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Mrs. Margie Sefcik, Third Grade

Hi!  My name is Mrs. Margie Sefcik and I am so excited to be teaching 3rd. grade!  This is my second year at St. John Fisher and I can't wait to welcome your child to room 216!  I come from a family that is passionate about teaching including my husband and 3 sisters (one being Mrs. Regnier).  I graduated from St. Linus, Richards H.S. and St. Xavier University.  I am married to Kevin for 26 years and have 3 boys named Zach, Luke, and Cal.  In my free time I love to spend time outside, read, and watch my boys play baseball.  It will be a fun and exciting year working with an amazing 3rd grade team.

Week of June 7th

Posted on Jun 07, 2021

We MADE It!!!  The last week of third grade is here!  I absolutely cannot believe this crazy year is wrapping up, and in five days I say goodbye to my first 3rd grade class!  It was not always easy, but I truly enjoyed each and every one of the kids in this class.  They each brought a different dynamic and every single one of them is special to me.  I thank you for all the kindness and generosity you have shown me throughout the year.  I was so lucky to have been blessed with such supportive families.  I know it’s the final count down, but we have a lot to do this week as we celebrate everything we have accomplished!  We will be wrapping up our novel, The One and Only Ivan and will complete our Chicago unit – The reports and presentations were beyond my expectations!  We will continue on with a little work in Geometry and writing.  We'll also pray the Rosary in class along with many additional activities planned. Have a wonderful week!

Spirit Week – A Class Tag message was sent with details.

 Devices and chargers are due to school by Tuesday. 

Fat Tommy’s Hot dog Day – Tuesday

Track and Field Day - Thursday

Last Day of School – Friday – 10:30 Dismissal



Week of June 1st

Posted on Jun 01, 2021

Happy Tuesday! Happy June! I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend and the lovely weather. I am forever grateful to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, especially Conner Lowry, a former student of SJF.  We are down to the final 9 days of third grade! Believe it or not, we have a lot to accomplish this week and next. In spelling we will have a review list. We are reading The One and Only Ivan together as a class. We will wrap up Chapter 10 in Math and do some work in Chapter 12 - Two Dimensional Shapes - while reviewing previously taught math concepts. We will continue learning about Chicago and listen to the presentations created by the kids throughout the week in Social Studies. Writing and review of grammar concepts will be reviewed in English. The Rosary will be prayed and mass will be attended today. Let your kids know if you have any special intentions. Clearly, the year's not over until it is over. Let's Finish Strong! 

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 who Graduate on Sunday!

Rainbow Cone Day on Thursday!

Fat Tommy's Special Lunch Due by Friday.

Please round up any Library or Classroom Library Books and return by Friday.

Have a wonderful week!

Week of May 24th

Posted on May 27, 2021


What a beautiful weekend! I hope you were able to enjoy some outdoor activities and spend time with your families! While we are down to only 3 weeks left of third grade, we still have some work to do!

This is what is on the agenda this week…

Spelling – The words have –le, -al, -el, and –er endings. The test will be Friday.

Reading – The story is called Compay Mono and Comay Jicotea. This is a folktale and the students will find the moral or lesson learned. The open book test will be on Friday.

English – We are continuing our work with pronouns and reviewing previous lessons.

Math – We will focus on measuring with a ruler, measuring liquids and measuring mass.

Social Studies – We are working on our Chicago unit. The project is due on Thursday. Detailed instructions were sent home last Tuesday, May 18th. We have also gone over the expectations several times in class.

*Special Notes*

*The Breast Cancer Walk is this Friday, May 28th.

*Prepaid Rainbow Cone orders are due May 31st

Have a wonderful week!

Week of May 17th

Posted on May 17, 2021

Happy Monday!  I cannot believe how fast the days are going by!  We’re down to just 4 weeks left of third grade!  I’m so proud of the self-discipline and hard work the kids have been showing in these final days!  KEEP IT UP!!!  We have a full and busy week here in class.  In spelling our words contain a double consonant and have 2 syllables – Test Friday.  In Reading we will be reading Cinder Al and the Stinky Footwork, a fairy tale resembling Cinderella.  We will work on author’s craft and comparing and contrasting.  The study of pronouns and writing will continue in English.  We have some very strong writers in here and it’s fun to read their work!  Elapsed time and measuring volume and mass is on the agenda in Math.  I know telling “time” can be difficult for some, take some time to quiz your kids in real life situations.  What time is practice?  When is it over?  How long will you be there?   The history of Chicago has our full attention in Social Studies.  The kids have been asking good questions and are very interested!  In Religion we will honor Mary and pray the rosary. 

We will take the I-ready MATH assessment on Tuesday, please make sure devices are fully charged! 

Have a wonderful week!

Week of May 10th

Posted on May 10, 2021

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms of room 216!  Thank you very much for the gift cards and other thoughtful gifts last week - I certainly felt appreciated and am so grateful to have such a kind and generous class!

This is what to expect this week…

Spelling – Our words will have vowel, consonant, consonant, vowel patterns.

