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Ms. Amanda McAndrews-Junior High Science

Hi! I'm Amanda McAndrews, the new Junior High Science teacher at St. John Fisher. In 2015, I graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Science. Since then, I have taught 4 years in the classroom, had the opportunity of working with the Museum of Science and Industry, and traveled across the United States getting real world experiences to use in the classroom. I not only love teaching Science, but I also love sports, traveling, playing with my dogs, and spending time with my family. I am anxious for the year ahead with such an enthusiastic, compassionate, and proud community here at St. John Fisher. 

Week of May 24th

Posted on May 24, 2021

In 8th grade Science the students will wrap up their year by taking a 50 question Final Tuesday, May 25th . The resources they should use to study from can all be found on classroom such as -Vocab, Practice Final, Old Test/Quiz Questions, Kahoot, and a paper copy of a corrected Final Packet. 

In 7th grade Science the students will continue their health unit. Topics this week include Monday and Tuesday- Mental Disorders, Wednesday- Food/Nutrition/Exercise, and Thursday-Injury, Rest and Recovery. 

Please review your child's grades found on Powerschool as grades are coming to an end. If you see an orange triangle it means it is missing (I never received it due to absence or other); a red circle means it is turned in late or was never turned in; purple / means the student is exempt.

Week of May 17th

Posted on May 17, 2021

In 8th grade Science the students will be preparing for a final covering this years vocab, formulas (see cheat sheet), and past test questions. They will prepare all week long and take the Final (50 points) next Tuesday, May 25th. Due dates for the assignments leading up to the final are as follows: Vocabulary due Tuesday 5/18 (10 points), Final Packet due Thursday 5/20 (20 points), Packet Corrections due Friday 5/21 (10 points), Practice Final on Friday 5/21(10 points). 


In 7th grade Science, the students will begin their Health Unit. Each day we will cover a brief overview of the topic at hand, and they will then turn to an activity to better understand their own health. This week's topics include Monday-Self Esteem and Personality, Tuesday- Managing Stress, Wednesday- Mental Disorders, Thursday- Relationships, Friday-Food and Nutrition. As stated in my letter home, if you have any questions on the sensitive topics or concerns you would like to share with me please email me at Here are additional resources for this weeks topics. A great website that is tiered for parents, teens, and kids alike is


What Is Stress?

Stress Test      (local psychologists as resources)

Internet Mental Health


Week of May 10th

Posted on May 11, 2021

Last week was such a rush with May Crowning on Friday, experiments in the classroom, and zoo projects coming to a close. This week in 8th grade Science the students will be wrapping up their Science Fair Projects. They have spent almost a month on them already (they should have already brought in a poster board if they haven't already). They will then take a break from the fun next week by preparing for their first final. This means there are very few grades left for 8th graders. We will have our actual Science Fair on Wednesday 6/2.

In 7th grade science, the students began their Health Unit! Some of the many topics we will cover for the next month are Advertisement, Peer Pressure, Mental Health, Injury and Recovery, Effects of Drugs, Need for Sleep, Diet and Excercise, and even Health Careers. If you or anyone you know works in the field of health and would like to share what you do with our eager student please take the following survey:


Week of May 3rd

Posted on May 03, 2021

Welcome back to another fun week of Junior High Science, both grades are in the thick of it. 8th graders will be in the Data collecting stage of their science fair project (fingers crossed for good weather)! 7th graders will be starting their Evolution Summative assessment which can either be in the form of a Test, Timeline project, or Build a Zoo project due Friday. They will check in with me Wednesday for a part of their grade. 

As the year comes to an end, there a still a few other grades left, so please check Powerschool regularly for any missing, late, or comments left on their grades. 

Week of April 26th

Posted on Apr 27, 2021

Last week the students had a fun week appreciating the world around us, celebrating Earth Day 2021! The students painted pots, reused water bottles, and planted to give more beauty and oxygen to our air! 

This week in 7th grade Science we are diving deep into Evidence of Evolution. Monday we drew our Artificially Selected Dog and our Naturally Selected Dog; Tuesday we are diving deep on Natural Selection learning about Peppered Moths; Wednesday in small groups we will be analyzing Humans impact on Artificial Selection; Thursday we will be learning about Genetic Drift (please send your student to school with a full size bag of M&Ms);

This week in 8th grade Science we are beginning our Science Fair projects. See classroom for the full rubric. Below are key dates that the students will check in with me and receive points for their 100 point Science Fair in Sections. Every Wednesday we will take a component of the Scientific Method and dive deeper- this weekend we will focus on Independent vs Dependent vs Control Variables. 


Part of Project

Start Date

Due Date

Part 1,2,3 



Part 4 & 5


5/5- (They need their materials by this date)

Parts 6, 7,8



Part 9

5/12 (They need a Trifold Poster Board by this date)





Week of April 12th

Posted on Apr 11, 2021

Welcome back, I hope everyone enjoyed a much-deserved Spring Break, and we had warm weather! 

This week in 7th grade Science, the students will begin the week reviewing what they learned before the break. They will then be given a study guide and have a test on Friday 4/16 on Animal Behaviors and Adaptations. 

This week in 8th grade Science, the students will be starting their new unit on Magnetism. See classroom for a copy of the book chapter and vocabulary. If you have magnets at home please send them in with your student for the labs that lie ahead. 

Week of March 29th

Posted on Mar 29, 2021

Sorry for my short blog hiatus, I have been very impressed with how hard our junior high students have been working in Trimester 3. While this week is a short week, I will be checking in with each student individually to make sure all assignments are in and up to date before break. That way everyone can enjoy a restful, and school-free time away. Please email me directly if you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding PowerSchool. 

This week in 8th grade Science the students will be doing a cross-curricular project diving into the History of Electricity. They will show what they know and really see the importance of how it has made our society into what it is today. I can't wait to see what they come up with!

Last week the 7th graders completed a Bird Beak challenge and found out if they would survive a day in the life of a bird (pictures to follow). This week in 7th grade Science the students will receive notes on limiting factors to animals and how that causes them to adapt and change their behaviors. They will have a review and test on the above topics when we RETURN from break. 

Week of February 22nd

Posted on Feb 23, 2021

Welcome back, this is an exciting last two weeks of the trimester we have ahead of us! In 7th grade Science, the students will be making bread dough, watching how we see energy passed through our ecosystem, and their test will be on Friday March 5th.

In 8th grade Science, the students are reviewing for their light and sound waves quiz on Thursday, February 18th. They will then have their first experience working with electricity! They will spend most of next week making circuit boards, lights come alive, and more! Please send your student to school with different size batteries so they can test them! On Friday March 5th the students will have their final written reflection explaining real world examples of Energy Transformations. 

Week of January 25th

Posted on Jan 25, 2021

This is a Assessment week for both 7th and 8th grade students. Since progress reports come out Wednesday, the tests will not be on it. However please check powerschool for any missing or late assignments. 

7th grades Test is Thursday! They were given and assigned the Study Guide tonight due tomorrow. 

8th grades Test is Friday! They were given and assigned the Study Guide tonight due tomorrow. 

