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Ms. Sue Power, Preschool

Hello! My name is Sue Power. This is my sixteenth year of being a teacher and my third year at St. John Fisher. I am so excited to be working with your children this year in the part-time preschool program. A few facts about me are: Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher. My love for reading extends from getting engrossed in a great book to choosing and reading books to my students. I believe in daily exercise and if my knees would cooperate, I would love to run a marathon, if I could. I also like to incorporate exercise in my classroom with movement, dancing and yoga. I am interested in anything related to science and I love to see my students faces light up when we mix up something as simple as baking soda and vinegar. I live in Evergreen Park and I have four fantastic adult children who thankfully are all doing well and in great careers of their own. I love going to the city and am a big Sox fan. A great evening for me is coming home from school, taking a walk and then sitting down to a great meal or going out to dinner with friends. I am proud to say that I am a product of Catholic school and that tradition remained the same for my own children as well. I really enjoy teaching my preschoolers about all of the wonderful things God has given us. I also enjoy teaching and learning with my students ways we can be more like Jesus in everything we do. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you on August 25, 2016! We are going to have a terrific year!

Ms Power/Room 108/For Week of 12/16-12/20/19

Posted on Dec 22, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     What a wonderful week we had in preschool!  The highlight of course, was the Christmas Show.  Everyone did such an outstanding job singing and performing.  We also were able to see the Kindergarten Christmas Play, which was so sweet and perfect for the season.  

     With all of our practicing, we didn't get too much done but we played some fun Christmas games.  We wrapped each other up with green crepe paper and garland like Christmas trees and tossed pompoms into Santa pants.  We read some fun Christmas stories and also stories about when Baby Jesus was born.  

     I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas break and we can't thank you enough for your generosity and thoughtfulness.  Happy New Year and on to 2020!



Ms Power/Room 108/Week of 12/9-12/13/19

Posted on Dec 15, 2019

Dear Preschool Families,

     This week is our last week before our Christmas break. 

     We have been putting the finishing touches on all of our cute Christmas projects and "special gifts" that we have been working on, as well as practicing for our upcoming Christmas show.

     This last week for Art, we worked on making Christmas cards for the residents at Smith Village and Christmas cards for our families.  As I stated, we are working on a "special gift" for our families that you will pick up on the day of the show.  It's so cute!

     We tried to work on letter Kk as much as we could but we were very busy with practicing when we could for our show.  We did learn how to print Kk and played a game where we passed around an envelope and found a golden key.  We learned that "k" and "c" have the same sound.  We read books with "K" in the title and many Christmas books too.  

     For Math we touched on number 8.  We learned 8 facts about an octopus and I demonstrated how to make it, which is, make an "S" and go back home.  We will work more on 8 when we return from our break.  

     This week in Religion we read the Christmas story of how the Angel Gabriel visits Mary and then Baby Jesus was born.  We will be seeing the Kindergarten play this coming week.


     Tuesday -       Polar Express Day.  Wear your pjs to school.

     Wednesday - Our Christmas Show.  No regular school for preschoolers.                                     Bring your child to their classroom by 11:40 a.m.

     Thursday -     Kindergarten play

     Friday -          Last day of school before Christmas break!  

     Merry Christmas!  Have a great rest of your weekend!


Ms Power/PreK 108 for Week of 12/2-12/5/19

Posted on Dec 08, 2019

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Music is in the air as we practice for our upcoming show on December 18th.  Please remember that there will not be school on this day for preschoolers.  You may bring your child to their classroom no later than 11:45 a.m. and then proceed to the church for a seat.  After the show we will go back to our classrooms where you can pick up your child.   

     Besides singing, we worked on Letter Jj.  We learned the sound and the formation and played some fun learning games.  We turned over our deck of cards looking for Jacks and Jokers and we pulled paper jelly beans out of a bag and sorted uppercase and lower case "Jj's" and then tallied how many of each.  We also practiced printing at the board.

     For Math we worked on Number 7.  We again used our playing cards, flipped them over and tried to find the lucky number 7.  When we did we performed some actions like clapping 7 times, jumping 7 times and hopping 7 times.  We practiced making number 7 while reciting, "slide to the right and then slant down."

     Our Art projects were painting and decorating Christmas trees and ornaments and a special "top secret" gift that we painted too.  

     For Religion we talked about getting ready for Christmas and what we are doing in our classrooms, at home and for each other.  We also made our Christmas countdown chains with our buddies.  We had a great week!

     Have a great rest of the weekend!