Reading- Tell a Tale is the new theme for the next three stories. Our story this week is called When the Giant Stirred. We will focus on compare/contrast and figurative language. An AR must be completed by Friday.

English – We will begin pronoun work and continue to review all the components we have learned and put them into our writing. 

Math – We will wrap up the chapter 9 test and begin chapter 10. It  will focus on time, length, volume and mass.

Social Studies – The students will create a timeline with the information they learn about the history of Chicago.  We will finish the novel I Survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1877.

*A final book order will be sent home today and will be due Saturday, May 15th

Have a fantastic week!

Week of May 3rd

Posted on May 03, 2021

Happy Monday!  Happy May!  I hope you all enjoyed the weekend – I was told  Communion was beautiful and what a gorgeous day for it  - congratulations to all who received the sacrament!  We have a busy week here in third grade!  In spelling we will be reviewing words that have the /j/ & /s/ sound – Test Friday.  We will be reading an informational text, It’s Our Garden, while focusing on the skills of text structure and content-area words in Reading.  We wrapped up Science for the year and will begin the study of our great city, Chicago, in Social Studies.  Comparing and ordering fractions will continue in Math – we will be testing later in the week.  So many of the kids have been working so hard in Reflex – Way to Go - Let’s finish strong!   A few writing assignments are in the plans for English.  On Tuesday we will celebrate mass as a class and on Friday we will watch the eighth graders crown Mary! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you incredible moms!  Your kids are SO blessed to have you!  Enjoy your special day on Sunday!  Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday – Dress in Red – Out of Uniform to support Special Olympics  

Friday – 11:30 Dismissal    

Week of April 26th

Posted on Apr 26, 2021

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and were able to celebrate the Earth in some way!  It’s hard to believe it's the last week of April!  I have no idea where the time is going, but I do know that we have a full and busy week here in Room 216.  Our Spelling list has words spelled with “ough” and “augh” – Test Friday.  In Reading we will be reading How Do You Raise a Raisin?  This is informational text, and we will focus again on figurative language and text/graphic features.  Comparing fractions is up next in Math - now is when the importance of knowing those multiplication facts comes through.  I know fractions can be a difficult concept; I am here if your child needs any extra help.  Adverbs, writing, and review of all grammar lessons will continue in English.  A study guide for Science went home with the kids last Thursday – The Chapter 10 test is scheduled for Wednesday.  Please be sure your child is getting their iReady assignments, Reflex and AR's done each week. Thank You for all you do to help keep them on track and motivated.  Have an awesome week!

Congratulations to the second graders as they make their First Holy Communion on Saturday - Looks like they will have a beautiful day!


Week of April 19th

Posted on Apr 19, 2021

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  It's hard to believe we're in mid April already!  We have a busy week ahead in room 216.  Our Spelling list contains base words that end in the suffixes er and ful - test Friday.  We move into Module 9: From Farm to Table - and will be reading the story How Did that Get in My Lunchbox?  We will focus on central idea and context clues.  An AR is due by Friday morning and 40 minutes of iReady Reading should be completed by the end of the week.  The study of adverbs will continue in English, and we will complete an Earth Day project and writing assignment.  Chapter 8 will be wrapped up in Math and a test will be given mid-week.  Chapter 9 will consist of comparing fractions. 40 minutes of iReady Math and 2 days of Reflex to the green light should be completed by the end of the week. Changes in matter and physical/chemical changes will be further explored in Science.  A study guide will be sent home on Thursday for the next test.  Our Third Grade Class will be attending mass on Tuesday morning.  We are down to the last 8 weeks of school!  The weather is getting nicer and activities are picking up, but we need to stay focused and finish strong!  Have a wonderful week and thank you for all you do!

Week of April 12th

Posted on Apr 12, 2021

Happy Monday!  Welcome Back!!  I hope you ALL had an amazing Spring Break and feel reset, rejuvenated, and ready for our final nine weeks of third grade!  (Can you believe it?)  As we recover from the break, we will use this week to ease back into our normal routines.  In Spelling our words all contain changing the y to an i and adding es, ed, er or est -  test Friday.  We will learn a little more about Thomas Edison in Edison’s Best Invention, an opinion piece, and will form our own opinions in ReadingDon’t forget - an AR must be completed by Friday. In English we will begin work on adverbs as we review all grammar lessons.  Fractions will be continued in Math – PLEASE be sure your child is completing Reflex to the green light at least twice a week!   More about Matter and Changes in Matter will be discussed in Science.  It was so nice hearing about all the fun things the kids did over Spring Break!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Week of March 29th

Posted on Mar 29, 2021

Happy Monday!  We began Holy Week yesterday with Palm Sunday, and we will continue to reflect on God’s great love for us as we move through the rest of this week.  Only 3 and ½ more school days until SPRING break!  I know the kids are excited about the break, but first we need to focus on a few important things in class. We will read about the history of the bicycle in a story called The Bumpy Ride and work on story elements. No AR is due this week. We will be working on our Diamante poem in English. Fractions will be further discussed in Math as we also review other skills.  A Science test is scheduled for Thursday morning – the study guide should have been brought home on Friday.  Our Stations of the Cross booklet will be worked on as we walk with Jesus during this holiest of weeks in the Catholic Church.  The kids have been so thoughtful in this activity.  SOAR has planned an egg hunt, a prayer service will be held on Wednesday, and we will soon be ready for a wonderful week off! 

