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Ms. Sue Power, Preschool

Hello! My name is Sue Power. This is my sixteenth year of being a teacher and my third year at St. John Fisher. I am so excited to be working with your children this year in the part-time preschool program. A few facts about me are: Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher. My love for reading extends from getting engrossed in a great book to choosing and reading books to my students. I believe in daily exercise and if my knees would cooperate, I would love to run a marathon, if I could. I also like to incorporate exercise in my classroom with movement, dancing and yoga. I am interested in anything related to science and I love to see my students faces light up when we mix up something as simple as baking soda and vinegar. I live in Evergreen Park and I have four fantastic adult children who thankfully are all doing well and in great careers of their own. I love going to the city and am a big Sox fan. A great evening for me is coming home from school, taking a walk and then sitting down to a great meal or going out to dinner with friends. I am proud to say that I am a product of Catholic school and that tradition remained the same for my own children as well. I really enjoy teaching my preschoolers about all of the wonderful things God has given us. I also enjoy teaching and learning with my students ways we can be more like Jesus in everything we do. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you on August 25, 2016! We are going to have a terrific year!

Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/23 to 10/27/2017

Posted on Oct 29, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     This week in Preschool we were very busy.  We worked on our new letter, Letter Ee.  We learned that E makes two sounds and that it takes four lines to make the uppercase E.  We played the doorbell game again; we pretended to ring the doorbell to see if there was a picture behind the door that began with our letter.  There were some "stinkers" in there to try and trick us too! We also built the letter E with four lines of construction paper. We counted how many letter E's we had and worked as a team to construct them.  We read lots of books that included elephants, Elmo and also worked on our manners by saying "excuse me."  We also played a review game of our old letters that we know.

     For Art we decorated the letter E with eyes, made a firefighter and our Friday students decorated Elmer the Elephant with paper squares.

     This week's Science experiment was the oozing pumpkin.  I carved our "blue" pumpkin and added the secret potion of yeast, peroxide and dish washing liquid for the special oozing effect.

     For Math we worked on number 4 and played a Halloween dice game.  We rolled the cube and put that number of items into the witches cauldron.  We then stirred it up for the next person.  We had frogs, snakes, spiders, pumpkins and skeletons in our pot.

     This week in Religion we talked about how we like to dress up for Halloween and have a parade.  We then talked about how Jesus had a parade of Saints.  We talked about what a saint was and how we can try to be like Jesus in everything we do.  We learned that one of the Saints was St. Francis.  We learned about St. Francis from Father Ken when we had our stuffed animals Blessed. 

     In our morning class, Annie's dad, Mr. O'Malley came in with his fire gear to show us and to tell us about Fire Safety.   Thank you Mr. O'Malley for giving your time and teaching us.  

     Both classes voted on their favorite pumpkin in Kane Hall.  The pumpkins were so creative.  Everyone took it very seriously as they made  their choice for their favorite pumpkins.   We have been reading a multitude of Halloween books and are really excited to dress up on Tuesday for our Halloween parties.  

     Happy Halloween and have a great rest of the weekend!  


Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/16 to 10/20/2017

Posted on Oct 22, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     This week in Preschool we resumed our alphabet with Letter D.  We learned the sound and the formation and played some cute games.  We put "D" ducks in the pond and "d" ducks in the mud.  We also looked at objects and if they began with a "D" sound, we acted out a drum roll sound.  We also played "Ding Dong." We opened the door and if the item began with D we made the drum roll sound again.  

     For Art we made a hot dog dog, put dots on "D," and made ghosts.  

     We worked on number 3 for Math.  When we make the 3 we say, "half way around and around again."  

     We did not have an experiment this week but we did talk about fire safety with our Scholastic magazine.  We talked about things that we should not touch.  We learned that we have "kid tools," like toys that we can touch.  We learned that grownups have "grownup tools," like matches and lighters, that we do not touch.  Max's mom, a Chicago firefighter, came in to talk to our afternoon class about "stop, drop and roll," and having a safe plan and a meeting place at our homes in case of a fire.  Thank you Mrs. Pecco for all of your important information.  This week for the morning class, we welcome Annie's dad, Mr. O'Malley, also a Chicago firefighter.  

