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Mrs. Mary Donna Caffrey, Preschool

Welcome to our 2019-2020 school year!! I am so excited to have your child in my class! This is my 25th year at St. John Fisher!! I have taught Kindergarten, Fourth, Seventh and Preschool. I am really happy to be back with the wee ones again this year.I have two sons who are Fisher graduates and my husband is also a Falcon.I am always proud to say I am from St. John Fisher!! Looking forward to a Wonderful year!!!


May 11

Posted on May 12, 2020
Dear Parents,
  I hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers Day in quarantine, it was a different celebration! Thank you for the Darling Teacher Appreciation Video. It made us both smile!! We miss seeing all of you everyday, it made us feel like we were together!!!
We are working on the Letter Z this week. Find something that begins with the letter Z in your house and use things like straws or blocks to make a Z and send me a picture!! The link below will take you to our Z story, a new reader!!!
Click below to watch the podcast for Z. 
Please continue to check into Happy Numbers to work on your Math skills. I see that many of you are having fun and doing well! 
We are also learning some Nursery Rhymes this week. This week we will work on Humpty Dumpty, one of my favorites. Click on this link to hear the song.
I will send the worksheets in a separate email, I am having trouble attaching them????
Please continue to check our class Instagram to see pictures of the wonderful things everyone is doing!! Flat Mrs. Sefcik and Flat Mrs. Caffrey are really enjoying all the fun things that you are doing with us so please continue to take us along on your adventures!!  This week's Flip Grid is for you to tell me your favorite Nursery Rhyme. We are still learning about this program so forgive our mistakes!!
We will have a class Zoom on Thursday at 9:00. I thought it would be fun to do a Zoom scavenger hunt. I thought it would be easier if they find items before our Zoom . The list will be in the second email I send.
Thanks for all your help . You are doing a terrific  job of keeping your children involved with our class . We appreciate all that you are doing .  We are here to help in anyway we can so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re looking for more activities. Have a wonderful week.
Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

Week of May 4 2020

Posted on May 04, 2020
Dear Parents,
    Happy May!! I hope the weather has allowed you all to be outside and enjoying the sun!! We love the pictures with your Flat Teachers!!! Please keep taking us with you!! They make our day!! This week we begin the letter Y, I will post the story on Instagram today. Please have the children practice printing their letters, both upper case and lower case. They can practice our Dr. Jean song where Y is for Yawn ya ya ya. Yogurt, yellow, yarn, yak,yam, and yield are some of the Y words. If you are driving somewhere that has a yield sign ask them to look for a Y. I have attached some Y work sheets for the children to work on. 
   I have attached some more math sheets, they are a bit more difficult than last weeks. If your child is having trouble just go back to the ones from last week. I see that you have signed in to the Happy Numbers sight. I hope that the children are finding it fun and helpful. They can move at their own pace. I want them to enjoy this!! 
   Our Flip Grid topic this week is tell me one special thing about your Mom??? I love seeing all the children. I hope they are having fun seeing all their friends. If you are having trouble let me know. I have made a few mistakes as you can see so it is a learning process for all!! 

Week of April 27th 2020

Posted on Apr 27, 2020
Dear Parents, 
   I hope you were able to get out and enjoy yesterdays beautiful weather!! This week we will be working on the Letter X. It has a funny sound and if you ask the children if they remember our Alphabet song they should be able to tell you. You can find the song if you google Dr. Jean and the song is called Alphardy, they should remember all their sounds. I have posted this weeks story on our Instagram. You can have the children practice printing the letter Xx and all their letters. When we teach the letter X we have them listen for the sound at the end of words like box, fox, Sox. You can make up silly rhymes using different letters in the alphabet. I have attached more one to one correspondence work sheets. I do have more difficult ones if you feel these are too easy for your child. Let me know. 
  I have posted the first video on Flip Grid. I hope you are able to see it and post your child's response. If you have trouble I will try to walk you through the process. This is the first time for all of us so expect a few mistakes!! The Happy Numbers site allows your child to work at their own pace and move on to another level when they are ready. I hope you find this helpful, plan to use it a few times a week for 10-15 minutes. 
   Please continue to check the SJF Instagram page. Mrs. Corley is posting fun and easy Art projects for the children. Also in Mrs. Nash's letter to parents this week she explains The Trait of the Week Program. The first character trait will be posted today with corresponding art projects and read alongs. Mrs. Keller, our Librarian, will begin a read along today also. She will read the book Wishtree by Katherine Applegate. For more information see the flyer in Mrs. Nash's Notes. I will send a separate email with our Zoom invite for Thursday at 9:00. We hope you have a great week. If you need anything please email or text me. We hope that you and your families are all healthy!! Looking forward to seeing you on Flip Grid and at our Thursday Zoom!! If you do not receive the Zoom Invite by Wednesday let me know.  Give the children a big hug from both of us!!
Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik 

Welcome Back!!!

