been focusing on picking a “Good Fit Book” & reading it daily for 5-6 minutes during Silent Reading.  I am so proud of the independent readers they are becoming.  I have noticed some children cannot keep their nose out of their book.  This is awesome!! The more they read the more they know.  Reading & Writing do go hand and hand!!


Week of Janury 14th  – January 18th

Religion-   Baptism & Saint of the Day

Phonics-  Contractions

                 Review blends at beginning of words & final consonant blends            

Reading- Main Idea, Retelling, Nouns, Writing, Journaling, Rhyming Words,

                Focus Skill: Character

                Sight words:  ( again, please, read, say, word Test- Friday,  01/18)

                 Homework: Practice Sight Word List

                                      Read “I Can Read” and “Rex & Lilly”

Spelling-  clap, drop, spot, trip, sled, drum (Test- Friday, 01/18)

Math:   Chapter 5 “Addition & Subtraction”  Fact Families

             HOMEWORK:  Workbook page

Science-  Penguins & Polar Bears

Social Studies- Penguins and Polar Bears

Centers-( Theme Based)  Phonics, Writing, Math, Art, Listening Center



Monday:  Gym

Tuesday: Church

Wednesday: Art/Library---

Thursday:  Computers

Friday:  Music


Student of the Week:

Happy Birthday –  


“You never FAIL until you stop trying”

Albert Einstein