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Ms. Mary Ellen Schiavone, Third Grade

Hi!! My name is Mary Ellen Schiavone. I am a third grade teacher here at St. John Fisher. I have taught third grade for the past 7 years and I can honestly say, this is one of the best grades to teach! I was raised on the Southside-- I went to St. Bede the Venerable, Mother McAuley, and St. Xavier University. I absolutely love teaching, especially here at SJF! I am so lucky to work with such amazing students, faculty, and families! When I'm not here, I am with my beautiful two year old, Lyla, my family or my friends, or working on my masters program for Literacy! I enjoy traveling, music, all things about Chicago, the Cubs, learning new things and reading. I can't wait to meet all of you and start the school year!!

Week of March 18th 2019

Posted on Mar 18, 2019

Happy almost Spring!! With the sun shining, it sure has everyone feeling happy! Thank you for coming out yesterday to celebrate St. Patrick at our third grade mass. The kids did a wonderful job and the mass was very beautiful! I hope this weekend was relaxing and enjoyable for all.

This Week…

Reading: We will continue on with our novel study on The Chocolate Touch and practice using our reading skills.

English: Adjectives will be continued, as well as articles and commas. We will be testing on this unit next week.

Math: We will continue on with Chapter 8 Fractions and practice previous skills such as subtraction across zeros, addition and subtraction with bigger numbers, as well as multiplication and division. Remember to continue to practice those math facts and do Reflex Math.

Social Studies: Our class is learning all about our government.

**Reminders: Tuesday will be a “Touch of Red” to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day. The first day of Spring is Wednesday!! We have been waiting for this day for awhile!!!

Have a fabulous week!

XO Ms. Schiavone

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Week of March 11th 2019

Posted on Mar 11, 2019

Happy Monday!! What a tired bunch of kiddos I have here in school today! I am thinking it is because of that time change. I heard about the wonderful weekend everyone had and am so very proud of those that showed support for St. Baldrick’s as well as those that took part in the shaving!

This Week…

Reading: We will begin our next novel study. Our attention will be on the book, The Chocolate Touch and we will be focusing on using different reading strategies. As always, remember AR tests are due on Friday. Reading every night for at least 20 minutes is necessary!

English: Adjectives, adjectives, and more adjectives will be covered this week. We will also take a close look at articles, synonyms, antonyms, and commas.

Math: Our class will begin with fractions. We will also continue to review multiplication and division.

Social Studies: We are now bouncing back over to learn all about our Government. We will begin by discussing the purpose of our government and why we need one.

**Reminders: Third grade is hosting the St. Patrick’s Day mass on Sunday at 9:15am. This is always such a beautiful day and a great way to kick off the parade festivities.

Have a great week and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Week of March 5th 2019

Posted on Mar 04, 2019

Hello All! Can you believe we are already starting our third and final trimester of third grade?!? Where did this year go? This week is packed with learning, prayer and celebrations.

This Week…

Reading: We will be reading the story The Woman Who Outshone the Sun and our focus will be on making predictions. Remember this week we start our new AR expectations. Students will need to read a chapter book in their reading zone each week for their AR tests.

English: Our lesson on adjectives will be continued this week. We will also work on a St. Patrick writing assignment.

Math: We will be finishing up our division chapter this week. Our focus for the next few days will be on two step word problems and the order of operation. Our test will be this Friday and we will move right along to Chapter 8, fractions.

Science: Our class has finished our chapter on how matter can change. We will review throughout the week. Study guides were handed out today and we will take our test on Thursday.

**Reminders: Third grade will be hosting the St. Patrick’s Day mass Sunday, March 17th at 9:15am. More information will be sent out if you would like for your third grader to participate.

Mardi Gras celebrations will be held tomorrow. Students are out of uniform.

Special Lunch is Wednesday as well as our Ash Wednesday mass at 1:00. All are welcome!

We are out of uniform Friday for St. Baldricks.

Have fabulous week!

XO. Ms. Schiavone

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Week of February 25th 2019

Posted on Feb 25, 2019

Happy Monday! I hope you were able to come out and enjoy the beautiful breakfast and support our CPD! We have a full week ahead and lots to do as we come to the end of the second trimester.

This Week…

Reading: We will be reading the folktale-- One Grain of Rice and our focus will be on comparing and contrasting. Just a reminder as we end our trimester, students will be expected to read chapter books in their reading zone each week. I am always available and would love to help with choosing just right books. Remember to continue to read each night for at least 20 minutes!

English: Our focus will be on the new unit, adjectives. We will also practice more narrative writing.