Posted on Apr 20, 2020
Dear Parents,
  I hope you had a wonderful Easter Break! We will continue to E Learn through the end of this school year. Mrs. Sefcik and I and the entire St. John Fisher Faculty were very sad when the Governor announced the closure of all Illinois schools for the remainder of the school year. I hope you were able to read Mrs. Nash's email on Friday. We are here for you and your children and we will continue to send engaging lessons for your children for the rest of the school year. As always if you need anything from us we are available by cell phone or email. 
   Today we begin the letter W. I will post the story on Instagram.  The children can practice printing the letter, remind them to start at the sky and go down to the grass. The lower case begins at the fence and goes to the grass. 
 I have attached a few counting worksheets that you can print at home or if that is an issue they can look using an iPad or computer. Continue to practice counting and have the children count a number of objects for numbers 1-10. They should practice printing the numbers also.
   Wednesday is Earth Day, I told the children we would watch The Lorax. You can go online and have the story read It is 18 minutes long and it is a wonderful story about saving the forest. There are many crafts on this site, pick one and send me a picture- earth day with the Lorax!!

Week of April 6th

Posted on Apr 06, 2020
Some suggestions for things to do this week.
I posted our Letter V story on our Instagram. Mr. Caffrey and I are still working on our video taping so please excuse any mistakes!!! The children can find things around the house that begin with V. My favorite is a vacuum!! They can practice printing the letter and all their letters. Remind them to start at the sky and go down to the grass.
 A fun Math activity would be to count, sort and make patterns with jelly beans. We would be making bar graphs with our Prayer Partners if we were in school. Just make one on a piece of paper and they will have fun!! Of course they may eat a few after they are finished. 
Check my email for a short coloring book about the story of Holy Week. Also if you go to Youtube  The Story of Easter by Jean Miller and Jerry Smith, is a nice story that explains Holy Week for Preschoolers.
Miss Chermak also will have a daily reflection on the SJF Instagram page this week, be sure to check those out.
Mrs. Corley our Unbelievably Talented Art teacher has a fun project for this week. She shows us how to make a stain glass window. This is also on the SJF Instagram. 
If you would like more things for the children to do please email me. We hope that all of your families are well! Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!
Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

Week 3

Posted on Mar 30, 2020

 Good Morning!! I hope everyone was able to open my video greeting this morning, if you did not receive my call let me know right away because I may have the wrong phone number. This week we will begin the letter U. I will send you our book in a pdf so the children can have a copy of it. They love pages 14 and 15 because they can find all of the U words... there are not many. The cheer on page 16 will give you what pictures to look for.  A math idea would be to divide a paper plate into 5 or more sections and have the children put that number of objects in each section. You can find our alphabet song  if you google Dr. Jean and the song is Alphardy. They also love her song Macarena to 100, a great counting song. Her voice is much better than mine!!! I hope all of your families are healthy!! We miss the children so much!!!


Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

At Home Learning 2

Posted on Mar 22, 2020

Dear Parents,

  I hope you and your families are all well and enjoying this snow!!!! I hope you all were able to find theLearning Packets I dropped off at your houses yesterday. If you did not find it let me know. I am looking forward to our first Zoom meeting tomorrow at 10:00. If you are unable to join the meeting let me know through email. There should not be any problems but technology is not full proof. We will schedule another meeting soon. I appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time. I pray every day that we will be back together soon. We miss the children every day and the joy they bring to our lives! Stay Healthy!!

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs.Sefcik

More Fun Page 2

Posted on Mar 19, 2020

16. Go on a letter hunt throughout your home and have your child try to identify and print some of the letters they find.

17. Practice fine motor skills by stringing noodles or beads on yarn or using tweezers/small tongs to pick up little items like cotton balls.

18. Roll a dice and do that many actions (such as claps, jumps, toe- touches, etc.)

19. Roll a dice and add that many items to a small jar (such as goldfish, fruit snacks, pretzels.) Keep rolling/adding until the jar is filled! (For extra points, count how many total it took to fill the jar!)

