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PreK for Week of 4/19-4/23/2021

Dear Preschool Families,

     What a great week in Preschool!  We completed some fun Earth Day activities this week.  We made our Earth Day paper plates, painted rocks, made some bird feeders and hung them outside.  We colored with chalk to create some great artwork outside with the rest of the school.  We read stories and talked about simple things we can do at home to help save our earth.  

     This week we worked on letter Yy, Yey!  We did yoga, listened to the song Yakkity Yak, and made the letter Y with our bodies.  We picked up trash on the floor that was in a hula hoop, opened it up and if it had a Y on it, we threw it in the trash.  We also played yuck and yummy.  We shared ideas about foods we like and foods we don't like.  We learned not to yuck someone's yum though if they really like it!

     For Math we worked on things that are similar, like a cup and a plate are dishes.  We found things around the class and matched with a partner.

     For Religion we talked about David and times we can say prayers, which is any time!

     Our Science experiment involved yeast, sugar, water, a bottle and a balloon.  The chemical reaction made the balloon blow up and we had a race to see which balloon got bigger and the pink one won!

     We read great stories about saving the earth and stories with letter Y in the title.  

     For Art we wrapped yarn around a letter y, glued yarn to our large letter Y, made a birdie in a nest and a duck with an umbrella.  

     It was a great week, onto our last letter Zz!!!