Math: We will continue on with division and work on problem solving and the order of operations.

Science: Our class will be learning about chemical and physical changes, as well as the water cycle.

**Reminders: Trimester 2 ends on Friday and report cards will be distributed next Wednesday. We are about to begin the last trimester of third grade and things may become a little tougher. We will continue to do our best and work on getting ready for fourth grade.

Special Lunch forms are due on Wednesday.

*Although students are gaining more responsibility and independence with homework, it is still a good idea to check over their work each night. Thank you so much for all the hard work and support you give your children. It truly shows with the amazing kiddos I teach!

Have an awesome week!

XO Ms. Schiavone

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Week of February 19th 2019

Posted on Feb 19, 2019

Hello!! I hope everyone enjoyed the extra day off this past weekend! We had a great week last week and our class will be just as busy this week!!

This Week…

Reading: We will be reading the story Thunder Cake this week and our focus is on cause and effect.

English: Our class has been discussing different ways to make our writing spectacular. We will begin to prepare for the writing portion of the Aspire test and continue to focus on detailed narrative writing.

Math: We will be taking our test tomorrow on area and perimeter and will be jumping back into division.

Science: For the next few weeks we will continue to work on matter. We will focus on the physical and chemical changes in matter as well as the water cycle.

**Reminders: Scholastic Book Orders are due Friday. The Eat & Earn nights are happening at Bourbon Street tonight and tomorrow. Don’t forget to come out and support, the “Get Behind the Vest” Pancake breakfast this Sunday, February 24th if you are available!

Have a great week!

XO Ms. Schiavone

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Week of February 11th 2019

Posted on Feb 11, 2019

Happy Monday! We have a busy week ahead of us as we prepare for Presidents Day.

This Week…

Reading: We will read the realistic fiction story Sam and the Lucky Money and focus on the setting of stories. As always AR tests are to be turned in weekly. We have talked several times in class about the habits of a good reader, and sadly many of our students are becoming very relaxed with their reading and AR tests. It is proven that students that are avid readers have a better vocabulary/ comprehension and are usually overall better students. Please continue to encourage your children to read for at least 20 minutes each night.

English: Our class will finish up our unit on the verb Be, contractions and suffixes. We will be testing on the unit this Friday. We will also be writing a comparative piece on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Math: We will be continuing on with Chapter 7, area and perimeter. We will be finishing up the chapter by Thursday and completing the review on Friday. Our class is looking to test on Chapter 7 next Wednesday.   

Science: Our class will continue to discuss the states and properties of matter.

**Reminders: We will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Thursday. Students are allowed to bring in treats and/ or valentine cards and are out of uniform for a donation of $2. The money will be donated to the Special Olympics.

No School on Monday to celebrate Presidents Day!

Hope you have a spectacular week!

XO Ms. Schiavone

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Week of January 28th 2019

Posted on Jan 28, 2019

Happy Monday! It was so great seeing so many of you yesterday at Open House. Thank you for taking the time to come and see all of the wonderful work this class does. I am very impressed with their creativity and I am happy we could share this with so many families. I want to thank you for all that you do and the sacrifices you make. My students and their families truly make SJF a great place to be every day. We have a fun filled Catholic Schools Week ahead of us!

This Week…

Reading: We will read the realistic fiction story Your Dad Was Just Like You and our comprehension skill will focus on generalizing.

English: Our class will begin discussing the “verb be”, contractions, and suffixes.

Math: We are starting area and perimeter today, while also continuing to review multiplication and division.

Social Studies: Our class will finish up our history unit this week. Our timeline project came out amazing and I am very happy that our class enjoyed this unit!

**Reminders: As a part of Catholic Schools Week, we’d like to celebrate us being a community of service. Our school will be collecting for the Ronald McDonald House. Third graders are asked to bring in individual boxes of raisins. If your child participates they may be out of uniform on Wednesday.

We are also out of uniform on Friday!

Have a fantastic week! Thank you again for choosing to send your child to St. John Fisher.

XO Ms. Schiavone

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Week of January 22nd 2019

Posted on Jan 22, 2019

Hello All! I hope the snow and cold didn’t get in the way of enjoying the long weekend. We will be very busy this short week and I know many of the kids are excited to show off some of their work at the upcoming Open House!

This Week…

Reading: We will be looking at the realistic fiction story Brave As A Mountain Lion and focus on visualizing as our skill this week.

English: Our class will be writing all about their wonderful families! We will also be starting our unit on the Verb Be this week.