THANK YOU TO ALL FOR THE AMAZING DONATIONS TO PRO Labore Dei – The generosity of this class is remarkable!


I look forward to seeing the kids back in class on Monday April 12th!

Week of March 22nd

Posted on Mar 22, 2021

Happy Spring! I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! This is our last full week before Holy Week and we will be busy.

Spelling – Our words will have prefixes and suffixes. The students will be tested on Friday.

Reading – This week’s story is titled Rosie Revere Engineer and the genre is narrative poetry. We will work on informational text and the students will complete a character analysis. The open book test will be on Friday. An AR must be completed by Friday morning.

English – We are comparing with adjectives and we will write a diamante poem.

Math – We are completing the test on area and perimeter. We will begin fractions on Tuesday. A timed multiplication quiz will be on Wednesday.

Science – We have learned about mass, density and matter. We will make predictions on an experiment this week. Our final lesson will be on solids, liquids, and gasses.  The study guide will be sent home on Friday and the test will be next week.

Religion – The children are working on their Lenten Journey and we are beginning to discuss Holy Week and Easter.

*Reminder:  20 minutes of iReady in both Math and Reading should be done on  Wednesdays after school.  This will now count for a grade in both subjects.

Have a great week!

Week of March 15th

Posted on Mar 16, 2021

Hello and welcome to the third trimester! Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate for the day off, but I still hope you had a nice weekend. This is what you can expect this week in room 216:

Spelling – Our words will have the –ed and –ing endings. The test will be on Friday.

Reading –The story we will be reading this week is a biography called Timeless Thomas. We will be working on timelines. The open book test will be Friday.

English – We are continuing our work with adjectives, articles and comparing words. We will also practice our paragraph writing when given a topic.

Math – The students will complete the chapter on area and perimeter. The two part test will be on Friday and Monday.

Science – We will be switching back from Social Studies to Science. The students will understand the terms matter, mass, and volume.

Religion – We will have mass on Tuesday and continue on our Lenten Path. We'll be finishing up our Glory Be project as well.

*Special Notes

Wear a touch of green on Wednesday for St. Patrick’s Day.

Wear a touch of red on Friday for St. Joseph’s Day.

Report cards will go home Tuesday, March 16th.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day and a wonderful week!



Week of March 8th

Posted on Mar 08, 2021

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy the nice weather. This is what to expect in Room 216 this week…

Spelling – Our words will have the oo sound. Our test will be on Friday.

Reading –The story we are going to read this week is called The Storyteller’s Candle. The genre of this story is historical fiction. The students will use context clues to interpret the meaning of Spanish words. The open book test will be on Friday. An AR quiz must be completed by Friday morning.

English – We will work with adjectives that compare.

Math – We will continue our work with area and perimeter. A timed quiz on multiplication facts will be given on Thursday.

Social Studies – The students received their study guide last Wednesday - the test will be on Tuesday.

It’s hard to believe we will be starting the third trimester this week. I am so proud of my students and the growth they have shown! Have a wonderful week!

Week of March 1st

Posted on Mar 01, 2021

I don’t know if it is just me but February flew by!  A very belated thank you for the beautiful flowers I received for Valentine’s Day - they truly brightened my day! Now that March is upon us the second trimester will end on the 10th. This is what to expect in Room 216 this week:

Spelling – Our words are irregular plural words. The test will be on Friday.

Reading – The story this week is called Energy Island. This is a narrative nonfiction story and we will focus on point of view, text features and making inferences. The open book test will be on Friday. An AR must be completed by Friday morning.

English – We have been working on adjectives.  We are going to review articles and adjectives that compare.

Math – We are going to jump ahead to chapter 11 which includes perimeter and Area. We feel it is important for the children to become familiar with geometry before the standardized testing takes place in April. The students will still take timed tests on their multiplication facts - be sure to keep practicing at home.

Geography – We will be completing our unit on Geography. A quiz on continents, oceans and directions will be on Thursday and the final test will be early next week.

Religion – The students will learn the story of St. Patrick and we will be completing an in class writing project. We have mass on Tuesday at 9:30.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the nice weather!

Week of February 22nd

Posted on Feb 22, 2021

Hi!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend and I am praying for very little snow! This is what we will be doing in room 216 this week:

Spelling – The words this week are compound words and abbreviations.

Reading – Our story is called Farmer Will Allen & The Growing Table and the genre is a biography. The open book test will be on Friday. An AR must be completed by Friday. Please encourage your child to take ARs early in the week.

English – We will work on adjectives. We are also going to practice writing narrative papers. This is something that the students must complete during the Aspire testing.