Week of January 19th

Posted on Jan 19, 2021


I am thrilled, to say the least, that I get to be back in the classroom teaching. I was so proud to see as I watched my students' power through e-learning with resilience. No matter what was thrown their way (including a STEM building project) they surpassed my expectations. We will be spending Tuesday reviewing all the concepts gone over during e-learning. They will even have time to check in with me on any assignments they did not finish or complete. So please check powerschool with your child after school for their updated grade. 

In 7th grade Science we will be presenting our Genetic Mutation Projects to their peers in small groups. Then we will review all of the topics covered before and during e-learning in a Study Guide Packet. Their test will be next week Tuesday.

In 8th grade Science we will be taking an open note(given to them) quiz on Wednesday on the topics covered over e-learning. Then we will jump back into labs and investigations on the more complicated principles found in physics. 

Week of December 14th

Posted on Dec 15, 2020

The last full week before Christmas, and the rooms are full of cheer and excitement for Science.

In 7th grade science, the students will be taking their vocab quiz on genetics before leaving for break. They will then move forward in their genetics unit by getting to know pedigrees. How did Rudolf get his red nose? Stay tuned, to find out. 

In 8th grade science, the students will be diving into their papers on Physics in Sports. They will use their knowledge of Newton's Laws and apply it to their favorite or the most interesting sport! We will end the week by talking about how we see Physics in Christmas. 

Week of December 7th

Posted on Dec 06, 2020

Week 2 of Trimester 2 is another fun one!

In 7th grade science, the students will continue their practice with Punnett Squares. They will apply their knowledge by completing a variety of fun activities; from making punnett squares for Fictional characters to researching their own family tree. They will have a vocabulary quiz on Friday, December 11th. 

In 8th grade science, the students will learn about the rest of Newton's Laws and do so by applying them in labs. They will have a quiz on Force Diagrams and Newton's Laws on Friday, December 11th. 

Week of Nobember 30th

Posted on Nov 30, 2020

Welcome Back to Trimester 2 in Junior High Science! This is by far my favorite Trimester to teach because it is full of fun engaging lessons for both grades. Be on the lookout for letters home requesting your students bring in materials. 

In 7th grade Science we start our longer unit of Genetics and Heredity! This is a very fun topic to talk about with the whole family! 

In 8th grade Science the students start their long unit of Forces and Motion. This unit is full of movement, real-world examples, and math. So the students will have multiple ways to show what they know.

Due to COVID safety guidelines, we will not be able to do some of the group activities we would normally do in class, but I will send out a weekly activity on Instagram to try with your family. Follow @sciencewithmc for fun family activities to stay busy during this cold cooped up time!

Week of November 9th

Posted on Nov 09, 2020

Welcome back, and sorry for the confusion. The trimester end was extended to November 20th due to our late start to the school year. 

In 8th grade Science, this will not impact them, because they will wrap up their mini-unit on Natural Resources vs Synthetic Materials this week. They will be given a study guide, a lab, and a review day before taking their quiz on Thursday, November 12th.

In 7th grade Science, this will allow them to dive deep into the tricky topic of Meiosis aka Sexual Reproduction of cells. They will be tested on it on  Friday, November 20th as their last grade of the trimester. 

As always, please email me directly with any questions, comments, or concerns. Please remind your students to also check their email daily, as this is the tool we will use to contact them. or

Week of November 2nd

Posted on Nov 02, 2020

Welcome back, I hope you had a Spook-tacular Halloween Weekend! Only 2 more weeks left of the First Trimester!

In 7th grade Science, we began another large unit of Cell Cycles. This includes the following topics: Asexual Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction, Osmosis, Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis, Fermentation. Since all of these topics have subtopics we will only be getting to Asexual Reproduction during Trimester 1. So between now and next Friday we will cover Mitosis, Budding, Fission, Fragmentation, Cloning and the advantages and disadvantages of each. 


In 8th grade Science, we have a mini-unit to wrap up Trimester 1. Comparing Non-Renewable and Renewable resources. This involves a project on synthetic material and their final test on Friday, November 13th. 

***If your student is absent and able to do school work I encourage them to complete it the day they are absent rather than when they return. That way they can ask questions in person, and jump right into the day to day activities without being lost. This will limit falling behind late in the trimester*** Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns before the Trimester end/Parent-Teacher conferences.

Week of October 26th

Posted on Oct 26, 2020

The 7th graders did a wonderful job on their tests on Friday, they will  review those in class, but we will continue to move forward onto the next topic. The students will begin their Cell Cycles Unit which will include the cell going through reproduction, homeostasis, defenses,  and more. 

The 8th graders will finally be wrapping up their Chemistry unit. Due to the weather not being as warm as it normally is during the chemistry unit they will have this last lab Wednesday which will give them an extra day to study. They will be assigned the study guide today, review it together Tuesday, and their Test Thursday.  They will then move on to their next mini unit of natural vs synthetic materials. 

Week of October 19th

Posted on Oct 19, 2020

In 7th Grade Science the students will start off their week investigating how an egg can represent a cell. They will have their study guide assigned and due Wednesday. Tuesday the students will become the cell in a power plant simulation. Wednesday we will check, correct, and review the study guide. The test on Organelles to Organisms will be Thursday. 


In 8th Grade Science the students will begin the week classifying chemical reactions. They will then continue their independent practice of drawing, counting, and balancing chemical equations. They will be tested on ALL concepts Chemistry next week. 

Week of October 13th

Posted on Oct 14, 2020

In 7th grade science, the students will be debating which organ system they think is the most important for the human body! From this debate, the students will write their first CER (Claim Evidence and Reasoning) on why ALL of the organ systems are important to the human body. We will also complete our first lab in Life Science. Please send your student to school with an egg (raw or hard boiled) by Friday. Next week the students will begin reviewing for a test on Cell Organelles to Organisms. 

In 8th grade science, the students continue to practice the tough concepts of Chemistry one day at a time. They have experimented with Baking soda and Vinegar, Saw what happens in your stomach when you take an anti-acid, wrote with magic ink, and more! The students are required to complete and correct their "together" packets to receive full credit. We will move on by continuing to experiment as well as practice drawing, counting, classifying, and balancing chemical equations on their own. Please see the classroom for extra resources or reach out to me directly for them. The students will have an open note check in quiz Monday. 

Week of September 28th

Posted on Sep 28, 2020

In Junior High Science, we are full steam ahead! We have already completed our first units! WOW this year is flying by! The students impress me every day with their efforts and love for science. Please check your student's PowerSchool as well as their classroom google calendar to see any upcoming, current, or missing work. I am available after school every day to meet on google meet if you or your student have any questions. 

In 7th grade Science, the students had to postpone their test until today. So they had all weekend to study extra hard! After reviewing the basics of classifying life, the students will begin the new unit on Cells. 

In 8th grade Science, the students rocked their tests on Friday, and are moving right along from Atoms and Elements, to Molecules and Compounds. Today they completed their first-ever lab on how to clean pennies! Since all of Trimester 1 is all about Chemistry, the students will be completing a lot of notes, and a lot of labs! Stay tuned for a list of individual supplies I will need the students to bring in to complete the labs. We are remaining very safe by cleaning before, during, and after any lab, and not sharing materials. If you are unable to find any of the materials on the list, please contact me and I can help you. 