Math: Chapter 6 is coming to an end and we will complete the review today. Our class will test on the chapter tomorrow. Looking further, we will continue to practice multiplication and division while we move onto learning all about Area and Perimeter.

Social Studies: We will continue to learn about the expansion of America.

Science: Animal Research Projects are due on Thursday. This includes--- The Animal Report, Creative Portion (dioramas, posters, scrapbook, etc.), and Presentation. Please remember to turn in all parts of the report. These are listed in the directions. Students should also practice their one minute long presentation nightly! I am so excited to see these projects. We have a very creative group of kiddos in our class!

**Reminders: Wednesday is “Dress Like a Scholar Day” to support our SJF scholastic team.

Sunday will kick off Catholic Schools Week. Please join us for mass on Sunday, January 27th at 10:00. We will have an Open House to follow. I am looking forward to seeing many of you on Sunday!

Have a great week!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of January 14th 2019

Posted on Jan 14, 2019

Happy Monday! Although it was cold and snowy, I hope you were able to enjoy the weekend! We have a lot of fun things happening in our room these next few weeks!

This Week…

Reading: We are focusing on the skill summarizing while we read the folk tale, Tops and Bottoms. Remember to read each night for at least 20 minutes! It truly makes a difference for our readers!

English: Our class will continue to work on our writing pieces and review different parts of grammar.

Math: We will continue on with Chapter 6 and learn a few more division strategies. Don’t forget, Reflex is assigned two nights for homework. It is really a great way to practice and master the facts.

Social Studies: Our class will be working on the history of our country. We will learn about how the U.S. expanded and do a few different assessment pieces for the next couple of weeks.

*Don’t forget, Animal Research Projects are due January 24th. All pieces to this project ---fact Sheet, sloppy copies, final paper, cover (we will create tomorrow), project choice, and presentations MUST all be turned in for full credit. We did get a head start on this project in school and the kids should use that to complete their five paragraphs. I truly appreciate the extra guidance and assistance you give your child while they complete their first big paper!

I hope you have a great week!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of January 7th 2019

Posted on Jan 07, 2019

Happy New Year everyone! It sounds like Santa was very good too all and hopefully you had a nice relaxing break! Although we had a lot of tired faces this morning, it will be nice to get back to our normal routine. With all the excitement from the past few weeks, we will try to ease back into our schedule.

This Week…

Reading: We will focus on the skill of following steps in a process as we read the nonfiction narrative What Do Authors Do? in our reading books. As usual, an AR test will be due on Friday morning.

English: Our class will work on a few different writing pieces, as well as have some grammar reviews.

Math: We will continue to review our multiplication facts and will move along in our Chapter 6 book. We will be working on division and seeing how it relates to subtraction. Please continue to work on Reflex at least twice a week---It truly helps with fluency.

Social Studies: We are jumping back into social studies and our focus will be on the history of communities. We will also begin to discuss Martin Luther King Jr.

**Our class will continue to discuss and work with animals throughout the next few weeks. We will be assigning an animal project soon!

I would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for the very generous gift! I am so lucky and blessed to work with such amazing kids and also their wonderful families!

**Reminders: Special Lunch is on Wednesday.

 Have a fantastic week!

XO Ms. Schiavone

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Week of December 17th 2018

Posted on Dec 17, 2018

Hello All!!! With just a couple days left before break we will be finishing up with a few last minute things. We have finished reading our Science chapter and are working on taking notes and completing a class work type assessment. Study guides did go home and should be practiced but the assessment will be very guided. We finished our Chapter 5 book today and will complete the review tomorrow in Math. A test is scheduled for Wednesday. Remember to practice those facts over the holiday break. We are definitely on our way to becoming multiplication wizards! Our class finished our unit on verbs in English and the kids will be sent home on Friday with several new writing pieces/ decorations for your home! English Take Home Tests went home today and will be completed for homework. A short test will be given tomorrow.  

Everyone is very excited for the upcoming break and I have heard about all the exciting plans. Please remember to keep up with reading and practice the math facts over break. Also, this is the perfect time to replenish any school supplies that may have run out.

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and a very happy New Year! Have a great break--- get some rest and relax, you all deserve it!! Enjoy your time with your family and friends and I will see everyone back next year!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of December 10th 2018

Posted on Dec 10, 2018

WOW! I was told today by some eager little kiddos that we are down to 8 ½ days of school before break. I cannot even believe that we are at this point in the year. We will be busy little elves this week!

This Week…

Reading: We are jumping back into a class novel. We will be reading the book Stone Fox and will work on using our reading strategies. We had a very important talk about our AR tests. Just a reminder, these are to be taken by Friday morning.

