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Ms. Sue Power, Preschool

Hello! My name is Sue Power. This is my sixteenth year of being a teacher and my third year at St. John Fisher. I am so excited to be working with your children this year in the part-time preschool program. A few facts about me are: Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher. My love for reading extends from getting engrossed in a great book to choosing and reading books to my students. I believe in daily exercise and if my knees would cooperate, I would love to run a marathon, if I could. I also like to incorporate exercise in my classroom with movement, dancing and yoga. I am interested in anything related to science and I love to see my students faces light up when we mix up something as simple as baking soda and vinegar. I live in Evergreen Park and I have four fantastic adult children who thankfully are all doing well and in great careers of their own. I love going to the city and am a big Sox fan. A great evening for me is coming home from school, taking a walk and then sitting down to a great meal or going out to dinner with friends. I am proud to say that I am a product of Catholic school and that tradition remained the same for my own children as well. I really enjoy teaching my preschoolers about all of the wonderful things God has given us. I also enjoy teaching and learning with my students ways we can be more like Jesus in everything we do. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you on August 25, 2016! We are going to have a terrific year!

Ms Power/108 Preschool for Week of 10/7-10/11/19

Posted on Oct 13, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     We have been having a fun week in Preschool!

     We moved on to letter Dd.  We read books about dinosaurs and dogs.  We played some fun learning games like, "Ding, dong, Open the Door."  We opened the door to reveal something that began with Dd.  We also played "Darling Ducks."  We had to move the ducks with a Dd on them from the mud to the pond.  We also continue to review our other letters.  We have been learning the signs for each letter too.  

     One of our fun art projects this week was to paint a very large paper pumpkin.  The next day we cut out the stems and put a hand print leaf on it.  We also made a spider in a spider web.  

     We have been preparing for fire safety this week by talking about smoke detectors and plans on how to get out of our houses.  We have been practicing our plans here at school by lining up and how to remain quiet until the drill is over.  We talked about our plan and meeting place.  We talked about things we should never touch like lighters, matches and stoves.  We made a sparky the fire dog by putting black dots all over the dog with paint and our fingers.  

     For Math this week we worked on #3.  We rolled a special dice cube that only had 1, 2 and 3 on it.  If we rolled a 3 we got to choose a card with a 3 on it.  We all got to take home three #3 cards.  We learned that to make a 3 we say, "half way around and around again."

     We began our first chapter in our new Religion books which talked about God's special friends.  We learned that when God asks for our help we say "Yes."

     We are off this Monday for Columbus Day.  Enjoy your day off and the rest of your weekend too!

Ms Power/PreK/Room 108 for Week of 9/30-10/4/2019

Posted on Oct 06, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     This last week in preschool we continued our apple theme with apple volcanoes and a fun treat, "apple pie in a cup."  We crumbled graham crackers, added some chunky applesauce and topped it with whip cream.  We played a game where I hid a worm under paper apples numbered from 1 to 8 and everyone got chances to turn over the apple to see where the worm was.  

     We wrapped up "B" and moved on to "C."  We read books about Corduroy Bear and Splat the Cat.  We continue to read books about fall and changes in the season. We played some fun games to help us learn the sound and formation of Cc. We sorted carrots that had either a "c" or a "C" into two different carrot patches.  Then we counted to see which was more.  We also flipped cookies over to reveal whether the picture on the back began with C or something else.  

     For Art this week we made Corduroy Bear and used water colors to reveal our names.  We also made hearts for Father Dan who is recovering from foot surgery.  

     This week in Religion we talked about Gods creatures that he made and how noisy it must have been, but God was very happy to have all of the animals.  

     This week in Math we worked on making a number two. We say, "curl around and slide to the right."  We also talked about small, medium and large.  We all went around the room and found something large and small.

     We had a great week in preschool.  Also, just wanted to say what a great group of children we have.  They are working so hard at being kind to each other and following all of the rules that they have learned since they have been in school so far.  This is all due to you as parents, your child's first teachers.  Thank you for making this job so fun and easy! Have a great rest of the weekend!!  

Power/Room 108 Preschool for Week of 9/23-9/27/19

Posted on Sep 29, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

    We had a fun "Homecoming Week" in preschool this week.  We got to wear some fun wacky outfits, decade outfits and our Fisher Blue!  On Friday in the afternoon we attended a Pep Rally and cheered with our cheerleaders for our great football team!

     In addition we talked a lot about apples and did some fun activities.  We tasted apples, counted seeds, measured ourselves against a long line of apples and measured the apple itself. We learned terms like, "skin," "core," "flesh," and "pips," which are the apples seeds themselves. We learned how to identify where the stem and the leaf were and we graphed whether we had a stem or a sticker on our apples.  We graphed whether they were yellow, red or green or a little of both and above all, we tasted them.  

     For Art we made a little apple with a paper plate.  We ripped little pieces of red construction paper and glued it on the plate along with a leaf and a stem.  We made a construction paper diagram of an an apple and its parts and we glued buttons on a blue letter B.  

     This week we began Letter B. We put items from around the classroom that began with Letter B in the basket; we sorted little bee cutouts by putting bees with lowercase b on the "b" honeycomb and the same for upper case "B."  On a chart we had a column with "Bb," and one with "all other letters."  We had to distinguish what column the card we chose would go.   We read a lot of books about bears and bugs and we continued reading some fun books about fall and learned that autumn is another word for fall.  

     For Math we focused on number 1.  We learned to draw a number 1 while we say, "Come straight down and that is all."  We practiced putting one bear on a block to show  "one."  

     For Religion this week we began the first page of our "Bible Book."  We learned how God's World is very colorful.  We talked about the how the sky and the waters are blue and grass and trees are green and flowers are all different. On our first page we drew some things we saw in the story and made them very colorful.  The Book will be put together and sent home near the end of the school year and will consist of stories from the Bible.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!


Ms Power/Room 108 For Week of 9/16 to 9/20/19

Posted on Sep 21, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     Fall is officially here even though it seems like summer!  We changed our fall tree anyway and everyone was excited about it, including me!

     This week in preschool we have been learning about fall and the changes that will come outside with the trees and the leaves.  We read many books about fall and talked about how the leaves will change colors. 

     For Art we made Fall trees using a tinfoil ball that we painted with to show leaves on the tree.  We also glued tissue paper to paper plate cut out leaves.  I must say our hallway is quite fallish!

     For Religion we talked about praying.  We sent our prayer bear home with Harper this week and we look forward to hearing about all of the things she prayed for with her family.  We learned that we can pray anytime, anywhere and anyhow because God is listening, all of the time.

     This week our All About Me Poster went home with Rosie and we look forward to her returning it too and telling us a little about herself.  

     We continued to work on Letter A and we played some fun learning games like fussy squirrel, who will only eat acorns that have "A" or "a" on them.  We searched for paper acorns around the room and we also sorted colored leafs.

     For Math we worked on an AB pattern.  Everyone had to make a pattern out of two colors with their linking cubes.  We then put them together to see how long it was.  Wow!

     Next week we will move on to Letter B.  We will continue to talk about fall and I will send a letter home next week asking for an apple from each student for some fun apple activities.  It can be any color and we will need it no later than Thursday.  If you forget, don't worry because I will have some extra.  

     I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!  


Ms Power/Room 108 For Week of 9/2-9/6/19

Posted on Sep 15, 2019

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Fall is in the air in Preschool.  By the end of the week our halls will be filled with fall trees, acorns and apples.

     This Week for our Art projects we chose our color we wanted to paint an apple with.  We have wonderful red, yellow and green apples galore!  We also water colored our names and made a very large acorn using construction paper and tissue paper.  

     We began this week with Letter A.  We plan on continuing that theme for the next week too because of our shortened week.  We played some fun games to help us learn the sound and the formation.  We pulled things out of a box and decided if it had our "aaaa" sound.  We read a cute story about the alphabet tree and we took turns erasing the letter "Aa" on the tree.  We learned the alligator song and used our hands to make our alligators say the sound.  

     For Religion we read, "Will You Share Your Ice cream?"  We all got to feel some soft cotton and I said our words should be soft and nice like cotton balls.  Then we passed around some sandpaper and talked about how it hurts when we say unkind things to each other, like sandpaper feels.  Mrs. Carey came in and read the "Bucket" story and talked about how when we are kind to people our buckets get filled and we all agreed that we are going to keep filling our buckets at school and everywhere else we go.

     For Math this week, together, we all did a sorting project where we put like things together.  We worked on an Apple Counting Book and reviewed the numbers 0-5.

     For Science we observed a cut apple to see how it progressively got browner throughout the day.  The other half remained nice because it was dipped in lemon juice.

     We had a great week and heard a lot about Fisher Fest and all of the rides they were going to go on. 

     We are all settling nicely into the routine of school and the children are just so wonderful.  Thank you for doing such a great job as parents!  Have a great rest of the weekend!


Preschool/Ms Power/Room 108 For Week of 9/3-9/6/19

Posted on Sep 08, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a great week in Preschool!

     For Art we made a Shape Tree, Shape Pets and a Triangle Fish.

     Some fun games we played were pulling a shape out of a box, identifying it and placing it on a shape mat.  We also played "find the rectangle."  I put every shape but a rectangle in a shoe box.  We took turns pulling out a shape and identifying it.  When there were no more shapes in the box we realized that the shoe box was the actual rectangle.  We also rolled a cube with shapes on it and had to hop to that shape on the floor.  We made the shapes with painters tape and I will say that making a circle is very tricky but Mrs. Healy did a great job!

     For Math we continued with shapes by rolling the cube and sorting the shapes together.

     For Religion we talked about how Jesus wants us to be good friends to everyone.  We talked about taking turns, inviting a friend to play and when a friend asks to play with you, you say, "yes!"  We read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?"  We made our own book, "PreK, PreK, Who do you See?"  The kids enjoyed looking at themselves with their friends in preschool.  I'm sure we will be reading this over and over again.  

     We have been so lucky that the weather has cooperated and we were able to go outside to play, sometimes two times a day!  We went to Gym this week, and had Music and Art. 

     REMINDER:  No School this Friday the 13th due to Fisher Fest.

                   HAVE A GREAT REST OF THE WEEKEND!



Preschool/Ms Power/Week of 8/26-8/30/19

Posted on Aug 31, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     What a great second week of preschool we had this last week!

     We have continued to work on all of our routines, we have all had a job, know how to sit on the carpet and we know the rules of the classroom.

     This week we concentrated on colors.  We did a lot of color recognition and color sorting this week.  We played some fun games like sorting color bears and dinosaurs on a color train.  We also rolled a color cube and placed a color bear on the correct matching color circle and we sorted color objects into the correct paper bag with the corresponding color.  We practiced coloring different things a certain color too.

     For Math we sorted color goldfish crackers and then ate them!

     This week in Religion we learned that Jesus had some really great friends.  When Jesus asked His friends to follow Him, the said, "yes."  We talked about being a good friend, just like Jesus.  We learned that Jesus always has time for us and we can talk to Him anytime.  We colored a picture of Jesus too!

     Our Art projects were decorating a fish for the hall, decorating our first name initial with little colored squares and choosing our favorite color paper crayon and decorating it.  All our our projects are hanging up and and waiting for you to see on Back to School Night which is on Wednesday, September 4th.  The event will begin in Church at 6:30 pm.  

     Next week we will work on shapes!  I hope you have a great Labor Day.

REMINDERS:  No school on Monday, 9/2 - Labor Day

                         Back to School Night, Wednesday, 9/4 beginning at 6:30 pm. in


                         No School on Friday, 9/13 - Fisher Fest 

Ms Power's PreK Class for week of 8/21-8/23/2019

Posted on Aug 25, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     Welcome Back for a great new year of Preschool in Room 108.  I am so excited to start the year with your children.  We are going to have so much fun together this year!

     Though we had a short week we were able to accomplish some fun things.  We worked on establishing a good routine that we will follow throughout the year. 

     1.  We talked about our important rules of the classroom which are, "Sharing," "Clean Up", "Walk in the line", and most importantly, "Keep our Hands to Ourselves."

     2.  Most of us were assigned a job and the rest will get one this week.  Everyone really loves getting a job and they take it very seriously.  We have a Prayer Leader, Flag Holder, Rule Pointer, Gardener, Weather Reporter, Line Leader, Door Holder, Greeter, Teacher Assistant, Calendar Captain and Librarian. 

     3.  We worked on how to sit on the carpet and listen to a story and we learned to say, "Criss, Cross, Applesauce, Be Your Own Boss."  We sit on our bottoms, legs crossed, hands in our lap, eyes on the teacher and quiet lips.

     4. We learned a secret sign to help us know when to be quiet.  I raise my hand and they raise their's and then all is quiet.

     5.  We learned how to put our backpacks away and take out our folders.  We learned that when we enter the class, we find our name tag and put it on the board.  We learned that we go to the tables first for a craft or table toys after we put our names on the board.  

     We played with toys, played some fun games, went outside to play and met lots of new and old friends.  It was a great week in preschool!

Ms Power



Part Time Preschool for Week of 5/20 to 5/24/19

Posted on May 26, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  I hope everyone has a safe and fun three day weekend.

    This last week in preschool we continue our nursery rhyme fun with "Row, row, row, your Boat," "Jack and Jill," and "The Old Woman in the Shoe."  

     We made a boat, colored a pail and put as many children as we wanted to in our shoe that we made.  So many of our projects are decorating our walls for our upcoming show this week and then it will all be coming home to you.

     We jumped over candlesticks and rolled dice to see how many students could fit in a shoe, (a big shoe I made from two poster boards). 

     For Religion we continued with our boat theme by talking about Noah and the Ark and all of the animals that he brought with him.

     The weather didn't cooperate too well but we went outside for a story on Monday, and had a picnic inside, on the floor, on our quilts, on Tuesday.  I wasn't able to read all of the great books that were brought in for pajama day on Wednesday, but we all found our favorite page in our book and I was able to read those.  We wore sunglasses on Thursday and delivered thank you cards to people behind the scenes that help us every day.  We delivered a card to Mrs. Nash, our wonderful principal, our secretaries, Miss Linda and Miss Jan, Mr. Pirkle, our Gym teacher, Mrs Maxwell, our Computer teacher, Mr. Paul and Mr. Al, our fix-it friends, and Mrs. Keller, our Librarian. We made them smile and we felt really good about it.

REMINDERS for this week:

     Tuesday - ice cream treat day

     Wednesday-Victory Day; wear SJF clothing or Fisher Blue

     Thursday- Nursery Rhyme Shoe (students dress up as their favorite nursery character)

     Friday-Western Day, wear favorite western wear.



     I just want to take this opportunity to say how much we love your children.  I tell everyone, and I truly mean it, how wonderful, well-mannered and respectful your children are.  Thank you for a fantastic school year and for all of your support and cooperation and first of all, for being your child's first and best teachers, which makes my job so much easier and fun.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!!!






Part Time Preschool for Week of 5/13 to 5/17/19

Posted on May 18, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     What a fun week in preschool!  We used I-Pads on Monday, told some great jokes on Tuesday, decorated the sidewalks on Wednesday for Kind and Loving, and wore mix matched clothes on Thursday.  I postponed the Kindergarten visiting until next week because we all were not here on Friday.  

    We also continued on with our fun nursery rhymes.  We painted "Twinkle, Twinkle," yellow stars and decorated them with gems and made a cute little lamb.  We read, "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and "Baa, Baa Black Sheep.

     For Religion we colored a picture of Mary and decorated her crown with sequences.  We also went outside for a special picture as we prayed the "Hail Mary," around our Mary statue. 

    For Math this week we rolled the dice and added fur to a picture of a sheep that I drew.  Two friends rolled their dice and we determined which was more or which was the lesser amount.  

     Reminders for the coming week ahead:

Monday-We go outside for story time.

Tuesday-We will have our snack outside on blankets.

Wednesday-Reading and PJ Day.  Wear pjs and bring in favorite book.

Thursday-Wear your favorite sunglasses.

Friday-Thank you Day.  We will prepare and deliver some thank you cards to some very special people in our school.


     Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 5/6 to 5/10/19

Posted on May 12, 2019

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Happy Mother's to everyone!  We hope you enjoyed your gifts that the kids worked on for you. It was so fun interviewing them about you.

     This past week in Preschool we focused on D for dinosaurs, E for exercise, F for favorite outfits, G for game day and H for hat day.  It was such a fun week.

     Our Nursery Rhymes were about piggies and spiders.  We read, "The Fourth Little Pig," "This Little Piggy,"  and the "Itsy Bitsy Spider." 

     For Art we made spiders, and piggies.

     We played a hidey spider game, and Doggie, Doggie Where's Your bone? We had fashion shows to show off our favorite outfits and game day outfits.  We exercised and talked about our favorite hats.

     For Religion we talked about all of the things that our moms' do for us and about how Mary did many of the same things that our moms do too.