20. Make a card for someone and practice writing or tracing a simple message on it.

21. Find 3 sets of items in your house that rhyme (i.e. pan – fan.) 22. Practice printing or tracing numbers 1-10 and draw pictures to

represent each number (such as 3 suns, 4 flowers, 5 dinos, etc.)
23. Try clapping the syllables of different words.
24. Given a certain letter, see how many things you can find around your

house that begin with that letter.
25. Count how many doors/windows/pillows/etc. are in your house.
26. With an adult’s help, pick some items to test out if they sink or float

in water!
27. Complete a puzzle.
28. Try out some yoga 
– check out Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube! 29. Paint a picture.
30. Build the tallest tower you can!
31. Practice prayers.


More Fun!!

Posted on Mar 19, 2020

For each day we are off of school, we are encouraging our Preschoolers to choose three (or more!) of the following activities from the list below to complete at home. We are hoping you can have some fun with this!JThank you so much for your help!

  1. Review alphabet or number flashcards.

  2. Practice printing their name (remember, only first letter is


  3. On a cookie sheet or table, have your child practice printing their

    name, letters and/or numbers in shaving cream, salt or whipped

    cream with their finger.

  4. Read, read, read! Preschoolers can also “tell” the story of books they

    are familiar with, such as “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You

    See” Ask comprehension questions, too!

  5. Visit some of our favorite learning apps – we really love Starfall! PBS

    Kids, Letter School – Learn to Write and Monkey Preschool

    Lunchbox are worth checking out, too!

  6. Practice sorting various food items (goldfish, blueberries, etc.) by

    type, category or color.

  7. Walk around the house and see how many shapes your child can


  8. Have fun using play dough to make letters or their name.

  9. Practice cutting skills on a newspaper or magazine.

10. Practice singing favorite songs or rhymes. We really like Jack

Hartmann and Dr. Jean alphabet/letter/number songs on YouTube. 11. Try to identify the beginning sound of 10 different items in your

12. Draw a picture and tell someone about the drawing.
13. Count how many steps it takes to get to various parts of your house,

(i.e. basement, kitchen, bedroom.)
14. Make different types of patterns (AB, AAB, ABC, etc.) with items

around your house.
15. Practice counting with various amounts of chocolate chips, cotton

balls, etc.


Todays Activities 3-18-2020

Posted on Mar 18, 2020
Good morning Preschool Parents! 
I just wanted to share a link to the Play to Learn Preschool Facebook page with you all this morning. The woman who runs this site is a Preschool teacher, creator of early childhood teaching materials and popular professional development presenter to early childhood teachers around the country. Each day of these school closures, beginning yesterday, she is going live on her Facebook page with a virtual Preschool lesson - lasting around 30 mins and including links to free additional resources that go along with that day's lesson. Her virtual lessons include songs, read alouds, finger plays and fun little games and activities to reinforce various skills. (Siblings might want to join in, too!) I watched yesterday's lesson and it was really adorable! We have used many of her songs and activities in our classroom before so your children may be familiar with some of them and always really enjoy her wonderful songs/activities. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for your children to watch along and participate in this Preschool virtual learning at home! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you again for all of your support and patience during this unprecedented time. Tell the children we miss them. If you are not receiving my emails please let me know. Sending virtual hugs to all! 
Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

Activities For Preschoolers

Posted on Mar 15, 2020

March 8th 2020

Posted on Mar 08, 2020

What a week we had celebrating Dr. Seuss. I hope you checked out all the pictures on our Instagram page!! We read many of his books, and did a lot of rhyming!!! The children are really doing well with that skill. We learned about the letter R and read our story about Rosie and her Radish!!! We will finish up the letter R this week because we were so busy with Dr. Seuss!! We made a wocket for our pocket, and enjoyed green eggs with green vanilla pudding and vanilla wafers as the yolk of the egg. Not everyone loved it as much as you would think!!! We made the Cat In The Hat's hat using the letters in our names and Thing 1 with our hand prints for the hair. Dr. Seuss is a great author that's for sure!! In Math we continue to count and practice one to one correspondence with manipulative's.  We are always talking about being kind to one another and hope to have our Lenten chart filled by Holy Thursday. 

I hope you read in Mrs. Nash's Notes the precautions that we are taking to avoid any sickness in our school. Our class could use some baby wipes, we use them to wash hands and faces after snack and lunch. We appreciate all you do for your children and for us!! Enjoy this beautiful day!!

