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Ms. Sue Power, Preschool

Hello! My name is Sue Power. This is my sixteenth year of being a teacher and my third year at St. John Fisher. I am so excited to be working with your children this year in the part-time preschool program. A few facts about me are: Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher. My love for reading extends from getting engrossed in a great book to choosing and reading books to my students. I believe in daily exercise and if my knees would cooperate, I would love to run a marathon, if I could. I also like to incorporate exercise in my classroom with movement, dancing and yoga. I am interested in anything related to science and I love to see my students faces light up when we mix up something as simple as baking soda and vinegar. I live in Evergreen Park and I have four fantastic adult children who thankfully are all doing well and in great careers of their own. I love going to the city and am a big Sox fan. A great evening for me is coming home from school, taking a walk and then sitting down to a great meal or going out to dinner with friends. I am proud to say that I am a product of Catholic school and that tradition remained the same for my own children as well. I really enjoy teaching my preschoolers about all of the wonderful things God has given us. I also enjoy teaching and learning with my students ways we can be more like Jesus in everything we do. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you on August 25, 2016! We are going to have a terrific year!

Ms Power/PreK for week of 10/21 to 10/25/19

Posted on Oct 27, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a great week in preschool!  

     This week we worked on Letter Ff.  We played some fun games to help us recognize the letter like putting the fish with the letter "F," or "f," on it, in the fish bowl.  If it had an old letter that we learned already, it went back into the pail.  We also looked at items that began with letter Ff.  

     For Art this week we worked on a witch and a frog.  We also cut out a little ghost and played a guessing game, "Who is under the Ghost?"  

     In Religion this week we worked on Chapter 3 of our Religion book.  We learned that Jesus welcomes the children.  We learned that when the children came to see Him, Jesus' friends said that, "Jesus was busy."   But Jesus opened His arms and said, "Let the Children Come."  We talked about how Jesus always listens to us, no matter what.

     For Math this week we read a story, "Ten Timid Ghosts."  We arranged ourselves with cut out ghosts with numbers 1-10, in order.  The other half of the students had cards with various characters from the book.  They had to go up to the ghosts and say, "Boo," as we counted down to zero.  Our prayer buddies came down too,  and we graphed candy corn and pumpkins.  We had some to eat too!

     We are so fortunate to have with us, three mornings a week, Kirsten Duffy, from Mother McAuley.  Kirsten is a student in their Early Childhood Program and she helps us us with our games, songs and stories.  Kirsten also takes a small group of four and works with them on something that is related to what we are working on in class.  Kirsten is wonderful with the kids and is a great asset to our program.  

     REMINDERS:  This Week, Wednesday, October 30th, is an early dismissal for the whole school.  Dismissal is 1:45 p.m.  The faculty has an In-Service meeting.  

Thursday, October 31st, Parents welcome to come to school with their child to hear a brief Halloween show with songs and poems and pictures.  Parents can be on their way by 8:30 a.m.  Students can wear their costumes to school and we will have some fun throughout the day with Halloween festivities. Students can also bring a wrapped treat to share with their classmates.   

      Have a great rest of the weekend and a Happy Halloween!!!


Ms Power/PreK for Week of 10/15-10/18/19

Posted on Oct 20, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     Halloween is in the air with witches, pumpkins, bats and Frankensteins!!

     We have been very busy practicing our fun songs for Halloween.  A letter will go out soon regarding our Halloween plans.  

     This week we worked on letter Ee.  We played some fun games to help us too.  We went on an egg hunt and in our egg, found a letter E, another letter we know and a number we know.  We had to sort them on a poster board.  The fun part was trying to find them. Mrs. Healy is good at finding out the best hiding spots.  We also made an uppercase E with craft sticks.  We learned that it takes 4 sticks to make an E.  We also played a game were we worked in groups of 4 to make an E with construction paper strips.  

     For Art we made owls, Frankenstein and a scary bat!

     This week in Religion we talked about how God made friends. We talked about how God wants us to treat each other. We talked about being a good friend to each other every day.

     This week in Math we worked on number 4.  We read a story about Number 4 an then we put counted out and put four Halloween stickers on a large craft stick.

     Have a great rest of the weekend!!!


Ms Power/108 Preschool for Week of 10/7-10/11/19

Posted on Oct 13, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     We have been having a fun week in Preschool!

     We moved on to letter Dd.  We read books about dinosaurs and dogs.  We played some fun learning games like, "Ding, dong, Open the Door."  We opened the door to reveal something that began with Dd.  We also played "Darling Ducks."  We had to move the ducks with a Dd on them from the mud to the pond.  We also continue to review our other letters.  We have been learning the signs for each letter too.  

     One of our fun art projects this week was to paint a very large paper pumpkin.  The next day we cut out the stems and put a hand print leaf on it.  We also made a spider in a spider web.  

     We have been preparing for fire safety this week by talking about smoke detectors and plans on how to get out of our houses.  We have been practicing our plans here at school by lining up and how to remain quiet until the drill is over.  We talked about our plan and meeting place.  We talked about things we should never touch like lighters, matches and stoves.  We made a sparky the fire dog by putting black dots all over the dog with paint and our fingers.  

     For Math this week we worked on #3.  We rolled a special dice cube that only had 1, 2 and 3 on it.  If we rolled a 3 we got to choose a card with a 3 on it.  We all got to take home three #3 cards.  We learned that to make a 3 we say, "half way around and around again."

     We began our first chapter in our new Religion books which talked about God's special friends.  We learned that when God asks for our help we say "Yes."

     We are off this Monday for Columbus Day.  Enjoy your day off and the rest of your weekend too!

Ms Power/PreK/Room 108 for Week of 9/30-10/4/2019

Posted on Oct 06, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     This last week in preschool we continued our apple theme with apple volcanoes and a fun treat, "apple pie in a cup."  We crumbled graham crackers, added some chunky applesauce and topped it with whip cream.  We played a game where I hid a worm under paper apples numbered from 1 to 8 and everyone got chances to turn over the apple to see where the worm was.  

     We wrapped up "B" and moved on to "C."  We read books about Corduroy Bear and Splat the Cat.  We continue to read books about fall and changes in the season. We played some fun games to help us learn the sound and formation of Cc. We sorted carrots that had either a "c" or a "C" into two different carrot patches.  Then we counted to see which was more.  We also flipped cookies over to reveal whether the picture on the back began with C or something else.  

     For Art this week we made Corduroy Bear and used water colors to reveal our names.  We also made hearts for Father Dan who is recovering from foot surgery.  

     This week in Religion we talked about Gods creatures that he made and how noisy it must have been, but God was very happy to have all of the animals.  

     This week in Math we worked on making a number two. We say, "curl around and slide to the right."  We also talked about small, medium and large.  We all went around the room and found something large and small.

     We had a great week in preschool.  Also, just wanted to say what a great group of children we have.  They are working so hard at being kind to each other and following all of the rules that they have learned since they have been in school so far.  This is all due to you as parents, your child's first teachers.  Thank you for making this job so fun and easy! Have a great rest of the weekend!!