     We were able to get outside a few times in spite of the rain that we've been having.  Hopefully the sun will shine this week.  Fingers crossed!

     Have a great rest of the weekend and again, Happy Mothers Day.  



Part Time Preschool for Week of 4/29 to 5/3/19

Posted on May 05, 2019

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Rain, rain, go away, preschool wants to play!  We have begun our practicing for our upcoming nursery rhyme performance. Everyone is doing so great.  

     This week our nursery rhyme focus was on raindrops, clocks, flowers and mice.  We made raindrops and a little mouse to go with our Hickory Dickory Dock clock.  We also painted beautiful flowers for Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.  

     This week in Religion we talked about Mary and how she is watching us.  We learned that she is our second mother in Heaven and that we can pray to her too.  We have been learning the Hail Mary prayer, for the month of May.  

     For Math this week we played a dice game that went with Rain, Rain, Go Away.  We rolled dice cubes and placed a teddy bear on the raindrop number that matched the number of dots on the dice cube.

     On Monday we went to the Health Fair that was conducted by the nursers from St. Xavier.  We learned about hand washing, exercising, eating right, yoga and finding our pulse.  

     We brought in stuffed animals for letter A, and baby pictures for letter B.  We didn't take a class picture for letter C because we all were not in school.  When it's not raining outside, we will all go out for a group picture.


-Our Nursery Rhyme show is May 30th, please refer to the flyer sent out for instructions. 

-Our last day of school for preschoolers is June 4.

-Monday is dinosaur day, Tuesday is exercise day, Wednesday is favorite outfit day, Thursday is Game day, wear your favorite team shirt and Friday is Hat day, wear your favorite hat.  



Part Time Preschool for Week of 4/8 to 4/12/2019

Posted on Apr 24, 2019

Hi Preschool Parents,

     I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for school.  

     Before we left for Easter break we finished up with letter Yy.  We played a game called "yucky" or "yummy."  We graphed who liked what on a food chart.  We wrapped yarn around a cardboard Y and read some fun Y books and many Easter books.

     For Math we rolled two dice, added the dots and then colored the appropriate Easter egg.  There was a lot of blowing on the dice for good luck.  I could tell who plays games at home and that made me so happy.

     For Religion we talked about a very sad and then a very happy day in the life of Jesus.  We didn't touch on the specifics but we talked about how Jesus went to be with His Father in Heaven and then He came back to us.

     For Art we made an Earth Day paper plate and painted a paper egg with water colors and added a baby chick.  

     REMINDERS:  On May 30th at the beginning of our school day, we invite parents to come to school and hear some cute nursery rhymes from our preschoolers.  More details to follow, but we ask your child to dress as their favorite nursery rhyme character on that day.  This will be the same format as our Halloween show.  

     See everyone tomorrow!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 4/1 to 4/5/2019

Posted on Apr 07, 2019

Dear Preschool Parents,

      We began our week with the month of April and some sunshine.  I loved pulling off an April Fools joke that I found on line.  The "brown E" trick.  I told the kids I made them some brownies and pretended to have some on a cookie sheet.  When I took the napkin off to reveal the brown "E"s, some were not too happy but eventually let me off the hook.  

     We also worked on letter Xx.  We talked about how it is hard to find words that begin with X so we focused on some words that ended in X.  One game we played was "X marks the spot."  On a poster board we lifted off a post it note.  If the letter under the note  was an X, we all said, "X marks the spot."  We also played tic tac toe with two different colored markers and only X.  We read some stories, learned the sound and the sign and how to make an X.  

     For Religion we finished up our senses that God gave us with the sense of taste.  Though we didn't taste anything we talked about things we like to taste and some things we don't like tasting.  We thank God for all of our wonderful senses that He has given to us.  We are so lucky.

     For Math we made a human number line of Easter eggs up to 20. We helped each other out find our place in the number line.  We also traced numbers up to 12.

     For Art we painted a bunny, made a bunny peeking out of the grass and X ray person.

     Our Science project involved marshmallow peeps.  We put two different colors together to see what would happen.  We also soaked one in vinegar and one in baby oil.  We all had a taste and decided that eating the ears first was the most popular way to eat a Peep.

     This is our last week before our well deserved Easter break.  Have a great rest of the weekend.


Part Time Preschool for Week of 3/25-3/29/19

Posted on Mar 31, 2019

Dear Preschool Parents,

     We read a book about spring and I note that it said, spring likes to take it's time and that is so true.  I know we're getting there!

     This week in Preschool we worked on letter Ww.  We played, some fun games to help us learn the sound and the formation.  One game was the watermelon game.  We flipped over the seeds to see if we could find our letter, we also played "What's in my wallet?"

     For Art we made whales and made our "rock'in ducks."  We also finished painting some really big eggs for our windows and hallway.

     This week in Religion we worked on the sense of touch, another wonderful gift from God.  We talked about how it's nice to touch things like puppies but not a porcupine, ouch!  We glued some different textures to our hand prints.

     For Math this week we worked on weight.  We had paper bags filled with different weights and we determined which was the heavier one with a partner.  Then we used our balance scale to measure some school supplies.

     We were able to get outside a few times for some fun exercise and sunshine.  Hope it continues!  Have a great weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 3/18 to 3/22/19

Posted on Mar 24, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     Spring is definitely taking its time but we were fortunate enough to get outside to play a few times this last week.

     In addition to fresh air we also learned a new letter this week, letter Vv.  We played "put the "V" or "v" tulip in the correct vase and sorted vegetables from fruits and put them in their correct baskets.  We read some stories about volcano's and vacations and also some Easter books. 

     For Art we made a volcano, flowers in a vase and tissue paper crosses.  

     This week for Religion we added the sense of smell.  I brought in my diffuser or as someone in the class referred to it as a "confuser."  The diffuser had peppermint oil in it and they could smell it as soon as they walked in.  We talked about good smells like apple pie and not so good smells, like a skunk.  PU!  We thanked God for our wonderful sense of smell.

     For Math we worked on non standard measurement with linking cubes.  We made a tower of cubes and measured our feet and other items in the classroom.  Their paper consisted of putting short strips together and long strips together.

     Our Science experiment was a Volcano that erupted with blue food coloring and a lot of baking soda and vinegar.

     Finally, we all visited Mrs. Scannell's classroom to see her chick eggs in their incubator.  We will come back to see them when they hatch which should be this  week.  

     It was a great week in preschool.  Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 3/11 to 3/15/19

Posted on Mar 17, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We have been celebrating all week in preschool with sorting gold and green coins, trying to catch a leprechaun and Irish music and dancing.  

   We also had plenty of time for our new letter Uu.  We had fun looking "under" our chairs for a shamrock with a "U" or a "u" on it.  We found them and graphed which we had the most of.  We practiced putting things "under" my food umbrella.  We also, with partners, put together a "U" puzzle.  We read fun books about umbrella birds and unicorns as well as many St. Patrick's Day books.

     For Art we made umbrellas which was a two part project.  For the first time I had them use liquid water color with eye droppers.  They blotted it up with a coffee filter and when that was dry I cut raindrops out of them.  On day two they put it all together and it is adorning our hall.  We also made rainbows and they are out there too!

     For a Science experiment this week we again used the eyedroppers.  We dipped them in vinegar and dripped the vinegar over a ball of baking soda.  Inside the baking soda ball was a gold coin that they got to bring home.  Also, on Friday Mrs. Altmann shared with us another great experiment.  On a white plate we arranged Skittles color by color around the inner perimeter of the plate.  I poured a cup of water in the middle and we watched a rainbow appear before our eyes.  Awesome! 

    For Religion we talked about our wonderful sense of sight.  We talked about all of the beautiful things God has made for us to see every day.  

     For Math we worked on number order.  We took turns lining up with a number card in order.  We then did a connect the dot paper to make an umbrella.  

     I set our leprechaun trap before I went home on Thursday and he tricked us again.  He did however, leave us some slime and some other fun tricks and treats.  

     Have a great St. Patrick's Day and I will see everyone tomorrow.

Part Time Preschool for Week of 3/4 to 3/8/19

Posted on Mar 10, 2019

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Wow what a super week in Preschool.  We had so much fun with all of our Dr. Seuss activities.

     We began on Monday with, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish."  We made fish bowls and glued fish in them.  We matched red and blue fish together for a quick math game. The students had to match the correct number of dots to the number.

     On Tuesday we read, "The Cat in the Hat." We put things in our own Cat in the Hat that began with letter T.  We also stacked small red hats to see how high we could get them without them falling down. We made Cat in the Hat masks too.

     On Wednesday it was "wacky."  We painted using anything but a paintbrush. Some items included spatulas, spoons, cars, Lego's and anything else we could find.  We wore silly clothes that were backwards and mismatched.  We read the story, "Wacky Wednesday," and noticed some wacky things in our classroom too.  There was a new teacher in my chair, wearing my glasses and a crown.  It was our own stuffed big brown dog that we have in our class.

     On Thursday we talked about the Grinch and the students educated me about all the things about the Grinch that I didn't know.  We made some cute Grinch ornaments complete with a heart on the back.  

     We ended the week on Friday with "Green Eggs and Ham."  We had some great munchkin treats, Dr. Seuss stickers and I attempted to make slime which turned out great for the first time.  

     In addition to all of these fun things, on Tuesday afternoon, SOAR students provided us with a dance and movement activity in the Gym which was so fun.  We also received ashes from Father Ken on Ash Wednesday.  We talked about continuing to do the kind acts that they have been doing at home in order to be just like Jesus.  I was so incredibly proud of the kids when Father Ken came to our class.  The kids were so kind and respectful as we called them up to receive their ashes.  Thank you for all you do as parents, that's why they are so good for us in school.

     For Math we worked on time to the hour. We read, "The Grouchy Ladybug," which involves time.  We learned about the "hands" of the clock and that the little hand is the "boss."  We also worked on Letter T this week too.

     I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.  Spring is approaching!


Part Time Preschool for Week of 2/25 to 3/1/19

Posted on Mar 03, 2019

Hi Preschool Families,

     Happy March!

     Preschoolers were very busy this week with their March decorations.  We painted and put together leprechauns to go with our Shamrocks and for letter S we made a seahorse with sequins.

     In addition to and with our letter S activities we played two fun learning games.  We pulled letters out of a sand pail and if it was a letter Ss we made a sandcastle.  We also put things in our suitcase that began with the letter S sound.  We completed some fun papers and learned the sound, formation and sign for letter Ss.  We read a lot of books with letter S in the title, one including Eric Carle's,  (my favorite author), "The Very Busy Spider."  In order for us to see how hard it is to walk with 8 legs we, 4 at a time, linked arms and tried to walk in the same direction.  Mrs. Healy and I did it too, it is not so easy to be a spider.

     For Math we made two patterns with our linking cubes.  We made AB patterns and AABB patterns.  We completed a paper where we traced the next pattern.

     This week in Religion we talked about the sense of hearing that God gave to us.  We talked about things we heard on our way to school and when we came to school.  We talked about some fun sounds to hear and some not so fun to hear.  This coming week we will talk about the sense of sight.

     Our Kindness Quilt Wall is so filled up with hearts of kindness.  Thank you for helping your children and recognizing that their little wonderful acts of kindness have huge ripple effects.  

     I attended a wonderful workshop this week on large to small group instruction which was very informative but what I took away from this is how important it is to sit and read more to our kids.  Technology is great but sitting and reading to your child is and always will be number one.  I ordered three books that we read at the workshop and can't wait until they come in the mail so I can read them to your kids.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!


Part Time Preschool for Week of 2/18 to 2/22/19

Posted on Feb 24, 2019

Hi Preschool Families,

     This week in Preschool we worked on Letter Rr.  We learned the sound, formation and sign.  We played some fun games like sorting "R" "r" raindrops into the correct rain cloud and putting R things in the the R box.  We read some fun books with R in the title.  The best one was "Ribbit," a story about a pig who thinks he's a frog.  The frogs are confused but the pig just wanted to make some friends.  

     We talked a lot about taking care of our teeth and how and when to brush.  I made elephant toothpaste, an experiment that unfortunately was a dud but the kids didn't care, they thought it was great.  We read a lot of posters and books about brushing our teeth too.

     For art we chose our favorite color toothbrush, painted a large paper green in preparation for shamrocks and glued a robin in a nest  in preparation for "spring."

     This week in Religion we talked about how much God loves us and we colored a paper that says, "Jesus loves...," and we filled in our names.  

     Finally, for Math we rolled a dice cube and filled a mouth with teeth by counting out the teeth and then we tallied who had the most, the boys or the girls.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend and see everyone tomorrow!  


Part Time Preschool for Week of 2/11 to 2/15/19

Posted on Feb 17, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a great week in Preschool.  Besides being Valentines week we worked on some other fun things while learning at the same time.

    Our Art projects consisted of decorating our Valentine paper bag for our treats and cards.  We also learned about two great Presidents, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  We learned that Abraham Lincoln liked to read books and that George Washington loved animals.  

     We learned about letter Q and how Q and U are best buddies and they are always together.  We learned the sound, sign and formation of Qq.  We played a fun game called, "flip the Qq" and tallied how many we had of of each.  We read about quilts and I brought in my two very old quilts and we sat on them for story time and then had our snack on them too. 

     For Religion we continued talking about kindness while we also read paper our hearts that keep coming in daily.  We read a story called, "The Kindness Quilt," and we colored big poster boards as a group and made them into quilts and they are hung in our hall with hearts all around it.  

     For Math we continued our work with pennies and had a little store where items were marked from 2 cents to 10 cents.  The students had to come up and count out the correct money.  Everyone did fantastic!

     On Thursday we had our Valentine Party.  We sat in a circle and passed out our treats and cards.  We played "hot potato," only with a heart, pin the lips on Mrs. Healy and Ms Power and bean bag toss into boxes with hearts on them.  In the afternoon our prayer buddies came down and we sorted candy hearts.  Both classes had so much fun. 

     Have a great rest of our three day weekend.  See everyone Tuesday.

Part Time Preschool for Week of 2/4 to 2/8/19

Posted on Feb 10, 2019

Hi Preschool Families,

     Happy February!  February brings so many fun celebrations like 100 Days of School, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day and Dental Health.  Throughout this month we will be covering all of these with some fun activities.

     This week for our art projects we made a groundhog and found out that he didn't see his shadow and that we would have early spring, hooray!  We also painted hearts and decorated them with stickers and made Pete the Cat for letter P.

     For letter P this week we played some fun learning games like "Put the "p" in the pot and putting pepperoni that had words that begin with "p" on our pizza.  We learned the sound, sign and formation of our new letter and read a lot of Pete the Cat books, among others.

     For Math we talked about a penny.  We learned that Abraham Lincoln is on the penny and we learned that there is a heads and a tail side of the coin.  We leaned that a penny is worth one cent.

     For Religion we talked about being kind to each other.  We read the story of the Good Samaritan and talked about how God wants us all to be kind to each other.  Ten hearts went home with everyone and they know they need to do some acts of kindness at home and send the hearts back. We are making a big display in the hall of all of them.  The kids really love sharing what they have done at home.  Thank you parents for helping with this fun project.

     This week is Valentine's Day and we will be having our own little party at school. We have some fun games planned as well as passing out Valentine's to each other.  Everyone is welcome to bring in a wrapped treat to share with their classmates too.  We have 20 students in the morning and 19 in the afternoon.  

     Happy Valentines Day to all and have a great rest of the weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 1/28-2/1/19

Posted on Feb 03, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     Last week in preschool, we didn't get to too much done due to the two days off that we had because of the weather.  We were going to begin letter Pp but never got to and we will resume that this week in school.

     We were able to talk about Adam and Eve for Religion and learned that they could eat from any tree in the garden but one.  We learned that they disobeyed God and that God was not happy.  We talked about how even though God was not happy, He still loved them very much.  We talked about how sometimes we don't listen at home but how our parents love us too, no matter what.  

     Our prayer buddies came down last week in the afternoon and we worked together as teams to stack plastic cups.  We couldn't touch the cups with our hands and we had to move them using a rubber band and 4 pieces of yarn.  Everyone had to work together.  It was really fun and interesting to hear all of the ideas on how we could make this happen.  Great minds!!!

     We had an awesome field trip to Disney on Ice and I want to thank all of the chaperones that came and made the trip fun for everyone.  Thank you again for everything!

     This week on Monday, we are celebrating 100 Days of School and we are asking the students to wear bright or neon colors.  

     Enjoy your Superbowl weekend!


Part Time Preschool for Week of 1/22-1/25/19

Posted on Jan 27, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     It was so nice to see many of you at our Sunday Open House today.  The kids are so proud to show you their projects and their classroom.  

     Last week in Preschool we worked on Letter Oo.  We learned the sign, sound and formation.  We read many books about owls and octopi.  We played two letter learning games.  Our first game was putting the correct O or o on the orange tree.  Our second game was finding the letter on the octopus and putting an item on the letter. This was a review of all of our old letters so far.  