Week of September 21st

Posted on Sep 21, 2020

Welcome back to week 3 in Science with McAndrews! Beginning this week please remember to check classroom and powerschool regularly to make sure all assignments are being turned in on time. 

In 8th Grade Science, the students are going to apply their notes on atoms, building, drawing, and reviewing their structure. On Friday, they will have a quiz on Atomic Structure. 

In 7th Grade Science, the students are continuing their unit on classifying living things, and will also have a quiz on Friday

Week of September 14th

Posted on Sep 14, 2020

We are jumping right into Science for week two of school.

In 7th grade science we start our first unit : Characteristics, Classifying, and Exploring of Life- with learning our vocabulary and applying that vocabulary. We will end the week with a mini project on cell theory. 

In 8th grade science we start our first unit : All about Atoms -with learning our vocabulary and understanding the importance of such a small thing. 

Week of September 7th

Posted on Sep 09, 2020

WELCOME  BACK! I am so excited to be back and be able to teach in the classroom. While this year will look different, we are making the necessary changes to stay safe while still having fun! A few changes have been made to the Junior High Science Syllabus as well as Safety Contract found on their google classroom homepage. Please review both of these documents with your student, and contact me if you have any questions or concerns at

The biggest change will be COVID's social distancing requirements on classroom labs. Due to CDC guidelines, the students may NOT share materials. This means I will assign students a week in advance a note home of what materials they can bring in to complete a lab (all from recycled materials or from the dollar store). If you have any problem ever finding or locating a material please contact me directly at


Week of May 11th

Posted on May 11, 2020

Happy Mother's Day! I am happy to have privilege to teach your kids ever single day, sometimes I feel like they are my own! Thank you for taking the extra step to helping them learn during this difficult time. 

This week in 7th grade the students will discover a vertebrate dissection (they already learned about an earthworm-invertebrate). Then the students will review the similarities and differences found between Vertebrate and Invertebrate. They will continue their review into next week where they will take their final test of the year on Wednesday May 20th. (After that, the students will conclude the year with a choice research paper on something they did NOT learn in Biology this year.)

This week in 8th grade the students will continue working on their SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS (or paper). Part 2 is assigned Monday, due Tuesday. Part 3 is assigned Wednesday, due Sunday. Part 4 (the video that will be shared to be entered into science fair competition) is due Tuesday 5/19.  You can find the outline, examples, and timeline all on classroom. Remember- in order for me to grade it as we go, you must share it with me, . Part 1 was already entered into Powerschool, so if you do NOT see a grade that is due to it not being shared or finished. 

Week of May 4th

Posted on May 03, 2020

Welcome back to another week of E-Learning! I did not have internet since Thursday. I am doing a lot of catch up myself on emails, so if you have not heard back from me, expect to by tonight. 

In 7th Grade Science the students will be given virtual labs to apply their knowledge of Vertebrates and Invertebrates. For each virtual lab their is an alternative assignment, these are for students who do not want to see pictures of dissection for the purpose of the lab. The assignments will be considered the same amount of points, so they can do EITHER not both. 

In 8th Grade Science the students will be revisiting the topic of Energy. After a quick review of the latest quiz, I decided to reteach a few of the key concepts and retest the following week. This will delay me posting the science fair requirements until Friday. Please note that the essays and resumes for the McElligott Scholarship must be returned to Ms. Browne By Wednesday, May 6th.  **A Google form requesting information needed for ordering graduation caps and gowns was sent out electronically to our 8th grade parents last week.  These forms must be returned  by Wednesday, May 6th.  Payment for graduation apparel may be made when the apparel is picked up.

***Please remember, if assignments were not turned in or completed by the date of the assignment due, the students are still allowed to complete the assignment for credit***

Week of April 27th

Posted on Apr 27, 2020

Welcome back 7th and 8th grade Science Students. We are in our last week of April, and the fun has just begun! Wednesday are Progress Report Checks-please make sure to submit any missing or incomplete assignments to be counted before progress reports. 

In 7th Grade Science the students are continuing their dissection unit. Moving onto learning about the ins and outs of Vertebrate vs Invertebrates. The students will continue virtual dissections as well as an optional real dissection(chicken wing). 

In 8th Grade Science the students will wrap up their energy unit by making a catapult in addition to completing the study guide. On Wednesday the students will take a quiz. Starting in May, the students will be creating a STEAM Fair Project as well as completely a Biology Prep Course to ease the 8th graders for Freshman year Biology. Both will be graded on completion as long as all requirements are met. 

Week of April 6th

Posted on Apr 06, 2020

Happy April- the sun is out, and flowers are growing. Take some time every day to appreciate mother earth, and all that she provides us. 7th and 8th graders are starting their new units which require curiosity and creativity. 

In 7th grade the students will begin their anatomy and dissection unit. This will include virtual dissections as well as real dissections. The most important part about dissection is safety. Please talk about the importance of safety with your child when it comes to using knives/scissors. (They will be dissecting a fruit of their choice Wednesday)

In 8th grade the students will begin their Energy unit. This will include observing the world around them,storing energy, creating energy, and the transfer of energy. 

I will continue to be live on google meets M-Th 12:00-12:30 and the link is on my classroom. Please continue to ask questions there or via email at  

***On Thursday, students are scheduled to have a half-day before beginning our Easter break. Because this is a half day of e-learning, students will ONLY be responsible for completing a religion assignment that will highlight the solemnity and significance of the Triduum. This assignment will be posted to Mrs. G.'s Religion stream  on Thursday morning and is to be completed on Thursday.

*Just remember April Showers bring May Flowers*

Week of March 30th

Posted on Mar 30, 2020

Thank you for taking one day at a time. Prior to this week, the students had about 30 minutes a day. Since we switched to a block schedule, it will essentially be the same amount of work, assigned every Monday and Wednesday, and due Tuesday and Thursday at 5. In order to enhance our virtual learning, the Jr. High teachers have been and will continue to communicate with their students on specified days of the school week, at designated times. I will CONTINUE to have living google meets on Monday-Thursday from 12-12:15 (7th Grade) and 12:15-12:30 (8th Grade)  The link for these meetings will be posted to my Google Classroom. I encourage students to sign in and ask questions.   Students can also email me using their school Gmail accounts. 

Here’s what we will be working on this week in Science

8th  Grade: We completed our Synthetic Materials Projects! So we are going to wrap the unit up with a very thorough study guide. Then on either Wednesday or Thursday the students will complete their unit exam on a google form. Our next focus will be on Energy.


7th Grade: We completed our Evolution unit, and the students are taking their Evolution Test by Tuesday at 5. Beginning on Wednesday they will begin their (at home friendly) Anatomy and Dissection unit.


Important Note to Students and Parents:

This week, we will begin "Block Scheduling" with our virtual Jr. High curriculum.

Thank you for your patience and continued support as we continue to navigate the e-learning forum.  As Mrs. Nash mentioned in her Friday, March 27th video message, the junior high teachers are working diligently to present meaningful lessons to help students progress academically.  We feel strongly that our junior high students will be best suited following a block schedule. We believe that 2-3 hours of classwork each day is a realistic and manageable expectation for our junior high students.

