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Ms. Amanda McAndrews-Junior High Science

Hi! I'm Amanda McAndrews, the new Junior High Science teacher at St. John Fisher. In 2015, I graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Science. Since then, I have taught 4 years in the classroom, had the opportunity of working with the Museum of Science and Industry, and traveled across the United States getting real world experiences to use in the classroom. I not only love teaching Science, but I also love sports, traveling, playing with my dogs, and spending time with my family. I am anxious for the year ahead with such an enthusiastic, compassionate, and proud community here at St. John Fisher. 

Trimester 2

Posted on Nov 25, 2019

Trimester 2 is underway, and the junior high science is chugging along. A quick look ahead on the topics and time frame for the rest of the trimester.

In 7th Grade Science the students will be learning about:

  • Genetics (December)
    • Traits
    • Punnett Squares
    • Mutations
  • Flow of Energy (January- February)
    • Cellular Respiration vs Photosynthesis
    • Food Web, Ecological Pyramid
    • Interdependent relationships

In 8th Grade Science the students will be learning about:

  • Earth Science
    • Rocks and Minerals (December)
      • The Cycle
      • Relative Age Dating
      • Plate Tectonics
    • Cycles that impact the Earth's Surface (January-February)
      • Water Cycle
      • Atmosphere
      • Heat Transfer

Week of November 11th

Posted on Nov 11, 2019

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Thank you to all that have served. As we come to an end of the Trimester on Friday, both 7th and 8th graders will have their final test on Thursday November 14th. The students completed and checked their study guide in class today, so they have it to study from all week. Tuesday and Wednesday the 7th graders will be completing their Mitosis vs Meiosis Choice Project, while the 8th graders will be building a model of light or sound waves. 

If your student has any missing work, or questions regarding their grade, they can come in early or stay late. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me with any questions before Friday, November 15th. 

Week of November 4th

Posted on Nov 03, 2019

Welcome back after a fun filled week of Halloween. We did DNA testing, witness questioning, and evidence analysis. Many of our students could have a future career in Forensic Science. 

This week in 7th grade Science, the students will be picking back up the topic of asexual vs. sexual reproduction. The students will able to use their knowledge of asexual reproduction to grow plants in our classroom!

This week in 8th grade Science, the students will learn about all about Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer. By next week, the students will be able to create and use a model that can transmit waves.