     For Religion we talked about how God made all of the animals.  We played animal charades and guessed each other's animals with clues.

     For Math this week we worked on size, big and little.  Everyone had to get two objects to show that they knew it and everyone did great!

     Our art projects were dot painting white snow on our winter trees, drawing our families on our interview page and putting dots on an octopus.

     This week is Catholic Schools Week and we have a lot of fun things planned throughout the school and also with our prayer buddies.

     We will end the week with our fun field trip to Disney on Ice.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend and see you tomorrow!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 1/14-1/18/19

Posted on Jan 20, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a great week in Preschool this week!

      This week we worked on Letter Nn.  We played two fun games; one, "Put the noodle in the pot or pan."  Lowercase n noodles went in the pan and Upper case N noodles went in the pot.  Game Number 2 was called, "In the news."  We chose a picture and if it began with our "n" sound we put it in the newspaper.  We read "N" stories, learned the sign, formation and sound.  

     For Math this week we made noodle necklaces.  We also read a story about graphing and we made our own graph of whether you like mittens or gloves better.  Mittens was the most popular choice in both morning and afternoon classes.

     This week in Religion we learned about God's beautiful creation.  We tried to imagine a world that was so dark and one time and how God added light and color to fill our world with beauty.

     Our Art projects were Polar Bears and Penguins.  The halls and our classroom looks so beautiful.  We can't wait for your to see our creations for our upcoming open house next week.

     Finally, we learned a little bit about Martin Luther King, Jr.  We learned that he wanted everyone to be treated fair and equal.  We talked about what it means to be a good friend and how to treat everyone the same.  We read a story, "We All Sing with the same Voice," which shows how we are all God's children, no matter how we dress or the color of our skin.  We put our hand prints on a cut out world and colored a PEACE picture.

     Have a great rest of the thee day weekend.  See everyone Tuesday!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 1/7-1/11/19

Posted on Jan 13, 2019

Hi Preschool Parents,

     Welcome back and Happy New Year!  Again, thank you so very much for all of your wonderful cards, wishes and Christmas gifts, you are all so very thoughtful.

     This week we jumped back in with a brand new letter, "Letter Mm."  We learned the formation, the sound and the sign.  We also reviewed some old letters too.  We matched uppercase to lowercase and played a game called, "move that monkey."  We read some fun "M" stories too.

     For Math we worked on number ten and positional words.  We found an item and following directions, we placed the item, "under, over, in between, behind and beside."  

     For Religion we talked about how we can pray anywhere, anyhow and any place.  We colored a cute boy and girl praying.  

     For Social Students we talked about what some animals do to prepare for the winter.

     Our Art projects included, snowmen, mugs of hot chocolate and  a winter scene on blue paper for an upcoming art project for this week.  I will be busy decorating with many of the winter projects in preparation for our upcoming open house on January 28th.  

     We also had fun with Show and Tell this week.  The kids really loved talking about their favorite toy and showing what it does.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!


Part Time Preschool for Week of 12/10-12/14/18

Posted on Dec 16, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a busy week in Preschool.  We are very busy trying to practice for our show as much as we can.  The kids are real excited to perform for their families.

     We also tried to work on Letter Ll.  Being as busy as we are, we only got through one paper this week and played some fun games.  We will try to continue with Ll this coming week too.  

     For Math we worked on number nine.  We put nine stickers on our number nine while repeating, "make a circle and come straight down."

     In Religion we talked about how Mary was visited by Angel Gabriel.  We talked about how surprised she was and how she said, "I will do whatever God wants."  This week on Thursday, our afternoon class will get to see the Nativity story,  that is put on by our Kindergarten classes.

    Our Art projects were Rudolph and something very special that we are working on for our parents.

     Our show will be on Wednesday the 19th at 12:00 p.m.  We ask that you bring your child to our classroom, no later than 11:45.  They can be dressed in their Sunday best.  After our show, you can pick up your child back in our classroom.

     One more reminder:  There will not be any afternoon preschool class on Friday, December 21.  We will break for Christmas from 12/24/2018 to 1/7/2019.

     Have a great rest of the weekend.  

Part Time Preschool for Week of 12/3-12/6/18

Posted on Dec 08, 2018

Dear Preschool Parents:

      We had a great week in Preschool!

     Our buddies helped us make our Advent chain which we brought home.  The students know they are to remove a chain a day.  They may need a little adjusting, we might have added a little more chains than needed.  We talked about how we are getting ready for Christmas and we lit our first Advent candle, which is really just construction paper.  We talked about how we are getting ready at home and at school by helping, as we prepare for Jesus' birthday.

     For Language Arts, we worked on Letter K.  We learned the sound, the formation and read some fun "K" stories.  We also learned the sign for K.  We reviewed J by sorting Jacks and Kings from our deck of cards.  We also got to open an envelope and pulled out either a key or a King card.  Somebody got the "Joker," or the "stinker" as we like to call it.  

     For Math we played a Christmas math game.  We pulled out numbers out of Santa's hat and identified the number.  We focused on number 8 this week too.

     Our Art projects were painting stripes on a candy cane and a Santa.  

     We had a day off on Friday and the teachers attended a wonderful Religious In Service.  

     REMINDERS:  Our upcoming Christmas Show will take place on 12/19.  Students will be brought to the classroom and you can then take your seat in the church. We will process in with all three preschool classes. After the show the students will exit back to their classrooms and you will be able to pick them up there.  We are excited to blend our morning and afternoon preschool classes together. 

     Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 11/26 to 11/30/18

Posted on Dec 02, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     This week in Preschool we talked about the upcoming season of Advent.  We talked about how we, at school, and our families at home, are getting ready for Christmas by putting up our decorations and being extra kind to each other.  We learned that Advent is a time of waiting and preparation.  We will be learning more about how Mary and Joseph traveled so very far Bethlehem and then, the wonderful miracle of the birth of Jesus in the stable.  We are also beginning to practice our songs and poems for our upcoming Christmas show which is on December 19th.  Again, there will not be school for the preschoolers on the day of the show.  After the show, all of the children will be dismissed from their classrooms. 

     We also worked on letter Jj.  We played some jelly bean games and sorted big J and little j.   We read many books with J in the title, learned how to make Jj, and learned the sign for letter Jj too. 

     For Art we painted a large paper ornament with rollers of red and green colors and we made a J for Jesus.

     REMINDERS:  There will not be school this Friday, December 7.  The teachers have a Religion In-service to attend. 

     Have a great rest of the weekend!


Part Time Preschool for Weeks of 11/12 to 11/20

Posted on Nov 25, 2018

HI Preschool Parents,

     I really enjoyed meeting everyone at last week's Parent Teacher Conferences. Your children are my utmost, important priority while they are here in school and I will continue to help them grow throughout the year as we work side by side.  Thank you again for everything you do as parents.  

    We now have wrapped up Thanksgiving and fall activities and will be moving on to Christmas.  As I mentioned our Christmas Show will be on December 19th.  We will be begin practicing our songs for the show this week.

     We also wrapped up letter Ii and will be moving on to Jj.  We played some fun letter games and read some great stories.

     For Religion we talked about all of the wonderful things we are thankful for and how lucky we are that God gives us everything we need.

     For Math we worked on number 7.  We all practiced saying, "Slide to the right, and then slant down."  

     We will be sending all of our Thanksgiving projects we made which include, Pilgrims and turkeys.  Thanks for the feathers you sent in, they looked so cute on our big turkeys.

     Have a great rest of the weekend! 

Part Time Preschool for Week of 11/5 to 11/9/18

Posted on Nov 07, 2018

Hi Preschool Families,

     We had a great week in Preschool.  Most importantly we filled our Kindness Jar with marbles and we had a great treat of ice cream, whip cream, Oreo cookie Sundays!  Yum!  Great job to all of the morning and afternoon preschoolers.  You are so kind and nice to each other.  I know that makes God smile!

     We also had mid term elections.  We voted for either a cat or a dog and the cat won by a close margin in both classes!

     This week we worked on Letter H.  We played some fun Hh games.  We sorted big H and small h and we placed Hh pictures in the hat that I brought from home.

     For Art we made a person and then got to cut his/her hair.  We talked about never ever doing this to our own hair.  We also made turkeys to hang in our classroom. 

     For Religion we read a story about what we are thankful for and then made a colorful paper chain of all of our great things we thank God for.

     Our number this week was number 6.  We rolled a dice cube and circled number 6 every time we rolled a six.

     My blog is early this week because I am off to California with my three daughters for a fun trip.  I will be back by Monday.  Everyone have a great rest of the week and weekend!  

     REMINDERS:  Our upcoming Christmas Show is 12/19.  More details to follow in future.

     Parent Teacher Conferences are Monday, November 19th.  There will not be any afternoon preschool classes that entire week before Thanksgiving.  

     Keep the turkey feathers coming in.  The kids really like to share them and hang them on our classroom turkeys.  


Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/29 to 11/2/18

Posted on Nov 03, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a great week in Preschool.  It was really fun having everyone come to hear our Halloween songs on Halloween.  We had a lot of fun the rest of the day playing games and having a great snack.  Thank you again, Mrs. Rech for providing cookies and juice.

     In addition we worked on Letter G.  We played some fun games like putting a Gg gumball sticker in the gumball machine and putting the Gg garbage in the mini garbage can.  We worked on the formation and the sound and read some fun books.

     For Math we worked on number 5.  Maeve taught us a great poem that her brother Bobby taught her: "Silly old five goes down and around, put a flag on top and look what I found.  We also put five things items on our paper plates.  We practiced counting and reviewed our old numbers.

     For Religion we learned about another miracle.  Jesus heals a man who cannot see.  We talked about all of the beautiful things in the world that God had made for us and how sad it would be if we couldn't see them.

     REMINDERS:  At your convenience, please send your decorated feather back to school.  Our turkey is cold and in need of some coverage.  

     Our upcoming Christmas Show will be on December 19th this year.  More information will follow.  Please mark your calendar.  


     Have a great rest of the weekend.    



Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/22 to 10/26/2018

Posted on Oct 28, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     Halloween is in the air.  Sorry for omitting this but I realized that in my Halloween letter I neglected to tell you that we have 20 kids in the am and 19 in the pm.  Again, you can send your child in with a wrapped treat to share with their classmates.

     This week in preschool we worked on Letter Ff.  We read stories about frogs and fish and played some fun letter games.  We put letter Ff fishes in our pail and we set up a nice Letter Ff display in our classroom.

     For Art we made a frog and ghost and painted our hand to make a big black spider in a web.

     On Thursday, we had a wonderful Halloween story teller in Mrs. Altman's class.  The kids were mesmerized by her story telling.  Some of them were part of her act as well.  They loved it!

      For Religion we learned about the miracle of how Jesus helped a man hear again.  I brought in my sound machine and they identified running water, crickets, the ocean, a crackling fire, a thunderstorm and wind chimes.  We talked about how some people are not able to hear those beautiful sounds. 

     This week in Math we worked on number 4.  We heard a poem about four little turtles and took our number 4 paper home for homework.

     This week our afternoon students got to go to Gym for the first time.  Our Gym teacher was able to fit them in on Tuesday afternoons.  They had so much fun and we can't wait to go back.


     On Halloween you are welcome to come in to school for a few songs and pictures and then we will ask you to leave and go about your day.  We will have our party in our classroom.  Your child can bring in a wrapped treat and dress up but we ask that you not send any weapons with the costume.  

     Also, you should have gotten notification from the school about our upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Please make sure you choose your time as soon as you can.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!


Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/15-10/19/2018

Posted on Oct 21, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     Halloween is in the air!  Our room and hall are both looking very festive with pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, spooky owls and more!!

     Besides all of the fun we've been having, we did accomplish some learning as well.  We had a review week of A-E letters and sounds.  We've been trying to add the sign for every letter we learn too.  We played some fun games where we sorted what object went with what letter, we put together our name puzzles and we looked to see if we had an (a, b, c, d, or e) in our name.  Big Bears worked on a an E paper and Little Bears worked on some tracing activities.  

     For Science this week we had an experiment called the "Vanishing Ghost."  We all placed a packing peanut that had a ghost face on it, in some warm water and read a story about the "Teeny Tiny Ghost."  When we went back to look in the bowl, the ghosts were vanishing!  

     For Art we made owls and painted a paper plate orange and made a jack-o-lantern out of it.  We also colored a jack-o-lantern story book.

     For Math we worked on number 3.  Half way around and around again!  We read a story about Little 3 and worked on perfecting it. We played a game where we rolled a dice cube that had either a 1, 2 or 3 on it.  The students then found a card with that number and we graphed how many in the end that we had the most of in the class.  

     For Religion we reviewed the fishermen story and colored a paper.  

     Our afternoon prayer buddies came in to sit with us and play.  They presented their buddy with a half of a lanyard necklace which we will use again on a later date.  

     Our Kindness Jar is filling up with all of the nice things that your children do in class every day.  Whether it be sharing or helping someone, letting a friend go first or walking quietly in the hall so we don't disturb the other classrooms.  I have promised a treat of some sort when it gets to the top which I think I will be fulfilling that promise this week.  Thank you again for everything you do at home!!  Have a great rest of the weekend!



Part Time Preschool for the Week of 10/9 to 10/12/18

Posted on Oct 14, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     In our few short months together your children have accomplished so much.  The children are able to come in to school by themselves, stand in a line quietly, and put their things away in their lockers.  They know how to put their name card up on the board and find their seat to begin their table work.  They know how to sit nicely on the carpet by crossing their legs, sitting on their bottoms, hands in their lap, eyes on the teacher and quiet voices.  They are able to listen to a story and we are working on raising our hands and listening to others when they are speaking.  Thank you for everything you do at home, it just make things easier for me here at school and I'm so proud of their accomplishments.

     We were fortunate this week to have two great firefighters with us.  We had Charlie Grande's dad, Mr. Grande in the morning.  We also had Jack and Noelle's dad, Mr. Kovacs, with us in the afternoon.  We learned many things about fire safety and everyone had homework to go home and talk to you about your smoke detectors and also to have a plan and a meeting place in case of a fire.   Thank you again, Mr. Grande and Mr. Kovacs for taking the time out of your schedule to come and talk to us about this very important subject.  We also thank you for everything you do every day as firefighters.

     We also learned a new letter this week, letter Ee.  We played some fun games like pulling a paper strip out of our Elf bag and put the letter E together as groups.  We made two trains, one was lowercase e and the other was uppercase E.  We compared the trains to see which was longer.  We also pulled pictures of E things out of an envelope and sorted. 

     Miss Jessica, our morning Mother McAuley student read "Ellie the Elephant" with our Friday class and they turned the letter E into an elephant.  We also looked on the I-pad and saw a real elephant doing some painting.  That was really cool!

     For Art we made an elephant, a fire fighter and a Halloween bat.

     In Religion we learned another miracle.  Jesus showed the apostles how to cast their net on the other side of the boat and soon they were catching lots of fish.  

     For Math we worked on number 2.  "Curl around and slide to the right."  We learned a poem with our two little blackbirds.  2 little blackbirds sitting on a hill, one named Jack and the other named Jill.  Fly away Jack, fly away Jill.  Come back Jack, come back Jill.  We did a little addition subtraction skills too. 

     Don't forget Picture Day is 10/16.  Have a great weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/1 to 10/5/2018

Posted on Oct 07, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had quite a busy week in Preschool!

     This week we worked on Letter Dd.  We learned the formation and the sound that it makes.  We played some fun games; placing ducks with "Dd," in the pond, ringing a doorbell and opening the door to see if we have something that begins with "Dd," and pulling out "Dd" things out of our mystery box for our "Dd" display.

    For Art we put dots on a red, "hot dog", dog; used dabbers on paper, only to reveal a mystery "d;" and painted a very large pumpkin for Halloween.  

     For Religion this week we talked about following in the footsteps of Jesus. Everyone colored a footprint and we made a pledge to be kind, considerate and respectful.  We promised to stand up for each other and encourage each other.  We all talked about how we want to be just like Jesus.  I have seen this exhibited in our classroom every day, even before the pledge.  Your children are so kind to each other and helpful.  I always say, you are your child's first teacher and it shows.  

     This week for Science, we talked about what you might find in a pumpkin.  We have been reading lots of books about pumpkins and Halloween.  

     For Math this week we worked on number one.  Straight line down and then your done, that's the way we make a one.  We read a book about number one and did some fun activities like, clapping, jumping, hopping and winking, one time.  

     Our afternoon Pray Buddies came in to visit us and share a prayer with us.  We are planning on seeing them next week for a fun art project.


     -We are not in school this Monday due to Columbus Day.  

     -Picture day is 10/16/18.

     Have a great three day weekend!




Part Time Preschool for Week of 9/24-9/28/18

Posted on Sep 30, 2018

Dear Part Time Preschool Parents,

     We had a busy week in preschool.  On Friday afternoon we had our first pep rally.  We had so much fun cheering for our Falcons!