7th - 8th 



















Global Studies


Global Studies



*See Specials section below


Please know we are trying to provide our junior high students with a quality education by keeping them motivated, engaged, and accountable with our e-learning program.  We understand that every household faces its own challenges. If there are ever any extenuating circumstances (illness, internet interruptions, etc.) that may prevent our students from completing their assignments in a timely manner, please notify the homeroom teacher through email. Parents and teachers working together, maintaining effective communication, will surely enhance the success of our students' education during this challenging time.



Teacher Blogs

The junior high teachers’ blogs, located on our SJF website, will reflect an overview of the subject matter being covered for that particular week.  Blogs should be checked weekly by parents and students for any other pertinent information or communications from our junior high teachers. Assignments will be posted to our teachers’ individual Google classrooms. 



On e-learning days, students are required to complete the Google attendance form located on their Google Classroom Math class.  Completing the attendance form is necessary as it is evidence of e-learning. In the event a student is not able to participate in e-learning on a particular day due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, parents/students are to notify the student’s homeroom teacher.   



Teachers will post assignments to their Google classroom by 8:30 a.m. on their subject’s scheduled day. Assignments should be completed by the assigned due date and time. Grades may be lowered on those assignments received after the due date. PowerSchool will continue to be updated so that parents can monitor that assignments are being completed in a timely manner.


Teacher Support

Teachers will be working throughout the hours of the school day (8 a.m. - 3 p.m.). Students may email questions using their school Gmail accounts. Emails received by the teachers after 3:00 p.m., may not be replied to until the following school day. Each teacher also has online office hours in order to be available for student (or parent) questions about assignments, e-learning, etc. Please check teachers’ blogs for online office hours times and sign-in information. Thank you for your patience as our teachers are providing assistance to many of our junior high students.



The junior high students have previously joined Google classrooms for Spanish and Library. Mr. Mulchrone and Mrs. Corley have created Google classrooms for gym and art. Students should join the gym and art classrooms using the codes below. 


Gym: 7th/8th grade code: ghlprdt   

Art: 7th Grade code: jzhiwsv    8th Grade code: qpwpwdp

Assignments for each special can be found on each teachers’ Google classroom.  In addition, each of the specials teachers’ blogs will have a designated section for 7th & 8th grade students. 


Technology Support

If you experience a problem with your ChromeBook, please notify your homeroom teacher. We will work with our technology team to address any problems.  

Week of March 23rd

Posted on Mar 22, 2020

We made it to Week 2 of E- Learning! If you don't already follow stjohnfisher on instagram or sciencewithmc I will be posting some fun STEM activities that can be done with ALL grade levels and the whole family, so save your toliet paper and paper towel rolls! 

In 7th grade Science the students will wrap up their unit on Evidence for Evolution. 

M-Fossil Record Dating

T- Do you believe in the theory of evolution mini paper

W- Evolution Study Guide

Th- Review Evolution Study Guide LIVE

F- Evolution Test

In 8th grade Science the students will move onto the real world aspects of chemistry with a research project that covers their chosen Synthetic Material. All directions, outlines, rubrics, resources, and previous year examples will be found on classroom. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Week of March 17th

Posted on Mar 17, 2020


We made it through Day 1 of e-learning, I was able to answer many messages directly from classroom, but remember you can also email me at:  . While we try to navigate this new way of learning know that I am ready to help every step of the way. I will still be hard on you about late work, but know that I will be extending the grace period of late work with no points off. This will allow for extra time to communicate back and forth when questions arise. 

Things you should check every day to be successful:

  • Classroom Assignments
    • Specific Directions
    • Check due date
    • Post questions
  • Classroom Resources
    • Videos (I will make a live stream forum for questions on the spot)
    • Notes
    • Extra Practice
  • Classroom Stream
    • Read questions your fellow classmate's asked
    • Post questions
  • Powerschool 

7th Grade will be finishing their unit on evolution: Natural Selection vs. Artificial Selection. Last week they learned about Natural, this week there will be more of a focus of Artificial.

8th Grade received their week long pack on Friday. They should complete a page a day, and it should take them about 35-50 minutes. Any longer, contact me for help.

Great job everyone and keep up the hard work!

Week of March 2nd

Posted on Mar 02, 2020

Trimester 3 is here! 

The 7th grade trimester 3 consists of 2 main topics:

  • The theory of Evolution(Adaptations, Natural and Artificial Selection)
  • Dissection (Parts of a plant, animal, and importance it has on science and our lives)

The 8th grade finishes their year strong in 3 months.

  • March-April- Chemistry
  • April- Energy
  • May- Practice Final, Biology Review, and Science Fair

Week of February 24th

Posted on Feb 25, 2020

7th and 8th grade Trimester 2 is coming to a close this Friday. Please promote your student to be a self advocate. If they have any missing or late work, they want to come in early before or after school for an extra study session, please encourage them to come in to see me!

The 8th grade spent the past week reviewing what they learned in 6th grade about the Atom, Elements, and the Periodic table. This allowed for them to have a quiz on Wednesday to assess what they remember. Then they will end the week start by starting Trimester 3 work. 

T- SXU nurses here to teach about the necessity of SLEEP

W- Atoms, Elements, and Periodic table Quiz

Th- Trimester 3- Intro to Chemistry and Energy

F- Trimester 3- Intro to 8th Grade Science Fair

The 7th graders will be working hard, right up to the last day of the trimester; wrapping up their Relationships in the Wild Unit. The following items are due for 7th grade by Friday.

T- Zoo Project Independent Grade Check- In

W- Zoo Project Group Grade Check-In

Th- Relationships in the Wild Study Guide DUE (will go over in class)

F- Relationships in the Wild Test and Zoo Project Reflection DUE

Week of February 18th

Posted on Feb 18, 2020

Welcome back after a long weekend. The 7th and 8th grade have had very busy week and Trimester 2 is coming to an end in 10 days. 

To wrap up 7th grade, the students have continued to learn about relationships in the ecosystem. Including Symbiosis, Predation, Competition, and how the animal behaviors and adaptations are seen in those relationships. They will be completing a culminating project creating an ecosystem friendly zoo. At the the end of their zoo project they will have a test on Friday February 28th.

The 8th graders started their Chemistry unit which is so big it will go well into trimester 3. We started this week with a review of Atoms and the Periodic Table. Since this is a review, the students will have a short quiz next week, which will be the final grade of the trimester. The rest of the Chemistry unit will be found on Trimester 3, along with their energy unit, and the 8th grade Science Fair. 

***Make sure to remind your students to come in before school or after school to check any missing grades. There have been lots of sickness going around and lots of absences***

Week of January 21

Posted on Jan 21, 2020

Monday was a day of reflection. We all could learn something from Martin Luther King Jr. He was a man of peace and dignity. A quote I like all my students to think about when they enter my classroom is one that he said, "Science gives man knowledge, which is power; religion gives man wisdom, which is control. Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with values. The two are not rivals." Here at St. John Fisher we strive for our students to grow in their faith and their minds. 

This week in 7th grade the students will be testing their knowledge of how all living organisms get their energy.

