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Ms. Mary Ellen Schiavone, Reading Resource

Hi!! My name is Mary Ellen Schiavone. I am the Reading Specialist here at St. John Fisher. I taught third grade for 8 years and although I am going to miss it, I am very excited to be working in our new Reading Intervention Program (RIP)! I was raised on the Southside-- I went to St. Bede the Venerable, Mother McAuley, and St. Xavier University. I recently received my masters in Literacy Curriculum and I can honestly say I love all things Reading! I am so lucky to work with such amazing students, faculty, and families here at SJF and love the sense community this school offers! So much so, that I have my own little Falcon here in our preschool program!

A few fun facts...  I enjoy traveling, music, all things about Chicago, the Cubs, learning new things and of course reading. I can't wait to meet all of you and start the school year!!

November News

Posted on Nov 04, 2019

Happy November! Wow, I can’t believe it’s already November. I am truly grateful for all of your wonderful children and I love being able to work with them to build their reading skills! It is truly my passion and I have seen amazing progress!

Ways to help with reading at home…

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As always, thank you for all that you do at home! I am very thankful for all of you and the support you give your children!

Halloween Week!

Posted on Oct 28, 2019

Happy Halloween Week! Everyone is very excited for the upcoming activities! We are continuing on with our leveled text and practicing our reading strategies. Wednesday we will take a little break from our LLI work and hear a couple spooky Halloween stories!

I hope you all have a Fa”BOO”Lous week!

Below are some Spooky Inference Riddles… Enjoy!

Riddle #1: I am the color of darkness. Some people say I’m bad luck. Others say I have nine lives. Witches keep me as their pet. What am I? Answer ______________

Riddle #2:  I’m creepy.  I love to crawl around. I have eight legs. I trap bugs and eat them. What am I? Answer ____________________  

Riddle #3: I am part man and part monster. I have a great sense of smell. I love the full moon. I howl at the night sky. What am I? Answer ____________________

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October Happenings!

Posted on Oct 08, 2019

Happy Fall! We are in the swing of things here in the Reading Intervention Program. Please remember students will be bringing home a nightly Take Home Book. These should be reread and it is always best to discuss the stories.

**A few suggested discussion questions (depending on the type of story): What is happening in the text? How does the character feel in the beginning/ end of the story? How do you know? What do the illustrations help you see or understand? What type of story is this and how do you know?

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Week of September 23, 2019

Posted on Sep 26, 2019

We have officially begun sending home Take Home Books! Students are very excited about this and I love hearing that they are enjoying the daily stories! Don't forget, most nights they will be taking home the book we read in school. They should read it at home and it is always a good idea to discuss what they have read! Please make sure the book and the book folder is coming back to school each day. 

These kiddos are already doing great with our intervention program and really getting our routine down! I love working with each of them and seeing their confidence with reading bloom!

Be proud because your kids are awesome!!

Welcome Back 2019

Posted on Aug 20, 2018

Welcome Back!! I hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation, got plenty of rest, and are ready for a great year!

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