     During the week we worked on Letter Cc.  We learned the sound and formation and played some fun letter games.  We sorted Uppercase "C" carrots and Lower case "c" carrots in the correct carrot patch, we turned cookies over and saw a picture and determined if it began with our letter, we made a C display of items that we pulled out of our mystery box. We also read many stories about Pete the Cat and other titles of stories with C. 

     We are very fortunate to have wonderful Marist students that help us every morning and afternoon with the students.  The kids really like them and they are a great help to me.  If you hear the names, Molly, Ben and Annie you will know that is who they are talking about. 

     Also, we are fortunate to have a young lady from the Mother McAuley Little School Program, Miss Jessica.  Miss Jessica is preparing to be a teacher in the future and is with us three mornings a week.  Once a month Miss Jessica prepares a lesson plan that goes along with what we are learning.  This week she read, "The Hungry Caterpillar."  The students then pulled a picture out of an envelope to determine if it began with "C," and they colored a caterpillar.   

     Our Art projects were a cactus and Indian corn.  Our corn is on display in our hallway for our fall display.  We also glued tissue paper on green leaves and they are hanging in our classroom.

     My Science experiment was a bit of a flop.  We were going to watch dancing corn but alas, I bought corn that had some oil on it and it didn't work.  I learned my lesson but we also learned that some experiments work and some don't and that is the beauty of Science.  

     For Religion this week we learned another miracle that Jesus performed.  We learned about a man who could not use his legs.  The friends of the man had faith and believed that Jesus would make him walk again. The friends lowered the man down through the roof of a house to see Jesus.  Jesus said a prayer and told the man to walk and he did.

     For Math this week we worked on sequencing numbers 1 through 5 on a caterpillar.  This was a great listening exercise and everyone did fantastic!

     This week we move into October and on to all things Halloween. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Ms Power 


Part Time Preschool for Week of 9/17-9/21/18

Posted on Sep 23, 2018

Hi Part Time Preschool Parents,

     We had a great week in preschool!  So far we have learned the first two letters of the alphabet, "Aa" and "Bb."  We learned the sound, the formation and how to sign them.  Some of the fun letter games we played this week were, "base ball."  If we chose an item that began with letter B, we sent our bear to first base, etc., until we got a home run.  We also separated upper case (bees) with lower case (bees), by putting them on the correct honey comb. Buzz, buzz!  We sorted letter B with other letters that weren't B and made a display of Bb things.

     Our Art projects were painting a paper plate brown and then adding eyes, nose and a smile to make a bear, we also made a brown bear puppet.   

     This week in place of Science we talked about Fall or Autumn.  We talked about the colors of fall and how squirrels are getting ready for winter by burying their acorns.

     This week in Math we worked on matching.  We had a pile of leaves of various colors and sizes and we each took a turn finding our match.

     For Religion we talked about how Jesus performed a miracle.  Jesus was able to feed a whole crowd a big meal with just five loaves of bread and two fish.  We also got to meet our prayer buddies that we will be seeing periodically throughout the school year.  We colored a paper together and our buddies taught us the Hail Mary.

     Our kindness jar is filling up with all of the wonderful acts of kindness that your children show to each other daily.  This comes from you at home and carries over into the classroom.  Thank you always for everything you do at home.  

      Some reminders:  The date for the Disney Field Trip is 2/1/19.  Chaperones must be Virtus trained.  Please call the rectory to find out details on how this can be accomplished.  Thank you in advance for offering to attend.  

     The afternoon preschool will be attending our first Pep Rally this Friday. Everyone is encouraged to wear school colors.  So excited!

     Have a great rest of the weekend and yes, I'll say it, Thank You, God for cooler weather!!!  

Part Time Preschool for Week of 9/10 - 9/13/18

Posted on Sep 16, 2018

Dear Part Time Preschool Families,

     There has been so much excitement in the air, as you know, with Fisher Fest and how many sleeps until it had begun.  I hope everyone had a great time this past weekend.

     This week in school we began our first letter "A."  We read lots of stories and played some fun letter games.  We made a display of "A" things like apples, ants and alligators.  We played the "fussy squirrel game."  Fussy squirrel only eats acorns that have "A" or "a" on them.  We pulled things out our mystery box that began with the letter "A" sound.  We learned that "A" has two sounds and learned the alligator song.  The Big Bears practiced printing "A."

     For Art we decided if we wanted to paint our apples, red, yellow or green and we also made acorns.

     For Science this week it was all about apples.  We tasted red, yellow and green apples.  I cut two pieces of apple and we sprinkled one with lemon juice and the other was left alone.  We saw how it turned brown without the lemon juice.  

     For Religion we learned that God is our Shepherd and we are His sheep.  We learned that God is always with us and keeping us safe.

     This week in Math we made a two color pattern with our linking cubes.

     We had fire drill practice on Tuesday afternoon and everyone did a fantastic job.

     REMINDERS:  We recently sent out a form regarding a field trip to Disney on Ice.  If you have not sent back your form, please do so.  We are trying to get a count on who might be going or who might not be going.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!



Part Time Preschool for Week of 9/4 to 9/7/18

Posted on Sep 09, 2018

Dear Part Time Preschool Families,

     I can't believe we have been in school for three weeks now.  Your kids are doing so great and we adore them.  Thank you for all of your hard work as being parents, you are your child's first teachers and it shows!

       This week in Preschool we wrapped up our first few weeks of review with Shapes.  We learned about all of the different shapes by pulling them out of our mystery bag and identifying them, rolling our dice/shape cube and picking them out of a pile, sorting them and worked on coloring different shapes on our coloring sheets. 

     For Art we made a fall shape tree, a shape SJF schoolhouse and picked our favorite shape and decorated it.

     For Math as a group we continued with sorting all of our different shapes.

     For Religion we talked about Jesus.  We learned that when He was little, He  helped His family by doing chores just like we do.  We learned that Jesus made good choices and we played a good choice game.

     Our fun science experiment this week was putting a balloon that had some baking soda in it, over a plastic bottle that had vinegar in it.  We flipped the balloon over and voila, the balloon expanded all by itself.  

     REMINDERS:  This coming Tuesday is 9/11 and the whole school will be remembering our fallen heroes and first responders, by wearing Patriotic clothing of red, white and blue.  The whole school is asking for a donation from each student to benefit the memorial being built at King Lockhart Park at 106th and Western.   

    Finally, there will not be school this Friday, 9/14, due to Fisher Fest.  

     I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.  See you tomorrow!

Ms Power


Part Time Preschool for Week of 8/27-8/31

Posted on Sep 02, 2018

     Hi Preschool Families,

     We had a great second week of Preschool.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone at Open House on Wednesday.  Thank you for rearranging your schedules and coming on Wednesday instead of Thursday, due to the wake of Father Purtell.

     As I talked about at Open House, the students are really settling in nicely and learning to become independent by taking out their folders and putting their back packs away in their lockers.  They are learning to sit "criss cross applesauce" on the carpet, like a "pretzel," and learning how to listen quietly to a story and to our friends when they are speaking.  We practiced for a "pretend" fire drill and we will learn this week about how to exit a bus just in case we were to go on a field trip. Even though the weather was a little iffy, we were able to make it out for recess for some fresh air several times. A new item this year is the "Kindness Jar."  If we catch the kids doing something kind, like sharing, including a friend, helping a friend, etc., they get to put a marble in the jar.  I'm happy to say that it is already getting filled.  When we fill the jar, we will get a little treat like, stickers, extra Center time, a trip to the treasure box or possibly Munchkins.   

     In addition, for Religion we talked about how Jesus is our friend and that He is everywhere, even though we can't see Him.  We colored a picture and read a story about how Jesus always welcomes children and is never to busy to hear us when we pray. 

     We did a Science experiment this week with Baking Soda, Vinegar and food coloring.  I counted 1, 2, 3 and we saw magic in our cups with different colors and fizzing and foaming.  So fun!

     For our Math lesson we worked on sorting color bears, bugs and dinosaurs.  We separated them by color and saw what we had the most of.

     Our Theme this week was color.  We read stories about crayons, Pete the Cat and his cool shoes  and chameleons. We played some fun color games as a group and practiced our coloring skills by coloring frogs, strawberries and sun shines.

     Finally, our Art projects were decorating our initials with little color scraps of paper, Pete the Cat and choosing our favorite color crayon. 

     As I said, it was a great week in Preschool.  I hope everyone has a great Labor Day 3 day Weekend.  See you on Tuesday.

Ms Power





Part Time Preschool for Week of 8/21-8/23/18

Posted on Aug 26, 2018

Hi Preschool Families,

     We had a great first week of Preschool.  Here are some of the things that we did!

     We began this week with many new routines, both for the teachers and for the students.  We learned to come in the building by ourselves, how to make a line and stay in the line, how to take our folders out of our back packs and put our back packs into our lockers.  Everyone did such a great job learning all of these new routines. 

     We learned how to sit on the carpet like a pretzel, how to listen to a story, how to put our hands together to pray and to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.   

     We learned that some of us got a job this week and if you didn't, that was okay, because next week, you will get one.  We learned to ask if you have to use the bathroom or know to go with the next group, when Mrs. Healy or Ms Starr takes them.  

     We learned our four basic rules, Sharing, Walking Feet, Hands and Feet to Ourselves and Cleaning Up.

     In addition, we learned how to put our names up when we enter the class and we know that we sit down at the tables after that to either do play dough, table toys or shaving cream.

    We played a friend game, where we rolled the ball, said our names and our favorite color, we rolled a cube and performed the action on the cube, like jump three times or clap five times, etc.  We also looked and talked about some supplies we have in the class like markers and glue and how to put the lids back on when we're done.  We mixed yellow and blue play dough to make green and we made a little person that I have hanging up and we also colored a picture of our first day of Preschool.  These will be on display for Open House this coming week.  

     If you haven't received information on the Open House it's because the letters didn't get to me until Thursday after school and I don't see all of the students until Tuesdays.  In any event, our Open House is on August 30th where we will begin in Church at 6:30.  We will then move into the perspective classrooms by 7:00 for three ten minute presentations by the teachers.  I look forward to seeing everyone on August 30th.

     I think we had a great first week of Preschool and there will be many more great weeks ahead.  

     If you need me for anything, please email me at and I will get back to you asap.  


Ms Power


Welcome bio

Posted on Aug 23, 2018

     Welcome to our 2018-2019 Part Time Preschool School Year!  I am so looking forward to a great year with your children and with all of our wonderful parents.  A little bit about myself:  This will be my nineteenth year as an Early Childhood Teacher. I have also taught Kindergarten and Second Grade too.   I didn't go to college until I was in my thirties and it took me a long time to finish because I had four little children of my own to contend with. It was hard, but I pushed on and even obtained my Masters as well.  Time has gone by so fast and my own children are grown but they never let me forget how proud they are that I finished and that makes it all worth it for me.  I love working with young children and seeing their faces when they learn something new. They also teach me things too.   I love to read, see good movies, take walks, go out for dinner and my "happy place" is the beach.  Let's have a great year together! 

Part Time Preschool for Week of 5/31/2018

Posted on Jun 03, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had such a great year in preschool this year.  We are really going to miss our friends that are moving on to full day preschool and kindergarten.  We are happy that so many friends will be coming back and will be joined by new friends in August.  

     From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot express how grateful we are to have had your children with us this last school year.  Thank you for entrusting them to us every day.  We truly love and enjoy coming to work every day and being a part of their lives.

     We all thank you so very much for your most generous gifts and well wishes.  We are speechless and very humbled by your kindness.  We hope everyone has a safe, fun and relaxing summer.  We will see everyone very soon.

                           Ms Power, Mrs. Healy and Ms Starr 

Part Time Preschool for Week of 5/14 to 5/18/2018

Posted on May 20, 2018

Hi Preschool Families:

     Well, we are getting closer and closer to our goal.  This week we finished up the last letter of the alphabet.  Hooray for Z and zoo animals!

     This week for art we made zebras, itsy bitsy spiders and "Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom" coconut trees with letters and numbers.

     We practiced making Z's and reading stories about zoo animals.  We are continuing to read nursery rhyme stories and practicing for our upcoming May 3lst, show.  

     For Religion we talked about how David wrote prayers and he became a King.

     We went for a visit to Kindergarten with a list of questions for the students and teachers.  We had story time outside on Wednesday and ate our snack outside on Thursday.  We were so lucky to have great weather.  

     This week for our preschool calendar of events we are wearing pjs on Monday, you can also bring in your favorite book.  On Tuesday we are wearing as many colors as we can for Rainbow Day.  On Wednesday, wear your favorite sun glasses. On Thursday we will send thank you letters to everyone who has helped us this year.  On Friday, we are having ice cream! 

     REMINDERS:  Our show is on 5/31/2018.  Morning show is at 9:30 a.m., and Afternoon show is at 1:00 p.m.  The show lasts about 20 minutes and then we will have cookies and juice.  This will be the last day of school for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday kids. Friday 6/1 will be the last day for all other preschoolers.  What a great year this has been!

Ms Power



Part Time Preschool for Week of 5/7 to 5/11/2018

Posted on May 12, 2018

Dear Preschool Families:

     I would just like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to everyone and hope everyone has a wonderful day on Sunday.  Thank you for all of your mother's day wishes and teacher appreciation cards and flowers and cookies!  

     This week in preschool we worked on letter Yy.  We made Y's with our bodies and played some fun games.

     For Art we made yo-yo's, glued yarn on our Y and made a piggy.  We talked about the piggy that went to the market and the three little pigs.  We chose a house that we wanted  our pig to live in and then we heard the story about the big bad wolf.  

     For Religion we talked about how Jesus feeds us through a special Sacrament of Communion.  We talked about things we see in church and learned about this most special Sacrament that brings us closer to Jesus.

     I especially loved all of the jokes that everyone brought in to share.  We all had a great laugh!  

     We are winding down and will finish letter Z this coming week.  I will be testing students for the report card and we will be doing a lot of practicing for our upcoming end of the year show which is on May 31st.  

     Reminder:  There is no school this coming Friday, May 18.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 5/1 to 5/4/2018

Posted on May 06, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     By now you have seen the letter regarding our end of the year program show.  We are very busy practicing our nursery rhymes for our performance and are very excited to present them to you.  We ask that everyone dress as their favorite nursery rhyme character.  We hope you won't go to too much trouble.  You may be surprised at the things you can find around your house.

     Onward to letter X this week.  We played an "X" marks the spot game and searched for EXIT signs.  We practiced printing X and read some stories.  We played some rhyming games with Humpty and also learned a poem about Humpty and his hats. 

     For Art we made a xylophone, a Humpty Dumpty, and worked on a special gift for Mother's Day.

     For Religion we learned that May is the month of Mary.  This month we are adding the "Hail Mary" prayer to our regular prayer that we say each day.  We learned that Mary is Jesus' mother and like all of our mothers, she loved Him and took great care of Him.

     We planted some seeds and on Friday when I left, I saw a few sprouts.  The seed is called a "seed bomb," which was about the size of a marble.  The seeds themselves were wrapped in green and blue tissue paper, which resembled a little earth.  I'm pretty sure they are wildflowers of some sort that can be planted in the ground.  This correlated with our Scholastic magazine on seeds.

     Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 4/23 to 4/27/2018

Posted on Apr 29, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a great week in preschool.  Here are some of the things we worked on:

     We are almost to the end of the alphabet.  This week we worked on letter Ww.  We practiced printing Ww's and passed a wallet around and pulled out a card with either a W, X, Y or Z on it and then we sorted them and counted which we had the most of.  

     Our Art projects were decorating a letter W with weather stickers and making our Hickory Dickory Dock Mouse.  We painted paper plates pink and added the features.

     For Math we have been working on counting by tens all the way to 100.

     Our Religion chapter told us how Jesus performed a miracle and fed many people at a party with only two fish and five loaves of bread.

     We learned about what animals do in the rain from our Scholastic magazine.  We also talked about what you wear in certain types of weather.

     We are starting to practice our nursery rhyme songs for our upcoming show.  I will have a date for you to mark on your calendars by Tuesday of this coming week.  We will be asking the students to dress as their favorite nursery rhyme character.  In the past, costumes included, Little Boy Blue, Jack or Jill, mice, spiders, stars, etc.  Please keep it simple and try to use things you have at home if you can.   

     REMINDER:  We have a half a day of school this coming Friday.  This is the May Crowning for the whole school.  We will dismiss at our usual time of 10:45 and there will not be any afternoon preschool.

     Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 4/16 to 4/20/2018

Posted on Apr 22, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,


     We have been talking a lot about saving the earth.  We learned that there are many things we can do, even though we are little, like picking up our garbage and recycling.  This week we did an experiment with Cheerios.  We talked about how car tires take thousands of years to break down and by breaking them up and recycling, they can be made into other things.  We pretended the Cheerios were tires and we crushed them up and ate some too!

     For Art we made an earth, a volcano and put violets on Letter V.