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

February 29th

Posted on Feb 29, 2020

We finished our letter Q and enjoyed the book about The Quiet Quail. We will begin the letter R this coming week. We learned all about Ash Wednesday and enjoyed when Fr. Ken came to our classroom and gave us all ashes. We have a Good Deeds chart hanging in our classroom, we will work on being kind and and loving to everyone. We talked about Jesus being in the desert for forty days with no food or water and how we can give up something we like for one day!! We will continue to focus on this very special time in our Faith. We also made a tooth brush and tooth and practiced how to brush our teeth the correct way. 

We are excited about celebrating Dr. Seuss next week but we have decided not to wear hats on Monday. We DO NOT have any reports of lice in preschool, but since it is in the school we will NOT be wearing hats on Monday. We will do a special craft instead.Please follow our Dr. Seuss calendar for Next week.

Special Lunch is this Wednesday for all who ordered. There is no school on Monday, March 16th. 

Have a great weekend, enjoy the warm weather tomorrow!! Any questions or concerns please email me,

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

Dr. Seuss Week

Posted on Feb 29, 2020

 On the loose with Dr. Seuss

This Monday it starts! I can’t wait to play!

Next week we will celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday!

Each day will be different, each day has a theme

Here is the schedule to join in on the scheme!

Monday Cat in the Hat Day

Come to school wearing a hat any hat will do it can be a crazy silly hat that you make or a hat that you already have at home.

Tuesday Wocket in Your Pocket

Bring something small that fits in your pocket for a special show and tell!

Wacky Wednesday

Students come to school dressed wacky.  Ideas include.. One pant leg is up, one is down, T-shirts are backwards or inside out, plaids are put together with stripes.   Girls may have one braid and one pigtail, or perhaps their ponytail sticks out of the side of their head The wackier the better!

Pinch of the Grinch Day

 Our class will be having lots of Grinchy fun.. Come to school wearing green or with a Who inspired hairdo. We will be doing random acts of kindness enough to make even the Grinch’s heart grow!

Friday Green Eggs and Ham Day

If you don’t like them, do not flee. Some special treats today you’ll see!

February 23rd.

Posted on Feb 23, 2020

We had another fun week in Room 110! We learned all about the letter P and the sound and sign! I hope the children are singing the Alphabet song for you. They also are counting to 100 with the song Macarena Count to 100, they have all the moves!! We talked about Policemen and women this week and how lucky we are to have so many Police parents in our school. The breakfast this morning was a wonderful tribute to our heroes in Blue and all our First Responders!!! This week we will talk about the season of Lent. The children will receive ashes on Wednesday in our classroom. We are so lucky that Fr. Ken comes and distributes the ashes to the Preschoolers. And a reminder that this Thursday is an early dismissal day for our full day students. We will dismiss at 1:45 for a Faculty In Service. We are running low on wipes. We use them when they go to the bathroom, which is quite often!! If you could send in a pack we would appreciate it!! Have a great week! Any questions or concerns email me at

Thanks for all you do!!

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

February 16

Posted on Feb 16, 2020

Thank you for sending all the wonderful treats for Valentines Day. The children had so much fun passing out their cards and treats!! We played some fun games that worked on listening and getting a heart into a bucket, they all did very well. We finished our study of the letter O. It was fun to have our story about Olive the Octopus!! Olive was so excited to have a story with her name!!We also read a fun story called A Soup Opera, ask the children to sing the song!!! They love opera voices and some say they can't wait to go to a real Opera!!! We played a counting game with cinnamon hearts, I forgot that children think cinnamon is "Spicy". We work on one to one correspondence every day with numbers 1-5. Our Prayer Partners came down and helped us graph "Conversation Hearts". They all had fun eating those, including their teachers!! We read many stories about being kind to one another and always including everyone in our play activities. We are lucky to have such kind and compassionate children. We continue to have children out sick, we try our best to wipe all surfaces with Clorox wipes during the day. Thanks to all who have sent in a new container. We hope you are enjoying the long weekend!! Any questions or concerns please email me, Thank for all you do for your children and for us!! We really appreciate you!!!

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

February 10th

Posted on Feb 09, 2020

We are having fun getting ready for Valentines Day. The children made a darling Love Bug and we painted some hearts. They love to paint and so do we!! We will celebrate Valentines Day on Thursday, February 13th.We have all of our friends on Thursdays so we wanted everyone to celebrate with us. You may send in a nut free treat for the class if you would like. We have 20 children in Room 110. If you are sending cards, please just sign them. This is a great opportunity for everyone to practice printing their names. We ask that you do not address them makes passing them out so much easier for the children!! 

