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Mrs. Phyllis Sullivan, Fourth Grade

Hi! My name is Phyllis Sullivan and I am excited to begin my 27th year here at St. John Fisher. It will also be great to job share with Mrs. Sherry Hughes.  I am looking forward to teaching your fourth grader. My husband Tim and I are proud parents of five wonderful children and soon to be eight awesome grandchildren. We are going to have a wonderful year.

June 7th

Posted on Jun 07, 2021


This is it, the last week of school.  It has been a truly challenging year for you and your child but you did it and so did they. I am so proud of each fourth grader.  They masked up, distanced, sanitized, zoomed, and worked so hard.  This will  be a year none of us will forget.  Thank you s0 much for all of your support all year. 

Tomorrow is the Rocket Launch at Beverly Park,  We will start launching around 9:30 and all are welcome to cheer us on.  The kids are out of uniform, it is decade day, but they can wear whatever they want. They should bring a bag lunch, something to drink, sunscreen, bats/balls/ something to play with after the launch. 

Here is the schedule for the rest of the Spirit Week 

6/8  twinning day, dress like a friend,  Fat Johnny's lunch

6/9  Camo day and clean up

6/10 Track and field day, dress in homeroom colors TBD

6/11 Last day of school, Sunday best, 10:30 dismissal

Have a great week,


Mrs. Sullivan

June 1st

Posted on Jun 01, 2021

Good morning,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, all in thanks to those who served our country.  I can't believe it is the second to the last week of school.  It certainly has had its challenges, but the postitive out weighs them. Thanks for all of you who helped SJF students have a successful year.  The students, too, were awesome as they handled all of the changes.  Thank you to all the volunteers who helped built the rockets for the launch, pray for a great launch and good weather. Also, thanks to all the parents to cheered us on at the SJF Breast Cancer walk, it was amazing.


We are finishing up fourth grade math this week with a little bit of geometry.  We did not get through all of the chapters, however, the concepts in the remaining chapters were touched on throught out the year in SImple Solutions, IXL, and IReady Math. The chapter books will be sent home with your child.

Some reminders:

Rainbow Cone 6/1

Rocket Luanch   6/7  All are invited to watch the launch, Beverly Park

Fat Johnnys  6/8 

Last Day 6/11

 If  you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Have a great week.

Mrs. Sullivan

May 10 - 14

Posted on May 10, 2021

Good morning,

Thank you to everyone for all of the wonderful and delicious Teacher Appreciation gifts, your thoughtfulness is appreciated.  I hope all the moms had a wonderful Mother's Day and were spoiled by your children. Welcome back to the students in 212 who have been remote learning.  Altough the end to a crazy school year is near, we still have to finish up our school work.  Please log into PowerSchool when you have the chance, there are quite a few students who have missing assignments and some poor homework grades,

We are finishing up chapter seven on Wednesday with the chapter test on adding and subtracting fractions, and renaming fractions and mixed numbers.Within the next two weeks, the third and final I Ready assessment will be administered.  The students will still have the 45 minutes of IReady Math and Reading, as well as, IXL

If there are any thoughts and concerns, please let me email me and ave a great week.

Mrs. Sullivan


May 3 - 7

Posted on May 04, 2021


I hope that eveyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weekend.  Congratulations to all the families who had a First Holy Communicant, what a gorgeous day.

We will continue with chapter seven this week, and have the chapter test next Wednesday, the 12th.  The chapter includes adding and subtracting of fractions.  Again, I feel like I keep repeating myself, but it is vital for each student to have mastered the basic facts.  I Ready and IXl math both are an important  components of the fourth grade curriculum and the students have really benefited from the weekly practice.

The third and final I Ready Math and Reading tests will be administered the week of May 10th and 17th.  

This week, we will celebrate Special Olympics with a $1.00 out  of uniform day on Wednesday, May 5th students may should wear red. Also, remember that Friday, May, 7th is a 1/2 day, because of May Crowning, Dismissal is at 11:30.  

Today begins the second half of the third trimester, the home stretch.  Please check into PowerSchool to see your child's progress.  It is never to late to achieve the goals they set in the beginning of this school year and  we still have plenty of time to bring grades up. They are a great of hard workers, so I would not want them to end the year by giving up.  If there are any concerns or questions, please let me know.  