Math – We will have a timed test on multiplication facts. We will complete chapter 7 and the test will be at the end of this week.

Geography – We will focus on spelling the continents and oceans correctly. We will also work on the cardinal directions. The students will have to identify the continents and oceans and spell them correctly on a test.

Religion – We are going to focus on our Lenten promises. Please pray for the second graders as they make their First Reconciliation this week.

The weather is supposed to be over 32 degrees, so we  are going to head outside for some fresh air. Please have your child dress appropriately.  Have a wonderful week!

Week of February 8th

Posted on Feb 08, 2021

Happy Frigid Monday!!  I hope everyone had a super Super Bowl evening and enjoyed the game, commercials, half-time show, and snacks!  We have a short and busy week here in third grade.  In Spelling we will continue with r-controlled vowel words  - Test Thursday this week.  We will be reading our final story in module 6 - T.J. The Siberian Tiger Cub. Don’t forget an AR will be due by Thursday as well.  Division facts and strategies will be worked on in Math - we will begin taking a weekly timed test.  Remember Reflex is a great tool for the kids to practice with.  Writing and review will take place in English and Geography will be the topic in Social Studies.  On Wednesday the third graders will be taking their 2nd assessment for I-Ready.  Please make sure kids are well rested and eat a hearty breakfast.  Remember we have a 4 day weekend coming up - ENJOY!  Happy Presidents Day!  Have a wonderful week!!


Week of February 1st

Posted on Feb 01, 2021

I hope everyone stayed warm and safe during the snowy weekend!  Hopefully the kids got out and did something fun! Today is the start of Catholic Schools Week and we have many fun activities planned. ! I hope you were able to take a lovely virtual tour of our school!  This is what to expect this week.

Spelling – Our words will have the vowel and r sound.

Reading – Our story is called Octopus Escapes Again! We will focus on using adjectives that compare and reading fluency. The open book test will be on Friday. An AR test must be completed by Friday morning.

English – We will be working on a creative writing paper in class.

Math – We will review multiplication and division and start chapter 7

Social Studies – We will start our geography unit this week. We will focus on the oceans and continents.

Thank you for sending your children to SJF! Have a wonderful week and stay safe!

Don’t forget to check out the online book fair! A form will be sent home today.

Week of January 25th

Posted on Jan 25, 2021

Hello Room 216 Parents,

We are so happy to continue learning in our classroom. This is what to expect this week......

Spelling – Our words will have a vowel and “r” sound. The test will be on Friday.

Reading – The genre of the reading story is narrative nonfiction and fantasy. The story is called This is Your Life Cycle. The open book test will be on Friday. The students should be able to write their answers in a complete sentence. An AR test must be taken by Friday morning. The students can request books from Mrs. Keller at any time by sending her an email.

English – We are continuing to write The Story of Us and reviewing verbs

Science – The students will complete the animal presentations this week. They have been doing an amazing job showing us what they have learned!

Math – We are continuing our work with division and fact families. Please make sure your child is practicing their facts. We will be finishing this chapter by the end of this week.

Religion – We have some activities planned for the upcoming Catholic Schools Week

I hope you have a nice week and there isn’t too much snow to shovel! Be safe and stay healthy!

Mrs. Margie Sefcik

Week of January 19th

Posted on Jan 18, 2021

Good Afternoon!  I hope you are enjoying your day off if you're lucky enough to be off!  I am so excited to see everyone IN PERSON tomorrow!  We made it through remote learning and I am so proud of our class for showing up every day ready to learn.  This coming week will be short and busy!  Please have your child bring their remote folders back to school with all completed work and any work we didn't get to.  The Science report should be returned unassembled - we will put them together in class.  Please be sure to return fully charged iPads and chargers as well. Dioramas/projects should be returned on Wednesday as they will have enough to carry tomorrow!  We'll work on getting back to our regular routine with Spelling, Reading and English in the morning then Math, Science and daily special  in the afternoon.  I'm really looking forward to learning all about the animals your kids have researched and worked so hard on.  Again, thank you for all you do to support your child - have a great week!

Mrs. Margie Sefcik

Week of December 14th 2020

Posted on Dec 14, 2020

6 and ½ school days until Christmas Break – But who’s counting???   Just like Santa’s elves, we have a full and busy week here in Room 216.  The third candle of ADVENT should be lit as we think about the JOY the season brings us.  Our new Spelling list contains words spelled with oi and oy – as always a test will be given on Friday.  We will continue to review multiplication patterns and strategies in Math as we begin Chapter 5.  I know we all have a lot on our plates, but any extra time the kids can give to memorizing the basic facts truly benefits the student in the long run.  If multiplication is difficult, division will be more difficult, and so on - Some things never change.  PLEASE have your child work on Reflex Math on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help build their confidence and skill in the basic facts while having fun.  Soccer Shootout is our new story of the week in Reading, and literary elements and author’s craft will be the skills discussed.  We will continue working on Verbs in English and on a little surprise.  We will be reviewing ecosystems and adaptations in Science – a study guide will go home today for a test to be given on Thursday.  Excitement fills the air - Christmas cheer is everywhere!   Thank You for everything you do to help your child succeed and for the sacrifices you make to send your child to St. John Fisher – From the bottom of my heart, know it does not go unrecognized – Working together benefits all of us – Have a Wonderful Week!

