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Mrs.Carole Scannell, 7th Grade Reading/Language

My name is Mrs. Carole Scannell and I am the new 7th grade Reading and Language teacher.  I have been a parishioner for twenty years, and been involved in a few church activities.  I have taught at a few different schools in the past, but look forward to my new adventure here at St. John Fisher.  My five children are all graduates of St. John Fisher which brings me great pride.

Welcome Back

Posted on Aug 19, 2019

Welcome Back to the 2019-2020 school Year!  A seventh graders you are going to grow into better readers and writers because of all the exciting elements we will delve into.  Be prepared to read everyday and write everyday!  I am very excited to meet all of you and get to know each and every one of you.

Week of May 28th.

Posted on May 28, 2019

Week of May 20th.

Posted on May 20, 2019

Week of May 13th.

Posted on May 13, 2019

Week of May 6th.

Posted on May 06, 2019

Week of April 29th

Posted on Apr 29, 2019

This week in reading, we will finish up our short story called "After Twenty Years" by O. Henry.  We will test on this iconic story and then read another short piece by O. Henry called "Ransom of Red Chief".  We will compare the two pieces and find what they have in common.  In writing, we will continue to work on our compare/contrast piece taking a side on whether the movie or the written word was better.  All of the directions have been given to the students.  This will be due on Friday, May 3rd.  In Language, we will finish up working on the verbs this week.  Welcome back to all who have been sunning in the warm weather while the rest of us fought off the snow this past weekend.  We have a very short time left in 7th grade, so let's make it our most productive!

Week of April 29th.

Posted on Apr 29, 2019

Week of April 8th

Posted on Apr 08, 2019

This week in reading, we will read our short story written by O. Henry called After Twenty Years.  We will introduce our two characters, Silky Bob and Jimmy Wells.  We will go through the plot pyramid and find all of the different parts of the story, and of course go over the vocabulary as well.  In language, we are going to be working on our action verbs and our linking/helping verbs that we use to make our sentences flow properly.  Finally in writing, we are working on our essay to close out The Outsiders.  The students have to write about the community that the Greasers and the Socs lived in and how that community helped them or hurt them.  These final essays will be due on Friday, 4/12.

We survived the Aspire tests and the arrival of the chicks, so now we can get back on schedule.  Easter break will begin at 2:30 on Friday, 4/12 and continue through Wednesday, 4/24.  The teachers have an event to attend downtown on Tuesday, 4/23 and Wednesday, 4/24 so we will be back in school Thursday, 4/25.  Have a restful Easter break!

Week of April 8th

Posted on Apr 08, 2019

Week of April 1st.

Posted on Apr 01, 2019

We have finished our third and final novel, The Outsiders.  This week we will test on the story and begin to work on our essay about the importance of a loving community.  All of the instructions will come home for you to see.  We are still working on our four types of sentences to help us in our writing.  Finally, we are working on our character autopsies with The Outsiders.  Each of the students had to choose a character from the story and pull out what made that character strong, or in conflict.  They are working very hard on these and they are beautiful.

Don't forget that this week is ASPIRE TESTING which means chrome books have to be charged, rest needs to happen,and a positive attitude!!!

Our chicks hatched!!!!  We have six beautiful babies chirping away in the classroom which will add to the excitement of the week:)

Week of April 1st

Posted on Apr 01, 2019

Week of March 25th

Posted on Mar 25, 2019


this week in reading we will finish The Outsiders story.  We will work on the vocabulary from each of the chapters and the comprehension.  We will also start on our character autopsies.  Each of the students will choose one of the characters from the story and dig deep into what makes them tick.  This will also tie in with our writing for the week as well.  In language, we will continue to work on our sentence structure.  We will take the sentences apart to find the subjects and the predicates and then try to add additional clauses to the sentences.  Please say an extra prayer this week that our eggs hatch and we have healthy chicks in our classroom.  They go on "lockdown" today in preparation for the birth!!!  Please keep sick children home, we had so many out last week with this flu that is going around:(

Week of March 25th

Posted on Mar 25, 2019

Week of 3/18

Posted on Mar 18, 2019

This week in reading we will continue with the Outsiders.  We reach the most exciting part of the story, and will work on the vocabulary and the comprehension.  In language,  we will use the story structure of The Outsiders to work on the four types of sentences; simple, compound, complex, and compound/complex.  In writing, we are preparing for the Aspire tests, so we are practicing pulling outlines together to organize our thoughts for the writing prompts.  Please remember to keep sick children home...the germs are flying!  On Wednesday, 3/20 we are going to receive the sacrament of reconciliation in preparation for Lent.

