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Mrs Sherry Hughes Fourth Grade

Mrs. Hughes: 

Welcome to Fourth Grade Science and Math!

This will be an exciting year in fourth grade and I’m so happy to be a part of an amazing team of teachers. This year will be an adventure as we embark on an exciting new school year. 

In our classroom, I value your ideas, thoughts, and actions.  You have unique talents and strengths, and I cannot wait for you to share them with me and your classmates.  You will bring so much to our class. I’m looking forward to learning more about you!

I have been part of the St John Fisher community for over 20 years! All four of my children (and my husband) have graduated from SJF.   It truly is a privilege to work in a faithful, inclusive, and catholic community.  Go Falcons!

Heat energy and Heat transfer

Posted on Nov 10, 2021

For the next two weeks, the fourth graders will be studying the transfer of energy. 

We will use inquiry activities to help understand that energy can move. We will dive into the types of energy transfers. We will have a test on this information on Monday, November 22nd.

The First of November

Posted on Nov 01, 2021

This week in Science!!

Egg Drop!

As a biomechanical engineer, the students designed a solution to protect their "egg".

Their science write up for this acitivity will be completed at home. Please remember that ALL science notes are available on Google Classroom. There is a Google Slide presentation that contains ALL the information from their textbook and other sources. Please use this when needed.

This write up will take the place of a test on this information.

Halloween Week in Science

Posted on Oct 25, 2021

This week in science!

Today we handed in our transformations of energy project. We will have a gallery walk to see these transformations in our homes.

We will build our model to drop our egg this week. We need to design a device that will absorb the energy so that our egg won't break. We will test our design next Monday!

Our discussions and lessons will continue discussing energy.

On Friday, we will use our new Super Science Magazines and explore the science behind Halloween!


This week in Science

Posted on Oct 18, 2021


This week we will explore energy transformation and energy transfers. The students will draw a picture of any room in their house and locate three energy transformation or transfers. There are plenty of examples on their Google Classroom in the slides titled "Energy Help". They will then write a statement for each transfer such as: "Solar panels on my roof transform light energy into electrical energy."  "Electrical energy is transformed to heat energy by a kitchen stove."

As always, all their science content is on their Google Classroom in a Google Slide presentation. We only have one set of science books for fourth grade, so all their content from their textbook is on their Google Slides titled Energy Help. This is an ongoing Google Slide with additional slides added each week.


Week of Sept 20th2021

Posted on Sep 20, 2021

Exciting week in Science this week!

We will work on reader response questions along with solving velocity, speed and acceleration problems in class.

Science-Week of August 30th

Posted on Aug 30, 2021

Welcome to our first week of Science! During class this week, we will get to know each other through different science experiments. It will be a fun week of learning experiences!

Aug 18th

Posted on Aug 18, 2021

Welcome Back! 

We can't wait to see your smiling, masked faces on Wednesday!!

Week of 4/26

Posted on Apr 27, 2021
Week of April 26-May 6
In Reading, we will begin our unit on The Marvels of Nature.
We will examine how text features help us understand nonfiction reading. Chronological text structures, problem/ solution along with cause and effect will be used to understand our nonfiction reading unit.
 We will learn that when we synthesize, our thinking changes and we will form new ideas.
We will search for main ideas and evaluate relevant details the author includes in our stories.
There will be a quiz and a unit test on this selection next week. (Thursday and Friday)

Week of 3/29/2021

Posted on Mar 30, 2021
Holy Week plans
Monday and  Tuesday we will take a quiz on our story about The Beatles.
We will have a skill review on Tuesday.
On Wednesday, we will do a paired reading about jellyfish!
On Thursday, we will use our shorten class to read and discuss our fantasy novels!
Happy Spring Break!

Week of 3/9/21

Posted on Mar 10, 2021

Heroic Animals

Now that we have wrapped up our unit on Heroic Feats, the students will now use informational text to locate three animals that have proven themselves to be heroes.

We will compare how the characters from our reading stories have the same qualities that the animals had to be considered heroic.

The students will have ten news articles to choose their three champion animals from to prove their point. 

