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Mrs. Karen Ade, Second Grade

Hello! My name is Karen Ade. This is my 2nd year teaching at Saint John Fisher and I'm very excited to be working with your children in second grade. I grew up on the SouthSide and attended Queen of Martyrs and Mother McAuley High School. I love the Cubs, Notre Dame and pretty much all sports. I have three boys who all attend St. John Fisher. Ryan is in 4th and my twins Sean and Brennan are in 2nd.  I can't wait to meet all of you and I look forward to a very exciting year!

Week of October 21st

Posted on Oct 21, 2019

Week of October 21st

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. It was nice to see so many of you at the beautiful mass Sunday to recognize the second graders. I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather we had. It is safety week here at SJF and we have many drills planned. Please see below for more details. 

  • On Wednesday. Please sign your child’s planner

  • Tuesday we are having a lock down drill

  • Wednesday we have safe routes ambassadors coming to talk about safety while crossing the street

  • Friday we are having a bus evacuation drill

For the rest of the week, the info to know is as follows:


Math- We will working on Chapter 3; Addition and subtraction. Homework will be Monday-Thursday. Please continue to practice addition/subtraction with your child.

Spelling- The Spelling words for this week are as follows:long, bank, hang, wink, sink, drink, ring, wing, sing, king, another, around, almost, food, and under. If children use capital letters inappropriately, or write letters backwards, the word will be marked wrong. Homework on Monday is 4X each

Reading- The students will be reading Fury Mouse and Two Mice. The students should read Two Mice for homework on Wednesday. Every Friday, the kids will take a vocabulary/comprehension quiz that I will take for a grade out of 10 points.  Along with our weekly quizzes, we will also be doing 1 extended response question. The children and I will be doing these together for a while.  You will start to see the acronym SLAM. Don’t forget about accelerated reading tests. Students are required to pass 4 tests each month (70% or higher.) Students can take quizzes before or after school in the library, or in our room during reading class. The kids are really excited about this. Reading each and every night will help your child prepare. I will be taking a grade each month for AR. If students pass 4 tests in a month, they will earn 40/40. If they only pass 3 tests, their score will be 30/40 and so on. is a great FREE site where kids can take practice tests.


Religion- We will start working on Chapter 4: We praise and thank God. 

Language Arts- We will continue working on different types of nouns. Testis tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday the 30th

Social Studies-We will begin working on Unit 2; The Earth

Science- We will finish classifying living/nonliving things


Please feel free to email me with any questions. Looking forward to a great week ahead. I am here at 7:30 every morning if your child needs help with something just email me the night before to make sure I do not have a meeting

Karen Ade