Mrs. Sullivan

April 19th - 23

Posted on Apr 20, 2021

Good morning, 

I hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful Spring weekend, even if it meant hours and hours at baseball/ softball/ soccer.  

We are beginning chapter seven in Math this week. The chapter focuses on adding and subtracting of fractions with like and unlike denominators.  I Ready and IXL are assigned as classswork/ homework this week.  Even though we are nearing the end of the school year, it is so important that the students practice the basic facts and do their homework.

Thursday of this week is Earth Day and SOAR has an afternoon activity planned for the school and Friday, we are out of uniform for $1.00 and the kids can wear green or blue.

Have a great week and if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns, please email me.  


Mrs. Sullivan

April 12 -16

Posted on Apr 12, 2021

Good morning,

I hope that everyone had a beautiful Easter and a wonderful Spring Break. I am sure the kids were able to enjoy the awesome weather.  

This week in Math, we will be finishing up chapter six and the students will have a test on Friday, April 1th. Students should be able to recognize fraction. write an equivalent fraction, write in simplest form, find a common denominator, IReady and IXL math will also be included in the plans for the week. Please remind your child to check is assignment notebook every night, we have had way to many missing assignments.  

Any thoughts, questions, or concerns, please email me and let me know.  Have a great week. 


Mrs. Sullivan

March 30 - April 1

Posted on Mar 29, 2021

Good morning,

Thanks to all of you who donated  to Pro Labore Dei. What a generous group of kids.  This week in Math, we will continue with fractions. The test will be on Friday, April 16th. Please check in PowerSchool to see your child's progress.   IReady,,IXL math, and our weekly three minute multiplication drill are all practices to help your child be successful in fourth grade math.

I just want to wish all of you a Very Blessed Easter and a happy, safe, and healthy Spring break. Enjoy.


Mrs. Sullivan

March 16th - 19th

Posted on Mar 16, 2021

Good morning,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, at least the weather was great until yesterday. Today report cards go home and we begin the third trimester.  Very proud of the kids and their accomplishments.  We are in the home stretch and thanks to all of you for helping to get us here.

In Math this week, we will continue our fractions chapter and have a quiz on the vocabulary words this Friday.  I Ready a weekly requirement, so please check in with your child to see that they get the 45 minutes of both subjects finished by Friday. 

The students may wear a touch of green on Wednesday, March 17th and Friday, March 19th is a touch of red.

Have a great week. If there are any questions or concerns, please email me. 


Mrs. Sullivan

March 8

Posted on Mar 09, 2021

Good morning,

I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and mile temperatures this weekend.  The trimester ends on March 10th and report cards will go home on March 16th. We have a early dismissal on Friday, 11:30 and no school on Monday, March 15th.  We will go to mass on Thursday, the 11th. Please check in on PowerSchool to see your child's progress. The fourth graders are working hard and easger to get good grades.

This week in Math we are beginning to learn more about fractions.  We are learning to write equivalent fraction, simplest form, and comparing.  We will aslo begin to add fractions with like denominators.  Any chance you get to talk about and show examples of fractions at home or when you are out would be so beneficial and helpful.  Fractions are not the easiest concept to grasp.  Fractions also require proficiency in mutliplication and division.  That is why it is cruicial at this point for students to have mastered the basic facts and why we continue with the weekly three minute quiz. The 45 minutes of IREADY math is due every Friday by 3:00 P.M. 

Have a great week and thanks always for the support.  Any thoughts or concerns, please email me.  



March 1 -5

Posted on Mar 02, 2021

Good morning,

Wow, I can't believe it, the sun is out, the snow is melting, the temperature keeps rising and it is March!  We did it and let's keep on going.

We are finishing up a rather quick chapter in Math with the test on Friday, March 5th. Factors, multiples, and patterns will take us into fractions.  Please continue with the nightly practice of the basic facts, it is so worth the few minutes.  I have started up the three minute timed quizzes but will exempt the students who get a100% on the practice. Please check to see that your child completes the 45 minute weekly requirement of IReady Math. 