English: We are working on a Christmas song opinion piece this week. We will continue with verbs and finish up that unit next week. Our test will be before break.

Math: Our class is working very hard on mastering the multiplication facts and I can see that all that practice is paying off! We will continue on with this chapter and are looking to finish up with it next week.

Science: We are moving on to reading all about the changes that can take place in an ecosystem.

As always thank you for your generosity and all that you do!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of December 3rd 2018

Posted on Dec 03, 2018

Dear Parents,

       I want to start out by sharing how committed I am to your children and your families. I truly love each of my students and the SJF community. As a teacher that has been teaching for eight years, seven of which have been at St. John Fisher, I understand the importance of an evaluation process. I have been formally evaluated each year at Fisher. Along with those evaluations were our whole school evaluations completed by both the Archdiocese of Chicago and the State of Illinois Board of Education.  These evaluations were completed by selection committees and direct teacher evaluations were part of this process.

    When I was informed a few weeks ago that I would be starting my evaluation, I embraced the process and looked at it as a way to better myself as a teacher. The evaluation was never something that I was apprehensive about. I will always continue to educate myself on the best practices in education and personally feel that evaluations, if done properly, can make you a stronger educator.

I hope that this helps to clarify any information that may have been previously presented to you.

Looking ahead at the week…

Reading: Our class will be focusing on a nonfiction piece of text about seabirds. We will look at using our close reading note taking skills, as well as our reading strategies.

English: We will continue to work on verbs while we finish up some Christmas writing assignments.

Math: We are finishing up with Chapter 4 and will be moving right along. Our focus will continue to be on multiplication. Our timed test will be on 3’s and 4’s this week. Please continue to practice each night--- flash cards, math apps, or even just quizzing each other works perfect!

Science: We are testing on Chapter 3 tomorrow. We filled out the study guide last week and were to practice and study every night. Don’t forget to look over those!

**Reminders:  Special Lunch is on Wednesday. NO SCHOOL on Friday--- Faculty In-service Day.

Please know I am always here for extra assistance if needed. I am truly proud to be a part of this amazing school community and your children are all very special!

Have a fabulous week!

XO Ms. Schiavone

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Week of November 27th 2018

Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Happy Monday!! I hope you all were able to enjoy your break, the Thanksgiving holiday and the random snow day! We have a lot coming up in these few short weeks until Christmas break, so we will be busy, busy.

This Week…

Reading: We will be doing a combination of reading work--- We will look at the story, Nights of the Pufflings in our readers and also a nonfiction piece on different sea birds.  Don’t forget, to continue to read for at least 20 minutes each night and have those AR tests in by Friday morning.

English: We are continuing our verb unit this week. We will also begin working on a few Christmas assignments.

Math: Our class will continue on with Chapter 4 and will finish up at the end of the week. We will test on Chapter 4 on Monday. Don’t forget, division is coming up very soon! Remember to continue to practice the math facts.

Science: We are finishing up with our ecosystem chapter. Study guides will be sent home tomorrow. Remember to review each night and practice answering the questions how we wrote them. The test will be given next Tuesday.

**Reminders: Scholastic orders were sent home today. Orders will be due next Tuesday. If you are looking to order some Christmas gifts, please let me know and I can hold on to them.

It was so nice to meet with many of you last week. I am truly thankful to have such a great class and wonderful families to work with! I hope you all have a fabulous week!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of November 19th 2018

Posted on Nov 19, 2018

Hello Everyone! We have hit Thanksgiving and are ready for our little break! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful class and excited to get a chance to meet with many of you at conferences tonight. I cannot even begin to say how much I appreciate all of the hard work you put in with your children at home and the sacrifices you make.  I want to say thank you and let you know, you are doing a wonderful job at home!

Although this week is short we will continue to work on our Math and Science chapters. We will also work with a few Thanksgiving poems. Our school will have a Thanksgiving Prayer Service tomorrow at 10:30. I hope you are all able to enjoy your family and have a wonderful meal this Thursday!  

Happy Thanksgiving!

XO Ms. Schiavone

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Week of November 12th 2018

Posted on Nov 12, 2018

Happy chilly Monday! We have officially begun second trimester and will be very busy leading up to the Thanksgiving break!

This Week…

Reading: We will continue looking at informative text as we read the nonfiction piece Tornado Alert and an article on tornado safety. Students were also given their new AR reading zone based off of their Star reading assessment. I wrote these in their planners today. Starting next week, students must take an AR test for a book that is in their reading zone. This is the zone that each student is comfortable reading independently in and can comprehend what they read. If they choose to read books above their zone, that is more than fine with me, but nothing lower than their specific zone is allowed. Don’t forget, AR tests are to be taken by Friday morning.