We finished the letter N this week and will begin O tomorrow. We have been practicing our sounds with a fun alphabet song that teaches all the sounds. Ask the children how we sing opera for O!!  

In Math we are practicing counting with Macarena Math to 100. They have some great moves!! Also we are working on patterns and one to one correspondence. We will continue to work on these skills for the rest of the year. 

I will be sending "Homework" home later in the week. This is for practicing at home when you have some extra time. When you are finished please send it back and the children will get a sticker. We are practicing printing our first and last name. Remember that only the first letter of their name is upper case and the rest of the letters are lower case. We always start at the top of the line when we print a letter. We refer to the top line as the sky and the bottom as the grass. The middle dotted line is the fence and that line is where we print the lower case letters. These are wonderful habits for the children to develop in their writing. 

We have had several children out sick with different symptoms, we are always talking about germs and keeping our hands away from our faces. We constantly wipe off the tables and the toys.We are running low on Clorox Wipes, if you could send in a container it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me. Have a great week!!

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

February 2020

Posted on Feb 02, 2020

We had a Wonderful Catholic Schools Week!! Thanks to all for coming to Open House. The children did a great job singing their song, and they were so excited to show you their January projects!! We were very busy with fun activities all week. They loved the St. Rita Band, it is a Fisher favorite. We played a Trivia Game with our Prayer Partners, Jacob was one of the winners!! The Eighth graders came and helped us with our STEM project, I hope you are all able to see the fun pictures on Instagram. Our 100th Day was filled with counting to 100 many times, they all looked great as "Old People". The children are always working on being kind to everyone, I hope they had fun with their homework activities. This week we will begin the letter N, we will work on recognition and sound. In Math we are always counting and we will work on patterns with our blocks. Wednesday is Special Lunch for all who ordered. And a reminder that all Pre School children must register for next year. Please remind friends and neighbor's that registration is now open to all. If you need a form just let me know. The Sun seems to be returning so we hope to be outside this week!! Any questions or concerns please email!! Enjoy the Super Bowl!!!

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik


Catholic Schools Week

Posted on Jan 24, 2020

We had snow much fun this week in Room 110!!! The children made snowmen with shaving cream and glue!! They really enjoyed the texture, it felt like pillows!!! We read many books about snowmen and learned about penguins and polar bears!! We began our study of the letter M. Our story is about a monkey who has a miserable Monday!! We talked about our friends and why we enjoy being with each other. We are very excited about Catholic Schools Week. We learned a new song that we will sing at 10:00 Mass on Sunday. I hope you all can come to Mass and Open House immediately following. There is a different activity each day next week. Monday we begin with our Dime for Dairy campaign. Students are encouraged to bring in dimes for local food pantry's to purchase perishable goods. The St. Rita Band will be here in the afternoon which is a Fisher favorite!! On Wednesday our Prayer partners will help us with a STEM project, we will post some pictures on Instagram. If you sent a request and have not been accepted let me know. Thursday is Thankful Thursday. We will be passing out coffee to our Wonderful Parents to show our appreciation for all you do to send your children to St. John Fisher. Friday is Fisher Spirit Day, the children can wear Fisher blue. We will go to the gym in the afternoon to watch the older kids in Fisher Falcon Olympics. It should be a wonderful week celebrating all the great things about Catholic schools, especially St. John Fisher!!! Have a great weekend and hope to see you Sunday.


Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

January 21-24

Posted on Jan 18, 2020

What a fun week we had in Preschool!! We were busy learning all about the letter L. Our story taught the children that LuLu learned to be a good friend and not laugh at her friends. We built a very tall tower with our STEM materials, and we had fun in our bear cave!! We also read a story and sang a song about Martin Luther King and what he did to promote peace and harmony in our country. It is wonderful to be a preschool teacher!!! A few reminders:

Registration forms were sent home this week, please send them in as soon as possible. Registration will be open to all on Sunday, January 26th. Our Early Childhood programs fill up quickly and all current students need to register for Preschool and Kindergarten for the coming school year.

Open House is next Sunday, our classrooms will be open after the 10:00 Mass from 11:00-12:00, all are welcome. New Family Open House is from 9:00-10:00. Please spread the word to neighbors and friends who may be interested in St. John Fisher to come early!!!

There is no school on Monday in observance of Martin Luther King's birthday. 