They then will design a main idea about the three articles. A graphic organizer will be used to record their evidence. 

After the evidence is collected, they will write an essay to support their thinking. Day by day directions for this assignment will be found on Google Classroom. Details for the essay will also be posted on Google Classroom.

Week of 3/1

Posted on Mar 02, 2021
March 1st Blog
Please check PowerSchool as we enter our last full week of the second trimester. 
The second trimester AR points are due on Monday, March 8th .
 If your child has not reached their goal of AR points as of today, they have one week to finish.
 They only need ten points for this trimester, not including the points from our class novels.
If they have a zero in their PowerSchool for AR's that would mean that no AR's have been completed at this point.
 If they have an incomplete in PowerSchool, that will mean that they are working toward their ten points. 
If they have ten points in their grading column, they have reached ed their second trimester goal!
 So many of our fourth-grade students have reached that goal and beyond!!
For this week, we will continue to examine Figurative Language in our reading stories and work on summarizing a plot.  The kids will have a short quiz on the play that we read last week. 

Week of 2/22

Posted on Feb 22, 2021

This week in Fourth Grade Reading

Monday-Examining text structure in a variety of stories. 

Tuesday-We will take a “pop” quiz on our story, Prince Charming Misplaces His Bride. This unit focuses on Heroic Feats with our main characters. We will read a story about the amazing and courageous smoke jumpers. A quiz on the story will follow tomorrow.

Wednesday-We will examine the vocabulary and text structure that the author chose for the story. A quiz on the story will follow on Thursday.

Thursday-We will read a play.

Friday-We will examine the critical vocabulary for the play and examine the elements of a drama.

We will study the figurative language used in the play. (We will also examine a few spelling rules to review to help boost our spelling.)

A quiz will be given for the story play.


A unit test on Module 4 will be next week. (Most likely on Monday or Tuesday)


Week of 2/17

Posted on Feb 17, 2021
Reading Blog Feb 17th
The four paragraphs essay for the novel study is due today. 
This week, in Reading, we will enjoy the beginning of our Heroic Feat Module in our Into Reading series. 
We will read the story, Prince Charming Misplaces his Bride together. We will examine Point of View and discuss the Theme for this selection. 

Week of 2/1-2/5

Posted on Feb 02, 2021

Feb. 1st Blog

This week we will examine how our main character in our novel study has changed throughout the story we read. The students will use their charts that were prepared last week to help them accomplish this goal.  We will write a five-paragraph expository essay showing the traits that the main character demonstrated throughout the novel.  The students have collected evidence to support their thinking. (This assignment is for The Tiger Rising and Wildfire.) The Wild Robot will use the chart that they completed that shows how Roz and the animals had to learn to trust one another to survive. Their five-paragraph paper will be similar to the other students' work.

All directions, anchor charts, and ideas will be posted on Google Classroom. The students will use their Chromebooks to write their paper, edit, and print. The final copy will be a printed paper of their work. Due dates and expectations will be available on their Google Classroom and in class instruction.


Week of 1/25-1/29

Posted on Jan 27, 2021


January 25, 2021

The students will complete an AR test on their class novel by Sunday, January 31st by 5:00pm. If you have any questions concerning AR’s please contact Mrs. Keller. 

Please remember that each student needs a total of 10 AR points for the second trimester. (There class novel does not count toward their ten points.)


Week of 1/11

Posted on Jan 11, 2021

Week of January 11, 2021



The Tiger Rising

Novel assignments are posted on Google Classroom each day.

Reading assignments for the week:

Monday and Tuesday

Chapters 6-7-8


I-Ready Reading


Chapters 9-10-11-12







Novel assignments are posted on Google Classroom each day.

Reading assignments for the week:

Monday and Tuesday

Pages 27-46


I-Ready Reading


Pages 47-76


Pages 77-94


Monday and Tuesday

The Tiger Rising

Novel assignments are posted on Google Classroom each day.

Read chapters 6-7-8


I-Ready Reading


Chapters 9-10-11-12


Chapters  13-14-15-16


Please check Google Classroom for the assignments to complete for each reading requirement.


E-Learning Jan. 2021

Posted on Dec 22, 2020

Dear Parents, 

We Made It!!!!