English: Our class will focus on finishing up our Thanksgiving writing assignments. We will begin our next grammar unit on verbs.

Math: We will continue on with Chapter 4 this week. Please remember to practice the facts--- it is really the best way to become fluent. Due to the flu in our room last week, we were not able to take our first timed test. We will officially begin those today.

Science: We will be jumping back into Science. We will be looking at different types of ecosystems!

**Reminders: Report cards will be sent home on Wednesday. Don’t forget to sign and return the envelopes. Parent/ Teacher conferences will be held next week on Monday and Tuesday. Looking forward to meeting with you!

Have a great week!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of November 5th 2018

Posted on Nov 05, 2018

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and took advantage of the extra hour!

This Week…                                                                      

Reading: Our class will be jumping back into our readers and will work on the story Tornado Alerts. We will also be focusing on a few informative pieces of writing as we read some Veteran’s Day themed text.

English: We will work on our next writing assignments that will look at the voices in writing as well as write a thankful poem. 

Math: We are moving right along to Chapter 4 and we will begin taking our timed tests this week. These will be given twice a week and the higher of the two tests will be taken. Students will be given 2 minutes to complete 25 problems. We will begin with 0,1,and 2’s. Remember to practice, practice, practice! You will all do fantastic!

Social Studies: Our class will test on our geography unit on Thursday. Students will be allowed to use their notes for this test.

**Reminders: Trimester 1 will end on Friday… I cannot even believe it!! Report cards will be sent home next Wednesday. Please look through those and the papers attached. New AR reading levels will be written in assignment notebooks and students will be expected to take AR tests on books in their specific zone starting next week.

Thank you to all those who have served or are serving our country! We appreciate all the sacrifices you have made! Happy Veteran’s Day!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of October 29th 2018

Posted on Oct 29, 2018

Happy Monday! We have some very excited ghouls and goblins in our room this week! I can already tell Wednesday is going to be fun… as well as Thursday morning! haha

This Week…

Reading: We will be reading the fantasy Substitute Creacher by Chris Gall. Our class will practice using our reading strategies throughout the week while we focus on this fun, spooky book!

English: Our class has finished Unit 3 Nouns. Some of us are still getting confused with the apostrophes for possessive nouns. It can be tricky to tell the difference between witch, witches, witch’s, and witches’. We practiced a bunch today, but it may be something to look closely at tonight as they complete the Take Home Test. Our test will be tomorrow.

Math: We are finishing up Chapter 3 and are looking to test toward the end of the week. Don’t forget to practice your facts each night. It will make multiplication much easier!

Social Studies: Geography will be coming to an end by Friday. Our class has been taking some very detailed notes, which will be useful when we take our test next week. Be on the lookout for a detailed study guide. It is a very good idea to look over and review nightly!

**Reminders: Students can dress in their Halloween costume on Wednesday (as long as it is school appropriate) or wear orange and black. Also, if you wish to bring in a wrapped Halloween treat you may do so--- we have 19 students in the room. Please be mindful of allergies. Thank you in advanced!

We will attend an all school mass for All Saints Day on Thursday. All are welcome to join.

Hope you all have a fa”boo”lous week!

XO Ms. Schiavone

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Week of October 22nd 2018

Posted on Oct 22, 2018

Hello All! What a beautiful day we are having! The excitement is in the air this week and I have already heard about the fun plans for the upcoming and highly anticipated Halloween! However, we will continue to stay pretty busy here in third.

This Week…

Reading: We will be finishing up all our work on our novel study of The One and Only Ivan.  As always, don’t forget AR tests are due on Friday mornings. It is always best to read each night to be prepared for those test and not wait until last minute.

English: Our class will continue focusing on the noun unit this week. Those possessive nouns can be a bit tricky. I promise though, we will master it! We are looking to test next week.

Math: We are getting better and better with the multiplication strategies our class has been learning. We will continue to move through Chapter 3. Remember, practicing the facts every night will help make us master multipliers!

Social Studies: Our class will continue to work on our geography unit. We will look at different models of the earth and the parts of a map.

**Reminders: Next Wednesday we will celebrate Halloween! Students can bring in treats – we have 19 students- and can wear their costume or orange and black. Remember to keep costumes school appropriate! 

Let’s have a Fa”BOO”lous week!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of October 15th 2018

Posted on Oct 15, 2018

Happy Monday! Although it was chilly, the sun made for a perfect fall weekend! I hope you were able to spend some time with family or to do something nice! We have a busy week ahead of us.