*Polar Express Day on Thursday - Kids can wear their pajamas!

Week of 12/7

Posted on Dec 07, 2020

The 12 School Days of Christmas Begins! I am so thankful we continue to stay happy and healthy! We have a busy week planned here in Room 216. Our new Spelling list contains words with the “aw” sound. Two Bear Cubs is the new Reading story of the week. Theme and elements of drama will continue to be worked on as we read this play adapted from a Native American myth. We are wrapping up chapter 4 in Math – The assessment will hopefully be given later this week. In English we will work on verb tenses and a special writing activity. Ecosystems and adaptations will keep us thinking in Science.  We were lucky to see a real snake skin that was shed from Ryan O’Keefe’s snake last week. So Cool! The second candle should be lit on your Advent Wreath, and we will celebrate the Immaculate Conception on Tuesday. There is much excitement in the air! Have a Wonderful Week!

*An A/R is due by Friday morning - Please let me know if you need any help with this.

**Ugly Sweater Out of Uniform – Friday - $1.00 or more donation to Pro Labore Dei

***Keep the Dowling family in your prayers, especially Beau who has his surgery today.

Week of November 30th

Posted on Nov 30, 2020

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving break.  It may have been different, but hopefully you were able to relax and recharge.  As we head into December this is what you can expect:

Spelling – We will work on words that have –ou and –ow. Our test will be on Friday.

Reading – Our story is called Gigi and The Wishing Ring. The genre is a drama. The students will work on fluency while reading. Our open book test will be on Friday. PLEASE remind your child that Accelerated Reading starts this week and a test must be taken between Monday and Friday morning .

English – We will begin working with verbs. The students will also complete a creative writing project this week.

Math – We will complete our work with the Distributive property.  The mid-chapter quiz will be on Wednesday.

Science – We will begin chapter 3 which is about food chains.

Religion – We will work on an Advent project this week.

Thank you for all you do to support your child. I enjoyed having the opportunity to speak with you last week and look forward to the next trimester!

Have a great week!

Week of November 16th

Posted on Nov 16, 2020

 November weather is here! I hope you were able to have a nice, relaxing weekend. Thank you for being patient and flexible while we navigate the unknown.  Here is what to expect this week in room 216:

Spelling – Our words have the diagraphs –ch and –tch. We will work on decoding skills throughout the week and the test will be Friday.

Reading – Our story is called Saga of Pecos Bill. We will work on literary elements and chronological order. 

English – Last week the students wrote a story about their adventures on the Mayflower.  We will be editing and rewriting it this week. We will also complete our unit on nouns and the test will be this week.

Math – We will begin chapter 4, which continues our work with multiplication. 

Social Studies – We will complete our government unit and the test will be at the end of the week. 

Special Notes

  • The students will be required to complete their I-Ready assignments every week. 
  • Say a special prayer for Beau Dowling. His surgery is next week and the whole family needs our prayers and support.  
  • Book orders will be sent home today and are due Tuesday, November 24. You can send the order to me with cash or a check or you may order online.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Have a healthy and safe week!

Week of November 9th

Posted on Nov 09, 2020

I hope you all enjoyed the most spectacular fall weekend.  Happy Monday - It’s hard to believe that the first trimester is wrapping up in a few weeks and parent/teacher conferences are right around the corner.  Multiplication skills will continue in Math with our Chapter 3 Test taking place on Friday.   Practicing the basic facts every day is essential.   Kids have mastered multiplication facts when they are able to give an answer to a problem within 3 to 5 seconds.  I know it takes time and effort on your part as well as your child, but the dedication to this skill will tremendously benefit your child in the end.  Unfortunately we don’t have much extra time to devote in memorizing the basic facts here in school; this MUST be done at home.  Please start with the facts of 0 – 1 – 2 – 3 and 4 and REFLEX whenever possible.  Timed tests will begin soon.  The study of nouns will keep us busy in English along with some historical fiction writing.  We are really emphasizing the writing of complete sentences.  Our spelling list contains the silent spellings wr and kn – test Friday.   In Reading we will be reading informational text in the story Why is the Statue of Liberty Green?  Our skill lesson will focus on author’s purpose and central idea.  The study of Government continues in Social Studies – we grasp the ideas of it better each day with each read.  We will celebrate Veteran’s Day on Wednesday with a red, white, and blue out of uniform for $1.00.  Have a wonderful week! 