We are trying to get outside for recess as much as possible, so please have your child dress accordingly. The trimester ends March 10th and their will be an option for conferences.  Have a great week. If you have any thoughts or concerns, please email me. 

Mrs. Sullivan

February 22

Posted on Feb 24, 2021


Well, we survived February with the cold, snow and Icicles!  Spring is just around the corner and so is the end of the second trimester. I hope that you have had a chance to check in on PowerSchool and your child's progress. 

In Math, we will be finishing up chapter 5 with a test on March 5th, (rescheduled from March 4th. Factors, multiples, and patterns are the core concepts. I ready is back to the 45 minute weekly requirement, IXL is another math program Mrs. Maxwell and I will be  using  as a preview and review to fourth grade concepts, and the three minute timed quiz will also be integrated again. Please continue to have your child practice the basic multiplication facts, they are a huge part of fractions which is our next focus in Math.

Any thoughts, questions, or concerns, please email me.

Thanks for all you do and have a great week.

Mrs. Sullivan

February 17th - 19th

Posted on Feb 17, 2021

Good morning, 

Well, i hope this finds all of you safe and healthy.  This weather is toooo much, but Spring is just a few weeks away.  I hope the kids did find some time to enjoy the snow.  

In Math this week, I am going to postpone  the chapter five vocabulary quiz until Friday instead of tomorrow.  We are working on multiples, patterns, and factors. I Ready will begin again next week, as well as, Reflex and the three minute quiz.  These practices are in addition to the nightly multiplication review that students need.  We are going to begin fractions in chapter six.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of  40 days of Lent. Mass will be streamed into the classroom and the students will receive ashes at some point in the day. Also, the I Ready Reading  part two test will be administered today. 

Have a great rest of the week, stay warm and safe.  Any questions or concerns, please email me.


Mrs. Sullivan

February 8th

Posted on Feb 08, 2021

Good morning,

Although it is brutally cold outside, our school is warm and safe, so thank you again for all your efforts in keeping SJF an in person learning school and choosing to send your child here.  Together, we will  continue to do this.

We will begin chapter five this week in Math, Factors, Multiples, and Patterns,  These vocabulary words and concepts are very important as we move forward in fourth grade math. I can't reiterate enough how important knowing the basic multiplication facts are. It is still very evident, after completing the division chapter, that some students really still need nightly practice, whether it be through games on a device, using playing cards, dice, or flash cards, Please set a side five to ten minutes a night for this very important math practice,  I will start back up next week with Reflex and Friday timed multiplication quizzes.  The 45 minutes of weekly required  I Ready Math continues.  Please check into PowerSchool to see your child's progress in this area.

On Wednesday, February 10th, the fourth grade students will take the second I Ready Diagnostic test on their Chromebooks and the Chromebook will be sent home tonight to be completely charge and brought back tomorrow. On Wednesday, February 17th, the I Ready Reading diagnostic will be given. 

This Thursday, February 11th, the fourth graders will be going to Mass.  

Any questions or concerns, please let email me.  Have a great week, stay safe and warm,  and a wonderful four day weekend.


Mrs. Sullivan

February 1st

Posted on Feb 01, 2021

Good morning,

Welcome to Catholic Schools Week where we celebrate Faith, Excellence, and Servce.  Here are the activities planned by SOAR for the week. 

Monday - Roll out of bed day and all school Bingo.

Tuesday - Game day,  Students can bring in a game to be played with theri cohort.

Wednesday - Wacky Day.  Students can dress up in their craziest and wackiest fashion and also Bring in $1.00 to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

Thursday -  Rosary Day.  More details to follow.  

Friday - Movie Day   Students will watch an all school movie and bring in a treat to go with it.

In Math, we  will have a test on chapter four on Thursday, Feb. 4th.  Please make sure your child is practicing multiplication facts and getting in the 45 required weekly minutes of I Ready.  The second I Ready test in both Math and Reading will be given in Febrary.  

As mentioned in Mrs.Nash weekly announcements, SJF students will be going back to bimonthly Mass.  The fourth graders will celebrate Mass with Fr. Ken every other Thursday.