     For Religion this week we talked about Baptism.  We learned that when we were baptized we became a member of God's church family.   

     This week in Math, we read a story about ducks and numbers.  We all did a paper cutting exercise.

     Our letter this week was letter Vv.  We played a game where we separated V's and U's.  We also practiced printing V's and separating uppercase V and lower case v on the correct vine.

     The afternoon preschoolers were able to see Mary Poppins in the gym.  They were a great audience!

     We are finally lucky to get to go back outside again as the weather is cooperating.  Hooray!

     Have a great rest of the weekend!


Part Time Preschool for Week of 4/9 to 4/13/2018

Posted on Apr 16, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     I was thinking about the phrase, "March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb."  I think we should change that to, "April comes in like a lion, out like a lamb."  

     Anyway, we are still plugging away in preschool.  This week week we worked on Letter U.  Five more letters to go!  We practiced printing Uu, circling u's and erasing u's off of the wipe off boards.  We learned that Uu has two sounds.  

     For Art we decorated our letter U with an umbrella.  We also used our dabbers and made some big umbrellas and painted tulips.

     For Math we worked on things that are the same.  We pulled items out of a box and found someone with the same match and then we worked on our papers together with our partner.

     For Religion we talked about Friends of Jesus.  

     We have been talking about taking care of the earth for Earth month.  We talked about ways we can take care of the earth, like throwing out our garbage, recycling, and turning off lights when we're not in a room.  We have some more projects planned for this coming week as well.  

     Have a great week!



Part Time Preschool for Week of 3/29 to 3/23/2018

Posted on Mar 25, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     Easter is in the air!  We have been decorating our classroom with signs of Easter everywhere!  

     This week we made Easter eggs, a cross for Jesus and a tiger out of our letter T.

    We learned the sound and the formation of letter Tt.  We played some games where we made a sentence and we chose one of our objects that began with the T sound to finish the sentence. As an example, "Timmy the Tiger ate ten......(turtles).  We also played a game where we added teeth to a very big mouth.  Uppercase T on the top and lower case t on the bottom.  We played a review game where we sat in a circle.  Everyone had an object that either began with a T or another letter.  When the music stopped, those who had an object with our letter stood up.

     For Religion this week we read a story about Palm Sunday.  We learned that people waived palms to honor a King.  The King was Jesus and we learned that everyone said "Hosanna."  

     For Math we worked on things that go together, like french fries and ketchup.  Everyone chose an object and then found their partner.

     This upcoming week we will not continue with a new letter.  We will be working on Easter fun things.  We will have our egg clues, an Easter Egg Hunt, Jellybean sorting and other fun things.  Our Easter break begins on Thursday and will continue the whole next week too.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and a well deserved break.  



Part Time Preschool for Week of 3/12 to 3/16/2018

Posted on Mar 18, 2018

     Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We are now moving on to Easter with bunnies and chicks and spring things!  

     This week in Preschool we worked on letter Ss.  We learned how to make and sound out letter Ss.  We played a suitcase game where we put things in our suitcase that begin with Ss and built a sandcastle with Ss blocks.  

     For Art we made a snake, a bunny and a chick coming out of an egg.  

     This week in Religion we talked about how we belong to our family, just like Jesus.  We shared things we do at home to help our families, also like Jesus did.

     Our last number in Math was ten.  We know that we can make any number now because we know all of the "important" ones.  

     On Friday we sorted Lucky Charms and everyone received a gold coin at the bottom of their cups.  

     We read many St. Patrick's Day books and Letter S books too.

     Spring will arrive this week and we can't wait.  Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 3/5 to 3/9/2018

Posted on Mar 11, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     Spring is in the air and we are loving it in preschool, especially when we get to go outside and run around for a bit.

     This week in preschool we worked on letter Rr.  We learned how to make our new letter and what sound it makes.  We played "what's in the box," and a robot game.

     Our art projects included rainbows, robins and gluing ribbons on letter R.  We were going to hang up the robins but our Ms Starr was having some allergy issues with the feathers so we sent them home to you!  We saw a little video of a robin singing her little heart out.

    For Religion this week we talked about how Jesus belonged to a family and that He did some of the same things that we do in our families like helping with chores and praying.  We learned that the Holy Family consists of Jesus, Joseph and Mary.

     This week in Math we used linking cubes to make 9 cubes in all and then we learned how to make number 9.  "Make a circle and come straight down."

     On Thursday we talked about what makes a kite fly with our Scholastic Magazine.  

     REMINDER:  There is no school tomorrow, Monday March 12, 2018.  See everyone back on Tuesday.

Part Time Preschool for Week of 2/26 to 3/2/2018

Posted on Mar 04, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a great week in preschool with our fun Dr. Seuss week of festivities.  I loved all of the hairdos, hats and outfits that the kids had.  Thanks for some of the Dr. Seuss books that I didn't have that kids brought in to read too, like" Wacky Wednesday" and "There's a Wocket in my Pocket!"  We played some fun games like stacking turtles for "Yertel the Turtle," pin the egg on the ham with our egg glasses that you couldn't see out of, though some found a way.  We tasted green eggs and ham which was really just green pudding with a nilla wafer in the middle.  We added some sprinkles for extra coloring.  We graphed who liked green eggs and ham and shared fun things that could fit in a pocket.  We tossed bean bags into our own "cat in the hat," hat.  We had fashion shows and read other great stories by Dr. Seuss too.  

     We also learned letter Qq.  We practiced printing Qq and played a game where we flipped a quarter that had "Q" on one side and "q" on the other.  We graphed which side it landed on the most.

     For Art we made our letter Q into a  queen, decorated our own wocket in a pocket and made a "Red, Fish, Blue Fish," picture.

     The Yertel the Turtle game was for our Math lesson.  We rolled the dice cube and tried to see how many turtles we could stack on top of each other before they fell and we had to start all over again.

     For Religion we talked about continuing to be kind like Jesus.  

     We were very fortunate to have some great weather and got to go outside and play and get some well needed fresh air.  I hope it continues!  Have a great rest of the weekend!


Part Time Preschool for Week of 2/20 to 2/23/2018

Posted on Feb 25, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     I cannot believe that February is almost done.  We have been taking down our Valentine's pictures and are moving on to St. Patrick's Day decorations. Spring is just around the corner.

     This week for art we made the letter P into a penguin, made an Irish hat and painted a paper plate green and turned it into a shamrock.

     We continued on with our new letter Pp.  We learned how to make the "p," sound by making a tissue move. We held the tissue in front of our mouths and made it move when we made the sound.   Everyone passed the tissue test!  We learned how to make the letter Pp and played some games.  We played a popcorn game and put things in the pot that began with that letter.

     For Religion we learned about Noah and the arc.  We learned that the rainbow is a symbol of a promise that God made.  We learned that Noah had great faith and listened to God, even though people thought he was silly to build a big boat and put all of those animals in there.  

     For Math we went back to number 7, because I skipped it by accident last time.  We read a story about number seven and did some activities with the story.

     As you know we practiced our lock down drill.  I explained it in a way that they were able to understand.We gave examples of things that we do that keep us safe.  We wear helmets when we ride a bike, we hold a grownups hand when we cross the street.  We practice for fire drills in school so we know how to get to safety outside of the building. I then proceeded to talk to them about being safe at school.  We talked about how the doors are always locked but if ever someone were to enter our building, we would have to practice a drill, like our fire drill, that would keep us safe.  We talked about where the safest place in our classroom is and that is where we would go and wait for Sister Jean to let us know that all is clear.  We practiced being quiet for one minute.  We talked about how we could say prayers in our minds at that time and take some time to breathe.  Our actual whole school drill was on Thursday afternoon at 1:45.  The afternoon students remained quiet for 3 minutes before we received the all clear.  We talked about it after and I praised them for listening and following directions. If you have any questions regarding what we have done, please do not hesitate to email or call.

     Have a great rest of the weekend!



Part Time Preschool for Week of 2/12 to 2/162018

Posted on Feb 17, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     This week in Preschool we were very busy with learning about the Presidents and our Valentines Day Festivities.

     We planned on working on Letter P but our schedule didn't allow us to really get into it so we will continue Pp this week.  

     For Art we made a Presidents Day Book and decorated our Valentine's candy bags.

     For our party we had a great treat and juice provided by our room moms. We played some great games and passed out our Valentine's cards to our friends.

     We also talked about Lent and received ashes.  We talked about how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.  We compared it to ourselves, changing and growing too, for Jesus.  We talked about being kind and saying "we're sorry" when we do something that makes someone sad.  

     We played a letter review game and a math game too.  

     There is No School on Monday due to Presidents Day.  I hope everyone has a great three day weekend. 

Part Time Preschool for Week of 2/5 to 2/9/2018

Posted on Feb 12, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Lot's of digging out for everyone but I'm thinking spring.  

    This last week in preschool we learned about letter Oo and Dental Health.  For our art projects we made an O octopus, painted a green tooth white and made a toothbrush paper with a song about brushing.  

      We played some games that went with letter Oo like picking an orange off the orange tree and sorting uppercase and lowercase Oo's and playing the Hokey Pokey with the letters too.  Big Bears have been using wipe off boards in addition to work on their letters and their names.

     For Religion we talked about taking care of God world and all of the beautiful things He has made for us.

     This Week, in addition to Valentine's Day, we have Ash Wednesday.  I will be talking to the kids tomorrow in preparation for Ashes.  I'm going to read them "The Hungry Caterpillar," and talk about changing and growing.  Just in case, they tell you about caterpillars.  

     Don't forget to send in Valentines cards with your child for Wednesday and a wrapped treat, if you would like.  

     Also, Presidents Day is Monday the 19th and there is no school.  Have a great week!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 1/29 to 2/2/2018

Posted on Feb 04, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a lot of groundhog activities this week in preschool.  We learned that groundhogs are furry, they eat plants and seeds and they are also called woodchucks.  We learned that they make a whistling sound when they are in danger.  We also found out we are going to have six more weeks of winter.

     We also worked on letter Nn.  We learned how to print it and played a game called "in the news."  We picked a picture and if it began with our sound, we put it in the newspaper.  We also sorted uppercase and lowercase "noodles" and put them in the right noodle box.  Big Bears have been working with wipe off markers and boards on their letter of the week and their names.  We are trying to make our names with the first letter uppercase and all the rest are lowercase.  

     This week in Religion we talked about God's world and all of the beautiful things in the world that He has given us.  

     For Math we worked on number 8.  I just realized that we missed number 7, so we may be a little out of order.  We also had 100 Day activities.  We jumped up and down for 100 seconds and took a cat nap for 100 seconds.  We made crowns and read some 100 day stories. We also, as a class, put 100 stickers in a big paper gumball machine.  (Actually, there were a lot more than 100).  We got a little carried away.  

     For our art projects we made a Ninja N, a heart paper with dabbers, and a Valentine owl.  

     The afternoon class met with their buddies two times this week for partner reading and a trivia game.  We also went to the carnival on Friday for some fun games.

     It was a great Catholic Schools Week and I really enjoyed seeing everyone last Sunday at Open House.  We truly love coming to school every day and being with your awesome kids.  I tell everyone that I have the best job in the world.  


     If anyone wants more "kindness hearts," please send me a quick note.  The kids seem to really enjoy doing kind things and getting the recognition at school too.  Our wall is becoming filled with kindness hearts.

     Next week on Wednesday, February 14, we will have a small party in our classroom.  Children can bring in a wrapped treat and a valentine for each child in the class.  Morning class has 31 and Afternoon class has 18.  It is also Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.

     Have a great Superbowl weekend!!!




Part Time Preschool for Week of 1/16 to 1/19/2018

Posted on Jan 20, 2018

Dear Preschool Parents,

     We had a great week in Preschool.

     Our letter this week was letter Ll.  We worked on the formation and the sound of letter Ll.  We played some letter games where we had to find things that began with our letter.  If it began with the sound, we put it in the lunchbox.  We also played another game were we held up a lollipop if the word began with our sound.

     Our art projects were Ladybug L's, snowflakes and penguins.  

     For Religion we talked about the Good Shepherd.  We talked about how we are like God's sheep and He will always take care of us.

     Instead of math this week we had a great Scholastic magazine on penguins,which went great with our art project.

     This coming Sunday, 1/28, is our Open House at St. John Fisher.  We hope you will join us.  We are inviting new families before church at 9:00 and then after church we will be back in the classroom for our regular families.  The students have some great projects hanging up and the classroom looks great.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend.

Part Time Preschool for Week of 1/8 to 1/12/2018

Posted on Jan 13, 2018

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Welcome Back to School!

     Once again, on behalf of Mrs. Healy and Ms Starr, would like to thank you again for your so kind words and generous gifts.  Thank you so very much!

     We got right back in our school again by reviewing our rules and continuing with our routines of new jobs, sitting correctly on the carpet and trying to remember that it is now 2018.  

     This week we learned the sound and formation of letter Kk.  We played two envelope games where they had to look inside and pull out either something that began with that letter or a golden key with that letter on it.  

     For Math we continued on with number 6.  We reviewed our old numbers and learned that we "slant on down and give it a curl," to make the number 6.

     In Religion we learned that God made all of the animals different.  We learned that God loves all the animals the same and doesn't have a favorite.  We talked about our differences and learned that God made us different and that He loves us just the same too.  God has no favorites, he loves us all!

     This week we learned a bit about Martin Luther King, Jr.  We learned what a leader does.  We learned that leaders make sure that everyone is getting along and playing nice with each other.  Leaders never let anyone feel left out.  We learned that Martin Luther King, Jr., was a leader too and that he tried to make things equal for everyone.  We read a little story and looked at a poster and made a decision if friends in the picture were getting along or not.  We also learned that because of Martin Luther King Jr., we do not have school on Monday.

     For Art we made snowmen, which took two days and glued a Kola Bear and leaves on our L's. 

     It was a great week in Preschool.  

Part Time Preschool for Week of 12/11 to 12/15/2017

Posted on Dec 17, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     We had a busy week in Preschool.  This week we continued to practice for our Christmas Show.  Everyone is so very excited!

     We also continued on with a new letter which is Jj.  We read stories and practiced writing Jj.  We played some letter review games too.

     Our Art projects were "J" is for Jesus and decorating our special hand made ornaments for our families.  We hope you liked them and our reindeer bags too!

     For Religion we have been talking about the Advent season.  We will add our third Advent candle as we prepare for  Baby Jesus' birthday.  We have been reading stories from the Bible about Angel Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, the angels and the Three Kings.  We learned that the star led the Three Kings to find Baby Jesus.  

     The schedule for next week is:

     Monday - Full day

     Tuesday - Polar Express Day.  Students can wear their pajamas.

     Wednesday - NO SCHOOL.  Our Christmas play will be at 11:30 in Church.           Students arrive no later than 11:15 to the back of the Church for check in.             Parents find a seat and we will process in.  After the show, students will                process back with their class to back of the church for check out.  Students         wear their Christmas best. 

     Thursday - Full day

     Friday - Is a half day of school.  Morning class dismisses at regular time of            10:45 and there will not be any afternoon preschool.


On behalf of Mrs. Healy, Ms Starr and myself, we would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We adore your children and because of them are able to see what Christmas is really all about through their eyes and their excitement.   Thank you again for being the great parents that you are!


Ms Power




Part Time Preschool for Week of 11/27 to 11/30/2017

Posted on Dec 03, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     We are on to getting ready for Christmas at preschool.  Our classroom looks so festive as we prepare for Jesus' birthday.  We will "pretend" to light our first Advent candle this week as we continue to prepare.

     This week we worked on letter Hh.  We learned the sound and formation and many things that began with Hh.  We have been reading stories with Hh in the title and many Christmas stories.  We put things in a hat that began with H, and we also played an Hh "hide and seek" game.  We found pictures that began with the Hh sound and when we pulled it off the chart we found an Hh or a Christmas Tree.

     This week in Religion were learned the story of the Angel's Secret.  We learned how Angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her that she would be a mother to Baby Jesus.  We learned how at first Mary was afraid but then she was surprised and said she would do what ever God wanted her to do.  I sent the Advent calendar page home and told the children to keep it in a spot where they can color or draw something as each day of December passes.  

     We are also beginning to practice our Christmas songs and poems for our upcoming Christmas show on December 20th.  By now you should have received a letter with all of the details.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  

     We missed Math this week but we did begin counting to 100 while do the Macarena.  We will do this every Thursday until the end of the year.  

     Our Art projects were painting a paper plate green and then turning it into a tree that we decorated with buttons, gems and  and glitter.  We also put "happy faces" on our letter H.  

     Enjoy the rest of your weekend!    




Part-Time Preschool for Week of 11/13 to 11/17/2017

Posted on Nov 26, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     It was great meeting everyone at Parent Teacher Conferences, talking with you over the phone or emailing everyone.  Thank you for sending your children every day to us, we truly love them all.  

     The last few weeks we concentrated on letter G and the rest of our Thanksgiving crafts that you will be getting home this week.  Onward to Christmas and letter H.  