Week of November 2

Posted on Nov 02, 2020

I hope you enjoyed the Halloween weekend and the extra hour of time – November days are here and along with it the election!  Please pray for PEACE and unity in our country whatever the outcome.  Today is a BIG day as we begin multiplication concepts in Math!  The kids are so excited for this next big building block in their math journey.  PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE –  have your kids practice their facts nightly even if only for a few minutes!  Knowing the facts backwards and forwards will be of great benefit to them in all future math concepts.  Taking the time now when they're excited to learn the facts is vital.  A contract will be sent home today regarding the importance of math fact practice.  It should be signed and returned tomorrow.  Please take advantage of the Math Reflex program.  It’s an awesome tool for the kids to improve mastery of both multiplication and division.  In Reading we will be reading The Flag Maker and focus in on character traits, sequence and text structure.  Our new spelling list contains J, K, and KW sound words – test Friday.  We will continue working on nouns in English and will work on some historical fiction writing and poetry over the next few weeks.   The study of the U.S. Government will continue in Social Studies – This unit goes along perfectly with our Reading stories and the election.  Accelerated Reading or a book report assignment will be added to the kids’ weekly assignments beginning in the 2nd trimester just to give you all a heads up – Remember all third graders should be reading for 20 minutes each night.  Have a wonderful week!

***Thank You to everyone who donated prizes for our Halloween fun! It was greatly appreciated!

Week of October 26th

Posted on Oct 26, 2020

Happy Monday - Happy Last week of October - Wow time flies! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend!  Happy Halloween (in school) on Friday and the real deal on Saturday!  I’m looking forward to seeing all of the students’ spooky, creative, school appropriate costumes. I know the festivities may be different this year, but the day will still be celebrated. Unfortunately we cannot pass out treats, however if you are able to donate a prize or two for some games we will play, that would be amazing!  We will be wrapping up chapter 2 in Math.  Our test is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday – we will follow a similar routine as we did for chapter 1.   I am available to help before school most days if need be – Just let me know.  Multiplication is up next!  The kids are excited to MEMORIZE those facts!  Please start with the 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - and 5 facts! The study of nouns will keep us busy in English.  In Reading we will begin our third module – Let Freedom Ring.  Our first story is The U.S. Constitution - Our skill focus will be on central idea and text structure.  We will shift from Science to Social Studies – We will learn all about The U.S. Government – Perfect timing with the election coming up next week and a nice supplement to Reading.  Our new spelling list contains words with three letter blends – Test Friday.  That’s it for now - Have a SPOOK-tacular week!  

Week of October 19th

Posted on Oct 19, 2020

Happy Monday!  Thankfully we are back to a regular five day week.  We have a lot to accomplish this week in third grade!  We will be reading a fantasy story called Dear Dragon and continue to work on literary elements, poetry elements, and point of view.  We are really enjoying the stories in our new series and feel challenged by all the figurative language.  Our new Spelling list consists of long and short vowels – again - the test is on Friday.  In English we will wrap up our unit on sentences and take the assessment on Wednesday.  A take home quiz will be sent home on Tuesday for practice.  Life Cycles will continue in Science - A simple life cycle project will be sent home tomorrow and will be due on Friday.   The kids will have a sample of what is expected in their Science notebook.  Graphs and data will be on the agenda in Math.  Multiplication is up next.  I know the Math series can be challenging but I am seeing improvement each week.  Thanks for all you do for your child in regards to school!  The kids are performing well, and their abilities and confidence are growing stronger.  Have a great week! 

Week of October 13th

Posted on Oct 13, 2020

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all got to enjoy the spectacular Fall Break weekend in many ways!  We have a short and busy week planned here in third grade.  We will be discussing poetry and reading The Upside Down Boy.  We will focus on Text Features, Figurative Language, and elements of Poetry.  Our new spelling list consists of Long i words.  In Math last week we took our first test – it was challenging – BUT we DID it.  For the first test, we did the review problem together in the book, then the kids did the test problem on their own.  I did assist when the kids needed extra support.  This week we will begin Chapter Two - Representing and Interpreting Data while we continue to review addition and subtraction with regrouping.  A few kids would benefit from extra practice at home with subtracting across zeros - It's a difficult concept.  We will begin talking about life cycles in Science.  A simple life cycle project will be sent home soon.  The students did a great job on their first Science test last Thursday – I was extremely proud as we really worked on taking notes and finding information on their own with the resources available all week.  We will continue to work on sentence structure this week in English along with some Halloween writing activities.  I’m hoping to also give some form of assessment on sentences by the end of the week.

Have a terrific week!

**Remember The School uniform will begin to be enforced - Please see the email from Mrs. Nash regarding approved apparel.  

Friday is Falcon Wear Spirit Day!