 Thank you for all that you and your family have done to keep us all safe and healthy! Enjoy the upcoming weeks of vacation!!


This email will outline our E-Learning plan for you and your fourth grader in our homeroom.

 The last few days have been very busy in preparing for the two week schedule.  Your child should have everything they need to be successful during their time at home. From their packets, to books, whiteboards and I-Pads, they are eager to embrace this learning experience.  We have practiced logging into Google Classroom and how to navigate websites and I-Ready information.


Room 210 Schedule

“Live” Instruction will take place on Monday-Tuesday-Thursday and Friday’s .  Wednesday will be reserved for I-Ready Math and Reading. Students may have independent work or use that day to catch up on any assignments. There may be small group meetings-if necessary. Teachers will be available to assist on Wednesdays, if needed. Please email the teacher (student may do this) for any assistance that they need.


8:15-Log on with Mrs. Kovatch (Science and ELA)

Students should not log on any earlier than the assigned time. The link may not appear on their Google Classroom until the assigned time. At that point, the teacher will be in the Google Meet awaiting the arrival of the students. 

9:45-Log on with Mrs. Namoff (Social Studies, Religion, Spelling)

Student break/lunch/recess 11:10-12:00pm

12:05-12:55 pm Specials

All specials will begin with a live meeting through the Specials Google Classroom. (Specials are every day of the week, including Wednesday.)

1:15pm- Log on with Mrs. Hughes/Mrs. Sullivan (Reading and Math)


The plan will be to do part live instruction and part independent work. All teachers will be available for their class during the entire time slot if the student needs assistance or has questions.

Attendance will be taken during the first class session and will be sent to the office. If your child can not attend class, please email the teacher and the office.


Since our first E-Learning Day is Wednesday, January 6th, we will log on together at 9:00am. (Just for this day.)

We will meet with only our homeroom students. Please log into the Reading Google Classroom at 9:00am on January 6th.

This will be a check in day to make sure they have everything they need and to catch up after our Christmas break.


All fourth grade teachers will post their daily work in their Google Classroom.

Please remember to return the learning packets when the students return to in class.

If at any time you have questions, please email us.

Thanks for all that you do! Have a beautiful holiday season.



Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Hughes


Week of 12/7

Posted on Dec 10, 2020

Week of December 7, 2020

Book Club Selection Week!! Let the voting begin!!

Students are selecting their book club novel that we will use during our two week quarantine after our Christmas break. I have a supply of some of the novels that are on our top list. If I’m unable to give your child a novel, I will have a pdf available on Google Classroom. Feel free to have them ask Santa for the novel. Whichever novel that they choose, it will be a great book to enjoy!

This week we will continue to examine theme in our stories. We will look at how a story is designed using vocabulary associated with parts of a story. The kids will have a quiz on our story toward the end of the week. Please continue doing 45 minutes of I-Reading each week. For the second trimester, the kids will need ten AR points. Mrs. Keller sent home a letter to explain access to the test at home.


Week of 11/16-11/20

Posted on Nov 16, 2020

Week of November 16 Blog for Fourth Grade Reading


This week we will focus on text and graphic features in reading informational material. We will continue to search for main (central) ideas as we read. Figurative language will be explored in our next personal narrative, Blind Ambition. We will have a skills test on Thursday in which the students will be able to use their reading notebook with the anchor charts to assist them. 

We continue to read our first chapter of an assortment of novels on Monday’s. The students will vote on their favorite novel to read. . We will use this novel as we transition to E-Learning, after Christmas vacation. During this time, we will enjoy reading the novel together and exploring  the skills that we have learned during the trimester. I will let you know which book before Christmas break. I will have the book posted on their google classroom, but students may want their own copy to read.


Week of 11/9 - 11/13

Posted on Nov 09, 2020

Fourth Grade Reading 

Week of November 9th

This week we will begin the next section of our reading program. The second unit will be based on informational text. This week, our skills will be learning how to properly summarize a text. We will look for the main idea of the text and find supporting details to help support our central idea. We will examine how graphic and text features help us understand informational text.