T-Study Guide

W-Correct study guide, begin extra practice on Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis, and Fermentation

Th- Finish extra practice on Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis, and Fermentation due at the end of class. Review study guide and extra practice answer keys for test Friday

F- Test

This week in 8th grade the students will be also 

T- Heat Transfer STEM projects (Check out @sciencewithmc for pictures of your students projects)

W- Test and Analyze Heat Transfer STEM projects, finish conclusion questions, Study Guide for Homework

Th- Correct Study Guide

F- Test

Week of January 13th

Posted on Jan 13, 2020

Congrats to our You Be a Chemist Challenge winners moving onto the regional competition. Fourteen 7th and 8th grade students will be representing Fisher with the chance to move onto State and even Nationals!


This is a very exciting week in both 7th and 8th grade. We are doing back to back labs! In 7th grade we are continuing to compare and contrast the processes of cellular respiration, photosynthesis, and fermentation. In 8th grade the students are learning the relationship between the water cycle and the atmosphere by learning all about heat transfer. 


Check out our Science Instagram page to see a review of the labs 




Week of January 6th

Posted on Jan 06, 2020


It seems like the school year is almost over, but we have a long road ahead of us. That is why today we are taking a day to reflect on 2019, and make resolutions to help better ourselves, friends and family, our parish and school, our community and country, and our whole world!

The rest of the week will be spent diving into new topics for both 7th and 8th grade.

In 7th grade the students will be starting their Carbon Cycle Unit. They will observe how we share Carbon through the processes of Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis, and Fermentation. 

In 8th grade the students will be starting their last Earth Science Unit. They will learn about the relationship between our Water Cycle and our Earth's Atmosphere.

***Please check the students PowerSchool regularly for any missing or late work. In addition to that, the students vocabulary will be found on classroom which they should be reviewing regularly.*** 

Week of December 16th

Posted on Dec 17, 2019

We have a wonderful week ahead of us full of Christmas Magic and Cheer!

In 7th grade, the students have a test on Genetics(vocab, punnett squares, pedigrees, mutations, and short answer) on Wednesday!

In 8th grade, the students will be presenting their Shark Tank Inventions. On Wednesday and Thursday the students will begin their next unit on the water cycle by learning about our frozen water, GLACIERS!

Week of December 9th

Posted on Dec 09, 2019

Welcome back after a long weekend! 

After 8th grades quick unit on Rocks, they are taking a break to dive into the engineering, technology, and marketing world. The Hour of Code takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week. The 2019 Computer Science Education Week will be December 9-15. The students will be coding for 10 minutes every day and then they will be working on their Shark Tank projects. They will present their product or service in front of 3-5 Sharks. 

***If you are interested in being a shark for an 8th grade class this Thursday or Friday (8- 8:50, 9:40-10:30, or 11:10-12) please email me at ***

In 7th grade, the students also be partaking in coding but geared towards the topic of genetics. They will continue their unit of genetics with more punnett squares, Variation, and  mutations.

Trimester 2

Posted on Nov 25, 2019

Trimester 2 is underway, and the junior high science is chugging along. A quick look ahead on the topics and time frame for the rest of the trimester.

In 7th Grade Science the students will be learning about:

  • Genetics (December)
    • Traits
    • Punnett Squares
    • Mutations
  • Flow of Energy (January- February)
    • Cellular Respiration vs Photosynthesis
    • Food Web, Ecological Pyramid
    • Interdependent relationships

In 8th Grade Science the students will be learning about:

  • Earth Science
    • Rocks and Minerals (December)
      • The Cycle
      • Relative Age Dating
      • Plate Tectonics
    • Cycles that impact the Earth's Surface (January-February)
      • Water Cycle
      • Atmosphere
      • Heat Transfer

Week of November 11th

Posted on Nov 11, 2019

Image result for happy veterans day

Thank you to all that have served. As we come to an end of the Trimester on Friday, both 7th and 8th graders will have their final test on Thursday November 14th. The students completed and checked their study guide in class today, so they have it to study from all week. Tuesday and Wednesday the 7th graders will be completing their Mitosis vs Meiosis Choice Project, while the 8th graders will be building a model of light or sound waves. 

If your student has any missing work, or questions regarding their grade, they can come in early or stay late. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me with any questions before Friday, November 15th. 

Week of November 4th

Posted on Nov 03, 2019

Welcome back after a fun filled week of Halloween. We did DNA testing, witness questioning, and evidence analysis. Many of our students could have a future career in Forensic Science. 

This week in 7th grade Science, the students will be picking back up the topic of asexual vs. sexual reproduction. The students will able to use their knowledge of asexual reproduction to grow plants in our classroom!

This week in 8th grade Science, the students will learn about all about Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer. By next week, the students will be able to create and use a model that can transmit waves. 


Week of October 28th

Posted on Oct 29, 2019

Happy Halloween!

M- Intro to Forensic Science

T- Field Trip to St. Rita

W-Early Dismissal: Students will be learning ways to test DNA and more!

Th- Halloween and High School Visits

F-Solving the CRIME!

We have a SPOOKY week ahead of us. In the spirit of Halloween AND Science, this week is all about DNA, CRIME, OH MY! The students will be diving in to forensic science by analyzing DNA, fingerprints, footprints, and more to solve the crime of "who did it"

Check back next week to find out which teacher at SJF committed the crime!

Week of October 21st

Posted on Oct 23, 2019

This week starts a new unit in both 7th and 8th grade!

The 8th graders will be starting and finishing a mini unit on the relationship between our sun, our earth and our moon. They will have an open note quiz on Friday .

  • Monday- Moon Phases Notes
  • Tuesday- Eclipses Notes
  • Wednesday- Tides Notes
  • Thursday- Review of the relationship between our sun, our earth and our moon. 
  • Friday- Open Note Quiz and Oreo Moon Phases YUM!

The 7th graders will be starting to learn about The Cell Cycle. 

  • Monday- Asexual vs. Sexual Reproduction
  • Tuesday- Asexual Reproduction-Mitosis-Cell Cycle Intro
  • Wednesday- Asexual Book Binder- Add Mitosis
  • Thursday- Asexual Book Binder- Add Fission, Fragmentation Budding, and Vegetative Reproduction)
  • Friday- Comparing and Contrasting Types of Asexual Reproduction
    • Oreo Mitosis

Week of October 15

Posted on Oct 15, 2019

Happy Tuesday everybody! It's another short week but a busy week. On Wednesday October 16th the junior high students will be visited by the local catholic high schools to learn more about their next educational steps.

In 7th and 8th grade Science we reviewed their study guides today in class, and you can find a copy of my answer key on their google classroom stream. Due to the High School visits I postponed their tests to make sure no student feels rushed, and to give them all ample time. This means their test is THURSDAY.  

***Please remind your students to be checking their grades regularly in order to ensure that they are turning work in that is completed to the best of their abilities and not missing major components of an assignment.***

After their tests, the 7th graders will move onto the topic of Cells. While the 8th graders will move onto the topic of The Sun, The Moon, and the Earth.