Tuesday is Career Day, children may dress up in something that shows what they want to be when they grow up!! No need to buy anything, they may come as Super Hero's, Elsa and Anna, whatever they want to wear is fine!!!

Friday all are encouraged to dress in Red, White and Blue to honor Conner T Lowry!! Enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

January 13-17

Posted on Jan 10, 2020

What a great first week back to school. The children loved seeing all their friends and getting back into the routine of school! We finished the letter K and will begin L next week. We are focusing on all things Winter even thought it seems like Spring outside. We enjoyed two days on the playground, and are learning some fun Indoor Recess dances and songs. Today we built a bear cave in our class and read about how bears hibernate in the Winter. We have an interactive snowman in our class that the children can change hats and buttons. This afternoon we went ice skating on Mrs. Altman's Ice Rink!! It was really fun!! Just a reminder that we will be off school on Monday, January 20th in honor of Martin Luther King. We will read a story about him that shows the things he stood for next week. I hope you have a great weekend!! Email with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

Happy 2020

Posted on Jan 06, 2020

Happy 2020!!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed our time off school!!! We are busy already with the letter K and reviewing all our colors, shapes, and numbers. It was fun to see the children so happy this morning to be back with all their friends. We do go outside every day unless it is snowing so please make sure your child has a hat and mittens!! They enjoy their time on the playground even if it is only ten minutes. Just a reminder to send back your child's blanket and pillow for Rest Time. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2020!!! Any questions or concerns just email

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

9 Days Till Christmas

Posted on Dec 16, 2019

Excitement is in the air!!! Just a few reminders for this week. Tomorrow is The Polar Express Day!! Children may come to school in their P.J.'s, we will read the wonderful story and enjoy some fun activities!! Wednesday is our Christmas Show. Children should come to school at 11:40. Remind them to use the bathroom before they come. After you drop your child off please take their coats with you and go to church for a seat. After the show they will process back to our classroom where you will meet them at our dismissal doors. Our class is on the left side of the Altar.  Friday is a half day, full day children will be dismissed at 11:30, our morning kids will be dismissed at their regular time 10:45. Mrs. Sefcik and I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

16 Days

Posted on Dec 09, 2019

We counted only 16 days till Christmas!!! We are learning the letter J, and we will start K later this week. In Math we are counting many things so they understand one to one correspondence. Religion is filled with the story of the First Christmas, they understand that Jesus is a gift from God! We are practicing our songs and poems for the Christmas Show which is Wednesday, December 18th at 12:00 in  Church. Children only come to school for the show that day. You can drop them off at our regular door at 11:45 and pick them up right after the show at the same doors. It is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit!! It is such a great time to be a teacher we are enjoying this magical time of year, hope you are too!! Questions or concerns please email me, 

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik


Special Lunch No School Friday December 6th

Posted on Dec 03, 2019

Just a reminder that Special Lunch is Wednesday for all who ordered. Calabria is on the menu. And there is No School on Friday, December 6, 2019. We are attending our Religious In Service. Thanks

22 Days and Counting!!!

Posted on Dec 03, 2019

Welcome back to school. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break. It was so nice to meet with all of you and talk about all the great things your children have accomplished!!! This week begins the countdown to Christmas. It is such a busy time in Preschool!!! We are working on all our songs for our Christmas show. We are learning about the letter J, what sound it makes and how to write the upper and lower case. We have been counting dinosaurs and learning more about numbers 1-10 in Math. Our Prayer Partners were with us yesterday and helped us assemble our Advent Chains. Enjoy counting the days until Christmas. We talked about Baby Jesus and the First Christmas! It is so much fun to be with preschoolers this time of year, Mrs. Sefcik and I are enjoying the wonder in their eyes each day!!! Have a great week!!

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

Happy Thansgiving

Posted on Nov 25, 2019

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at Parent Conferences. We are thankful for all you do for us!!  We love being with your children each and every day!! Wishing all of you a wonderful break and a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

November 15th

Posted on Nov 15, 2019

 We had a fun week with our Prayer Partners, they helped us with our Big Turkeys!! They should brighten all of your homes!! We also learned about the letter H and our Hiding Hippo. The children should be able to tell you the sound H makes because we talked about a famous person in a red suite who uses the H sound!! We read stories about the First Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims came to America and learned so much from the Native Americans. We are always counting and practicing recognizing our numbers 1-10. I hope everyone received the email about conferences, if not let me know. We are talking about all the things we have to be thankful for, I hope you enjoy doing your Thankful plate together!! I sent home the next Special Lunch form today that is due on Tuesday. Every day I am thankful for all you do to help myself and Mrs. Sefcik!! Enjoy your weekend, they say it is going to be warm...we hope!!! Email if you have questions or concerns.