We will have a section text in the middle of next week on this material and the vocabulary that accompanies this lesson.


Week of 10/26-10/30

Posted on Oct 26, 2020

Fourth Grade Reading

This week, we will have our Reading quiz on Monday for our story Kitoto the Mighty along with vocabulary. The quiz was originally scheduled for last Friday, but changed to Monday.

We will focus on the concept of Theme and Author’s Craft. We will use both our story, Kitoto the Mighty along with read-along stories found on Google Classroom to enhance our understanding of theme and author’s craft. 

The students should prepare for their concept test on the lessons from Kitoto the Mighty on Wednesday, November 4th. The students will be able to use their notebooks which contain their anchor charts.


Week of 10/19-10/23

Posted on Oct 17, 2020

Fourth Grade Reading

This week, October 19th through the 23rd, we will focus on the folktale genre.  The vocabulary for the story will now be included in their story quiz. The quiz for Kitoto the Mighty and the vocabulary words will be on Friday, October 23rd. The skills test will follow during the week of November 2nd. This week our skill will be the art of retelling stories. Please use the anchor chart that the students will have in their reading notebook to assist them in retelling this story and any events from their daily life. This could be a fun dinner time conversation.


On Monday, we will discuss their retelling exercise that was completed in class on Friday, October 16th. We will use this exercise to see how well we retold a story based on the information from their anchor chart on Retelling. We will also discuss their homework that was assigned to them from Thursday, October 15th. We will discuss the character traits of our main character from The Sweetest Fig. As always, first chapter Monday’s bring excitement in the air of the classroom. The vocabulary for this week’s story will be introduced and students will have homework based on the vocabulary words for this reading selection.


Tuesday and Wednesday, the students will begin reading the folktale, Kitoto the Mighty. We will study the elements of folktale genre. The students will be introduced to the skill of retelling a story. An anchor chart will be used to help the students. The chart will be glued in their notebook for assistance. Their homework for Tuesday and Wednesday will be to practice remembering the vocabulary words.


With our early dismissal on Wednesday, the students will begin their I-Ready practices for homework. A note from the administration will explain this in more detail. In class on Thursday, the students will practice orally retelling the story with a “partner” then will write the retelling with the help of a graphic organizer. They will have a vocabulary exercise for homework. And, finally, on Friday, the students will take a quiz on the story and the vocabulary words for the selection.



Posted on Oct 14, 2020

Fourth Grade Reading

Week of October 12-16

During this short week, we will focus on characters in a story and the ability to retell a story from a different point of view. Please use their assignment notebooks for specific assignments for each class since we are on a slightly different schedule for this current week.

As you look at our progress reports, don’t forget that fourth-graders have weighted categories in their overall Powerschool grades.

It truly is a pleasure getting to know our students. They are a very sweet class with a wonderful sense of humor. Their strong participation leads to wonderful class discussions. Thank you.


Oct 5-8

Posted on Oct 05, 2020

Fourth Grade Reading Blog

Week of October 5th

Monday: Worksheets for Author’s Purpose and Critical Vocabulary will be collected today.

We will discuss Point of View:Who is telling the story? The kids will understand that point of view is a literary device that identifies the narrator, or the person who is telling the story.  We will discuss the first person point of view along with the third person point of view. An Anchor Chart will help them understand the concept and can be glued in their reading notebook.

We will begin to read The Year of the Rat in our reading book. The kids will be responsible for reading pages 59-64 for Monday. They will identify the genre for this story as Realistic Fiction which tells a story about characters and events that are like those in real life. One of the goals of the story is to identify the point of view.

Tuesday: We will examine the Chinese New Year Zodiac Signs since this is a major part of the story that the kids are reading. There will be a writing assignment to accompany this lesson. The students will complete reading the story (pages 65-73).

Homework will also be a Point of View Worksheet page 17 side only. Please remember to write in complete sentences.

Wednesday: We will continue our discussion of identifying the point of view for a story.  We will continue to build our prefix chart. Located on Google Classroom will be a short video to watch to understand the meaning of the prefixes we will study.

We will discuss the story in detail and practice our retelling strategy. 