Week of October 5th

Posted on Oct 04, 2020

Happy Monday!  We continue to work hard here in third grade!  Things are moving along, and the kids seem to be getting “the hang” of our routines.  Goals we need to work on overall as a class are being respectful when others are talking, speeding up our transitions from one subject to the next, and becoming the best listeners we can be.  We’ll get there!  We will be reading the story Dear Primo -  A Letter to my Cousin while focusing on point of view, literary elements, graphic features and comparing and contrasting.  Spelling words consist of more long o words – Test THURSDAY this week.  Subjects/predicates, sentence structure, writing complete sentences and nouns will be discussed in English.  We will be wrapping up the first Math chapter on Tuesday – The assessment will be given on Wednesday and Thursday – We will be working very closely together to complete this work.  The students will be fully supported.  Unit 1 in Science – Living Things - was completed on Friday.  A study guide will be sent home Today for the test scheduled on Thursday.  The kids have not taken a test like this before, so I strongly recommend reviewing every night.  Making flashcards for vocabulary and essay questions always helps.  I cannot stress enough the importance of the study guide – it IS the test.  The students need to practice the essay questions at home. They should be writing out their answers so they are familiar with what they want to say and spelling unfamiliar words.  We will be reviewing daily in school as well.  It’s going to be a short and very busy week!

Don’t Forget – It’s SPIRIT WEEK!

Extra Long Weekend Ahead – No school Friday or Monday!  

Week of September 28th

Posted on Sep 27, 2020

HAPPY FALL!!  We are really getting into a groove in room 216!  We’re working hard on being organized and getting into a nice routine.  Our mornings are filled with Language arts where this week we will introduce new spelling words, read Scaredy Squirrel and continue to work on types of sentences and compound sentences.  In the afternoons we cover math, science and the special of the day.  In math we have been learning different strategies in addition.  Our mid chapter quiz will be on Monday then we will move on to subtraction strategies.  We will cover plant life in science while working on organized note taking.   Our outside tent time and recess has been enjoyable when the weather permits. Tent time has been used for movement breaks, Religion lessons and snack break on Wednesdays.  Continued thanks for checking planners and signing Friday folders.  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  I am truly enjoying being with your children!




Week of September21st

Posted on Sep 21, 2020

What a  beautiful day for a First Communion!  Congratulations to the third graders as they made their third sacrament.  I was so blessed to be a part of this very special day!  The kids worked so hard and did a wonderful job!  Now that we have finished with all the preparations of last Saturday, we will be settling into our normal third grade routines and procedures.  In Reading we will be reading Stink and the Freaky Frog Freakout.  Literary elements and Figurative Language will be the skill focus for the week.  The four kinds of sentences will continue to be reviewed in English.  We will also be writing a personal narrative about our First Communion.  Our spelling list consists of 22 long vowel words – Test on Friday - lists were sent home today.   
Addition strategies, rounding, estimating and review will continue in Math.  Please continue to practice math facts with your child at home.  Thank you so much for your encouragement on this most important skill.  Organisms will be the topic in Science, and we will begin note taking in our notebooks.   Never hesitate to call or email me regarding your son or daughter with questions or concerns.  Thank you again for checking and signing the planners each night and for going over the Friday Folders and responding in the new Friday Letter Notebook.  It’s been an extremely busy back to school two weeks, but we are making tremendous strides.  I am so proud of each and every one of the kids in room 216!


Friday is Fisher Spirit Day

Let’s make it a great week!

Week of September 14th

Posted on Sep 14, 2020

Happy Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed the weekend especially the weather on Sunday!  Things are transitioning well here at SJF and in Room 216!  I am truly impressed with the kids and what they are accomplishing in such a short period of time!  Although things might look and feel different, every day we get a little bit better at our new normal.  WE GOT THIS!!  We have an extremely busy week coming up in third grade!  First and foremost, we are preparing for our third sacrament, Holy Communion.  Parts were distributed last week and practice sheets can be taken home.  Please go over your child’s part whenever possible.  I cannot wait to share this beautiful moment with your child. 

We will be reading Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match, and discussing Point of View and Theme.  Simple sentences, subjects and predicates will keep us busy in English.  We will also discuss what a Personal Narrative is.  Addition strategies, rounding, estimating and review will continue in Math.  Please have your child work on their addition and subtraction facts often.  With practice we become more confident mathematicians!  In Science we will be talking about what a scientist does, and we will begin note taking in our notebooks. 

Never hesitate to call or email me regarding your son or daughter with questions or concerns. 

Thanks also for checking the planners each night and signing them.  We are working hard on getting and staying organized.   I hope you enjoyed reading our first Friday Letter.  Please take some time to go over the Friday Folders and new Friday Letter Notebook.  The kids really love when you’re able to respond.   We are off to a great start!  Have a WONDERFUL week!

Don’t forget – Early Dismissal on Wednesday.


Week of September 7th 2020

Posted on Sep 07, 2020


Third Grade Rocks Glam Band Embroidery File

Welcome!  Welcome!  Welcome to Third Grade - Rm. 216!  I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and are ready for the 2020 -2021 school year!  I am very excited to be part of your child's education and can’t wait to officially meet everyone on Tuesday.  I’m so thankful Ms. Schiavone stepped in for orientation, and I know we are off to a fantastic start!  We will be spending most of this week getting used to and learning new routines while covering most subject areas!  We will also spend time thinking about our upcoming Communion Day – SO EXCITING!  All of this may take a little time, effort, and perseverance – but we will get there!!!  I know that third grade can be a big adjustment for some students, please know I am here for you and your child if you have any questions or concerns - just send me a note or email (, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I am really looking forward to a terrific year and getting to know these awesome kids and their families better!  Let’s have a wonderful first week!

