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Mrs Judy Vittori First Grade

Week of November 12th

Posted on Nov 13, 2018

Wednesday- report cards go home.  Please sign and return the brown envelope.  You keep the report card.

Please go online to schedule an appointment for Parent- Teacher Conferences.

Recess:  Please have your child dress for the weather.  Hats, gloves, & jacket.  Please LABEL ALL items!  We will try to go outside, even if it it 10 minutes and back in for indoor recess the remainder.  Everyone needs the fresh air and running around.


Week of November 12th – November 16th

Religion-  We are Thankful for God & Others; Saint of the Day

Phonics-  Review Consonant Letters

                 Review  Uu, Aa, Ii, Ee, Oo (short)

                 Plural “S”  Words ending in S

                 Adding “ing” & “s” to the end of a word

                 Short Vowel Words (Blending)

Reading- Main Idea, Retelling, Nouns, Writing, Journaling, Rhyming Words,

                Focus Skill: Compare & Contrast

                 Sight words: by, eat, sing, stop, them   (Quiz Friday 11/16)

                 Homework: Practice Sight Word List & read “A  Big Job”        

                 & “Sweet Potato Pie”

Spelling-  hot, not, got, mop, hop, top  (Test Friday 11/16)

Math:  Introduction to Chapter 4 Subtraction Concepts.  Count Back, Addition to Subtraction.,   Continue addition math facts

             HOMEWORK:  Subtraction Workbook Pages

Science-  Thanksgiving

Social Studies- Thanksgiving

Centers-( Theme Based)  Phonics, Writing, Math, Art, Listening Center



Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Church

Wednesday: Art/Library— (REPORT CARDS)

Thursday: Computers—

Friday: Music

Student of the Week: Jackson Schiesl

Happy Birthday –  Jackson Schiesl ( November 23rd)


“You never FAIL until you stop trying”

Albert Einstein