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Ms. Amanda McAndrews-Junior High Science

Hi! I'm Amanda McAndrews, the new Junior High Science teacher at St. John Fisher. In 2015, I graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Science. Since then, I have taught 4 years in the classroom, had the opportunity of working with the Museum of Science and Industry, and traveled across the United States getting real world experiences to use in the classroom. I not only love teaching Science, but I also love sports, traveling, playing with my dogs, and spending time with my family. I am anxious for the year ahead with such an enthusiastic, compassionate, and proud community here at St. John Fisher. 

Week of January 22nd

Posted on Jan 22, 2019

Dear Parents,

The 5th through 8th-grade students have a wonderful opportunity to partake in the 2019 "You Be The Chemist Challenge". All students will take the qualifying (40 questions) exam during regular class time administered by their Science teachers on January 25th.  To prepare for the content of the competition the Chemical Education Foundation has provided the study materials and additional resourcesThe winners of the qualifier round will proceed to the next level, the local competition, which will be held at St. Cajetan’s School, on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.  If you or your students have any questions regarding the study materials or the competition, feel free to email us at or We know time is short to study and complete the qualifier, but this is just to see who will move on. The students who move on will have plenty of time to study for the local competition.


Even though it is a short week, the 7th graders will be continuing learning about plant and animal survival. Tuesday they will be Potting their plants and picking an independent variable that will still allow the plant to grow. They will be responsible for trying to keep their plant alive for the rest of the unit. Wednesday and Thursday they will be creating an infographic on endangered species of their choice. The 8th graders will be presenting their slideshows and experiments on the layers of the atmosphere. On Thursday, they will learn about how Humans can impact and change the current water cycle and atmosphere. They will have a quiz the following week.  

Week of January 14th

Posted on Jan 14, 2019

Back in the Swing of things! Make sure to check your students grades and contact me if you have any questions regarding anything- Progress Reports are coming Wednesday!

In 7th Grade Science we will be starting a new unit on Animal and Plant Survival. They will analyze animals behaviors, discover what a plant needs to survive, and how they will both adapt to survive. 

In 8th Grade Science we will be moving onto the topic or the water cycle. How do the glaciers from the Ice Age still impact us today. By the end of the week we will get to investigate how water can be found in our atmosphere. 

Happy New Year!

Posted on Jan 07, 2019

Happy New Year and Welcome back to Junior High Science! I had a lot of time to think about all the amazing achievements our students have accomplished this far in Science, and how much they still have to learn. I am super excited for the rest of our 2018-2019 school year!

In 7th grade Science, our students will be learning about interdependent relationships. They will be quizzed on this new information by the end of the week!


In 8th grade Science, our students will be learning about the ice age, and how glaciers (similar to natural disasters) have a big impact on our earth's crust. They will be analyzing multiple credible sources to create an informative essay on the misinformation found in the movie "Ice Age".