This Week…

Reading: Our class will finish up our novel, The One and Only Ivan. We will work on using our reading strategies as well as comparing a nonfiction piece about chimps escaping from a zoo, YIKES!

English: We will act as haunted real estate agents as we try to sell some mysterious houses! Our class will continue on with our study of nouns.

Math: We have some happy 3rd graders in here!! They are all very excited to start our next chapter on Multiplication tomorrow! We will begin by learning the concept of multiplication and different strategies to help solve these problems. Remember to start practicing those facts nightly. It will truly be beneficial as we move along through the next few chapters and future math concepts to come.

Social Studies: Our class will focus on geography for the next few weeks. We will become masters of maps!

**Reminders: Picture Day is tomorrow!! Don’t forget, all are welcome to join us at our next all school mass ---Friday!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of October 9th 2018

Posted on Oct 09, 2018

Hello Everyone!! I hope your Columbus Day weekend was nice and relaxing. We are really getting into the swing of things in our room and I am very impressed with how well many of the students know the routine already! I know I have already mentioned this, but I cannot even begin to say how proud I am of our class for how they acted last Friday afternoon.

This Week…

Reading: Our class will continue on with our novel study on The One and Only Ivan.  Don’t forget, students should be reading for at least 20 minutes each night to ensure they are prepared for an AR test by Friday morning. It is not a very good idea to wait until the last minute to take these tests because you never know how long the lines will be.

English: We are continuing on with talking about nouns--- possessive nouns are up and can be tricky. We will also begin writing spooky Halloween pieces that we will continue for the next few weeks.

Math: We will be finishing up Chapter 2 this week. Multiplication is our next stop in Math! You can start working on the facts 0, 1, 2, and 5! We will learn all the strategies and tricks for our facts but memorizing is always very helpful.

Science: We have been preparing for our Chapter 2 test, but since our class review was cut short last Friday, we will push back our test date a day. The Chapter 2 test will now be on Thursday. Don’t forget to practice your study guide!

Social Studies: We will be moving into Social Studies next week! Our class will begin learning what geography means, the parts of a map, and the 7 continents.

**Reminders: Smile Big!! Picture Day will be on October 16th.

I hope everyone has a nice week!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of October 1st 2018

Posted on Oct 01, 2018

Happy Monday! We had perfect weather this weekend! I hope you were able to enjoy some Homecoming festivities or some family time!

This Week…

Reading: We will be taking a little break from our usual reading book stories and will start our very first novel study! Our class will be reading the novel, The One and Only Ivan together and practice using all of our reading strategies!

English: Our class will begin taking a closer look at nouns in Unit 3.

Religion: Our class will begin learning about the rosary. If you have a special rosary that you would like to bring in, you are more than welcome.

Math: We will continue to work on reading and interpreting data using different types of graphs.

Science: We will finish reading Chapter 2 today and will work on reviewing the chapter with some note taking. Study guides will be sent home later this week and we are looking to test next Wednesday. Remember to review these and practice saying and writing out the answers as we have done in class. It is a great idea to study for a little bit each night. Also, a very simple life cycle assignment will be sent home tomorrow and will be Thursday.

**Reminders:  Wednesday is our first Special Lunch! We will also have our first “Footprints of Kindness” activity at lunch. A huge shout out to third grade for winning the church attendance contest!! We will be out of uniform on Friday and get a special prize! Remember, NO SCHOOL on Monday!

Thank you so much for all that you do for your children! Your hard work does not go unnoticed!

Have a fabulous week!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of September 24th 2018

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

Happy Fall!! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weather that we had over the weekend. It finally feels like we have hit Fall and it is feeling pretty nice in our room! This Week…

Reading: We will be reading the non-fiction narrative, Fly Traps! Plants That Bite Back and our focus is on graphic sources.

English: Our class will work on a Fall poem and begin a discussion on nouns.

Math: We are will be reviewing Chapter 1 and will test on Tuesday. Our class will start Chapter 2---looking at representing and interpreting on Wednesday! Don’t forget to continue to practice those math facts, as well as continuing to practice subtraction with regrouping. This is a hard concept and remembering the very important rules and steps is key!

Science: Our first chapter came and went! I could tell many of the kids practiced/ studied their study guides. We will be moving right along on to Chapter 2 and look at how living things grow and change.

**Reminders: We will have a Falcon Spirit Day on Friday to prepare for the Homecoming 2018 football game this weekend. Good Luck SJF!!