     We have been reading many fun Halloween stories and stories that go with our letter of the week.  

     Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  

Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/10 to 10/13/2017

Posted on Oct 15, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a great four day week in preschool.  We did a lot of reviewing of our letters A, B and C.  We also reviewed our site words, "I, can and a."  We played a game using a dice cube with Aa, Bb, and Cc on it.  We rolled the dice, found the letter on the large chart paper with those letters, located it and put a bear on it.  We sorted uppercase C and lowercase c carrots and then counted which group had the most. Finally, we chose objects that began with letter C and made the "c" sound.

     Our Art projects were bats and witches.  Our room is looking pretty spooky so far.

     This week for Religion we talked about how God thought the world was quiet after He created it, so He made some very noisy animals.  There were animals in the air, in the water and on land.  

     The Science experiment this week was "fizzing pumpkins."  We painted paper pumpkins with a magic solution of baking soda and water and then painted over it with orange colored vinegar.  Someone said, "this is the best day ever."  That was all I needed to hear for my quest to find more science experiments.  

     For Math this week we reviewed numbers one through five.  Together we glued our number circles on our caterpillar.

     This coming week we will go on to letter Dd.  We will also welcome the Halloween Story Lady for our "indoor" field trip.  Our afternoon class will learn about fire safety with Max's mom, a Chicago Firefighter.  Our morning class will learn about fire safety the following week with Annie's Dad.  We thank you both so much for everything you do and for teaching us to be safe.  

     Have a great rest of the weekend!


Part Time Preschool for Week of 10/2 to 10/6/2017

Posted on Oct 09, 2017

Dear Preschool Parents,

     I hope you are all enjoying your day off today!  I am still on cloud nine after seeing my youngest daughter run the Chicago Marathon yesterday!  I am of course, a very proud mom!!!

     This last week in Preschool we worked on Letter Cc.  I have decided to work on letter C this coming week along with letters A and B for review.

     For Art this week we painted paper plates orange and then turned them into jack-o-lanterns.  We also decorated letter C with cookies.

     For Reading we read books with C in the title and found items in the classroom that began with the C sound.  We learned how to make C too. We also have learned the site words "I, can and a."  

     This week in Religion we talked about how God made the world.  We learned that God made everything in our world with beautiful colors.

    Our Science experiment was "color mixing."  We all had a cup of vinegar and then all at the same time put a teaspoon of baking soda in our cup and stirred.  Little did they know that I hid different color food coloring on everyone's' spoon.  There were many oohs and aahs and some overflowing.  Fun was had by all.

    Our prayer buddies came down to make Mr. Bones with us and then stayed and played a little bit too.

    We also went over to church to have Father Ken bless our stuffed animals. We were happy to have some of our class stuffed animals too. The children were so wonderful in God's House.  Everyone was respectful and quiet while Father Ken told them the story of St. Francis.  

     Again, enjoy your day off for Columbus Day!  See everyone tomorrow!



Part Time Preschool for Week of 9/25 to 9/29/2017

Posted on Oct 01, 2017

Dear Preschool Families,

     Happy Fall!  This week in Preschool we worked on learning our second letter, "Bb."  

     We read many books about bears and learned some interesting facts about them too.   We learned how to make big B and little b and we learned the sound that it makes.

     Some of the games we played were, putting the upper case and the lower case letter on the correct honey comb.  We played baseball by choosing an item, saying what sound it began with and then moved our bear to first, second, third and then "home run."  We also played a game with post its.  If the post it had a Bb, we put it in one column and if it was another letter, we put it in that column. We also identified the items we had and put it in the B basket if it began with that letter.

     Our art projects were the brown bear puppet and gluing buttons on letter B.  We also colored a butterfly.

     For Religion we talked about how Jesus was only 12 years old when he wandered away from his parents for a time. They found Jesus talking and learning about His father in His father's temple.  

     For Math we worked on number 2.  We read a story about things with two.  When we make a two we say, "curl around and slide the right."  

     Our Science experiment was elephant toothpaste.  Using yeast, peroxide and dish soap.  All were put into a pop bottle and we watched as it oozed out.  

      On Friday afternoon we attended the pep rally in the Gym and cheered for our Falcons.

     I hope everyone has a great weekend.