If you have any concerns or worries about your child, please let me know. Communication is so very important. 

Have a great week.


Mrs. Sullivan

January 25 - 29

Posted on Jan 25, 2021

Good morning,

I hope that all of you had a few minutes to enjoy the weekend and get some fresh air. I think that we are in for some big weather changes. I just wanted to ask that the students come to school dressed for the weather as we do try to get out for some much needed fresh air and exercise as much as possible. 

We continue with long division in math and the chapter four test will be Thursday, February 4th.  The students are really catching on quick and also realizing how important it is to know the multiplication facts, fact families, and multiples.  Please continue to practice these at home. I am going to also introduce liquid measurement at the end of this week, so if they are asking about  ounces, pints, quarts, and gallons, you know where this is coming from.  This would be a good time for them to look in the refrigerator and check labels to asscociate the terms and real life examples.  The required 45 minutes of I Ready Math and Reading will continue for the rest of the year and the students are reminded daily of the assignment which is due every Friday.  Friday marks the second trimester halfway point so please check into PowerSchool to see your child's progress.  Any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Have a great week.


Mrs. Sullivab

January 20th

Posted on Jan 20, 2021

Good morning,

This week we welcome back all of our fourth grade students for in person instruction.  Thanks to all of you and your kiddos for a great two weeks of e-learning.  If you feel there are parts of the classwork that your child my need more help in, please let me know.  We will continue with long division this week. There will be a chapter four vocabulary quiz on Friday and there will not be a three minute multiplication quiz this week.  I Ready math is a mandatory component of the weekly curriculum. Five points are given for the 45 completed minutes and 0 points if not. Please check in with  PowerSchool and your child to see that this is completed.  Although Wednesday after school is set aside for the students to work on I Ready at home, they have the option of beginning on Monday and completed by Friday.  

Any questions and concerns, please let me know.  

Have a great week.

Mrs. Sullivan


January 11- 15

Posted on Jan 10, 2021


Happy belated New Year.  I hope that all of you had a blessed Christmas and that we all looking forward to a healthy New Year.  Thanks to all of you for the kind Christmas notes, pictures, cards, and gifts.  I truly am grateful and overwhelmed at your generosity. 

Currently we are working on chapter four learning long division.  It is so important that the basic multliplication facts are mastered and is also one reason I continue with the three minute timed multiplication quizzes. Please have your child practice them at home. Other than these two remote learning weeks,  I Ready Math has been added to our weekly schedule and it is very important that the students complete the required 45 minutes to get the five points that  have been assigned  to that classwork.  This is assigned on Monday and due on Friday and the students are reminded all the time about this work.  Please check PowerSchool to see if your child is keeping up.  

This week begins our second week of remote learning. The students will log into Reading with Mrs. Hughes at their scheduled time on Monday and Tuesday.  The students will not be required to log in on Wednesday, however, this time will be devoted to both I Ready Reading and Math.  I will see the kids on Thursday and Friday at their regular time.  

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.  Thanks and have a great week.


Mrs. Sullivan

December 22

Posted on Dec 22, 2020

Good morning,

We did it.  Thanks so much for helping us to get to this point.  Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year to all of you and your families.  

Attached is the E-Learning directions and notes.

Dear Parents, 

We Made It!!!!

 Thank you for all that you and your family have done to keep us all safe and healthy! Enjoy the upcoming weeks of vacation!!


This email will outline our E-Learning plan for you and your fourth grader in our homeroom.

 The last few days have been very busy in preparing for the two week schedule.  Your child should have everything they need to be successful during their time at home. From their packets, to books, whiteboards and I-Pads, they are eager to embrace this learning experience.  We have practiced logging into Google Classroom and how to navigate websites and I-Ready information.


Room 210 Schedule

“Live” Instruction will take place on Monday-Tuesday-Thursday and Friday’s .  Wednesday will be reserved for I-Ready Math and Reading. Students may have independent work or use that day to catch up on any assignments. There may be small group meetings-if necessary. Teachers will be available to assist on Wednesdays, if needed. Please email the teacher (student may do this) for any assistance that they need.