Below I have included the detailed note that was emailed to you about what you can expect in third grade in case you missed it. 

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Third Grade at St. John Fisher! We are so excited for the new school year and the new growth that will be sure to happen over the next nine months in your child's height, weight, and KNOWLEDGE! We understand that this school year will have unique challenges, but together we know we can be successful and have a great year! WE ARE READY!

MATH - We use the GO MATH series. We know it can be rigorous, but we also know that the core of our Math curriculum is the same as it has always been. Students will become effective problem solvers by first understanding math concepts. Fluency in the basic facts of addition and subtraction are essential in math. Please continue to work at home on this skill. Multiplication and division mastery will be our goal by the end of third grade. They need to know how to use computation skills and how to apply appropriate problem solving strategies. How do we accomplish all of this??? With a lot of hard work, perseverance, and positive attitudes! Anything you can do to encourage and assist your child in building their "real life" Math experience is greatly appreciated!

Reading - We will be exploring weekly stories, articles, passages, and read alouds that incorporate lessons in vocabulary, phonics, spelling, fluency, literacy skills, comprehension, extended response, and writing with our new school-wide Reading series, Into Reading. All students will have a consumable book and will use a notebook in Reading class. Several novel studies and independent reading will also be included throughout the year. Third graders are shifting from learning to read to reading to learn.

English - In third grade, grammar, sentence structure, and parts of speech will be covered. Writing and writing and more writing will play a vital role in all subject areas. We will be working on opinion pieces, narratives, and informational types of writing. Simple informative research reports will also be assigned later in the year.

Spelling - Spelling tests will be given every Friday. Cursive will also be incorporated in each cohort.

Science/Social Studies - Science and Social studies will be taught during each trimester, however they will not be taught at the same time. We will begin with a Science unit and when completed, we will move on to Social Studies. This format will continue for the duration of the year. Third graders love learning about animals, matter, geography and our city, Chicago, among other topics.

Religion - September 19th is our scheduled date for First Holy Communion. We are thrilled to be sharing this special day with the communicants! The goal of our Religion program is to learn and understand more about our Catholic faith and values using our book Blest Are We, Faith In Action.

Homework - Homework will be written in the student planner each day. Students are being taught to use this planner. Please check your child's assignment notebook daily.

Chromebooks - A new and exciting change for third graders is that each student will be given a Chromebook computer allowing us to be 1:1. The Chromebooks will not be available at the start of the school year, but should be distributed by early October. Since our students will be working with these devices, all third grade students will be receiving a Google account and email address. Each homeroom teacher has created a Google classroom. Students will receive their log- in information and code for their homeroom during the first week of school. Even though their devices won't be available right away, we are requesting all students to log in to their accounts and join their homeroom. Having all the students logged into their homerooms will be vital, should we have to transition to remote learning. 

Specials – Room 216 - Monday Spanish – Tuesday Art – Wednesday – Computers – Thursday – Gym – Friday - Library

Teacher Communication - Please feel free to email us with questions or concerns. We will be using our Google accounts so both students and parents could e-mail us directly.

Mrs. Sally Caulfield -

Mrs. Therese Regnier -

Mrs. Margie Sefcik –

Schoolwide Cleaning and Disinfectant Procedures -

· Regular and consistent cleaning and disinfecting is necessary to reduce exposure. EPA approved disinfectant and cleaning supplies will be housed in every classroom, out of the reach of children, and will be used to kill germs.

· Frequently touched surfaces (e.g., door handles/knobs, desktops/tabletops, countertops, chairs, light switches, pencil sharpeners, computer keyboards, hands-on learning items, phones, toys, cubbies/coat and backpack areas, sinks and faucets) will be cleaned on a daily basis.

· Classroom surfaces and bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized several times throughout the day, but specifically before and after snack/lunch, recess/playtime and at the end of the day. The school buildings will receive a deep clean on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

· Formal bathroom breaks will be scheduled throughout the day. Areas in each of the bathrooms will be taped off and only a limited number of students will be allowed in the bathroom at once to allow for safe and proper social distancing.

· Gloves and other appropriate PPE will be used during cleaning and disinfecting.

· Teachers will train students how to properly wear and adjust their masks and consistently work with students to ensure appropriate hand washing, sanitizing and disinfecting takes place frequently throughout each day.

In conclusion, we will be studying and working on many new and exciting things this year. Third grade is a year of transition from the development of skills to the development of independence. It is a time for students to begin to assume responsibilities for their education and become life-long learners, but they definitely still require guidance from school and home. Please review the Friday Folder each week with your child. It is really the best method to monitor your child's progress. Please check out our Third Grade Blogs and up-coming Classtag for information. Thank you in advance for all of your cooperation and support. We look forward to a year like no other!


Sincerely, the Third Grade Team