Have a marvelous week!

XO Ms. Schiavone

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Week of September 17th 2018

Posted on Sep 17, 2018

Hello All! I hope everyone enjoyed the warm temperatures and fun Fisher Fest excitement this past weekend. We had some pretty tiered kids today, but we are looking ahead at a busy week!

This Week…

Reading: We will be reading the realistic fiction story Allie’s Basketball Dream and our focus is on the characters in the story. Don’t forget, AR tests are due on Fridays before 11:00. Reading for at least 20 minutes each night will help make certain this assignment is completed.

English: We will begin working on a writing piece about being organisms.

Math: Our class is finishing up our first chapter with more subtraction. We will review Friday and are looking to text next Tuesday.

Science: We are finishing Chapter 1 Living Things. Our class will receive a study guide today which should be reviewed nightly. It is a good idea to practice answering/ writing the answers just as our class wrote on the study guide. We will take our Chapter 1 test on Friday.

**Reminders: Please make sure to check planners each night. This helps ensure homework was completed and can be turned in the next day.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

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Week of September 10th 2018

Posted on Sep 10, 2018

Hello all! This weather is beautiful! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the fun filled week ahead of us. We will have a very short week this week but it will most definitely be busy. The excitement is very contagious in our room and I have already heard about all of the rides that are being set up for the fest.

This Week…

Reading: We will read the play Herbie and Annabelle and will focus on the cause and effect in a story.

English: Our class will finish up Unit 1 and will have our first test on Thursday. A short Take Home Test (T.H.T) will go home to be finished and reviewed for the test. This unit has reviewed types of sentences and context clues.

Math: We will continue to practice addition and subtraction with regrouping. Don’t forget, the three parts to answering our word problems---Work, Answer, and Units!!

Science: We will continue to look at living things.

**Reminders: We will dress in Red, White, and Blue tomorrow in honor of Patriot Day as we remember 9/11. Remember (although how can we forget!) Fisher Fest will start Thursday night. There will be NO SCHOOL on Friday! Don't forget to attend mass over the weekend!

Please keep checking the planners and signing off in them nightly! Have a great week!

XO Ms. Schiavone

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Week of September 4th 2018

Posted on Sep 04, 2018

Hello all! I hope you were able to enjoy your Labor Day weekend and it was full of rest and relaxation! It was so nice meeting all of you last Wednesday. Things are starting to fall into place here in Room 216 and the kids are starting to understand the routine and pace of third grade. The big transition is looking close to seamless! We have a pretty busy but short week ahead of us.

This Week:

Reading: We will be reading the biography Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope and learn about author’s purpose. Don’t forget, this week we will begin our weekly AR requirement. Students should read for at least 20 minutes each night to prepare for an AR test by Friday.

English: Our class will continue our unit on sentences and practice writing complete sentences.

Math: Our review of addition will continue, as well as learning some subtraction strategies. Remember to continue to practice those facts!

Science: We will begin to discuss living things and what it is they need to survive.

**Reminders: We will have an all school mass on Friday afternoon at 1:00. All are welcomed to join. We will also be doing a collection contest honoring Patriot Day. Any contribution is greatly appreciated and can win us a “Patriotic Class Dress Down Day”!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

XO Ms. Schiavone 

Week of August 27th 2018

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

Welcome to Room 216! Wow, our first week flew by and we are moving right along. I was so impressed with this group of kiddies last week and they are beginning to understand our routine. With just a little bit more practice and time things will be working more smoothly! I hope everyone had a great weekend and we are ready to start our week!

This Week…

Spelling: Our class is working on the Unit 1 words. Please remember to keep the spelling list in the pocket folder always. We use these throughout the week in class.

Reading: We will read the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears and work on the skill of making conclusions based off of the text. Next week we will begin taking AR tests, so we will discuss the expectations for these in class.

English: We are going to start reviewing what makes a sentence and the four types of sentences. We will also continue to do a few summer writing assignments.

Math: Our class started Chapter 1 last week and we will be moving right along. We will look at different mental math strategies, as well as learn the properties of addition. Don’t forget, the second timed tests will be given this week. Practice, Practice, practice!! I know you can all do it!

Science: We will begin with learning the scientific method.

**Reminders: We will begin our third grade expectations for behavior and homework this week. Please don’t forget to check and sign planners nightly. Back to School Night for K-4th grade will be held on Thursday, starting with an important parent meeting at 6:30 in Church. After, you are welcome to meet the teachers in third grade for a quick presentation at 7:00, 7:20, and 7:40.I hope to see you all there!