Mrs.  Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

November 8th.

Posted on Nov 08, 2019

What a wonderful week in Preschool. We are busy talking about Thanksgiving and the pilgrims. We made a Thankful tree with all different color leaves and we painted a turkey with festive feathers. We finished the letter G, and we will begin the letter H next week. We are learning some fun Thanksgiving songs that I hope they will share with you during the holidays. We are still practicing colors and shapes every day during our calendar time. The whole class worked on building a tall tower with our STEM straws, it was really fun!!! Just a few reminders:

Picture Retake - Friday, November 15.

Parent Teacher Conferences - November 25-26. If you did not receive an email about scheduling your conference let me know. Early dismissal for children 11:30.

No school November 27th Thanksgiving Break

Christmas Show - December 18, 2019 Children do not have regular class that day they come for the show only.

The children are growing each day and during this season of Thanksgiving we are so thankful to have your wonderful children!! If you have any questions or concerns please email me. Have a great weekend!!

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

November 3rd.

Posted on Nov 04, 2019

Thank you to everyone who came to our Spooktacular show. The children did a great job!! Thank you for all the treats, I know the weather was awful but we had a grand celebration in Room 110!! We played Hot Pumpkin, went on an all school parade. The older kids love to see all the cool costumes and love our silly songs!! We went to the Spook House in the gym that our SOAR students put on.  They went easy on the preschoolers who got to see and touch slime and eye balls (grapes)!! We are learning about the letter G. They are practicing printing letters and being able to identify upper and lower case. In Math we are counting during calendar time and with shapes. They love to build things together. We talked about all the different Saints in our lives, in Heaven and on Earth. I hope they can tell you about St. Francis!! This Wednesday is Special Lunch for all who ordered Buona Beef. We are Loving watching the progress in each of your children. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik


Halloween Week

Posted on Oct 28, 2019

We were busy with our 4th Grade Prayer Partners this week. They helped us count, graph,and eat some delicious candy corn mix. We practiced a Lock Down Drill. The children were very quiet and did a great job hiding. We also learned all the safe ways to get off a school bus in case of an emergency. We are learning about the letter F. We are reading about FiFi The Ferret. We made a shape witch and a scary ghost with their picture hidden under the ghost!! Just a reminder that you are welcome to walk in with your child on Halloween morning for our short Spooktacular show. We have been practicing our fun songs every day. It is sure to put you in a Spooky mood for the day!!!! Children may be in costume and bring a wrapped treat to share with their friends. We will have McDonald's for lunch, thank you for sending in your forms. This Wednesday children will be dismissed at 1:45. Extended Day is available. School pictures were sent home this week, if your child was absent retakes are November 15th. It is a fun time of year for children and teachers, Mrs. Sefcik and I are enjoying the excitement that comes with being with children at this magical age!! Happy Halloween!!!

October 21

Posted on Oct 20, 2019

We are getting ready for Halloween in Room 110! This week we made a Frankenstein, and an Owl. We are working on a shape witch and a bat. We are practicing our Halloween songs every day. We hope that you can join us on Halloween morning for a short and sweet Spooktacular show! The show should be over by 8:30 for all who have to get to work. We hope to take a class picture with our scary costumes!! Children may come dressed in costume and bring a wrapped treat to share with their classmates. There are 19 children in our class. This week we are working on the letter E. We are reading about Edna the Enormous Elephant! We finished our Fire Safety with a visit from Mr. Kovacs, a real fireman!!! He told the children to make sure and ask their parents to set up a meeting place outside their house in case of a fire. He brought fire hats and stickers for each child. Thank you Mr. Kovacs!!! I know it is only October, however I wanted to share the date of our Christmas Show! It will be on Wednesday, December 18th at Noon. Preschoolers do Not have class that day. They come dressed in their Holiday Best at 11:45 and they are dismissed from our classroom immediately following the performance. Enjoy these Beautiful Fall days!!! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email anytime. 

