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Ms. Sue Power, Preschool

Hello! My name is Sue Power. This is my sixteenth year of being a teacher and my third year at St. John Fisher. I am so excited to be working with your children this year in the part-time preschool program. A few facts about me are: Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher. My love for reading extends from getting engrossed in a great book to choosing and reading books to my students. I believe in daily exercise and if my knees would cooperate, I would love to run a marathon, if I could. I also like to incorporate exercise in my classroom with movement, dancing and yoga. I am interested in anything related to science and I love to see my students faces light up when we mix up something as simple as baking soda and vinegar. I live in Evergreen Park and I have four fantastic adult children who thankfully are all doing well and in great careers of their own. I love going to the city and am a big Sox fan. A great evening for me is coming home from school, taking a walk and then sitting down to a great meal or going out to dinner with friends. I am proud to say that I am a product of Catholic school and that tradition remained the same for my own children as well. I really enjoy teaching my preschoolers about all of the wonderful things God has given us. I also enjoy teaching and learning with my students ways we can be more like Jesus in everything we do. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you on August 25, 2016! We are going to have a terrific year!

Ms Power/Room108/Week of 2/24-2/28/2020

Posted on Feb 29, 2020

Dear Preschool Families,

     This week in Preschool our theme was brushing our teeth and germs.  We talked about how and when to brush our teeth and flossing too.  We talked about healthy foods to eat and making right choices.  We did an experiment where we soaked a hard boiled egg in pop and saw what the pop did to the egg. Yuck!  We read a story about germs and what germs like and what they don't like.  They really hate fresh air and soap and water.  Germs love when we put our fingers in our nose and our mouth, so we are working on that constantly. We also dipped our fingertips in flour and shook hands with a partner to see how fast our germs can spread,so we're doing out best to wash our hands and getting outside when we can.

    For Art we made a toothbrush and cut out a paper tooth.  We glued cotton on a tooth and painted a paper plate Q with Q-tips and water colors.

     This week we learned letter Qq.  We played a  "quick question" game and practiced flipping a paper coin with a Q and a q on either side.  We tallied which we had the most of.  Then we moved on to a real quarter and practiced flipping heads and tails while graphing that too.  We talked about how Q has a best friend, "u," and they are always together.  We read books about quilts and made a class quilt for our room.  We also read books about being quiet and we played the quiet game too.  

     For Math we talked about time to the hour.  We learned that the small hand on the clock is the boss.  We read the Grouchy Lady Bug because it involves time.  We also played a tooth game where I put marshmallows on a poster board mouth.  We pretended the marshmallows were teeth and we rolled the dice and removed the teeth.  We also got to eat some!

     For Religion we talked about Lent.  We talked about how some people give up things that they love during the season of Lent.  We also talked about how you can take an action during the season, like being kind or listening the first time your parents tell you to do something.  Father Ken came in and we all received ashes.  Father Ken explained receiving ashes in a wonderful way that they could understand and everyone was willing and very proud of being closer to Jesus.  


     You should have received a schedule of events for the upcoming week.  On Cat in the Hat Monday we have decided not to wear hats due to a lice issue within the school.  On Tuesday, bring something small that would fit in a pocket.  On Wednesday, dress wacky.  On Thursday, where something green or Who inspired.  On Green Eggs and Ham Friday, we will have a fun treat!

     Have a great rest of the weekend!


Ms Power/Room 108/PreK for Week of 2/18-2/22/2020

Posted on Feb 22, 2020

Dear Preschool Parents,

     This week we celebrated Presidents Day and are moving on to Dr. Seuss and St. Patrick's Day.  Time is going fast and spring is upon us!

     Our letter this week was Pp.  We learned the sound, formation and sign for letter Pp.  We read books about porcupines, Pete the Cat and pigs.  We played some fun games like putting the pepperoni on the pizza if the picture began with p, found items that begin with Pp and if our "pea," had a letter Pp on it we all yelled, "put it in the pot."  

     For Art we worked on a star for Presidents Day and made a modern version of Abraham Lincoln's log cabin.  We also chose which president mask we wanted to make, Abraham or George.  

    Some other fun things we did in honor of Presidents Day were counting with pennies for Math.  We worked with a partner in counting out pennies up to 10 cents in our pretend store.  We put our pennies in a solution of vinegar and salt and shook up the bottle to clean the pennies off.  We read some stories about both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and learned some fun facts about each of them.  We all looked around the room to find a large paper penny to examine.  We saw numbers and letters on the penny and talked about the two sides of the coin.  Someone found the one quarter coin that I had and we discussed who was on that coin too.