Week of October 7th

Posted on Oct 08, 2019

Welcome Back, this week is World Space Week! Which is very fitting as our 8th grader are wrapping up their unit on our universe by learning about the relationship between the sun and the earth. On Friday they will be reviewing the accumulation of the topics covered thus far in Space Science. The test will be on Wednesday  10/16 after the long weekend, and it will cover the topics:



-Stars(the sun)

-The relationship between the sun and the stars (day/night, seasons, and shadows)


In 7th grade the students will be moving onto the endocrine system after learning about the nervous system. While learning about the endocrine system we we touch on topics that relate to their lives like hormones and puberty. 

Week of September 30th

Posted on Sep 30, 2019

Welcome back after an exciting Homecoming week!

In 7th Grade Science the students will be diving deeper into their nervous systems. From the senses to information processing, the students will learn more about why they do what they do. On Friday, the students will have an open note quiz on the nervous system. Some great resources to review these topics are:

In 8th Grade Science, the students will be applying their knowledge of scale to the vast universe. We will be discussing the Big Bang Theory and all the other theories of the universe. This will allow the students to begin to focus back in on objects in our solar system like our sun and moon. 

Week of September 16th

Posted on Sep 18, 2019

I hope we all had an amazing weekend at Fisherfest, it was so much fun to be able to connect it to our cell organelle unit and physics in 8th grade. After all that fun, it's time to get back in action.

In 7th grade this week, the students will be making the connection between specialized cells all the way up to our organ systems. They will be creating a presentation to show how from the smallest of the small to the largest of them all work together to make our bodies work. This will be their first presentation grade, so I stress that they practice what they are going to say at home so that they feel comfortable speaking in front of the entire class. They will do this many times throughout the year to strengthen their public speaking skills. 

In 8th grade this week, the students will be wrapping up their physics unit with a test on Friday. Wednesday and Thursday the students will be completing choice board study activities to strengthen their knowledge as well as their study skills. 

Week of September 9th

Posted on Sep 09, 2019

Happy Fisher Fest Week! It couldn't be more perfect with what our 8th graders are learning about. We're talking all about Physics! 

In 7th grade this week the students will be reviewing and taking a quiz (Thursday) on the cell organelles. 

In 8th grade this week the students continuing their work on Newton's Laws, Friction, and wrap up the conversation talking about Gravity! They will be able to apply all this knowledge at Fisher Fest on Friday!

It was so nice to meet so many of you at Parent Night. I look forward to yet another wonderful year at Fisher. If you were unable to make it, and/or you would like more information regarding Junior High Science please email me at

Week of September 2nd

Posted on Sep 03, 2019

Happy Labor Day Students and Families!

Even though we have a short week, we have a packed week. I look forward to meeting my new 7th grade parents, and catching up with my 8th grade parents at Back to School Night on Wednesday. There I will talk in general about the 7th and 8th grade curriculum, and a few changes we have made since last year. This is also a great time for me to meet each and every one of you to create a relationship that will support each and every one of our students to have a successful year!

In 7th grade Science this week, the students will be starting a choice project to show what they know/learn about Cell Organelles. 

In 8th grade Science this week, the students will be continuing to learn about Newton's Laws. By the end of the week they will be experts in the laws where they will show their knowledge of physics in a sport of their choice!

***If you work or have a hobby in life, earth, space, or physical science and would like to come speak to our students about Science in the real world please contact me at ***

Welcome Back School Year 2019 2020

Posted on Aug 25, 2019

Welcome Back to Junior High Science!

It was so wonderful to see the 8th grade familiar faces, and have the chance to meet a whole new group of 7th grade faces. I am so excited for the year ahead! Last week we spent the week getting to know the ins and outs of the Science classroom, and they even had the chance to show their Problem Solving skills.In 7th grade the students will be learning Life Science. In 8th grade the students will be learning an combination of Physical and Earth Science. 

Friday the students were sent home with their class syllabus, as well as their lab safety contract. The lab safety contract should be returned no later than Tuesday. This will help us have a productive, fun, and safe year in Science. The syllabus should remain at home, in the case that you would like to know what we are doing. You can also find weekly updates, and upcoming important information here on my Blog, your student's assignment notebook, or check your student’s google classroom. 

With any direct questions, comments, or concerns email me directly or call SJF at 773-445-4737

Week of April 8th

Posted on Apr 08, 2019

We have had some busy weeks here at Fisher. We are working hard in Science, right up to our Spring Break!

In 7th Grade Science, we have learned about frogs, pigs, food Oh my! This week we will be learning all about the chicken. Starting with the anatomy of a chicken, down to the very intricate parts of a chicken wing. On Tuesday/Wednesday the students will be dissecting a raw chicken wing (if they so choose). They will then take a Quiz on the chicken anatomy and dissection on Friday April 12th . 

I've asked for a donation of $3 to cover the cost of the dissecting materials and specimen. 

In 8th Grade Science, we will be wrapping up our unit of Chemical Reactions with a Quiz on Thursday April 11th! On Wednesday, Science will be partnering up with Spanish class to learn how to make tortilla's from scratch. We will infuse culture into our chemical reactions, how fun!

If your family is leaving early on vacation starting Thursday or Friday. Please contact me, or have your student come in early to complete their quizzes. 

Week of March 11th

Posted on Mar 11, 2019

This week in 7th Grade Science we will begin our 6 week unit on dissection. By the end of the week you will get a copy of our dissection safety rules for you to keep at home. The students will be going over them in class all week, and will be tested on them on Friday. (In order to dissect in class, the students must receive a 93% or higher on this test) If you have any questions regarding the matter, please contact me at

This week in 8th Grade Science we will beginning our first unit of Atoms and Chemical Reactions. We will be writing out the formula for chemical reactions, making models, and executing these reactions in labs. 

Week of March 4th

Posted on Mar 05, 2019

Happy 3rd Trimester! Both 7th and 8th grade students have a lot in store for them this trimester. 

Our 7th graders will be starting out with a short review of Invertebrate vs Vertebrate. They will use this information later when discussing dissection. You will receive more information about dissecting the following week. 

Our 8th graders will be starting out researching an inventor of their choosing, and modifying or improving the existing invention. We will be holding an episode of Shark Tank Thursday and Friday to present our inventions. If you are interested in being a SHARK, please email me ASAP at

Time slots for 8th Grade classes:

Thursday Core 1- 8:05-8:45

Thursday Core 2- 9:45-10:25

Thursday Core 3-11:15-11:55

Friday Core 1 9:05-9:40

Friday Core 2 9:50-10:25

Friday Core 3 11:15-11:55

Week of February 25th

Posted on Feb 25, 2019

It is the last week of the Trimester! Please, if you have any questions or concerns in regards to anything email me at . As I mentioned last week, both 7th and 8th Grade will have a final test this week. Resources for studying are found on my last blog post as well as your students classroom page. 

For 7th Grade, the students will be completing a writing assignment Tuesday on whether we should Genetically Modify our food or not. Wednesday, the students will be working on the study guide and other study materials; in which  we will go over Thursday. Their test will be on Friday. I will be hosting morning review sessions for 7th grade Thursday and Friday Morning. 

For 8th Grade, the students went over the study guide today in class, while tomorrow we will do one last review before the final on Wednesday. I will be hosting morning review sessions for 8th grade Tuesday and Wednesday Morning. 

Week of February 19th

Posted on Feb 21, 2019

While we are close to wrapping up Trimester 2, we have a lot of fun activities that we are completing. 