8:15-Log on with Mrs. Kovatch (Science and ELA)

Students should not log on any earlier than the assigned time. The link may not appear on their Google Classroom until the assigned time. At that point, the teacher will be in the Google Meet awaiting the arrival of the students. 

9:45-Log on with Mrs. Namoff (Social Studies, Religion, Spelling)

Student break/lunch/recess 11:10-12:00pm

12:05-12:55 pm Specials

All specials will begin with a live meeting through the Specials Google Classroom. (Specials are every day of the week, including Wednesday.)

1:15pm- Log on with Mrs. Hughes/Mrs. Sullivan (Reading and Math)


The plan will be to do part live instruction and part independent work. All teachers will be available for their class during the entire time slot if the student needs assistance or has questions.

Attendance will be taken during the first class session and will be sent to the office. If your child can not attend class, please email the teacher and the office.


Since our first E-Learning Day is Wednesday, January 6th, we will log on together at 9:00am. (Just for this day.)

We will meet with only our homeroom students. Please log into the Reading Google Classroom at 9:00am on January 6th.

This will be a check in day to make sure they have everything they need and to catch up after our Christmas break.


All fourth grade teachers will post their daily work in their Google Classroom.

Please remember to return the learning packets when the students return to in class.

If at any time you have questions, please email us.

Thanks for all that you do! Have a beautiful holiday season.



Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Hughes


Dec. 14 -18

Posted on Dec 15, 2020


Good morning.  Although the  countdown to Christmas break has begun in the classroom, there is still work to be done.  The kids did a fabulous job hosting the mass for the Immaculate Conception last week. On Thursday, the SOAR has planned a Polar Express day and the students may wear their pj's to school.

We are finishing up chapter three this week with the test on Dec.16th.  The required weekly I Ready math will be due on Friday, the 18th and points are given to those who make the weekly quota. I will continue with the Reflex program in January.

Thanks to all the students and families for making in school teaching possible. We are blessed and grateful to be here. If you have any thoughts, concerns, please let me know. 

Mrs. Sullivan

December 7

Posted on Dec 07, 2020

Good morning,

We are finishing up chapter three in Math this week and the test will be on Wednesday, December 16th. The focus this week will be on multiplication with rgrouping and word problems.  Each week, 45 minutes of I Ready Math will be assigned on Monday and due by Friday of that week and points will be given to those who complete all 45 minutes.  Reflex, multipllication and division practice, is  a 15 minute homework assignment once a week and points will be given to those who complete the that assignment. I will also continue withthe  once a week three minue multiplication practice and quiz. Simple Solutions is the homework assignment given on Mondays and that is a review and preview of fourth grade Math work.  

There will be an out of uniform $1.00 ugly sweater day this Friday and the proceeds will go to Pro Laboure Dei. 

Please let me know if you or your child have any concerns.  Have a great week and stay safe and healthy. 

Mrs. Sullivan

November 30th

Posted on Nov 30, 2020


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had a chance to enjoy maybe one of our last beautiful fall weekends. Thanks again for our Zoom parent conferences, it was wonderful to hear all the positivity regarding in person learning. We are so grateful for your support during these uncertain times.  Also, so excited to say that we are beginning our second trimester in person, three weeks until Christmas break.  Report cards will go home on Wednesday.  Also, tomorrow, December is another school picture retake day

In Math, we continue learning tow digit times two digit multiplication.  The students will learn a way to model this and also how to use regrouping.  I will begin this week giving completion points for I Ready Math and Reflex assignments.  Those who do not complete these online assignments will not get full credit. 

Thank you again for all you do to make this school year work. I am thankful for the privilege of being here with a great, caring group of fourth graders.  We are in this together.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  Have a great week. 


Mrs. Sullivan

November 23-24

Posted on Nov 24, 2020

Good morning,

It's beginning to look alot like, oh yes, that would be Thanksgiving, the snow kind of through me off.   Thanks again for helping us to get this far in in person learning.   Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving to all of you.  

After Thanksgiving break we will continue with learning to multiply two digits times two digits. Please continue with practicing the mulitiplication facts. It is so important for all of fourth grade math. Division will be  next and we need the multiplication mastered for this concept. 