Thursday: The kids will have a test on the narrative poem, Yes! We are Latino’s and the story, The Year of the Rat.

NO School on Friday or Monday! Enjoy the time with your family! Stay well.


Week of Sept. 28- Oct. 2

Posted on Sep 27, 2020

This will be an interesting two weeks! Ms. Kovatch’s homeroom received all the worksheets/tests for this Module 1 Week 2 work.

Please do not complete any of the work until instructed to do so! Thanks.


Our goals and work for the next two weeks are the following:

What makes us who we are?

How do your experiences help shape your identity?

Essential Skills


Critical vocabulary: heritage, ancient, resolutions, doubts, relying, clumsy, awkward

High Frequency Words: alone, within, cool, express

VocabularyStrategy: Context clues

Generative Vocabulary: Prefixes mis-, pre-, dis-; 

Spiral Vocabulary: Prefixes un-, im-. Re-

Reading Workshop

Monitor and Clarify

Author’s Purpose

Point of View


Foundational Skills

Decoding Short e and Long e

Spelling: Short e and Long e

Fluency: Reading Rate


Speaking and Listening

Making Connections


Narrative Poetry: Yes! We are Latinos

Realistic Fiction: The Year of the Rat

We will have a test on the reading selections on Thursday, October 8th. 


Our “First Chapter Monday Novels” will be Holes and the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Please encourage your child to read each night for at least twenty minutes.

We will discuss Accelerated Readers when their chrome books become available.


Sept. 21-25

Posted on Sep 21, 2020

Fourth Grade Reading 

Week of September 21-25

This week, we will complete the first lesson of our new reading series. The students will have a test on the materials covered in this lesson on Thursday and Friday.  We read and discussed the story last week. For homework this week, the students will bring their Reading Pal book home so that they can read the story with you before the test. The five multiple-choice question test on Thursday will be directed toward the story in their Reading Pal book, Flora and Ulysses.   

The second part of their test, on Friday,  will cover the skills that we worked on during the lesson. Those skills include: Prefixes un-, in-, im-, and re, along with the central idea, author’s purpose, text and graphic features, and figurative language. In addition, the foundational skills decoding short and long “a” short vowel words.

Since this reading series offers no workbook, all handouts, anchor charts, etc have been copied and given to the students. We will organize our anchor charts and worksheets in our Reading notebook. The students will be able to use their anchor charts for the test on Friday.

Please remember to have your child read for at least twenty minutes a day at home.  Accelerated reading, with Mrs. Keller, will begin in October. We are awaiting the arrival of our Chromebooks.


Sept 14-18

Posted on Sep 12, 2020

Fourth Grade Reading

Week of September 21st

First Chapter Monday

Each Monday, the students will listen to the first chapter of an exciting new novel!

Students should be reading at least twenty minutes each evening. Next week, we will begin our reading logs.

We will begin our new Reading Series “Into Reading”.

Our first lesson will help us understand how our experiences help shape our identity. 

We will work on decoding short and long a vowel sounds. Our workshop models will be based on finding the central (main) ideas, author’s purpose, understanding text and graphic features along with having fun with figurative language.  We will use an excerpt from Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo to understand fantasy genres.

Students will be introduced to new vocabulary that is associated with the story. 

At the conclusion of the lesson , the students will have a test on comprehension and skills obtained through this lesson.

Please refer to their assignment notebook for daily assignments.


Sept 8-11

Posted on Sep 07, 2020
Fourth Grade Reading

Week of September 8




Our goal this week in fourth grade reading will be to get to know one another behind the masks!


Tuesday’s activity the students will use both math and reading skills to better understand their fourth grade teachers!


Wednesday, the kids will be “O-fish-ally” in fourth grade and will complete an assignment to match that title.


On Thursday and Friday, we will read a story about an unusual start to the school year and base our discussion on the main idea of the story.


? More details in regards to accelerated readers and reading logs will be forthcoming.


? My fourth grade students will be expected to read every school night for their enjoyment.


? The kids should always have a novel in their desk.

How to Write a True Story

Posted on Sep 17, 2019

How to Write a True Story


  1.  Think of something that happened to you.  (Trouble, Things were hard)

Think of parts of your story:

What did you do that shows how the trouble starts?