     We talked a lot about being thankful for all that we have and we pray every day for anyone who needs our prayers.  

      I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and some great days off of the regular routine of school.  I enjoyed being with my family and catching up with reading and taking some well needed walks.  

      Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 11/6 to 11/10/2017

Posted on Nov 12, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     Thank you for your Service to all Veterans!  

     This Week in Preschool we continued on with letter Ff. I was able to finish up my assessments with the help of Ms Starr.  We can now move forward with our new letter Gg this week. We did however, do some reviewing by playing some letter recognition games for all of our old letters.  We read many stories about friends, fish and frogs and many books about Thanksgiving.

     We have been learning about Pilgrims and Native Americans.  We learned that the Pilgrims traveled by boat to come to America.  We learned that the boat was "The Mayflower," and that they landed on "Plymouth Rock."  We also have been learning that the Pilgrims and the Native Americans taught each other how to hunt and cook and that they had a big feast together which was "The First Thanksgiving."  

     For Religion we learned that God gave us the gift of friends and that we need to share, help and be kind to our friends.

     We did not have an experiment this week for Science but we did look at different kinds of  leaves with our Scholastic Magazine.

     On Friday we talked about what a Veteran is and how even though we are little, if we know someone, we can say, "Thank you for Your Service."  We made a star wreath and marched around the room to "Your a Grand Old Flag," with our flags.  

     This Week for Art we made Pilgrims/ Native Americans and glued feathers on letter F.  

     Thank you for sending back your choices for Parent Teacher Conferences.  I will work on my schedule early this week and will send you a confirmation as soon as possible.  



     Have a great rest of the weekend.  





Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/30 to 11/3/2017

Posted on Nov 05, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     Wow!  What a Week!  We had two fantastic Halloween parties.  A huge thank you to Mrs. Bugala for her coordinating both classes and also a big thank you to all parents who came and helped out with the games.  A great time was had by all!  Secondly, we celebrated the first 50 days of school with our '50s theme.  Everyone was dressed so cute.  We enjoyed dancing in our socks and having root beer floats.  

    In addition, we began letter Ff.  We read stories about fish, frogs and friends and played some review games with construction paper fishes.  We also got to shine the flashlight on letter F if the word began with that sound.  Letter F was the movie star of the week.  Since we had so many parties this week, I have decided to continue our letter F this next week too. In preparation for our progress reports, I have been trying to test the students on their letters, numbers, cutting skills, counting, colors, and shapes. I'm hoping to finish up this week. 

     For Art we made turkeys and colored our 50s paper.  Thank you for your great feathers.  Our turkeys are looking so cute on the bulletin board.

     For Religion we talked about Jesus' friends.  We learned that His good friends were willing to drop everything and come and follow Him to spread the word about God.  

     We skipped our science experiment this week and made root beer floats instead, yum!

     Have a great rest of the weekend! 


Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/23 to 10/27/2017

Posted on Oct 29, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     This week in Preschool we were very busy.  We worked on our new letter, Letter Ee.  We learned that E makes two sounds and that it takes four lines to make the uppercase E.  We played the doorbell game again; we pretended to ring the doorbell to see if there was a picture behind the door that began with our letter.  There were some "stinkers" in there to try and trick us too! We also built the letter E with four lines of construction paper. We counted how many letter E's we had and worked as a team to construct them.  We read lots of books that included elephants, Elmo and also worked on our manners by saying "excuse me."  We also played a review game of our old letters that we know.

     For Art we decorated the letter E with eyes, made a firefighter and our Friday students decorated Elmer the Elephant with paper squares.

     This week's Science experiment was the oozing pumpkin.  I carved our "blue" pumpkin and added the secret potion of yeast, peroxide and dish washing liquid for the special oozing effect.

     For Math we worked on number 4 and played a Halloween dice game.  We rolled the cube and put that number of items into the witches cauldron.  We then stirred it up for the next person.  We had frogs, snakes, spiders, pumpkins and skeletons in our pot.

     This week in Religion we talked about how we like to dress up for Halloween and have a parade.  We then talked about how Jesus had a parade of Saints.  We talked about what a saint was and how we can try to be like Jesus in everything we do.  We learned that one of the Saints was St. Francis.  We learned about St. Francis from Father Ken when we had our stuffed animals Blessed. 

     In our morning class, Annie's dad, Mr. O'Malley came in with his fire gear to show us and to tell us about Fire Safety.   Thank you Mr. O'Malley for giving your time and teaching us.  

     Both classes voted on their favorite pumpkin in Kane Hall.  The pumpkins were so creative.  Everyone took it very seriously as they made  their choice for their favorite pumpkins.   We have been reading a multitude of Halloween books and are really excited to dress up on Tuesday for our Halloween parties.  

     Happy Halloween and have a great rest of the weekend!  


Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/16 to 10/20/2017

Posted on Oct 22, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     This week in Preschool we resumed our alphabet with Letter D.  We learned the sound and the formation and played some cute games.  We put "D" ducks in the pond and "d" ducks in the mud.  We also looked at objects and if they began with a "D" sound, we acted out a drum roll sound.  We also played "Ding Dong." We opened the door and if the item began with D we made the drum roll sound again.  

     For Art we made a hot dog dog, put dots on "D," and made ghosts.  

     We worked on number 3 for Math.  When we make the 3 we say, "half way around and around again."  

     We did not have an experiment this week but we did talk about fire safety with our Scholastic magazine.  We talked about things that we should not touch.  We learned that we have "kid tools," like toys that we can touch.  We learned that grownups have "grownup tools," like matches and lighters, that we do not touch.  Max's mom, a Chicago firefighter, came in to talk to our afternoon class about "stop, drop and roll," and having a safe plan and a meeting place at our homes in case of a fire.  Thank you Mrs. Pecco for all of your important information.  This week for the morning class, we welcome Annie's dad, Mr. O'Malley, also a Chicago firefighter.  

     We have been reading many fun Halloween stories and stories that go with our letter of the week.  

     Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  

Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/10 to 10/13/2017

Posted on Oct 15, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a great four day week in preschool.  We did a lot of reviewing of our letters A, B and C.  We also reviewed our site words, "I, can and a."  We played a game using a dice cube with Aa, Bb, and Cc on it.  We rolled the dice, found the letter on the large chart paper with those letters, located it and put a bear on it.  We sorted uppercase C and lowercase c carrots and then counted which group had the most. Finally, we chose objects that began with letter C and made the "c" sound.

     Our Art projects were bats and witches.  Our room is looking pretty spooky so far.

     This week for Religion we talked about how God thought the world was quiet after He created it, so He made some very noisy animals.  There were animals in the air, in the water and on land.  

     The Science experiment this week was "fizzing pumpkins."  We painted paper pumpkins with a magic solution of baking soda and water and then painted over it with orange colored vinegar.  Someone said, "this is the best day ever."  That was all I needed to hear for my quest to find more science experiments.  

     For Math this week we reviewed numbers one through five.  Together we glued our number circles on our caterpillar.

     This coming week we will go on to letter Dd.  We will also welcome the Halloween Story Lady for our "indoor" field trip.  Our afternoon class will learn about fire safety with Max's mom, a Chicago Firefighter.  Our morning class will learn about fire safety the following week with Annie's Dad.  We thank you both so much for everything you do and for teaching us to be safe.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!


Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/2 to 10/6/2017

Posted on Oct 09, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     I hope you are all enjoying your day off today!  I am still on cloud nine after seeing my youngest daughter run the Chicago Marathon yesterday!  I am of course, a very proud mom!!!

     This last week in Preschool we worked on Letter Cc.  I have decided to work on letter C this coming week along with letters A and B for review.

     For Art this week we painted paper plates orange and then turned them into jack-o-lanterns.  We also decorated letter C with cookies.

     For Reading we read books with C in the title and found items in the classroom that began with the C sound.  We learned how to make C too. We also have learned the site words "I, can and a."  

     This week in Religion we talked about how God made the world.  We learned that God made everything in our world with beautiful colors.

    Our Science experiment was "color mixing."  We all had a cup of vinegar and then all at the same time put a teaspoon of baking soda in our cup and stirred.  Little did they know that I hid different color food coloring on everyone's' spoon.  There were many oohs and aahs and some overflowing.  Fun was had by all.

    Our prayer buddies came down to make Mr. Bones with us and then stayed and played a little bit too.

    We also went over to church to have Father Ken bless our stuffed animals. We were happy to have some of our class stuffed animals too. The children were so wonderful in God's House.  Everyone was respectful and quiet while Father Ken told them the story of St. Francis.  

     Again, enjoy your day off for Columbus Day!  See everyone tomorrow!



Part Time Preschool for Week of 9/25 to 9/29/2017

Posted on Oct 01, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     Happy Fall!  This week in Preschool we worked on learning our second letter, "Bb."  

     We read many books about bears and learned some interesting facts about them too.   We learned how to make big B and little b and we learned the sound that it makes.

     Some of the games we played were, putting the upper case and the lower case letter on the correct honey comb.  We played baseball by choosing an item, saying what sound it began with and then moved our bear to first, second, third and then "home run."  We also played a game with post its.  If the post it had a Bb, we put it in one column and if it was another letter, we put it in that column. We also identified the items we had and put it in the B basket if it began with that letter.

     Our art projects were the brown bear puppet and gluing buttons on letter B.  We also colored a butterfly.

     For Religion we talked about how Jesus was only 12 years old when he wandered away from his parents for a time. They found Jesus talking and learning about His father in His father's temple.  

     For Math we worked on number 2.  We read a story about things with two.  When we make a two we say, "curl around and slide the right."  

     Our Science experiment was elephant toothpaste.  Using yeast, peroxide and dish soap.  All were put into a pop bottle and we watched as it oozed out.  

      On Friday afternoon we attended the pep rally in the Gym and cheered for our Falcons.

     I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Part time Preschool for Week of 9/18 to 9/22/2017

Posted on Sep 23, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     It is hot at school but only the teachers are complaining. The kids don't seem to mind one bit, which is great!

     This week we began with the beginning of our alphabet with Letter A.  We read books about ants and apples and though it feels like summer, books about fall.  We read about leaves and the beautiful colors of autumn.  We learned that autumn is another word for fall.

     For art we made beautiful leaves.  We put the paint in a plastic bag with the cut out of the leaf and then sealed it and the morning class squished the bag without even getting any paint on themselves.  We ran out of very large bags for the afternoon class but they were able to paint their leaves with no problem and not to much of a mess.  We also colored a letter A and put apple stickers all over it. Finally, we glued colored tissue paper squares on to a large acorn.

     This week in Religion we talked about who takes care of us.  We talked about how we feel safe that our parents take care of us.  We learned about shepherds and how Jesus is like a shepherd and we are like His sheep.  Jesus takes care of us and wants us always to do the right thing and stay on the right path, just like the sheep.

     For our letter A activities, we learned how to make an A a, what sound it makes and also that it has two sounds.  We picked a paper apple off a tree that had a letter Aa on it.  I threw some other letters in there as "stinkers" to try to trick them but they are very smart.  Next we sorted acorns.  We put the uppercase A in one basket and the lowercase in the other.  If we did the right thing we made a squirrel noise.  Big Bears made the letter A on chart paper for display.  Finally, we sang the Hokey Pokey with letter Aa.

     The Science experiment this week was a great hit.  I asked the kids if a bottle could blow up a balloon all by itself.  We reviewed what happens when baking soda and vinegar get together.  I put 1/3 of the vinegar into a liter bottle and then I put some baking soda in a balloon.  I attached the balloon to the lid of the bottle and carefully turned the balloon up so the baking soda went into the bottle and "voila," the chemical reaction blew up the balloon.

     We ran out of time for Math this week but will continue on with number 2 next week.  If we miss math, don't worry, because every day we count all of the numbers on the calendar forwards and backwards and sometimes in Spanish. Unfortunately I can only go up to 10 in Spanish so we are a little limited.  We are also learning how to count by tens.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 9/11 to 9/14/2017

Posted on Sep 20, 2017

Hi Preschool Parents,

     Last week in Preschool we had quite a short week but we managed to get a lot of things done.

     We primarily focused  on our names.  We looked at our name cards and found the first letter and then counted how many letters in our name.  We made name puzzles and found all of our letters in our name on post it notes.  We also traced our names.

     For Art we made apples, decorated the first initial of our names and painted our names with water colors.

     For Math we classified and sorted and worked on number one.  

     In Religion we talked about how Jesus performs miracles. We learned that Jesus helped a man who could not see, see again.

     Our Science Experiment was apple volcanoes!  Wow!

     We also learned about how to make a friend with our Scholastic Magazine.  

     I'm sure everyone had a great time at Fisher Fest.  The kids couldn't stop talking about it all week.  Starting September 18, we will begin with letter A and then a new letter a week.  


Part Time Preschool for Week of 9/5 to 9/8/2017

Posted on Sep 10, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a great four day week of school packed with many fun things.

     This week we worked on shapes.  For Art we made a fall shape tree using rectangles, triangles, circles and squares.  We also used stickers and sorted shapes.  

     We read many books about shapes and talked about how we can see shapes in many everyday items at school, home and just about everywhere.  We played a shape sorting game and sang some songs about shapes.  We picked our favorite shapes and identified them.  

     For Math we all sorted items by color.  We talked about the number one.  We traced number one in the air by saying, "come straight down and that is all."  

     Our Science experiment was color travel using 6 cups of colored water with a continuous folded paper towel in each cup.  We observed how the colored water traveled from one paper towel to the other creating a rainbow of colors.

     This week in Religion we talked about miracles.  We learned that Jesus performed many miracles.  The first one we read about was about the boy that had only two fish and some loaves of bread.  We couldn't imagine how Jesus would feed the huge crowd of people before Him.  Jesus said a prayer and there was enough to feed everyone.  A miracle!

     This upcoming week we will work on our names.  The following week we will finally begin letter A and continue throughout the year with the alphabet.  Also this week is a four day week.  There is no school this Friday.

     Finally, we do try to go outside everyday for 15 minutes of fresh air.  As the weather changes, please make sure to send a jacket or sweatshirt with your child.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend.


Part-Time Preschool for Week of 8/28 to 9/l/2017

Posted on Sep 03, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     We just completed our second week of preschool.  This week we worked on colors.

     For Art we did a "magic" color reveal.  We used water colors to paint over a hidden smiley face.  We also colored a chameleon different colors and then read the story, "A Color of His Own."  We learned that chameleons can change to different colors when they land on something.  We also did a crayon graph of our favorite color crayon.  We colored our own favorite color crayon and gave it a face.

     For our small group projects we played two color games.  We identified colors and then we sorted colors.  Each group completed a coloring paper.

     For Religion we talked about cotton ball words versus sandpaper words. Cotton Ball words are; please, thank you, yes, you can play with me, etc. They are soft and kind.  Sandpaper words are the opposite. These words are scratchy and not very nice.  We also learned that Jesus had twelve friends that said "yes," when Jesus asked them if they would follow Him.  

     Our science experiment was reading, "Little Blue and Yellow," a story about two friends who get together to make green.  We all took a turn squeezing a big bag of yellow and blue and we made green.  Everyone got to take a small bag home but had to ask mom and dad if they could play with in the house first!  I hope they did.  

     Our morning class split into boys and girls and the boys successfully went to Computer class and the girls went to the Library.  The morning class of girls had Art with Mrs. Newman and the boys will have it this week.  The morning class had Gym with Mr. Perkel.  Mr. Perkel wanted to remind the morning class to try to wear Gym shoes on Monday.     Afternoon preschool also went to Computers all together.  

     I hope everyone has a great Labor Day.  See everyone on Tuesday!

Ms P.




Part-Time Preschool for Week of 8/21 to 8/25

Posted on Aug 27, 2017

Hi Preschool Parents,

     What a great first week of school.  The first week of school went so well.  Our morning and afternoon routine is starting to fall into place.  The students know how to hang up their book bags, get out their folders and walk to our smaller room to begin their craft.  We learned our prayers, pledge and were assigned jobs.  The students might tell you they are sitting like a pretzel on the floor, which is a "listening position."  We stand for the flag, sit down for our "days of the week" song, stand up again for the "Macarena months song, and back down for calendar, weather and plant watering jobs.  We are up and down a lot! We have a line leader and a door holder.  This year we even have a Song picker.  We have been singing "5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree," a lot.   We were even able to all go outside and enjoy the wonderful weather on play ground.  

     Some of the things we worked on this week were a "first day drawing," a doll for our Welcome Board and we colored a petal for our Friendship Flower.  We read stories about the first day of school and friendship.  We are busy learning everyone's name and making new friends.  We talked about how Jesus is  our best friend and about how much He loves children.  

     This week and next we will continue to go over the rules which are basically to Share, Help Clean Up, Walk and Keep Our Hands to Ourselves.  This week we will sign our Rule Poster to show that everyone understands what is expected.  