In 7th Grade we are continuing to learn about natural versus artificial selection. We will be learning about dog breeding this week, next week we will be learning about genetically modified crops/food. We will wrap up the trimester reviewing and taking our final test on Friday March 1st. 

In 8th Grade we are wrapping up our projects on our view of Climate Change. Our students dove into the Science and Opinions that support both sides of the debate. Thursday and Friday of this week the students will be working on the Study Guide and other review activities for the final next week Wednesday, February 27th. 

You can find the two study guides on your student's classroom page, as well as in the links below. If you would like a paper copy sent home, please email me at 

7th Grade Study Guide:

8th Grade Study Guide:

Week of February 11th

Posted on Feb 11, 2019

Welcome back, I apologize for not posting in a while! Our students have been busy with back to back STEM labs. Using the Scientific Method, the 7th graders had to make a plant grow adding an unknown variable; while the 8th graders demonstrated heat transfer.

This week in 7th Grade Science the students will be taking their knowledge about Fossils and seeing how closely all living things are. This is a great time to talk about how even today, we all look, talk, and even act very different, but we are more alike than we think! We will continue to investigate the Theory of Biological Evolution for the rest of the 2nd Trimester. 

This week in 8th Grade Science the students will be assessing their knowledge of heat transfer with a quiz on Tuesday!  On Thursday they will do a valentines day lab, before moving on to our final topic of the Trimester. Just like First Trimester, the 8th graders will again take another final on all that was learned throughout Trimester 2. This will prepare our 8th graders for the challenges of high school that are right around the corner. 

Week of January 22nd

Posted on Jan 22, 2019

Dear Parents,

The 5th through 8th-grade students have a wonderful opportunity to partake in the 2019 "You Be The Chemist Challenge". All students will take the qualifying (40 questions) exam during regular class time administered by their Science teachers on January 25th.  To prepare for the content of the competition the Chemical Education Foundation has provided the study materials and additional resourcesThe winners of the qualifier round will proceed to the next level, the local competition, which will be held at St. Cajetan’s School, on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.  If you or your students have any questions regarding the study materials or the competition, feel free to email us at or We know time is short to study and complete the qualifier, but this is just to see who will move on. The students who move on will have plenty of time to study for the local competition.


Even though it is a short week, the 7th graders will be continuing learning about plant and animal survival. Tuesday they will be Potting their plants and picking an independent variable that will still allow the plant to grow. They will be responsible for trying to keep their plant alive for the rest of the unit. Wednesday and Thursday they will be creating an infographic on endangered species of their choice. The 8th graders will be presenting their slideshows and experiments on the layers of the atmosphere. On Thursday, they will learn about how Humans can impact and change the current water cycle and atmosphere. They will have a quiz the following week.  

Week of January 14th

Posted on Jan 14, 2019

Back in the Swing of things! Make sure to check your students grades and contact me if you have any questions regarding anything- Progress Reports are coming Wednesday!

In 7th Grade Science we will be starting a new unit on Animal and Plant Survival. They will analyze animals behaviors, discover what a plant needs to survive, and how they will both adapt to survive. 

In 8th Grade Science we will be moving onto the topic or the water cycle. How do the glaciers from the Ice Age still impact us today. By the end of the week we will get to investigate how water can be found in our atmosphere. 

Happy New Year!

Posted on Jan 07, 2019

Happy New Year and Welcome back to Junior High Science! I had a lot of time to think about all the amazing achievements our students have accomplished this far in Science, and how much they still have to learn. I am super excited for the rest of our 2018-2019 school year!

In 7th grade Science, our students will be learning about interdependent relationships. They will be quizzed on this new information by the end of the week!


In 8th grade Science, our students will be learning about the ice age, and how glaciers (similar to natural disasters) have a big impact on our earth's crust. They will be analyzing multiple credible sources to create an informative essay on the misinformation found in the movie "Ice Age". 

Week of December 10

Posted on Dec 10, 2018

Welcome back to another full week in Junior High Science!

Today in 7th Grade, the students did awesome on their test over Flow of Energy. The rest of the week will consist of learning about human impact! How we as humans for centuries have changed the way ecosystems have evolved into what we know today. We will then look into the future to discover what could happen to our ecosystems. 


Today in 8th Grade the students learned about Seafloor Spreading. Then they will debate "if the ice age really happened, and can it happen again" based on their research of Glaciers. We will then wrap up their first two units with a Test on Friday. Study Guide to come!

Week of December 10th

Posted on Dec 10, 2018

Welcome back to another full week in Junior High Science!

Today in 7th Grade, the students did awesome on their test over Flow of Energy. The rest of the week will consist of learning about human impact! How we as humans for centuries have changed the way ecosystems have evolved into what we know today. We will then look into the future to discover what could happen to our ecosystems. 


Today in 8th Grade the students learned about Seafloor Spreading. Then they will debate "if the ice age really happened, and can it happen again" based on their research of Glaciers. We will then wrap up their first two units with a Test on Friday. Study Guide to come!

Week of December 3rd

Posted on Dec 03, 2018

Since our extended break, the Junior High Science students have been hard at work! This week they have a special opportunity to take part in The Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week (Dec 3-9)! Coding has been a skill that has revolutionized the technology that we have today, but most people, of all ages, do not know this skill. This week, as well as year round, I would love to see my students spending some time learning and improving their coding skills! If you would like more information, resources for your child or yourself go to

In 7th Grade Science students have made their own food web from scratch! They were able to compare their creations to the ecosystems we learned about in Planet Earth. This week in Science the students will learn about the 10% rule, predator and prey, and start their study guide on Trimester 2 Unit 2.

In 8th Grade Science students have learned all about Relative Dating of Rocks, and how this has impact many theories on the age of our planet. We also began to learn about the Theory of Pangea. This week in Science the students will learn more about Continental Drift, Seafloor Spreading, and Tectonic Plates. 


Week of November 12th

Posted on Nov 14, 2018

We are so excited to start a new trimester in junior high science! We have a lot of fun experiments, projects looking into our past, present and future, and we will be focusing on our writing a lot too! 

In 7th grade Science, the students began the trimester learning about the similarities and differences of photosynthesis, cellular respiration and fermentation! They will be getting a work out in to show how anaerobic and aerobic exercises are very different! They will have a quiz on the three topics on Monday November 19th. *** So if your student is leaving early for break, please have them come in early to take the quiz!***

In 8th grade Science, the students began the trimester learning about the rock cycle. They even had the opportunity to create a water filter with earth's materials to simulate what it would be like to not have access to clean drinking water. This will then lead the students into learning about the water cycle. They will continue their first unit learning all about the relationship between the rock and the water cycle.

Week of November 5th

Posted on Nov 05, 2018

Wrapping up our First Trimester, the 8th graders invented a variety of prototypes to represent sound/light/electromagnetic waves. We even had a group create a working telescope, code a sonar device, and create an ant sized whispering gallery, WOW! For the rest of the week, they will be preparing for High School, by studying for and taking a "mini" final over the Physical Science we have covered thus far. 