What did someone say or do that shows the trouble getting worse?

How did the trouble get solved/resolved?

  1.  Touch the pages and tell the story.

  Hint: Say the actual words you write.

     3,  Sketch what happened on each page.

     4.  Write!!!! Hint: On each page, just write one part of the story!

5th ELA guide

Posted on Sep 03, 2019

5th Grade ELA:

Welcome Back to School!

Fifth Grade Language Arts Program

Sherry Hughes


Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.-Maya Angelou


Welcome to fifth grade ELA!!! This year, we will be combining reading and writing to create an ELA curriculum.  The mechanical part of the grammar and vocabulary will be taught by Mrs. Quinn.

I’m very excited to be able to share our  reading and writing curriculum with fifth grade students this year.  This curriculum adheres to Common Core State Standards, and is based on 35 years of research and development made by the Teachers College at Columbia University, and spearheaded by Lucy Calkins.  I know that the fifth grade students at St John Fisher School are really going to enjoy becoming better writers and readers, and I look forward to facilitating their progress!


The Teachers College Writing workshop model allows students to have the “last” word by allowing students to take something commonplace in his/her life and give it meaning.  Students learn that their lives are worth writing about, and that they should care about what they write. Using the foundations of the curriculum, students will see that writing is a craft, and they will enjoy learning how to become better writers through hard work and practice.  Writing will happen every day, and students will write in a variety of ways that touch on several different genres. Students will not be assigned specific topics, but will have flexibility to choose to write about what matters to them, within the guidelines of the specific genres of study.


What does Writing Workshop look like in the classroom?

Writing workshop begins with a mini lesson that teaches a new strategy. A sample of writing  that is specific to the unit or genre being studied is demonstrated.

Helpful charts are on display in the classroom.  These charts are visual reminders that reinforce writing strategies; they may help with dialogue, structure, elaboration or conventions.  

Ideas are generated and students practice telling their story to a partner.  Storytelling is a rehearsal for writing; students develop ideas. Students possibly create a timeline and identify their feelings at each point of the timeline.

Nurturing and growing the seed idea comes next through rehearsal; students are encourage to re-read their entry and think about the big, important events in this moment, what are they thinking/feeling at each point, how did they change as the story unfolds.  Students learn to make a writing plan. Some ways to make a writing plan are:

-create a timeline that tracks our stories and emotion

-take small moments and break them into a beginning, middle and end

-make a story booklet with illustrations of four major events (this forces students to remember and start thinking about major themes)

-students then tell their story to their writing partner

-drafting is the next step in the process

-revision occurs next

-we will use a mentor text for examples of dialogue

-publishing process will allow students to publish their writing where it will be enjoyed not solely by the teacher but by their peers.  It will be a big celebration!!

Grade 5 Writing Curriculum

By the end of fifth grade, students are more skilled at writing in various genres.

Unit 1: Raising the Level of Personal Narrative/Memoir

Unit 2: The Interpretive Essay

Unit 3: Informational writing

Unit 4: Research based argument essay

Unit 5: Literary and comparative Essays

Unit 6:  Historical fiction/Mixed Genre Writing

Unit 7: Writing in the Content Area/Research based informational writing/Fantasy Writing

Unit 8: Poetry


The Reading Workshop is not like traditional literacy programs. We will not be using textbooks, workbooks, or whole class texts.  The workshop model is founded on the following beliefs, which are rooted in literacy research:

-Learners need opportunities to read high interest, accessible  books of their own choosing

-Learners need long stretches of time to read

-Learners need teachers to read aloud

-Learners need assessment based instruction, including feedback that is tailored specifically to them.  Strugglers especially need instruction that is tailored specifically toward their specific strengths and needs, as well as extra time and help.

-Learners need a balanced approach to language arts, one that includes a responsible approach to the teaching of writing as well as reading.

-Learners need explicit instruction in the skills of proficient readers.

-Learners need opportunities to talk and write in response to texts.


What does Reading Workshop look like?