     I will send a letter this week asking for everyone to have earphones for Computer Class.  We will attend Computers this week on Thursday.  If you don't have the earphones this week, don't worry, but send them in a baggie that is labeled with your child's name as soon as you are can.  Due to the amount of students in the morning class, we have to split up the class and half of the students will go to Computers and half of the class will go to Library for story time.  We will switch every other week.  Afternoon class will be able to all go every week.  

     Thank you so much for your patience and for bringing to us the most wonderful and fantastic children to our preschool. Mrs. Healy, Ms Starr and myself are absolutely thrilled and excited to begin our year together!  Have a great rest of the weekend.  



Part Time Preschool for Week of 8/2l to 8/25/2017

Posted on Aug 20, 2017

Hello Everyone!

     Every week I will post what we have worked on for the week.  I just wanted to welcome everyone to a new year of preschool.  For those of you that have your children in the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday program, your child will not be starting until Tuesday, 8/22.  Everyone else will start school on Monday 8/21.  Because this is a half a day for the entire school, the afternoon students will not have school on Monday the 21st.  We will not see your children until the afternoon of the 22nd.  

     Again, we are so very excited and cannot wait to meet everyone.  We are going to have a GREAT school year together.  Please remember if you ever have any questions or any concerns, please do not hesitate to email or call me at anytime. My door is always open for you.  See you tomorrow or Tuesday!  

PS:  Don't forget to send a snack and a drink with your child when they come to school.  

Part time Preschool for Week of 5/30 to 6/2/2017

Posted on Jun 04, 2017

Hi Preschool Families,

     Last week in preschool we wrapped up our Nursery Rhymes with "The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe."  We rolled the dice cubes and kept adding children into our pretend shoe to see what that might be like.  Needless to say it was a little crowded.  For art we decorated a shoe and put some children in each of our windows and door.

      We also read two nursery rhymes about rain; "Rain Rain Go Away," and" It's Raining It's Pouring."  We made a raindrop using shades of blue tissue paper.  Lucky for us that there was no rain and we got to go outside to play almost every day.  I brought the quilts back to school and we had a our snack outside on the grass for a picnic.

     Everyone received a Nursery Rhyme Certificate that they colored themselves to show that they mastered them.  

     We practiced two more times for our upcoming show on June 6.  The children sound great and we can't wait for you to hear them.  

     We also took a trip to Kindergarten to see where that was and what it was like.  The kids had a lot of questions to ask the teachers.  Two of the most of important questions were "Where do we eat?"  and "Where is the bathroom?" Oh, and one more important question of equally importance, "Do we play in Kindergarten?"  

     Mrs. Healy sent home all of the extra clothes that were sent at the beginning of the school year.  I think everyone has grown two inches since then.  

     This will be the last blog of our school year since we will be wrapping up this week. Thank you so much for entrusting your children with us, we adore them.   We hope everyone has a happy and safe summer and we look forward to seeing everyone again in August.  

     Ms Power

Part time preschool for week of 5/22 to 5/26

Posted on May 27, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  I hope everyone has a great and fun weekend together.  

     We are counting down in preschool.  Our last day is June 6th, our show day.  

     We continued on this week with our nursery rhymes.  This week we learned about a lot of "Jacks."  We read, Jack and Jill, Little Jack Horner and Jack Be Nimble.  We pulled letters out of a pail and said them out loud with a partner and practiced jumping over a candlestick.  We made pails and spiders.

     For Religion this week we talked about saying prayers and singing prayers.

     The afternoon class had a visit from some 8th graders who came to talk to them about sharks for Shark Week.  They learned some fun facts, colored a shark and played a cute game.  I think the preschoolers surprised the 8th graders with some facts of their own.  

     I have been testing everyone individually for the report cards.  Everyone has improved so much from the beginning of the year.  They are so smart!  Thank you parents for everything you do.

     We continue to practice for our upcoming show and are just enjoying our last few days by playing and getting outside when we can.  

     Again, have a great weekend.  

Part Time Preschool for Week of 5/15 to

Posted on May 27, 2017

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 5/15 to 5/19/2017

Posted on May 21, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     Wow, May is flying by.  I can't believe we are nearing the end of our school year.

     We have finally finished all of the letters of the alphabet.  We ended up with looking for Z's around the classroom and putting them back in our zoo!

     Onward to Nursery Rhymes!  So far we have made stars for "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." We made little mice that climbed up, "Hickory, Dickory, Dock."  We made "Humpty Dumpty," and we decorated plates with glitter glue and glued on a spoon to show that the dish ran away with the spoon for "Hey, Diddle, Diddle."  We made lambs and sheep for "Mary Had a Little Lamb, Little Bo Peep and Ba Ba Black Sheep." Finally, we painted our pink pigs with mud which was really brown paint mixed with coffee grounds.  

     We have been practicing for our upcoming nursery rhyme show which is on June 6, which is also the last day of school for preschool.

     Reminders:  Part time preschool show is on June 6, 2017 in our classroom.

                         Morning show is at 9:30 a.m., and Afternoon is at 1:00 p.m.  

                         Students can dress as their favorite nursery rhyme character.




Part-Time Preschool for Week of 5/1 to 5/5/2017

Posted on May 07, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Happy May!  I wish the weather would be better but we are slowly getting there.

     This week in Preschool we worked on Letter W.  We read lots of W stories and learned how to make and sound out letter W.  We had magic wands and waved them when we saw a Ww card and we reviewed all letters with pictures of things from A to Z and matched them to the correct letter.  

     Our Art projects were watermelons and butterflies.

     For Religion we continued to talk about Mary.  We learned that May is the month of Mary.  We have been learning the "Hail Mary" prayer and soon, when it is warmer, we will all visit the Mary statue and say our prayer that we have been working on.  

     For Math this week we reviewed our numbers from 1 to 10.  

     Next week we will combine XYZ to finish off the alphabet and on to Nursery Rhymes.  

     This week we will begin practicing for our upcoming Part Time Preschool Show which is on the last day of school, June 6th.  If you did not receive a letter regarding this, please let me know.

     Also, this coming Friday, May 12 is a Planning Day for the teachers, therefore there is no school.  I will send out a paper reminder this week.  Also, the following Friday is May Crowning and this is only a half a day, therefore, there will not be afternoon preschool.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 4/24 to 4/28/2017

Posted on Apr 30, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Well, April showers will most indeed bring May flowers, we have had quite a bit of it lately.  

     Our end of April week had us working on letter Vv.  We put on our letter vests and said what our letter was and practiced making and sounding out V words.  

     Our Art projects were "top secret" Mother's Day gifts and we made an earth for Earth Day.  We also did some planting.

     This week in Religion we talked about how we can pray anywhere, anytime and any way.  We learned about a boy named David who became a King.  

     For Science this week we had an experiment with Freddy the Fish.  Freddy was minding his own business swimming and then oh, no, pollution happened.  Freddy was a sponge cut in the shape of fish and everyone put a pinch of garbage (cut up construction paper) and then Mrs. Healy added some dirt to Freddy's pond.  Yikes. We promised to keep our earth clean by picking up our garbage.  

     By now you have received a letter regarding our end of the year show.  Part-Time Preschool will have their show on June 6.  The morning show is at 9:30 and the afternoon show is at 1:00.  Students are asked to dress up as their favorite nursery rhyme character.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend and Happy May!


Part-Time Preschool for Week of 4/3 to 4/7/2017

Posted on Apr 09, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     Last week in preschool we worked on Letter U.  We read stories, practiced printing and learning the sound that Uu makes.  We learned it has two sounds.  We played a letter review using plastic Easter eggs.  Everyone had one to open and had to identify the item and it's sound.  We also played "Snap."  The students reached in the alligator and pulled out a letter to identify and say the sound.  If they picked the "Snap" card, we all clapped our hands like an alligator and said, "Snap."

     Our art projects were umbrellas for U and Easter eggs.  We drew on the giant eggs with crayons and then painted over what we drew with water colors.

     For Religion we continued to talk about Palm Sunday and how Jesus rode a donkey over the palms.  We talked about how He washed his friends feet and learned that even though He was a King, he wanted to be like everyone else.  Mostly, Jesus wanted to show his kindness to his friends which is what we do everyday to our friends.

     Science this week was an observation.  We each placed either a pink, green, yellow or purple marshmallow Peep in water and watched what happened throughout the day.  

     This week in Math we read the Scholastic magazine on eggs and then completed a number review on the back of it.  

     Some families have taken an early Easter vacation.  We'd like to wish everyone a wonderful Easter holiday.  This week we will only be in school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the actual break begins and there will be no school next week.  Have a great rest of the weekend! 


Part-Time Preschool for Week of 3/27 to 3/31/2017

Posted on Apr 02, 2017

Hello Preschool Families,

     This week in Preschool we worked on Letter T.  We made T towers out of uppercase/lowercase "T" and we put various T items in our suitcase for our pretend trip.  We practiced the formation and the sound that T makes.  It was a pretty "terrific" week with Tt. 

      For our Art projects, we made a tree, decorated a paper Easter basket and made a tissue heart cross for Jesus.  Our room looks great and ready for Easter.

     This week in Math we ordered numbers 1 through 10 and did a dot-to-dot paper to ten.

     Instead of Science this week, we had a kindness lesson which involved cotton balls and sandpaper.  We compared both and learned that we need to use more cotton ball words everyday with each other, like "please," thank you," "I like you," "you're my friend," etc.   We learned that we should not be using sandpaper words because  they are not nice and we can hurt each other's feelings with them.  We read a story about sharing and friendship.  

     On Friday, our Mother McAuley student, Miss Christina, further added a manners lesson on saying please and thank you.  We can never have too much kindness in our lives.  

     This week in Religion we talked about how God made people because He loves us and wants us all to be nice to each other.  

     We went to the Book Fair this week and I want to thank you all for the wonderful books that you donated to the classroom.  I am working on reading each and every one of them.  Thank you again, so very much.

     Have a great rest of the weekend!  

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 3/20 to 3/24/20017

Posted on Mar 26, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     This week in Preschool we worked on Letter Ss.  We read "S" stories and learned the sound and the formation.  We played a sock game where we sorted uppercase S and lowercase s.  We also packed a suitcase with letter S items. Miss Christina made a snake sock and we deciphered if the words she gave us began with an S or not.  

     The art projects this week was a sunflower and a bunny, hiding in the grass.

     Math this week was a fun game called hide the chick.  I hid 2 chicks under some plastic eggs that were numbered 1 through 10.  The students got two tries to figure out which number the chick was hiding in. 

     Religion this week was learning about our church family of friends.  We continue to talk about how we are changing and growing during Lent.

     The Science experiment was a skittle experiment.  We all placed three skittles in a bowl of water and we observed how the candy disintegrated and the three colors ran together.  If we were really careful we might have seen the letter "s" floating on top of the water.  

     This week on Wednesday, we are going to the Book Fair.  A note went home last week detailing our times that we will be attending.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 3/13 to 3/17/2017

Posted on Mar 19, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Happy Spring!  This Monday is the first day of Spring.  We have seen a lot of signs so far.  Mostly, we have observed birdies singing and making nests.

     This week in preschool we worked on letter Rr.  We learned the formation and the sound and read many books with R in the title.  We read many St. Patrick's Day books and also some Easter stories.  We played some review abc games and a letter Rr game, where we rolled a cube with "r" and "R" on it.  The students had to decipher whether it was uppercase or lowercase and place it under the correct rain cloud.  Then we added some math to it and counted how many we had of each and which one had more.  

     Our Art projects were a Rocket with our names on each square and a baby duck.  

     This week's Science experiment was "color transferring."  We had six colored water cups with different colors.  In between each cup was an empty cup.  I folded a paper towel the long and skinny way and placed one in each cup continuing all the way to the end.  We observed how the color absorbed and continued making a rainbow effect.

     This week in Math we reviewed numbers 1-6.  I rolled a dice cube and we circled the numbers on our math paper.

     This week in Religion we talked about how we are friends of Jesus.  We talked about being a good friend and continue to try to be like Jesus.   

     REMINDERS:   The BOOK FAIR begins 3/25 after 4:00 mass and 3/26 after 10:00 mass.  We will be going as a class on Wednesday 3/29.  A letter will be going home this week with the times that our class will attend.  



Part-Time Preschool for Week of 3/6 to 3/10/2017

Posted on Mar 12, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     This week in Preschool we worked on Letter Q.  Through some fun activities we practiced tracing letter Qq and rolled our Qq dice cube and placed either a Queen, King or Jack on a letter Qq.  We called them the "royal family."  We learned that Q and U are best friends and that they go together like peanut butter and jelly.  We had our snacks on two of my quilts I brought from home.  We had a great indoor picnic.  

     For Art we made a leprechaun mask and painted a green shamrock.

     Our Science experiment was looking for gold.  Everyone had a green ball of baking soda with a hidden gold or green coin inside.  We used eyedroppers and vinegar to reveal what was inside.  

     For Math we have been counting to 100 the long way and the short way, by tens.  We worked on number 10 this week.  Now that we know all of the numbers to ten, we can make any number that we want.  

     For Religion we talked about friends of Jesus.  We learned that Jesus had 12 great friends that were willing to go and follow Jesus and tell everyone they could about God.  We have been working hard on friendship and how you treat a friend. We talked about how if a friend asks you if they can play with you, you say, "sure."  We talked about how important it is to help your friend if they fall down.  We say, "are you okay?"  We will continue to work on this until the end of the school year.  

     I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!  Happy Saint Patrick's Day!   

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 2/27 to 3/3/2017

Posted on Mar 05, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     This week in Preschool we celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday.  We read many Dr. Seuss stories and played some fun games.  

     We also continued on with Letter Pp.  We all passed the tissue test by making the sound that P makes and making the tissue move.  We read stories and learned the sound and the formation of Pp.

     For Art we made a peacock and a hat like the "Cat in the Hat."  We also made a "Thing 1 or Thing 2" craft.  

     Our Science experiment was a demonstration of a rain cloud.  We had a cup of water and a little shaving cream on top.  We all squeezed our eye droppers filled with blue water and watched as the cloud became heavy and the rain seeped through.  Then we stirred it up!

     For Religion we continued to talk about Lent.  Father Ken and Miss Elena came in to give us ashes.  We learned that ashes come from palms.  Everyone was very respectful and so well behaved when they came in.  Father Ken answered questions from the students and one thing we learned was that no, he did not see the Batman movie but he saw the Bat mobile at the auto show.  We will continue to work on being a good friend and will work hard at helping at home.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 2/21 to 2/24/2017

Posted on Feb 26, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     This week we began with a day off for Presidents Day.  When we returned we went right into talking about our teeth.

     For Dental Health week we learned how to brush and how to floss.  We saw what pop can do to your teeth if you drink too much of it.  We graphed our favorite color tooth brush and learned a song about brushing.

     We continued with letter Oo this week and finally finished everything there is to learn about Oo.  

     Our art projects were an Octopus craft and our toothbrush.

     For Religion we began talking about Lent. We learned that like a caterpillar, Jesus had to leave us for a while but He will come back just like the butterfly.  We made cocoons and colored a caterpillar.  They don't know it yet, but I have attached butterfly wings to the caterpillars and when they take them home before Easter, they will see their surprise. For now, they will be hanging on our bulletin board.  We will continue to talk about how Lent is a time to change and grow and we will talk about being kinder and continuing to do nice things at home for our family and friends.  This week Wednesday we will be receiving ashes.  

     Our Science experiment was putting one hard boiled egg in Pepsi and one hard boiled egg in water.  We observed what the pop did to the egg.  We compared that to our teeth and how important it is to brush. 

     Have a great rest of the weekend!

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 2/13 to 2/17

Posted on Feb 20, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     I hope everyone is having a great 3 Day Weekend with this Fantastic weather we are having!

     Last week in Preschool we began letter Oo.  We were a bit sidetracked with our Valentine activities so we will continue Letter Oo this coming week.

     Last Monday, our buddies came over for the morning session to do a Valentines Science experiment which was fun.  We put candy hearts in Sprite, Vinegar and Water and watched what happened to the candy hearts.  On our regular Science day we all did a fizzy heart project with vinegar and baking soda and eye droppers.

    We had a great Valentine's Day party on Tuesday.  Thank you so much to our great room moms who provided treats and juice for our party.

     For Religion we talked about how we love our families and how much they love us.  We talked about ways we show love.  We talked about how when we show love we are showing love to God too.  The kindness hearts are growing by the day.  Let me know if you need more.  The kids really enjoy sharing the nice things that they have done at home with the class.

     For Art this week we made George Washington and decorated our Valentine's bag for our treats.  

     Happy Presidents Day!  


Part-time Preschool for Week of 2/6 to 2/10/17

Posted on Feb 12, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     This week in Preschool we worked on Letter Nn.  We read many stories with Nn in the title and many Valentine stories.

     We played a game "In the News,"  The student picked up a picture, if it began with Nn sound, we all said "In the News" and then the student placed it in the newspaper, it it didn't, they got to pick another picture.