Week of March 11th

Posted on Mar 12, 2019

In reading this week we have started reading our third novel, The Outsiders.  This story intertwines the lives of two rival groups; The Greasers, and The Socs.  We will work on comprehension and vocabulary with each chapter.  In language, we will use the Outsiders to work on subject/predicate and subject-verb agreement.  In writing we will practice with another Aspire writing prompt.  As you may have heard, room 101 is attempting to hatch some chicks.  we have twelve eggs in the incubator, and now we have to wait twenty-one days to see the magic!!!  Fingers crossed...

Week of March 4th

Posted on Mar 05, 2019

This week in reading we will finish up the short story The Lottery.  We are talking about the symbolism that takes place during the story.  We are going to compare the symbolism of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree as well.  The test for the story will also be given this week.  In language we are practicing independent and subordinate clauses to assist us in our writing.  In writing, we are practicing Aspire prompts and rewriting the ending of The Lottery.  Please remember that report cards come home on Wednesday, March 6th.  Please take this opportunity to discuss ways to improve and congratulate a successful trimester.

Week of February 25 2019

Posted on Feb 26, 2019

In reading this week we are working on skills with irony and finding text evidence with regards to The Lottery.  In language we are working on subject/predicate parts of the sentence.  In writing, we just finished up our paper on the Giver, and now we are doing a compare/contrast on Daylight Savings Time.  Please remember that the second trimester ends on Friday, March 1st, and that AR points are due Wednesday, February 27th.

Week of February 19th

Posted on Feb 19, 2019

Welcome back after a long, restful weekend!  We have finished The Giver in reading and we are going to start a short story called The Lottery.  Like The Giver, this story has the reader asking a lot of questions...We will of course discuss the characters and the setting, along with why would this kind of thing be allowed in society???  In writing we are still working on our argumentative essay on how the ending of The Giver happens...Some of us think that Jonas survives and escapes to Elsewhere, and some of us think that Jonas froze to death  and is telling us from beyond.  Now to go back into the story and prove your argument!!!  In language we are working on plural nouns and the proper way to spell them.  Dont forget the trimester will end February 28th so AR points (25) need to be in by then....

Week of February 18yh

Posted on Feb 19, 2019

Week of February 4th

Posted on Feb 04, 2019

Welcome to February as the weeks fly by!  In The Giver, we will read chapters 18-22 this week.  We are getting to the really exciting part of the story.  When we finish the book, we will work on an argumentative piece regarding the ending.  I will walk the students through the steps of how to put the paper together.  In writing, we are working on an essay about the greatest president.  These will be presented to Bill Lipinski for his Presidents Day All American Eagle Program.  In language, we will be working with commas this week.  Thanks for your patience with Catholic Schools Week and all of the interruptions!  We all survived:)

Week of January 28th

Posted on Jan 28, 2019

Welcome to Catholic Schools Week 2019!  Today we will be working on our STEM projects with our prayer partners.  Tuesday is the carnival, Wednesday is the food drive for Ronald McDonald and the St. Rita band, Thursday we make cards for Hope Hospital, and finally on Friday we have our volleyball game against the students! Lots of fun to celebrate how great our school is.  

In reading we will cover chapters 15-19 in The Giver.  Lots of interesting comments and questions coming up about this community that is the same!  In language, we are reviewing how to use nouns in our writing to enhance our thoughts.  In writing, we will put down some thoughts about why we are lucky enough to attend Saint John Fisher School!

Week of January 22nd

Posted on Jan 22, 2019

Week of January 22nd

Posted on Jan 22, 2019

This week in reading we will cover chapters 11-14 in the Giver.  we will have both comprehension worksheets along with vocabulary worksheets.  In language we are working with interjections and how they can add to your descriptive writing.  We are working on our BIO Poems in writing this week, describing interesting things about ourselves for all to see.  Wednesday, 1/23 is an out of uniform day...students can dress like their favorite high school or college or favorite scholar...Catholic Schools Week will begin on January 27th with mass and open house.  Please put it in your calendar!  More details later in the week.

Week of January 14th

Posted on Jan 14, 2019

This week in reading , we will cover chapters 7-11 in The Giver.  Each of the chapters has a vocabulary and a comprehensions worksheet to go along with it. In language we will be working with conjunctions.  How can we bring both parts of the sentence together.  In writing, we will be working on our "I have a dream" paragraphs to go along with  celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Progress reports will come out this Wednesday, so please check in with your child on what we are doing that is wonderful, and what can we improve on...We will also be taking the Interim Aspire tests this Friday and next. Have a great week!