     This week in Religion we talked about how we belong to our families, just like Jesus belonged to His.  We talked about some things we do with our families to show love.  This coming week we will be receiving ashes on Wednesday for Ash Wednesday.  We will talk about things we can do to become even closer to Jesus.  Usually, Father Ken and Miss Chermack, our Religions Education Director, visit our rooms to give out ashes.  They explain it so very nicely to the children in order to prepare them for Lent.  

     For the first week of March we will be doing some fun Dr. Seuss activities.  A calendar of events will be coming home this week so you will know what we are doing every day.

     REMINDER:  This week on Thursday, 2/27,  we have an early dismissal which is 1:45.  

     Have a great rest of this beautiful weekend!!

Ms Power


Ms Power/PreK 108 for Week of 2/10-2/14/2020

Posted on Feb 16, 2020

Happy Valentines/President's Day Weekend!

     This last week in Preschool we had a great week!  Besides all of our Valentine Day Festivities, we were able to get in a little work too!

     We worked on Letter Oo.  We learned the sound, formation and sign for O.  We read about an octopus and owls.  We learned that O has two sounds, "aahhh," and it says it's name too.  We played some fun games like putting the correct orange on the right orange tree and the hokey pokey, where we put in a little "o" or a big "O," in.  We matched letters on an octopus and reviewed some old letters.  

     For Math, we worked on "one of these things is not like the other."  As an example, we had 4 dishes and 1 cup.  Even though they're all dishes, one didn't belong.

     For Religion, we talked about how God wants us to love each other like He loves us.  We talked about ways we can be even kinder to each other than we already are.

     On Thursday we celebrated our Valentine's Party all day long.  We decorated bags, sat in a circle and passed out our cards and treats.  We played musical chairs and hot potato.  Our buddies came in to graph candy hearts and we tossed a bean bag into heart boxes.  We also had an experiment where we observed which liquid would disintegrate the candy heart faster.  Out of water, oil and pop, the water worked the fastest.  We played charades and decorated a cookie with frosting and sprinkles.  It was a super fun day! 

     REMINDERS:  We don't have school on Monday 2/17, in honor of President's Day.


Ms Power/Room 108/Preschool for Week of 2/3-2/7/2020

Posted on Feb 09, 2020

Dear Preschool Parents,

     Well, the groundhog could not find his shadow so "Hooray," for early spring! 

     This week in Preschool we learned the Letter Nn.  We learned how to formulate it, the sound it makes and the sign.  We read many books about night time and nests.  We are also reading lots of Valentine's Day and President's Day stories.

     For Letter Nn we played some fun learning games.  We put the correct noodle in the pot; lowercase and uppercase, and then we counted to see what we had the most of.  We also put pictures of things that began with N, "in the newspaper."  Finally, we looked for letter N in the nest.  We also found some old letters for a review.

     This week our art projects consisted of painting hearts either red, purple or pink, a Valentine wreath and love bugs.

     For Religion this week we learned that Jesus belonged to a family, just like us.  We learned that Jesus helped his mom and dad, by doing chores, just like us. And we learned that they are called, "The Holy Family."

     This Week's math lesson was looking at the length of objects to see which one is longer or shorter.  We picked out an item and matched it with our partner to compare their lengths.

     REMINDERS:  Our Valentine Party is this Thursday, 2/13.  Please have your child bring in a Valentine to pass out to each of their classmates.  Students can put their own name on the card. There is no need to put classmates name on the envelope.  Students are welcome to bring in a wrapped treat to pass out too.

     We also have a day off on Monday, 2/17, due to Presidents Day.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Ms Power/Room 108 Preschool for the Week of 1/27-1/31/2020

Posted on Feb 02, 2020

Dear Preschool Families,

     We had a super busy week in Preschool.  We kicked off our fantastic Catholic Schools Week with our awesome Open House.  It was so great to see so many of you last Sunday.  

     On Monday, we wore our Fisher gear and began our Dime Wars.  On Tuesday we played trivia with our prayer buddies.  On Wednesday, with our buddies, we created our STEM project by putting together snowflakes using three geometric shapes within the snowflake.  We used marshmallows and toothpicks.  On Thursday the teachers got to serve parents coffee outside which was so much fun.  On Thursday we made thank you notes for our parents and on Friday we attended the Olympic games in the gym.  

    We also were able to get in some reviewing of our letters from A-M since we didn't begin a new letter this week.  We worked on patterning and learned about how much God loves us.  We did some free painting and made a groundhog.  We learned a lot about groundhogs and Groundhog Day.  We made our predictions and on TV today Puxatawny Phil stated that we will have an early spring.  Yey!!

REMINDERS:  We will be celebrating our Valentines Party Day on February 13th, which is a Thursday, when all of our friends will be in school.  Students can bring in a Valentine card for everyone and a wrapped treat.  We have 21 students in our class.