     Our Art projects were Ninja Turtles and Abraham Lincoln.  We learned that Abraham is on a penny and lived in a log cabin.

     For Math we worked on number 9 and played the number line game.  Everyone got a number and then had to find that number on the "human number line."  Then we counted.

     In Religion this week we talked about welcoming our family.  Our hearts of kindness is growing bigger every day.  The students really enjoy sharing all of the acts of kindness they are doing at home.  

     The Science experiment was color mixing using cotton balls, eye droppers and food coloring.  We put 4 different colors on the cotton balls.  It was fun.  


Our Valentines party is on Tuesday morning for the am students or Tuesday afternoon for the pm students.  Students are allowed to bring in Valentine's cards and a wrapped treat.  There are 26 in the morning and 19 in the afternoon.

Enjoy the weather and have a great rest of the weekend.

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 1/30-2/3/2017

Posted on Feb 05, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     What a great Catholic Schools Week we had.  We began with our Western Round Up.  Thank you so much for your donations to the Ronald McDonald House. Afternoon preschool got to see a great Science Show on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we rolled out of bed (my favorite day) and played Bingo with our buddies in the morning.  On Thursday we had partner reading in the morning with our buddies. We also talked about spreading kindness.  Everyone received 10 hearts and we ask that you write something down on the heart that your child did to show an act of kindness.  I'll be displaying them all over the classroom as they come in.    We ended our week with an awesome field trip to the United Center. Thank you everyone who came with us, we had a great time.

     We didn't have a letter this week.  We did some reviewing.  We played the missing letter game using magnetic letters.  We read some fun groundhog stories and some Valentine stories too.

     Our Science experiment was the melting snowman.  The snowman was made out of baking soda, complete with hat, eyes, nose, scarf and arms.  I slowly poured vinegar on him and he melted before our eyes.

     We painted hearts and made groundhogs.  We took a poll on whether the groundhog would see his shadow and unfortunately he did and we will have six more weeks of winter!!  

     For Math, we worked on number 8 and reviewed numbers we have learned so far.  We played a game where we all received a magnet with a specific number of items on it.  They had to bring it up and put it under the correct number.  

     This week in Religion we talked about families.  

      REMINDERS:  A letter will go home this week about our upcoming Valentines Day Party.  The children can bring in Valentines to pass out and a wrapped treat.  There are 26 friends in the morning class and 19 in the afternoon class.  I'll be asking our Room Moms for help in the treat and juice box department.  Other than that, we will just have a small party in the classroom.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend and enjoy the Superbowl!

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 1/23 to 1/27/2017

Posted on Jan 29, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     It was so nice to see everyone at our Open House on Sunday.  I think the kids really liked showing their families their art work and all of the things they like to play with at school.

    There are some other festivities planned for the week such as:

     Monday is a Round Up.  We are collecting things for the Ronald McDonald House.  Our preschool donation will be juice boxes, individually wrapped tea bags and granola.  These items can be brought into school this week.  Also, Monday is Western Day.  The students can wear flannel shirts and boots, etc.

     On Tuesday there will be a Science show.

     On Wednesday it's Roll out of Bed Day.  Pjs can be worn to school and we will play Bingo in the morning.  There is a Band Concert in the afternoon.

     On Thursday we will talk about spreading kindness.

     Friday is our field trip to Disney on Ice.  FYI, if you didn't sign up to go on the trip, there is no school.

     Last week in preschool we began Letter Mm.  We didn't get as much done as I planned, so we will continue on with Mm this week.

     We did however, make bees, snowflakes and mittens.

     Have a great week.

Part-Time Preschool For Week of 1/17-1/20/2017

Posted on Jan 23, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Last week in preschool we began with telling everyone our dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up. 

    We also began our new Letter, Ll.  We read many stories, played some sound matching/letter games and learned how to make an Ll.  

     For Art we made a lion and polar bears.  We are learning about the arctic and some animals that really like the cold.

     For Math we worked on number review and learning number 7.

     Our Science Experiment was a lava lamp.  Lots of oohs and aahs.

     Religion this week was in connection with Martin Luther King and being kind to everyone.  

     Have a great rest of the week.

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 1/9/to 1/13/2017

Posted on Jan 15, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     It was so nice to see everyone after a restful two weeks of Christmas vacation.

     As I stated in my letter, Miss Christina joined us this week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  By Friday she was ready to take over our calendar routine, read a story and provided a cute snowflake craft.

    This week we jumped back in to our letter of the week.  We worked on the sound and formation of letter Kk.  We read stories and reviewed some old letters.  We played a penguin game wherein we picked up a fish with a designated letter on it. If the letter was K we blew a kiss and fed it to the penguin.  If there was another letter on the fish we said it, and again blew a kiss and fed it to the penguin.

     For Religion this week we read a story about Martin Luther King, Jr.  We learned that he wanted everyone to be treated fairly and kindly.  We painted a world on a paper plate with blue and green.  I recorded how they were going to be kind on a hand print and glued it on the world.  We had two demonstrations to help us realize that even though things look one way on the outside; inside we are all the same.  We had a "flashy" paper bag and a "plain" paper bag.  Inside the bags were exactly the same items.  We also viewed 3 eggs, (blue, brown and white).  I cracked them open and they saw that inside the eggs, were all the same.

     For Art we made penguins and a kite.   

     REMINDERS:  Tuesday, wear what you want to be when you grow up.  I'm sure we will see a lot of superheroes and princesses which is great!

     Enjoy your day off on Monday and we will resume on Tuesday.

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 12/12 to 12/16/2016

Posted on Dec 18, 2016

Dear Preschool Families,

     Last week in preschool we learned all about Letter Jj.  We learned the formation and how to shake like jello for the sound.  We read many stories about jungles and jackets.   

     For our Art projects we worked on J for Jesus, a reindeer puppet and a Santa puppet.  

     In Religion this week we continue to talk about the night Jesus was born and how there was a star overhead and that is how everyone knew that Jesus was born.  

     We didn't get to Math because we have been practicing for our show but every morning we count with our calendar, sequence and sing about the days of the week.  We know there are seven days in a week.

     The Science experiment this week was seeing what happened when we mixed green and red sugar sprinkles with shaving cream.  The sprinkles disappeared and we were left with some very faint pink shaving cream.  

     Some reminders:  This week on Tuesday, there is no school.  We will all meet in the other building in Mrs. Foran's Kindergarten class no later than 11:45 a.m., for our 12:00 Christmas Show.

     On Thursday this week we will have our Polar Express Day.  Everyone can wear their pajamas for a fun day at school.

     The last day of school is on Friday which is a half a day, therefore, there is no afternoon preschool.  

     I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday for the show and I hope everyone has a great Christmas.  



Part-Time Preschool for Week of 12/5 to 12/9/2016

Posted on Dec 11, 2016

Dear Preschool Families,

     This week in Preschool we worked on Letter Ii.  We learned how to make the upper and lowercase letter and learned that Ii has two sounds.  We read stories with Ii in the title and also, many Christmas stories.

     For Math we worked on number 7.  We read a story about Little Number 7 and all of the things he found seven of.  We practiced counting, clapping, snapping, hopping and touching our toes, seven times.

     This week in Religion we talked about taking care of God's world.  We have also been reading from the Bible all about when Jesus was born.

     Our Art projects were, decorating a stocking, making an angel and drawing an inchworm.

     We have been working so hard practicing our songs and poems for our upcoming show on the the 20th.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!  Snow!  Snow!  Snow!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 9/6 to 9/9

Posted on Sep 11, 2016

Dear Preschool Parents,

     This week in preschool we worked on shapes.

     For Art, we stamped different shapes on a piece of paper and we also chose a shape to decorate.  We worked on squares, circles, rectangles, diamonds, ovals and stars.  

     For Religion we talked about how the shepherd takes care of his sheep.  We learned that he always counts them to make sure they are all together.  We learned that we are like sheep and that God always makes sure that we are safe and together.  

     In Math we sorted shapes using various items in our classroom, we reached in a bag and pulled out a shape and identified it and finally sorted shapes on our magnet board.  We completed some papers by tracing and identifying.  

     Our Science experiment was an observation.  We put a tiny foam flower in water and it was suppose to  grow four times bigger.  It wasn't that great so I left it in the water for this week and we will see if anything happens.

     The students are following the routines of school very nicely and getting along with each other very well.  One of our rules is, if anyone asks to play with you, you have to say "yes."  

     A couple of reminders: There is no school on Friday 9/16, due to Fisher Fest and if possible, please send in your child's ear phones for Computers by Thursday.  

     Have a great week!

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 8/26 to 9/2/2016

Posted on Sep 04, 2016

Hi Everyone!

     Though it was quite warm, we had a great first full week in Preschool!

On Monday, our students in the morning attended Gym with Mr. Schroeder and on Thursday, our morning students had Art with Mrs. Newman.  Also on Thursday, our morning and afternoon students attended Computer class with Mrs. Maxwell.  

For Religion this week, we talked about how Jesus always welcomes the children. We learned the bible story, "Let the Children Come."  Jesus' friends said that Jesus was too busy but Jesus said, "No, let the children come to me."  Jesus is never to busy for us.  

For Math this week, we have been reviewing our colors.  The little Bears played a crayon game.  I named a color and they had to find it and pick it up.  The Big Bears sorted by colors using different color dinosaurs.   

Our Science experiment was a spectacular "baking soda/vinegar/food coloring concoction."  We counted to 3 and then put our spoons in the solution.  What happened next was bubbling, sizzling and color changing and a lot of oohs and aahhs and clapping.   

Our Art projects were painting a rainbow fish and adding sparkly scales and Pete the Cat.  Everyone picked which color shoes they wanted their Pete to have.  

We read many stories about Pete, Rainbow Fish and first day of school stories.

We are continuing to work on routines; hanging up back packs, putting folders away, morning work, sitting on the carpet and listening to a story, lining up, and staying in line.  Again, all so basic, but not always easy for little ones.  

I hope everyone has a great three day weekend.  I am going to the Sox Game on Monday, hoping for some good luck and a win! Happy Labor Day and see everyone back on Tuesday!!

Part-Time Preschool

Posted on Aug 28, 2016


    Last week I met the morning preschoolers and this week I look forward to meeting the afternoon preschoolers.  Both classes are a great mix of some new and also some familiar faces.  For the next few weeks of preschool we will be working hard on our everyday routine that will help set the tone for the rest of the school year.  The students are learning to come into school, hang up their back pack, put their folder away and begin their morning activity.  We are learning to sit on the magic carpet in our own space during morning/afternoon meeting and story time.  Everyone is looking forward to having a job in the classroom and having the patience to wait for their turn to get a job.  We're learning the rules in the classroom and rules for outside of the classroom.  Though it sounds pretty basic, these are all milestones for children of this age and they can be a little overwhelming. In addition to our basic routines, for the next few weeks we will work on basic colors and shape review.  This year, we will complete many fun art activities along with letter,  math and religion papers but our main focus will always be; being kind to one another, being a good friend and practicing peace just like Jesus.  

Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m., the whole school is having a Meet and Greet.  We invite you to come to your child's classroom to look around and meet myself and my wonderful preschool aide, Mrs. Healy.  Mass will promptly begin at 7:00 p.m., therefore, we will begin to lock up at 6:55 p.m.  I will go over our schedule and take questions or concerns.  See you Tuesday evening and thank you for sending us your WONDERFUL children.  

Part-Time Preschool Week of 8/25 and 8/26

Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Welcome to St. John Fisher Preschool

I would like to extend to you and your child my warmest welcome to our preschool classroom.  My name is Sue Power and I am delighted to be your child’s preschool teacher this year.  This will be my 17th year as an Early Childhood teacher within the Catholic School.  I have four children who have received a Catholic education from grade school through high school.

As an Early Childhood Educator I believe that everyone learns in a different way.  One way is to help your child discover his/her individuality.  Through discovery and hands on learning, children can learn through play.  The curriculum followed at St. John Fisher preschool was created to provide a wonderful atmosphere for each child.  Our daily routine consists of calendar math, story time, letters and sounds, religion and crafts. We will also be socializing and learning to play together through various learning centers. Through play and interaction indoor and outdoor, our hope is for your child to develop a love for school.

BackToSchool_Tommy5.pngWorking alongside me is Mrs. Lisa Healy.  Mrs. Healy has two children who also attend Catholic school.

Mrs. Healy and I are looking forward to interacting with you and your children this upcoming school year.

If you should have any questions, please contact me through the school website blog


We look forward to meeting all of you and to a wonderful year!


Class Hours

 Daily part Time      Monday - Friday   7:50 – 10:45 A.M. or

                                                  11:30-2:20 P.M.


                   Three Day       Tues/Wed/Thurs     7:50—10:45 A.M or

                                                                          11:30-2:20 P.M.




Children should dress suited to active play and sometimes “messy” play. Please keep in mind that children are expected to use the bathroom by themselves. One piece overalls, tights and belts are difficult at times. Gym/closed toe shoes are best , sandals and flip flops are not safe; the preschoolers are up and down the stairs as well as on playground during the school day.


Children should not bring toys from home to school. They are hard to share and often get lost.


Children are expected to be fully potty trained when they are admitted to preschool; however we understand that accidents happen. Please send to school a full change of clothes, socks, shoes, underpants and a shirt and bottoms; all items need to be placed in a plastic bag with your child’s name clearly labeled. If a child has an accident at school parents will be called to come and change your child. We also understand that many of our preschoolers are newly potty trained and that in a new environment they may have a few accidents; however children must be completely independent in the bathroom by October 1st.


Children will eat snack each day. Please pack your child a healthy snack with a small drink.


If your child is allergic to any specific foods, please be sure to notify the teacher in writing.


Supplies Needed

           Large easy to open school bag to carry home creations and school mail

           3 rolls paper towels

           3 Clorox wipes           3 Package of baby wipes           2 pocket folder


Children’s birthdays are special days! We will celebrate each child’s birthday in school. If you wish you may send a treat for the entire class.  Treats should be store bought and not homemade.


Children will be encouraged toward proper behavior through positive tones of voice and praise. They will be reminded verbally in cases of inappropriate and/or disruptive behavior. Parents will be notified if a child’s behavior is frequently inappropriate, and discussions will be held in private.


Arrival and Pick Up

Children should line up outside the preschool doors

Arrivals~ please do not arrive more than five minutes before the class starts. You are always welcome to walk your child into school, unless you arrive late. We will then meet you at the door.

Pick Up~ if you know that you are going to be detained, please notify the office so we can reassure your child. Children will be dismissed from the preschool doors. If you will not be picking up your child, please let us know who to expect. If parents are late, children will be brought to the school office.

Activities Will Include

Language Arts   Math    Religion /Bible Stories

Free Play     Calendar Activities     Circle Time

Journals      Computer   Outdoor Play   Gross Motor Skills   Fine Motor Skills   Finger Plays      Story Time     Creative Art        Songs & Movement      Science Activities    Socialization

 The children will also attend a gym class, a computer class and an art class once a week as well as alternating a music and library class once a week. The children will have a different teacher for the special classes, but our preschool aide will attend these classes with your child.



Regular attendance to school is very important. It helps the student obtain the maximum benefits from school. However if your child is sick, please keep them home. We ask that you use your best judgment and consider the other children in class.

Children must be fever free for 24 hours before they can return to school. If your child is sick at school, they should be picked up at the school office.

Emergency School Closing a general rule school will be in session unless very unusual circumstances warrant a change in this policy.  Should an unscheduled closing be necessary, please check the policy in the SJF Handbook.


Parental Responsibilities

To prepare your child for preschool you can help in the following ways

 Develop the attitude that school is a happy place and the teacher is your friend

Teach your child to dress him/herself

 Guide your child to show independence in taking care of his/her own toilet needs

 Be sure your child knows his/her full name

 Having a cheerful, positive attitude when the child leaves either at home or school with “Goodbye, I’ll see you later

Crying~ Please do not remain too long when leaving your child at school. If your child cries and does not calm down, you will be called. The school adjustment is rapid once the parent leaves and the day’s activities begin.

Prolonged goodbyes make transitions difficult.


If the child’s parents are divorced or separated, the school presumes that both parents have access to the children’s records unless one parent can provide evidence that he/she has the sole rights.


All parent volunteers, chaperones and room parents need to be Virtus Trained, you can get all the information on Virtus training on the St. John Fisher School home page.



The Saint John Fisher Preschool believes that the parents are the first and most significant teachers in the child’s life. A good partnership between the parent and the teacher is a necessity for the optimum growth of the child. The preschool experience should be exciting and happy for both the child and the parent; therefore good communication between parents and teachers is essential. Parents are encouraged to share all information that could help in making the child’s experience a better one! Please check our preschool blog for information and pictures of the exciting things we do here!

Call or email with any questions or concerns

I’m looking forward to a wonderful year!!


Ms. Sue Power