A reading workshop classroom relies on teacher-led instruction in the form of a mini lesson which aims to teach a specific reading skill or strategy.  The mini lesson is intended to take ten minutes. A more significant block of time (30 minutes) is devoted to independent practice, where students read self-selected books and practice the skill taught in the mini lesson.  During this time, I confer with individuals or small groups. This is the most valuable part of the workshop, as I will target the needs of each student throughout the week. The third portion of Reading Workshop includes time for students to share what they read and how they applied the mini lesson to their reading.  The share will be either small group or whole class. The above structure will be CONSISTENT every day. Other elements of Reading Workshop include interactive read alouds, book clubs, guided reading and shared reading.


How will my child be assessed?

Assessment in the RWW is ongoing.  I confer with individual students and groups of students, keeping records of the progress of the student.  I will be taking notes on our conferences and periodically take a “running record” of a student’s reading. Student progress is measured against grade level rubrics for fluency, comprehension, written responses and participation in workshops.

(Accelerated readers will be part of the curriculum. See information below for that requirement.)


Reading Logs

I will expect the students to keep a reading log journal. This should be an honest reflection of their reading each day. I will use this as a tool to monitor their progress. Please make sure that is a true reflection of their reading accomplishments.

I will use these logs to understand their reading progress.  (Momentum, holes in reading list?, trends if not finishing a book, avoiding certain genres, is the student stalled?)




Accelerated reading

Since this is a program that is implemented in our SJF curriculum, I will ask the students to participate. 


From my reading about reading this summer, here are some thoughts I found:

Kids motivation and interest in reading is higher when they have the opportunity to read in school.

Researcher Stephen Krashen found that students in free reading programs performed better than or equal to students in any other reading program.

Providing students the opportunity to choose their own books to read enpowers and encourages them. This strengthens their self-confidence, rewards their interest, and promotes a positive attitude toward reading by valuing the reader and giving them a level of control.  Readers without the power to make their own choices can become unmotivated.

Direct reading instruction allows time to apply what they learn in the context of real reading events.

Give approval of their reading choice no matter what their reading choice because this is far preferable to their deciding not to read at all.


Our grades are weighted into three categories:


Classwork/Notebook Work

Extended Responses/Test/Quizzes

Welcome back

Posted on Aug 21, 2019

Welcome to Fifth Grade ELA!

This will be an exciting year in fifth grade and I’m so happy to be a part of an amazing team of teachers. This year will be an adventure as we embark teaching reading and writing! It will be a great experience to work with you to develop your  passion for reading and writing.

In our classroom, I value your ideas, thoughts and actions.  You have unique talents and strengths, and I cannot wait for you to share them with me and your classmates.  You will bring so much to our class. I’m looking forward to learning more about you!

I have been part of the St John Fisher community for over 20 years! All four of my children (and my husband) have graduated from SJF.   It truly is a privilege to work in a faithful, inclusive and catholic community.  Go Falcons!

Game Board

Posted on May 24, 2019

After you select your science fiction or fantasy book, try to visualize making a game, which incorporates parts of the book. Use the following guidelines when you create your board game:

  1. Use the characters in your book as “the pieces” of the game. You must have at least two game pieces.

  2. Use the setting of the book as the game board. Remember that color can make all the difference. Use a lot of color and keep in mind that you want your game board to be neat and well organized. Your game board must be made out of poster board or of some other material that is thicker than construction paper. Your game board must be at least 18 inches high, as well as 18 inches wide. If you are planning to make your game board a special shape, be sure that your board would fit the 18” x 18” measurement if it were in a square.

  3. Use the plot of the book as the moves of the game. These plot moves will give players information about the story as they play your game. You must include at least 25 moves in your game.

  4. Write clear, concise instructions, explaining how to play the game. Your directions must be written out in a creative way. In other words, do not simply write the directions on a piece of binder paper. Think of a neat way to tie the directions into your game.

Your grade for this project will be based on the clarity of your instructions, the appearance of the game board, the creativity of the game, and the entertainment potential of your game, as well as on how well you followed instructions and included the required criteria. In addition, your game MUST reflect the content of your book


Biography Bottle Project

Posted on Jan 22, 2019