Below you will find the Third Grade Curriculum Note.

August 2018

Dear Parents.

Welcome to Third Grade at St. John Fisher!  We are so excited for the new school year and the new growth that will be sure to happen over the next nine months in your child’s height, weight, and KNOWLEDGE!  We have much to accomplish!  At this time we would like to take the opportunity to share a quick glimpse of what you can expect regarding the 3rd grade classroom curriculum, schedules and procedures.

MATH – We use the GO MATH series - We know it can be challenging, but we also know that the core of our Math curriculum is the same as it has always been.  Students will become effective problem solvers by first understanding math concepts.  They should already be fluent in the basic facts of addition and subtraction - multiplication and division mastery is the goal by the end of third grade!  They need to know how to use computation skills and how to apply appropriate problem solving strategies.  How do we accomplish all of this???  With a lot of hard work, perseverance, and positive attitudes!  We will be incorporating manipulatives, extensive practice, technology, review, and nightly homework to help build the foundation for all future math classes.  We will also be preparing the students how to explain and show their work using the A.C.E. method in Math to help prepare us for the Aspire Test that will be given later in the year.  Anything you can do to encourage and assist your child in building their “real life” Math experience is greatly appreciated! 

READING – We will be exploring weekly stories, articles, passages,  and read alouds that incorporate lessons in vocabulary, phonics, fluency, literacy skills,  comprehension, extended response, and writing.  All students have a workbook and will use a notebook in Reading class.  Students will have Reading homework 2 to 3 nights a week.  We will be spending a great deal of time teaching the students how to use the S.L.A.M. method in responding to questions about their reading (reState question – Locate evidence – Add to the idea/Make a conclusion).  A weekly reading test or assessment will be given with the focus being on vocabulary building, comprehension, and writing.  Several novel studies and independent reading will also be included throughout the year.  Third graders are shifting from Learning to Read to Reading to Learn!

ENGLISH – In third grade, grammar, sentence structure, and parts of speech will be covered. Writing and writing and more writing will play a vital role in all subject areas. We will be working on opinion pieces, narratives, and informational types of writing. Simple informative research reports will also be assigned later in the year.

SPELLING – Each week your child will receive a new spelling list containing 15 unit words, 5 challenge words, and 5 core curricular words for a total of 25 words.  Spelling tests are given on Fridays.

SCIENCE/ SOCIAL STUDIES – Science and Social Studies will be taught during each trimester, however they will not be taught at the same time. We will begin with a Science unit and when completed, we will move on to Social Studies. This format will continue for the duration of the year.  Third graders love learning about animals, matter, geography and our city, Chicago, among other topics.

RELIGION – The goal of our Religion program is to learn and understand more about our Catholic faith and values. Third Grade will attend mass each Wednesday. As students have just made their First Communion, Sunday mass attendance is strongly encouraged.  Please be the one to inspire and enhance your child’s relationship with God!

HOMEWORK – Homework is written in the assignment notebooks each day. Students are being taught and are responsible to use the notebook every day.   Please check your child’s assignment notebook each night and sign it.  When homework is incomplete or missing, students are held accountable immediately by losing minutes at recess depending on the assignment. You will be notified when your child is missing homework. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if there are any homework related problems. Outside of formal homework, your child should be reading 20 minutes nightly- this cannot be stressed enough for personal reading growth!

ACCELERATED READER – Each student is required to take at least 1 accelerated reading test each week at their reading level. This does count as homework and as a reading grade.

DISCIPLINE – The discipline policy this year is based on a demerit/ detention system. The students have been told how the program works, and you will always be informed when discipline problems arise. We appreciate your support in all disciplinary actions.


Monday- Library/Art

Tuesday- Spanish

Wednesday- Mass

Thursday- Gym


In conclusion, we will be studying and working on many new and exciting things this year. Third grade is a year of transition from the development of skills to the development of independence. It is a time for students to begin to assume responsibilities for their education and become life-long learners, but they definitely still require guidance from school and home.  Please be sure to review the Friday Folder each week with your child. It is the best method to monitor your child’s progress. Also be sure to check out our third grade blogs for weekly information. Thank you in advance for all your cooperation and support.

Sincerely, The Third Grade Teachers - Sally Caulfield, Therese Regnier, and Mary Ellen Schiavone

Welcome Back 2018

Posted on Aug 20, 2018

Welcome Back!! I hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation and got plenty of rest. I can’t wait to see all your shining little faces and get to know you! Let’s get ready for a great year! See you on Tuesday, August 21st at 7:50!

XO Ms. Schiavone

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