Week of January 7th

Posted on Jan 07, 2019

Welcome back to school!  We are going to begin this new year reading The Giver by Lois Lowry.  This story takes place in a community different than our own.  We will be asking a lot of questions.  In language, we will continue with adverbs and the questions we need to ask with our verbs.  In writing, we will go over our new goals for 2019...

Week of Jnauary 7th

Posted on Jan 07, 2019

Week of December 17th

Posted on Dec 17, 2018

This week is filled with lots of Christmas excitement!  Today we will be able to listen to the Mother McAuley Accapella group sing, and Tuesday is the Band Concert, and Thursday, the Kindergarten play will be presented to the school children.  So let me wish all of you a very Merry Christmas filled with laughter and love.

In school this week the seventh graders will finish  up their literary analysis of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.  This is a great review tool for taking apart a story to find all of the different parts of a plot pyramid. In language, we will be working with adverbs and how they answer the questions how, when, and where of the verb.  We will begin The Giver when we return from Christmas break.

Please remember that Friday, 12/21 is an early dismissal at 12:30 and a prayer service at 11:30.  

Week of December10th

Posted on Dec 10, 2018

This week in Reading, we will test on The Christmas Carol.  We will also begin our literary analysis of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.  this will take all the elements of a plot pyramid and incorporate our new story into them.  We will begin with the exposition, then go to the rising action followed by the climax.  Next, we head to the falling action and finally to our resolution.  In language we are going to be working on degrees of comparison with our adjectives.  In writing, we will be sharing our renditions The Christmas Carol with our peers in author's chair.

Week of December 1st

Posted on Dec 03, 2018

This week in reading we will be working on developing a theme in each of the scenes of our play The Christmas Carol.  In language, we will be working on the different types of pronouns.  In writing, we are working on our plot pyramid of the Christmas Carol.  each element of the plot pyramid becomes its own paragraph.

Week of November 27th

Posted on Nov 27, 2018

In reading this week we are going to discuss the different conflicts in our play.  We will also talk about the difference between connotation and denotation.  In language we will begin the different types of pronouns.  We will do author's chair for our tradition stories.

November 12th News

Posted on Nov 12, 2018

This week in reading, we will begin our short story A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens.  We went over our background knowledge of the workhouse and how the poor were treated so badly last week.  In language, we will continue working  with our prepositional phrases.  Report cards come home this week.  Please make sure your children read their books for Accelerated Readers!

Week of November 5th

Posted on Nov 05, 2018

 This week in reading, we will begin our November short story Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.  This is written in a play format.  We will discuss the way the poor were treated during this time period.  In language, we will continue to work with verb tenses and infinitives.  In writing, we will do a compare and contrast between Monsters of Maple Street and The War of the World.  Trimester grades end on Friday, November 9th.  Accelerated Reading points (20) will also be due on Friday as well.

Week of October 29- November 2nd

Posted on Oct 29, 2018

This week in reading, we will continue with our radio broadcasts.  This week we will listen to The War of the Worlds, created by Orson Wells.  We will compare/contrast Monsters with The War and see what the two Halloween pranks have in common, and what is different.  In language, we will continue to work on verb tenses. In writing, we will finish up our theme writing, using either fear, suspicion, stereotype, human flaws, or group behavior to create our story.  

Week of October 29th

Posted on Oct 29, 2018

Week of October 22nd

Posted on Oct 22, 2018

This week in reading we will continue our discussion of our short story, The Monsters On Maple Street.  We will compare the original radio broadcast from the 1950's with the movie version in 2003.  In language, we will continue working with verbs.  In writing, we will create something with our "monsters".

Week of October 2nd

Posted on Oct 22, 2018

Week of October 15th

Posted on Oct 14, 2018

October 10

Posted on Oct 10, 2018

This week in reading we will finish our novel A Long Walk to Water and watch the documentary called Water for Sudan.  In language, we will continue to talk about concrete and abstract nouns to use in our writing. In writing, we are going to start our research on the Sudan and the characters from our novel.

Week of Oct. 1-5

Posted on Sep 30, 2018

Week of 9/16 to 9/20

Posted on Sep 16, 2018

Week of 9/10 to 9/14

Posted on Sep 09, 2018

7th Grade Reading

Posted on Sep 04, 2018

7th Grade Reading/Language/Writing

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

7th GradeELA Welcome 8/20

Posted on Aug 20, 2018

Welcome to 7th grade!  This week we will go through all of our routines and expectations.  I will introduce our first read which will be a short story called 7th Grade by Gary Soto.  We will also go over how to use our interactive notebooks which we will use for Reading/Grammar/Writing.