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Ms. Sue Power, Preschool

Hello! My name is Sue Power. This is my sixteenth year of being a teacher and my third year at St. John Fisher. I am so excited to be working with your children this year in the part-time preschool program. A few facts about me are: Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher. My love for reading extends from getting engrossed in a great book to choosing and reading books to my students. I believe in daily exercise and if my knees would cooperate, I would love to run a marathon, if I could. I also like to incorporate exercise in my classroom with movement, dancing and yoga. I am interested in anything related to science and I love to see my students faces light up when we mix up something as simple as baking soda and vinegar. I live in Evergreen Park and I have four fantastic adult children who thankfully are all doing well and in great careers of their own. I love going to the city and am a big Sox fan. A great evening for me is coming home from school, taking a walk and then sitting down to a great meal or going out to dinner with friends. I am proud to say that I am a product of Catholic school and that tradition remained the same for my own children as well. I really enjoy teaching my preschoolers about all of the wonderful things God has given us. I also enjoy teaching and learning with my students ways we can be more like Jesus in everything we do. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you on August 25, 2016! We are going to have a terrific year!

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 1/23 to 1/27/2017

Posted on Jan 29, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     It was so nice to see everyone at our Open House on Sunday.  I think the kids really liked showing their families their art work and all of the things they like to play with at school.

    There are some other festivities planned for the week such as:

     Monday is a Round Up.  We are collecting things for the Ronald McDonald House.  Our preschool donation will be juice boxes, individually wrapped tea bags and granola.  These items can be brought into school this week.  Also, Monday is Western Day.  The students can wear flannel shirts and boots, etc.

     On Tuesday there will be a Science show.

     On Wednesday it's Roll out of Bed Day.  Pjs can be worn to school and we will play Bingo in the morning.  There is a Band Concert in the afternoon.

     On Thursday we will talk about spreading kindness.

     Friday is our field trip to Disney on Ice.  FYI, if you didn't sign up to go on the trip, there is no school.

     Last week in preschool we began Letter Mm.  We didn't get as much done as I planned, so we will continue on with Mm this week.

     We did however, make bees, snowflakes and mittens.

     Have a great week.

Part-Time Preschool For Week of 1/17-1/20/2017

Posted on Jan 23, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Last week in preschool we began with telling everyone our dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up. 

    We also began our new Letter, Ll.  We read many stories, played some sound matching/letter games and learned how to make an Ll.  

     For Art we made a lion and polar bears.  We are learning about the arctic and some animals that really like the cold.

     For Math we worked on number review and learning number 7.

     Our Science Experiment was a lava lamp.  Lots of oohs and aahs.

     Religion this week was in connection with Martin Luther King and being kind to everyone.  

     Have a great rest of the week.

Part-Time Preschool for Week of 1/9/to 1/13/2017

Posted on Jan 15, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     It was so nice to see everyone after a restful two weeks of Christmas vacation.

     As I stated in my letter, Miss Christina joined us this week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  By Friday she was ready to take over our calendar routine, read a story and provided a cute snowflake craft.

    This week we jumped back in to our letter of the week.  We worked on the sound and formation of letter Kk.  We read stories and reviewed some old letters.  We played a penguin game wherein we picked up a fish with a designated letter on it. If the letter was K we blew a kiss and fed it to the penguin.  If there was another letter on the fish we said it, and again blew a kiss and fed it to the penguin.

     For Religion this week we read a story about Martin Luther King, Jr.  We learned that he wanted everyone to be treated fairly and kindly.  We painted a world on a paper plate with blue and green.  I recorded how they were going to be kind on a hand print and glued it on the world.  We had two demonstrations to help us realize that even though things look one way on the outside; inside we are all the same.  We had a "flashy" paper bag and a "plain" paper bag.  Inside the bags were exactly the same items.  We also viewed 3 eggs, (blue, brown and white).  I cracked them open and they saw that inside the eggs, were all the same.

     For Art we made penguins and a kite.   

     REMINDERS:  Tuesday, wear what you want to be when you grow up.  I'm sure we will see a lot of superheroes and princesses which is great!

     Enjoy your day off on Monday and we will resume on Tuesday.