Have a great rest of the week, Stay safe and healthy.


Mrs. Sullivan



Nov 16 - 20

Posted on Nov 19, 2020


This is a few days late, but I hope that everyone had a nice weekend.  This week in Math we will begin chapter three.  This chapter focuses on double digit times double digit multiplication.  There are various ways to multiply, but I will focus on two, distributive property with models and regrouping.  There will be a chapter three vocabulary quiz on Monday, the quiz will be posted in google classroom. Please continue having your child practice the basic facts, it really works.  

There is still time to sign up for conferences if you have not already done so. The end of the first trimester is Monday, Nov, 30th, so  I will collect work from the kids who have been sick or remote learning to finalize grades.

Thanks for all you do.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Have a good week.

Mrs. Sullivan


November 9 - 13

Posted on Nov 10, 2020


I hope that everyone enjoyed a spectacular Fall weekend.  We really got lucky.

The Math chapter two test will be postponed until this Friday, the 13th. The students have been working very hard on multiplication strategies and this will take us into double digit multiplication in chapter three.  Also, it is  amazing to see the continued weekly progress on the leveled multiplication three minute quizzes. It really does work when the students practice their facts. The  I Ready 45 minute math  practice will be assigned each Monday and due back by Friday mornings. The students can log into their account and practices will be there for them.

Tomorrow, in honor of Veteran's Day, the children can wear red, white and blue and please donate  $1.00.

The end of the first trimester is fast approaching and sign ups for parent conferences will be sent via email.. Any concerns or if you have a question, please email me.

Have a great week.

Mrs. Sullivan

Nov. 2 - 6

Posted on Nov 02, 2020

Good morning,

I hope all the kids had a great time on Halloween and were able to enjoy the beautiful day.  We really got lucky this year and to end the day with an awesome full moon was an added bonus.

We will be finishing up chapter two this week and there will be a test on Wednesday, Nov. 4th.  Please continue to have your child practice their basic facts on a nightly basis, whether it is practiced through online games, flash cards, Reflex, dominoes, playing cards, etc., they will get better and master them.   The results from the I Ready Reading and Math assessment results are in and will be sent home this week.  I Ready lessons will then be incorporated into homework practice throughout the week and time allotted for this is based on their recommendations. 

We try to get out for recess everyday, so please have your child dress for the weather.

Have a great week and if you have any concerns or questions, please let me know. 


Mrs. Sullivan

October 26-30

Posted on Oct 26, 2020

Good morning,

I hope that everyone had time to get outside over the weekend and enjoy the crisp, fall air.  

In Math this week, we continue to explore different ways to multiply.  We are focused on using the Distributive Property and place value,  The students will have a quiz on Oct.29 on the vocabulary words, and a quiz on Oct.30 on the level "E" timed multiplication practice. It is very important that the basic facts are mastered, so please have your child practice nightly.  

The fourth graders can wear costumes on Friday.  

Thanks and have a great week.  

Mrs. Sullivan


*Chapter two vocabulary words,  partial product, product, estimate, round, distributive property, place value, factor, regroup

October 19th

Posted on Oct 19, 2020

Good morning,

I hope that everyone had a chance to enjoy the weekend, at least Saturday.  For the next couple of weeks in Math we will be focusing on multiplication.  In this chapter, there are many different ways to learn to multiply, ie, distributive property, partial products, repeated addition. This is the common core approach. I will introduce them and then focus on the traditional method of multiplying with regrouping. It is very important that the students master their basic multiplication facts. Written math homework is usually only two nights a week, so I encourage the students to practice the facts on a nightly basis. They can use flash cards, computer games, dice, and  playing cards to practice. I will continue to give a weekly three multiplication quiz to see the students progress. The chapter one test will be handed back on Thursday. There will be chapter two vocabulary quiz next Wednesday, October 28th.  If there are any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you to everyone as we continue in person learning. We are so lucky to be here.  

A few reminders: Please make sure your child's mask fits, some are a little to big or the elastic is stretched and the mask keeps slipping down. As long as it is not raining or below 32 degrees, we will go out for recess, so please have your child dress appropriately. The students will also be able to wear costumes on Friday, October 30th,  Don't forget that Fridays are Fisher gear over their uniform pants or skirt.