Our 7th Graders are wrapping up their first trimester with a Genetic Mutations Presentation. This project will open up their eyes to the negatives and positives of the impacts of genetic mutations have on individual's lives. 

If you have any questions regarding your student's grade, please email me at . If you student has been absent recently, please have them come in early to make up any missing work before the weeks end. 

Week of October 29th

Posted on Oct 30, 2018

This week is a busy one. The students have lots of guest speakers this week, which means we will be pressed for time. But these students are ready for the Spooky Week ahead. 

In 7th grade, when we meet, we will continue working on Genetics specifically Punnet Squares and Pedigrees. They are catching on quick! That is why we will have a small quiz on Friday covering their vocabulary. 


In 8th grade, all week the students will be creating a new and improved model of "Waves" to sell on an episode of  Shark Tank. They picked one topic to learn more about that covers light waves, sound waves, or electromagnetic waves. Their jobs are to convince myself as well as their classmates why their product is better than the old ones. 


With Halloween on Wednesday, I stress that our students be safe, but have fun!

Week of October 22nd

Posted on Oct 22, 2018

Both the 7th and 8th grade Science students wrapped up their second units of the trimester. That means we are on to the next topic!

In 7th Grade, the students will be moving on to learning all about Genetics. This is a great time to talk with you students about where they come from, or their family tree. If you have anything to share about your Pedigree history, please send it my way. 

In 8th Grade, the students will be moving on to learning about Waves. They will start from the components of the waves, and work their way up to creating their own waves! 

Both grades started their units with vocabulary. Make sure to be studying your vocabulary, so that we all start with a good base of background knowledge. 

Week of October 15th

Posted on Oct 15, 2018

We have another very busy week with Picture Day, High School visits, and All School mass. The students are putting in work, and it sure is paying off!

In 7th Grade Science, the students will be practicing their presenting skills on their organ system, while the rest of the class is practicing their active listening. By the end of the week, the students will be working on a choice activity Body Systems Tic-Tac-Toe to apply their knowledge they learning during the presentations. 

In 8th Grade Science, the students will be using their knowledge they learned last week on the relationship between the sun, the earth, and the moon to begin learning about the seasons. They will take the point of view of someone who lives somewhere different than themselves. 

Week of October 9th

Posted on Oct 09, 2018

A short week, but a good week! I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!

In 7th grade Science this week, we will be wrapping up our cells units. We will continue to grow, and grow, as we learn about the intricate parts of the human body. We will build on the background knowledge that our 7th graders already learned in 4th grade. We will also begin tying in forensic science (life science) for fun!

In 8th grade Science this week, we will be continuing on to find the many relationships between the sun, the earth, and the moon. The students came up with a list of over 15 already! The students will learn about eclipses and tides to add to this list. 


Week of October 1st

Posted on Oct 01, 2018

After an exciting Homecoming weekend, our Science students are jumping right back into it. 

In 7th grade Science, the students will be starting their week off strong with a Mitosis and Meiosis choice project that will be worth 40 project points! On Wednesday they will be given a study guide over the same topics (mitosis and meiosis) that we will review on Thursday in class. They will then be assessed on all of the content thus far on their test on Friday. 

In 8th grade Science, the students will start to learn all about the moon phases. Including their names, what they look like, what causes them, and they will create a 3D model to be able to see them in real time. Please send your 8th graders with shoe boxes by Wednesday to complete this project!


Progress reports will be sent home Wednesday, if your student has any missing or late work due to absences please encourage them to come in early, so that their grade reflects the most up to date numbers. 

Week of September 24th

Posted on Sep 25, 2018

In 7th Grade Science, the students will continue to learn about the Mitosis vs Meiosis. We will be focusing on close reads to help us analyze key terms, diagrams, and more while we learn about a challenging topic. 

In 8th Grade Science, the students will be moving onto our solar system. They will be applying their math skills while learning how to Scale. The 8th graders had a test on Friday that they did wonderful on, but don't forget that was only the first test of the trimester. 

Lets have a great week!

Week of September 17th

Posted on Sep 17, 2018

Happy Monday, I hope everyone enjoyed a fun filled weekend at Fisher Fest! We will be jumping right back into the swing of things in Science.

In 7th grade, we will continuing to learn about our specialized cells that we gave speeches on last week. We will take a check in quiz Tuesday, after reviewing our notes on Monday. Starting Wednesday we will begin to learn about the process of Mitosis. While this can be a challenging topic, we will spend a lot of time diving deep into Mitosis. 

In 8th grade, we are wrapping up our first unit of Force and Motion. On Monday, we will be finishing a Gravity lab. On Tuesday, the students will be given a lengthy study guide that will support the activities we will complete to review throughout the rest of the week. We will wrap up the unit with a test on Friday. 


Remember, please advise your student to come in early, or stay late, if they are needing extra help in Science. We both want to see the success that we know they are capable of!

Week of September 10th

Posted on Sep 10, 2018

In 7th Grade Science, the students took a short quiz on what they learned about Cells so far this year. Then we will be moving on to the more complex cells called specialized cells, this will help form the basic understanding they need to know before moving onto Tissues, Organs, and the rest of the Human Body.

In 8th Grade Science, the students will be continuing their forces and motion unit learning about Friction. We will be practicing our Force Diagrams that will bridge our understanding of the concepts we learned so far and what it would be like living on the moon. Is their friction? What is mass vs weight? How are forces effected. 

Week of September 4th

Posted on Sep 05, 2018

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! Even though it is a shortened week, the Junior High Science Students are working hard!

In 7th grade, the students will be finishing their Cell Choice activity. So many of them chose to create a Cell City, where they got creative about the cell organelles. Later in the week, we will review more on the cell organelles so that we are prepared for the short quiz we will take on Monday. 

In 8th grade, the students will be doing back to back labs to learn Newton's Laws. They will be graded on the check in Bellringer activities that will assess the concepts they learned from the labs. As long as weather permits, the 8th graders will be going outside on Friday to complete a study guide with activities that need more room!

If your student happens to be absent on a lab day, please encourage them to come in early to make it up, it is the best way for them to learn the concepts instead of just watching a video of it. Thanks!

Week of August 27th

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

This week in Junior High Science, we will be wrapping up our team building STEM activity where we created a device to transport materials from one end of the room to the other. Later in the year the students will continue to do STEM projects and the 7th graders will learn about the concepts taught in this lab such as air resistance, while the 8th graders will be learning about forces.

7th Graders will begin learning about how to use our Microscopes and the Cells that we will look at using these Microscopes this week.

8th Graders will begin reviewing what we know about Forces and Motion this week.

Junior High Science Syllabus

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

Welcome to Junior High Science at St. John Fisher! I look forward to a productive and fun year ahead with your students. As you may know, I am new to SJF, but I am no stranger to teaching the rigorous material that your students will take on, and thrive. Anytime you would like to know what we are doing in class you can review the syllabus (in classroom), come back to the Blogs or check your student’s google classroom. Due to a necessary switch in age appropriate material, for the next two years, the eighth graders will be getting a new an improved challenging course of Physical Science(previously taught in sixth grade), integrated with Earth Science(which is now taught in sixth grade). Thank you to all Parents for signing your student's Lab Safety Contract. This will help us have a productive, fun, and safe year in Science.