Mrs. Caffrey and Mrs. Sefcik

October 14-18

Posted on Oct 11, 2019

What a week!!! The weather was wonderful, we were able to go outside everyday!! We celebrated Fire Prevention Week. We went on a scavenger hunt around school and found exits, smoke detectors, fire hydrants, and fire alarms. We are learning the letter D. Our story is about Detective Dog and the Disappearing Donuts. We are counting the days until Halloween, and building with Lego's. It is amazing what they can do. Next week is a short week, remember no school on Monday!!! There is a chill in the air so please remember to send the children with appropriate outdoor clothes. We do try to play outside every day unless it is raining. Your children are learning and growing each day and Mrs. Sefcik and I are so proud of them. Don't ever hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. Enjoy the three day weekend!!!

October 7-11

Posted on Oct 04, 2019

We had a very busy week! We are learning about the letter C, we read a book about Copycats. Next week we will practice printing upper and lower case C. You can always practice this skill at home. We finished our apple counting book, and worked on listening and following directions. They are getting better each week. We also had our Fourth Grade Prayer Partners help us with making Mr. Bones. It is one of our favorite projects and I can't wait to see them hanging around our parish!! If your child's did not come home yet I will send them on Monday and Tuesday. We also went to church and had our stuffed pets blessed by Fr. Ken. It was a wonderful experience!! We took time to look at all the animals that are in the stained glass windows. They are so beautiful. Today Fall seems to be in the air, I hope you get out and enjoy this beautiful weather over the weekend!! 

Week of September 30th

Posted on Sep 27, 2019

 We have had another exciting week in Preschool!! We are learning about the letter B. We worked on identifying upper and lower case B. We said many words that begin with the B sound using our book about Bubble Bear!  We read about God's story of Creation and said thank you to God for all he has given us. The children are doing well during our morning prayer when Mrs. Nash leads the entire school in "God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. We will continue  counting and making patterns using our Stem Bins!! We used the apples you sent in to measure how many apples tall each child was, and we made applesauce which the children enjoyed very much!!! A few reminders, Picture Day is Tuesday, October 1st. You can send in your envelopes with the children on Monday. Wednesday is Special Lunch for those of you who ordered, Pop's is on the Menu! Your children are growing each and every day and Mrs. Sefcik and I are so proud of each one!!! Have a wonderful weekend!! Go Falcons

September 23-27

Posted on Sep 22, 2019

Room 110 was very busy learning all about the letter A. We practiced the sound that short A makes and we practiced printing both the upper and lower case A. We exercised to a fun song that has all the sounds of the alphabet, they did a great job!! Next week we are going to do some fun things with apples! I would like each child to bring in an apple by Wednesday. Thank you! We are also working on counting and sorting. We built a very tall tower with straws, it went all the way to the ceiling!!! The theme of our year is to fly like a Falcon and always be the nice kid. We are working on sharing our toys and using kind words. The children are doing a great job!!! This week we have early dismissal on Thursday, they will be dismissed at 1:45, Extended Day is available. Mrs. Sefcik and I are enjoying each day with your children, we are so lucky to be part of their early education!!

Fisher Fest Is Here!!!

Posted on Sep 12, 2019

Another great week in Room 110. The children are really doing well with their listening skills. We have been going over our colors and shapes. We painted Big apples this week, and we used water colors to paint our name. They are building many things using our new STEM Bins. Yesterday they made a building that was as tall as Mrs. Sefcik!!!We introduced scissors today, this is a skill that you can practice at home using old newspaper and child scissors. Give them your recycle bin and they will have alot of fun!!! We have been praying for good weather all week so I hope that you are able to enjoy at least one day at The Fest!!! We are going to take a tour later this afternoon so they will know what ride they want to go on first!!! I am loving each and every one of your children, they make Mrs. Sefcik and I laugh all day long!!! Special Lunch forms are in your child's folder today, they are due Friday, September 20th. Pop's is on the menu.  Hope to see you at Fisherfest!!!

Week Three

Posted on Sep 06, 2019

Dear Parents,

 Thank you to all who came to our Back To School Night. It was great to see all of you!! This week was another fun week in Preschool. We picked our favorite color, filled in the first letter of our name with bright paper, and did alot of counting and singing our alphabet song. We are all gearing up for Fisher Fest next weekend, it is so fun to see the excitement on their faces!!!.  The rides usually arrive on Sunday so prepare for the parking lot to be under construction all week. Just a reminder the there is no school on Friday. The Fest opens on Thursday night, it is a great night to go since the crowd is usually smaller. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Don't hesitate to email with any questions or concerns

Mrs. Caffrey

Week Two

Posted on Aug 30, 2019