Have a great week,

Mrs. Sullivan


October 5th

Posted on Oct 06, 2020

Good morning,

Welcome to Spirit Week at SJF.  The  kids have been doing a great job transitioning to fourth grade with their four teachers, masks, social distancing, and plenty of sanitizing. We try very hard during the day to include movement breaks and outdoor learning when possible,

We will be finishing up chapter one in Math this week with the test on Thursday.  The chapter includes rounding, place value, comparing and ordering numbers, subtraction and addition.  The students have been given their Reflex login information and it is stapled to the last or second to the last page in their assignment notebook. Reflex is a great tool for learning and reviewing multiplication and division. 

Please note on the SJF calendar that we will be off this Friday the 9th and Monday the 13th.  Aslo, if your child is sick, we will try our best to send his/ her work home with a sibling or you can request it be ready at the office for you to pick up. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to email me. Thanks and have a great week.


Mrs. Sullivan

September 28

Posted on Sep 28, 2020

Good morning,

I hope that everyone had a chance to get out and enjoy a beautiful fall weekend.  I also want to give a shout out to the fourth graders who are doing an amazing job keeping their masks on, social distancing, and washing and sanitizing their hands.

In Math this week, we will be finishing up chapter one and the test will be on Thursday, Oct. 8th.  This includes reading, writing, and naming numbers, addition and subtraction, comparing and ordering, rounding. The students in Mrs. Kovatch class have all the worksheets for this week and they can be handed in with a sibling or brought back next week. Reflex will be up and running for multiplication and division practice. 

Tomorrow, September 29th is picture day.  Students will begin wearing their school uniform on Thursday, Oct. 1st, and on all Fridays, don't forget spirit wear.

Have a great week and please let me know if your child needs any extra help. 


Mrs. Sullivan

September 22

Posted on Sep 22, 2020


I hope that all of you had a chance to enjoy a beautiful end of summer weekend. Also, congratulations to the families whose third graders made their First Holy Communion.  You couldn't have asked for a better day.

This week in Math we will continue with chapter one, number sense.   There will be a vocabulary quiz on Thursday, 9/24.  Again, the vocabulary words would be found in the math section of their eight pocket folder in a baggy with their name on it.  Reflex will be up and running by next week and  I will be assigning this program for homework, although it can be used as practice anytime..  Multiplication timed quizzes will be starting soon.  I will send  home a practice, then the quiz will be given shortly after.  

A few reminders: 

* Every Friday the students can show school spirit by wearing Fisher gear shirts or sweatshirts over their skirts, shorts or pants.

* September 29th is picture day.

* October 1st  School uniforms should be worn 

* October 9th and 12th are days off

Thank you for all that you do to keep the students healthy, safe, and coming to school.  We got this!  If you have any questions and /or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me or Mrs. Hughes.  

September 14th

Posted on Sep 15, 2020


Well, we did it.  We completed week one.  Yahoo, so proud of the students.  It is quite challenging to work hard with the mask almost all day long.  They are doing an awesome job of remembering boundaries, rules, and sanitizing.  It's amazing!  

In Math, we are working on chapter one, numbers and operations in base 10.  The students are recalling place value, reading and writing numbers, comparing numbers, and rounding numbers,  I will also reintroduce multiplication, division, and fractions through daily work, worksheets, and board work.  

In the beginning of each chapter there are eight vocabulary words,  I will have a quiz on these words next Thursday, 9/24.   I will also let you know in advance when the chapter one test is.

On Wednesday, 9/16, the students may be out of uniform for $1.00.  As you might have heard, the money will go to the family of Finley Bracken, a young child who passed away this past weekend from cancer. 

 On Friday, the students are also welcome to wear a SJF shirt and their uniform bottoms/skirt to show their school spirit.

Mrs. Hughes and I are working closely together to insure a wonderful fourth grade for your child.  If you have any questions, concerns, or worries, please do not hesitate to reach out to either of us.  Communication is so important.  

Thank you and have a great week.


Mrs. Sullivan